Monday, July 30, 2012

Pikes Peak

We headed up Pikes Peak this afternoon on the train.  What beautiful views, lots of rocks:), trees and we even got to see a chipmunk, a marmot, and a herd of bighorn sheep...awesome!
About 3/4 the way up the peak the trees just disappeared and we were surrounded with rocks and clouds!  We ended up only getting about 5 minutes outside on the summit because we were inside a seriously we were in the cloud and lightening was everywhere and HAIL!  Crazy but so much fun all at the same time:)  I like a little adventure from time to time!
We hung out inside the summit house while it hailed and the kids got to eat some amazing donuts and hot chocolate so they were happy:)
The storm really only lasted about 30 minutes then we were on our way down the mountain again.  I highly recommend taking the trip up if you have the time (takes about 3 hours or so) and money (it's pricey but Greg and I thought it was worth it this time with the kids being older"ish" now:)
Got some beautiful pics...
getting ready to load the train

lots of rocks

storm off in the distance...

bighorn sheep

one of the biggest herds they have seen on the peak this summer!
They were really close which you can't really tell here

yikes...looks like trouble!!!

riding INTO the storm!

two hikers that made it in the nick of time!

I was worried the train would not stop!

no more track!

here's a closer look!  yikes!!!!!! 

these pictures don't even come close to capturing the beauty/eeriness of the storm but I tried

Greg and Reese checking it out...

it was so weird how it just dropped off to nothingness

Greg got this picture of the hail...crazy!

storm clearing

They had us run to the train in groups hoping no one would get  hit by lightning:/  Our kids ran FAST!  Really fast:)

windows shut...raining hard!

cool picture...weird but cool.


lots of hail!

passing a train that ended up having to go back down because the lightning was too bad

silly Reese!  The kids were a little hyper on our way back down.  Greg wanted  to make them hike back to town but there was a flood warning so he changed his mind;)  

finally coming out of the storm..there is a rainbow there but you can't see it very well and those electrical lines are kinda in the way:)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vacation in Coloardo!

Today started our first day of our 2 week vacation in Colorado!  We left yesterday and drove all day into Pueblo, Co and stayed the night there in a hotel then headed into Colorado Springs this morning.  The weather is beautiful!  It was pretty hot in the sun today while we were hiking at the Garden of the Gods but it doesn't stay hot long and the evenings are WONDERFUL!  
We had a great first day hiking and exploring Manitou Springs, where we are staying in a Bed and Breakfast for the week.  We actually weren't supposed to leave for our vacation until this Friday but my crazy husband figured out a way to leave early...I like crazy;)

We got some great pics today...enjoy!  Keep checking back because I hope to blog each night while I watch the Olympics:) Yay!  
I LOVE the makes me feel so motivated, so inspired...too bad the whole time I sit on my couch and right now I am eating dark chocolate M&M's AND sitting on the couch, hey they are dark chocolate, so much healthier right?:)  I am surely on my way to being an Olympian.   
lets get this party started!

full of energy...long drive ahead!

silly girl always builds a tent in the back seat to block out the sun and her brother:/  

Ready to climb the Garden of the Gods

Let's do this already!  Where are the trails?
*note to anyone whoever visits the gardens in the future: Do not go on the paved trails! God blaze your own, just park on the side of the road and go at it!  

Two kissing camels.  Not us!  The formations behind us...geesh:) 

about to climb this wall...ok maybe not:)

strong man.

the kids on a rock...a big balancing one:)


strong girl.

me hiking with the kids

me almost falling...:/

not sure?  

Me and Reese blazing our own trail. 

Our beauty in God's beauty.  Priceless:)

me and my boy taking a rest on a rock in the was pretty hot in the sun. Nothing like Texas though!

Abby likes to climb...alot.

Reese too

me and my boyfriend relaxing in the park

trying to make each other fall in...

Pet pig? Yep that's right.
 Manitou Springs is very eccentric...we have seen some crazy things today.  This being the craziest.
More pictures to come!  Happy Olympics!