Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Home Again!

We got home late this afternoon and the flight was wonderful! It only took 2 1/2 hours instead of 7....I think God let that happen so every other flight for the rest of my life will seem wonderful next to our horror flight last week:) I actually got to read a magazine...our kids rock!!!
We got back tonight and decorated the house for Christmas...we needed to get everything up because we only have 3 weeks till we leave for my parents house in KC. We are going to have a crazy month but we are so excited to go spend some time with all my family!
I have some bad news and I hate to put a damper on the Christmas season and all....because I know your lives revolve around my blog posting:) but this week in Texas our digital camera broke and we have no idea what happened....but on a good note we just found out it is still on warranty...Yeah! We have 14 days till our 1 year warranty runs great...can you believe that? Anways I tell you all this to say this is going to cramp my blogger style:) I will not be able to post any new pictures until we get this camera figured sad! But and there is a BUT when we get to KC on Dec. 20th expect the pictures to start back...(thanks to my parents digital camera...thanks guys:) Well I will try to blog as often as I can even without pictures but really the pictures are my good one wants to read just me talking:) Please don't forget to check back...I would hate to lose my wonderful readers:) Love you all-Becky

Monday, November 27, 2006

Precious Prayer!

This morning we sit down to eat breakfast and Abby says, "I will pray today mommy." And she said the most simple but sweetest of went like this...."Dear Jesus, in everything I do today I want to give praise to you. Amen." How precious... if only we all realized how simple it is...He just wants our praise in all we do....I hope you all have a day full of praise!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Let Her Out!"

Poppa made a contraption for the kids so they can pretend they are bull riding...they love it. They jump on and they have to say "let her out" then they hang on for dear life! They tend to fall off pretty quickly but I think Abby made it 8 seconds the other day...Reese thinks it is more fun to dive head first onto the ground but I think he will get a hang of it someday! As you can see I didn't do too good and Greg said I broke the bucket:(
I think this is a "kids only" contraption so I guess I will have to give up on bull riding for now and I'm ok with that!

Tea Party!

Yesturday Maw Maw had a tea party with the kids and of course they had to dress-up. As you can see Abby got way into it and put on everything Maw Maw had and she was so adorable. Reese was also wanting to dress-up he ended up in my high heels, glasses and a purse and to daddy's delight we didn't get that on camera...he only kept it on for about 2 seconds. (so we don't need to worry about him dressing up like a girl...well at least for too long:) This is one of many reasons I love having a girl...dressing up is the best! (I would wear a cinderella dress everyday if it was acceptable:)

Friday, November 24, 2006

We have an Announcement!

Today was the day...we got a contract on a house! The only catch is it's in Texas. We found out a few weeks back that Greg can work from home for Townhall and we can move back to North Richland Hills, TX. We are very excited to get back to a more normal way of life, if you know what I mean...DC is not the most ideal place for us personally to raise our family. So this past week we have been looking at a lot of houses and we found the perfect one! We signed the contract today and I guess you can say we are about 80% there if everything else goes smoothly! We are planning the move at the end of January and can't wait for another cross-country move! (just kidding) In the picture you can see how cute it is:) We will need to do some yard work but that's ok we have missed it with almost 3 years of apartment life! The house is only 6 years new and the inside is so beautiful exactly what we need and want in a could say it was put on the market just for us...God's great that way isn't He?

Merry Christmas!

NO that is not a typo...we had Christmas today! We are only in town for Thanksgiving because this year we go to my parents for Christmas so today for us was Christmas with Maw Maw and Poppa..Yeah! We had a great two bean casserole AND gifts..:)
We really want Abby and Reese to understand that it is not just about gifts but about Jesus so they got to hear a story about what it's all about and put the nativity up!
Then we open gifts and we all got great stuff! In the pictures you can see Abby got her first bike...she loves it but is already asking to take those training wheels off!
Reese got a Hungry Hungry Hippo game...his favorite animal is a hippo so this game is perfect for him! Abby also got this great dance pad know those dance games they have in arcades and Chucke E. Cheese...well I wish I could say she is so excited to play with it but sadly I haven't given her a chance....I absoluetly love it...I sense an addiction coming on!:)
Well all and all we had a happy holiday! And I hope the same for you! Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! Don't you just love this time of year? I do!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving...I know we did! We went to Grandma Reese's house and had a feast! You know how family holidays go...we went over early morning and hungout, watched the parade, ate lots of food, played outside, and of course took naps and the guys watched football..(or so they say I think they napped off and on the whole stinking time!!) anyway it's pretty much what everyone does across America but oh I sure am thankful:)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Eating Bones"

Abby gets up from nap today and says, "Mommy, we are going to eat some bones." (aka ribs) Abby and Reese sure can put down those ribs...and that makes Daddy proud! I know for certain they got this from Daddy because I tend to steer clear of "bones"!

Dinner at Grandma Reese's

Last night we had dinner at Grandma's (Greg's Mom's Mom) house...she cooked us a great meal and then she "hog-tied" our kids! Well this may seem weird to all of you non-Texans but I guess this is a "normal" thing these crazy Texas people do:)
Although the kids thought it was super funny and Reese kept coming back for all of you parents out there try this one at home it's a hit!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Drive-in Movie!

We had so much fun last night...we went to a drive-in movie...Abby really wanted to go and sit in the back of Poppa's truck so even though it was a bit cold we bundled up and it was great! I haven't been to a drive-in since college and forgot how great they are! I have to be honest though I have never had a better date (well except Greg or course:) Reese snuggled on my lap the whole time and Abby cuddled up next to me...I was toasty for sure...and I was afraid to move because I didn't want the kids to stop giving me loving:) If you haven't been to a drive-in for awhile we highly recommend it!

Backyard Fun!

We got here Wednesday afternoon and I think the kids have played in the backyard about 85% of the time! There is tons to do and Abby and Reese just love to get dirty! I love for them to get to play outside we don't get the perks of a backyard or house in DC so I know the kids are thrilled! The picture with Abby she has used chalk to make a farm and then got all the trackers and animals...pretty creative that girl! Also the kids love climbing the waterfall that Maw Maw and Poppa's like climbing a mountain for them...Mommy gets a bit nervous sometimes though...both kids have fallen in a few times! :)

Baby Loving!

We get here and Reese was so scared of Baby (Maw Maw and Poppa's dog) we were not sure how long it would take him to get used to her again....but it sure didn't take long and they were best buddies! Reese now wants to feed her all the time (whatever he doesn't want to eat of course:) and he walks around the house looking for her...I think it's safe to say he is back to his old ways...loving his Baby!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Texas Bound!

well sorry it has been so long I have been going through withdraws not blogging for so long:) well not really but I would have blogged but we were busy sitting on a plane all day yesterday!
Ok so this is the best worst story on an airplane ever:)...all I can say is that we deserve a reward after what we went through....
So we get to the airport about 9:15am or so for our 10am flight...oh and by the way Greg had to stay and work a few more days so I was ALONE with the kids (remember this as you read:) anyways about 9:30 they tell us we will not be taking off till 12:15pm because of windy weather in Dallas and we wouldn't be loading until around 11:30 or so...well you can imagine what I was thinking....WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I GONNA DO WITH A 2 AND 4 YEAR OLD FOR 2 HOURS? Well I must say I was ready to cry...Greg couldn't come get us because of work and if we left I was afraid that we would miss the plane if did end up leaving we set up camp in a nearby corner and I pulled out all the dough, coloring, I even got them ice cream at 9:45 am oh yes we broke all the rules...they were on a sugar high before 10am:)
well 11:30 rolled around rather slowly I might add and we were loading the plane very happy to get going....we started down the runway and I kid you not they stopped and turned around...they came over the speaker and said we would be parking until we are cleared for take-off...I was thinking oh maybe 10 minutes or so....oh NO NO NO it was almost 2 hours...I am not kidding...don't laugh it was terrible! I must say I was about to flip out and throw a tantrum....surprising the kids were fine...they were actually wonderful all these days that I wondered if our discipline was sticking...well they did awesome...I seriously couldn't believe that they were better than the grown men around us....they were pouting and Abby and Reese were laughing and playing..nuts I tell ya! Well we finally took off around 1:20pm or so and then we had a 3 hour and 20 minute flight....Ughhhhh! I can't believe we made it without being committed upon arrival! I am very thankful to be off that plane!

We will be here in Texas for two weeks for a long Thanksgiving visit so we will have some great pictures...I am unable to get my computer working though so on Saturday Greg gets in town and he will get us up and going to see some great pictures! Stay tuned!

Monday, November 13, 2006


I got back late last night from Chicago and we had a blast! The musical "Wicked" was awesome...I think it was flawless and have never seen a better show! We (my mom, sister and I) had so much fun just doing whatever we wanted all weekend! We shopped one day, went to the Shedd Aquarium another and sat at a few Starbucks along the way:) I loved hanging out with them both because we don't get to see each other enough but not to worry we are already planning our next girls weekend!

Also the kids and Daddy survived without me...can you believe it?...just kidding Greg did great and they had a ton of fun! The went Saturday to the Manassas Battlefield and to Cracker Barrel:) It rained off and on all weekend but Greg was creative and they also ate out a few times! It is so great to have such a wonderful husband that understands I need some time to myself and doesn't make me feel bad for needing it! I am so blessed and also so glad to be home..I missed all of them!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Going to Chicago...

Well I leave tomorrow night for a girls weekend with my Mom and sister...we are going to go see the Broadway show "Wicked" in Chicago...I am so excited to get away for a bit but for not too long:) I would love to say that Greg will be posting this weekend in my absence but well I know he won't and he will probably forget the camera wherever they do go! So this weekend will have to be a low posting time but for certain I will be reporting on all the fun I had in Chicago...have a good weekend and check back in sometime early next week!

Go MU!

PaPa brought Reese a hat from where my dad went to college...University of Missouri! They look so cute...I think Reese would love Mizzou don't you think?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Abby!

Today is Abby's 4th Birthday! We woke her up to singing and cupcakes....she was excited to have her "favorite day" Birthday and picked some great things to do!

A Few of Abby's Favorite Things!

Oddly enough Abby picked the exact same things to do as Reese did on his Birthday but they had fun anyways. Granny and PaPa are here too so they got to join in the fun....Abby was very excited to hear that they were going to play with her all day! They painted a picture for Granny and PaPa and played play dough for quite awhile. I love how the simple things are the best things of all!

Chucke E. Cheese

Abby has been wanting to go to Chuck E. Cheese forever and I thought what better time than on her we surprised her and took her there for lunch. She was soooo excited and her and Reese and well a little help from me used 100 tokens in about 2 hours...pretty good I'd say:) They also loved the show those kinda creepy mechanical animals put on...I know now why I was afraid of those guys when I was little....they are super creepy...I can't believe Abby and Reese like them. I tried though to get them to take a picture with Chuck E. Cheese and they wouldn't get close without me holding them...I don't think they caught on that I was terrified too!:)

Happy Birthday Dinner

Tonight Daddy got home and we had a Birthday dinner for Abby. She loves this dinner I do called the Shrimp Boil where I cook food and then throw it on the table....the kids think it is so funny to eat off the table with no plates! Then after dinner we did cake and presents and she got some great stuff but one thing she was really hoping for was to get the Cars movie that came out today...well Greg went this morning first thing and got the movie before it sold out and so we had a movie night after a long day of celebrating! We had a fun day and I think she realized how special she is to us...not just today but everyday!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Family Pictures!

today after church my dad took some pictures of us in Old Town Alexandria. The kids were pretty hungry and it was super cold but all and all I think they turned out...well as good as can be expected from a 2 and 4 year old. I have had to come to realization that we will not get the "perfect" studio pictures during the toddler years and that is ok! I hope you enjoy....

More Family Pictures!

Here are a few more I thought were cute! The one with my parents cracks me up...I took probably 40 pictures of the same pose and we didn't get one with everyone looking....this one is my favorite because they are all playing together and having so much fun.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

It's a Party!

Happy Birthday to Abby and Reese! Today we had a party for the kids...since their birthdays are so close together it's easier to just have one together so the grandparents can all come up! So we had a Cars party (very orginal I know... we have been to 4 Cars parties this year:) Anyways we did lots of fun stuff...the kids decorated cookies, colored, had a puppet show, played games, Granny (my mom) made balloon animals for all the kids and we all ate lots of sugar.....good times!

My dad took tons of pictures so I will have to post a few times to do the party justice:) Enjoy!!

Just take ONE Picture..Please!!

Ok this is really funny....well I wanted to get a group picture...I guess that was not such a good idea because it was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to get all the kids to sit after they ate all that sugar! In the first picture you can see me trying to corral all the kids to get in the picture and the last picture well Lizzy is the only one I got to sit I guess you can say we didn't get a group picture...oh well the action shots will have to do for now:)