Friday, October 29, 2010

So very far behind...

I promise I have not disappeared....we are so busy and I plan on catching all of you up after Halloween!  Please be patient...and pray for the Rangers!!!:/

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rangers Win the Pennant!!! Rangers Win the Pennant!!!

Last night we went to the BIGGEST game of our lives!!! Game #6 of the ALCS Rangers against the Yankees....David against Goliath (so they say:)  I tell you what....I have NEVER experienced anything like it!  The game was so electric everyone standing up the WHOLE GAME and it was so loud and people were insane with excitement.  Every time the Rangers got an out the whole crowd exploded with cheers as if it were the last out of the World was hilariously fun!
I am so happy/thrilled/ELATED that we were able to be at this game....a game that will go down in history.  Although I must say that I am even more thrilled for my husband.  He is the biggest Rangers fan I have ever met.  He is the man that stood behind the Rangers year after year, trade after trade, out after out and if ANYONE deserved to be at this game IT WAS HIM!  I loved seeing his reaction, it was as if he were 10 years old awesome!  He has been waiting 30 years for this....30 years!!!  IT'S ABOUT TIME:)
It was funny when we got our tickets and realized we were section 333 row 23 (right up from 1st base...way up;)....the last row on the upper deck actually.  We weren't sure about how that would go down, I mean would we be able to see anything? Would it not be as exciting WAY up high?....well we were pleasantly surprised when we realized it didn't matter where you were sitting it was AMAZING all over the stadium.  To just be in the ballpark was the biggest blessing ever.
We got some amazing video and pictures....take in the glory, the victory!  It was beyond words, definitely the best day of our baseball life;)  Keep scrolling down the videos are at the want to see the videos promise:)

It was not a dream...we woke up this morning and this was on the front of the Star Telegram!

Got each of the kids championship World Series T-shirts!  They loved them!

the celebration dog-pile!


Crazy! Insane fans....we were ALL freaking out!! So cool!

We did it!  We did it!

Our boys going crazy! Yay Rangers!

me and Greg before the game!

Bottom of the 8th

very happy couple:)

me and my friend Becky (her and her husband bought out extra tickets because our kids didn't want to go--weird kids;)

Last out! A Rod striking out!  So awesome!  So ironic...thank you A Rod for finally helping us get to the World Series:)

I was very excited and wanted to get it on record:)

Greg, me, Becky and Tony  Top Row Ranger fan friends forever!! ha!

3 outs to go!

 here are the Yankee fans that sat right in front of us.  They were the funniest guys.  All three are NY Fire Fighters and we had a blast heckling them the whole night...they were good sports--minus the time that the middle guy here cussed out the guy in front of him:/  No ones perfect right?:)

Final Pitch- Neftali Feliz strikes out A-Rod to win Game 6 of the ALCS to win the American League Pennant

 Texas Rangers American League Champions!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reese's 6th Birthday Party

Baseball Birthday Party...again 3 years and running;)
So Fun!  Reese is gonna be 6 on October 27th so we decided to have his party a few weeks early due to the busyness of Halloween and fall festivals and blah blah blah:) 
He was so cute.  So happy to be the center of attention!  I loved watching him greet all his friends (he invited ONLY boys:) and open his gifts.  I must say he's a pretty good gift opener too.  He would open the card first, look at the person and smile then open the gift, give a HUGE reaction of glee:) and then say thank you....I was SUPER proud!
We really didn't do too much except play baseball, eat cake and open gifts but that's what my boy wanted so I obliged:)  
All the boys had a blast (I hope;) and the dads enjoyed themselves too...thank you to Greg for all your hard work in the recreation/entertainment department, you did great!
It was a great party! Hope you liked it buddy!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!  I love you so much and everyday I thank God that I get to be your Mom.
You have such a joy and zeal for life, everything is an adventure and I'm so blessed to get to be a part of who you are becoming.   These past 6 years have been so much better with you in my life.  I pray we have many more and that with every year you "will grow in wisdom and stature in favor with God and man." Luke 2:52
Always remember to keep Christ first, love others more than yourself, give of yourself and never hang onto anything too tightly.
I love you buddy,

I just love this sweet!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Reese-What if the candle blows out?  Me- We'll re-light it silly:) 

Bring on the cake!

Look at me...I'm so funny;)

Legos!  Look at that excitement!:)

Nerf gun!! Yay!

So excited to get Tom and Jerry silly bands!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reese's First Field Trip!!

Today Reese's kindergarten class went on their first field trip.  Reese felt so big and was very happy I got to go with him. When he left this morning he wore his watch and kept asking me when I would be there so we could leave...very cute:)

The class walked to Tom Thumb, a grocery store that's near by, and had a tour of the store and got a class pumpkin.  It is always a ton of fun to try and get 21 kindergartens to walk about 3 blocks to a grocery store and cross a very busy intersection....thank goodness we only had one girl fall and skin her knee and another kid threw-up his orange juice and bread that he got from the bakery--oh joy:)  I just love kindergartners;)

Reese's favorite part was walking into the big freezer.  His hair was so cold when he came out and he thought that was hilarious:)  The manager of the store asked me to close the freezer door on them and honestly it was kinda disturbing closing that door with my kid inside!  I decided I am claustrophobic even when it doesn't involve me...I don't even like someone else being in tight places:)  Ha!
Well I was so glad I got to go with him and I got to learn everything you could ever want to know about grocery stores--yippee;)
I got some good pictures--he's so cute.  You can see how excited he is...

Ready to go!

Walking to the store

Let the tour begin!

Goofy boys!

Reese's class

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rangers Playoffs!!!

This weekend was SUPER busy!  We had tickets to the Ranger/Rays playoff game on Saturday at 4pm so we left the house at 2pm (naturally:) to fight the traffic and "tailgate" (if you will:).  *I come from Kansas City where we Chiefs fans really know how to tailgate so sitting in the back of my SUV eating peanut butter and jellies and chips out a bag just didn't do it for me...ha:) ~jk
Anyways the game was electric and was everything we thought it would be and MORE!  *More meaning we got to sit in the brutal October sun (90 degrees) and bake....honestly it was pretty miserable but we sacrifice for our boys!  Now sadly they didn't pull out a win but that just meant we got to come back on Sunday, which we had tickets for...of course:) This time we left the kiddos back with Greg's parents because it was a 12:07 game and we were gonna roast (which we did..ouch!)
Sundays game was not as "electric" and exciting but it was still super cool!  I am so glad my husband is willing to sell a lung to get us tickets (just kidding:) He has been waiting YEARS for these games and I am so happy we are able to afford to go to all the games...thank you Dave Ramsey:)

Now I would love to report here that the Rangers won Sunday's game but as you guys probably already know we lost 5-2.  Now we could either freak out and get all depressed and be Debbie-downers OR we could just be excited to see the Rangers win tomorrow night!  I pick to be excited and can't wait to see the Rangers come back with a VICTORY!  Go Rangers....WE BELIEVE!!!!
View from Sunday's game...we were pretty high but good view!

Game time!

Saturday's game Aunt Annie and Abby had the same shirts on!  So cute!

The whole family got tickets.  None of us got to sit together but we got to meet up before the game!

The long awaited walk!  These three guys have been waiting for these playoffs for YEARS!  So cool!!!

View from our seats Saturday--left field foul pole. Ian Kinsler's homer landed 4 rows behind us.

It was crazy full...people were nuts!!! 

Aw he was SO excited! 

Go Rangers!!!

Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch

Friday the kids had the day off school so we headed to the pumpkin patch after breakfast.  It was so beautifully full of big plump pumpkins....sigh...I love the Fall:)

The kids were excited about going but when we got there I realized that my "little babies" are getting all grown up:(  They weren't as excited as they used to be.  The maze was too easy, the moon bounces were alot smaller than they used to be and the hay ride didn't give them that twinkle of childlike excitement like it used to.  It was sad actually:(  They are just getting bigger and the toddler things just don't do it for them weird to have grade school aged kids now---where did the time go?? This means I am getting older too huh?  Dang!;)
Well we still had some great company with my friends Cari and Kortney and their kiddos.  We had a fun picnic and took some great pictures!  Thanks for the pictures Cari...they turned out great!
Reese liked this pumpkin...he looks so big here!

On the hay ride...See! Where's the twinkle???:)

Look at their faces?  Too funny!

 They loved to climb...right up their alley!

Reese liked these

...and these....goof ball!

All the kids together...notice the baby in front.  That is Mason and his sister Mayce was "holding him up"  aka was "hanging him"- Ha! No worries he wasn't injured!

Now I better be thinking about what my "big kids" will want to do every fall from now on huh?  Any ideas from all you older kid Moms???