Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Tonight I took the kids to the IMAX to see a show about the moon. The kids are really into the moon...(well as much as kids can be at this age) and I thought it would be cool to let them see the astronauts and stuff. Well they thought it was cool but they were pretty scared too...the movie was 3-D and those astronauts got a little to close for comfort but it ended well and they learned alot about the first guys to walk on the moon! Also I was glad they kept their glasses on the whole show (which I wasn't sure if Reese would do that or not) and they kept trying to catch things in the air coming at them...I tried to tell Abby it was the glasses but she won't believe me!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

What in the World?

So we are getting the kids ready for bed and I can't find Abby so I go out to the garage and this is what I see....Abby standing on the car brushing her teeth...I guess she thought she would double task...help Daddy and brush her teeth! I just thought this was too cute...Daddy's little girl 24-7!

Who's Ready for some Redi Whip?

Who can resist the squirt Redi Whip? Well as you can see the kids couldn't:) Greg told them that when he was a kid he always used to do this so they insisted on doing it like Daddy!

Dinner at Grandma's

Tonight Grandma invited us over for a Thanksgiving fest...turkey, dressing and all (gotta love Grandma's:) The kids played games and while they played I got to sit in her massage chair...now that was a treat for sure!!
I love this picture with the kids with Grandma their faces are priceless....will I ever get them looking at the camera?? Oh well we still get some great ones...the one with them under the umberella was so great the kids thought that was so funny to open the umbrella when it wasn't raining...who knew how easy it is to entertain kids??

Our own Park!!

It is finally done...Greg and his dad worked all day in crazy winds on Saturday and they got it all done! Oh man the kids are in paradise and everytime they ask to go play they ask if they can go to their park! (Abby asked the other day why we call it a playset and not a park...I love those questions like: why is it a driveway not a parkway...good question??) Anyways I know the kids will have hours and hours of fun on this and they can't wait to get Granny and PaPa down here to push them on the swings! Their favorite is this swing here where they sit back to back they just laugh the whole time it's great!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gone to the Beauty Shop!

Today I got to spend some time with Abby while Reese was with Maw Maw and I decided to take her to the beauty shop to get her nails and toes
painted and she was in her element! She first picked out this bright orange color and I was really trying to steer her towards pink or something but she just insisted on it. Well the lady started painting and sadly:) the paint was kinda dried out so she had to pick another...rats!...I guess no one EVER picks that color! Anyways she ended up picking a great pink color and it looks beautiful she also got some cute little stickers on each nail so she was thrilled. After we headed over to go ole' Chick Fila and went to the park to have a picnic...we had alot of fun! On our way home I took Abby by the elementary school she will go to and she seemed pretty excited but a little sad. When I asked her what was wrong she said, "If I go to school all day when will I get to spend time with Mommy and Daddy?" Oh man I about cried but I reassured her we will always make time for that no matter what! I must say I just love having kids every bit of it is super challenging but absoluetly wonderfully rewarding and it's conversations like this that make every sacrifice worth it!

Chuck E. Cheese

Last night Poppa took Reese to play at Chuck E. Chesse...Reese was so hilarious telling us about all he did there. Mostly he talks about playing basketball and seeing Bob the Builder so this picture is perfect in summing up the fun of the evening.....I think it is so funny how much kids like this place...I was even a big fan as a kid...who knew it would be such a hit!

Reese's Turn!

This week has been crazy fun for the kids...since we moved in the kids haven't gotten much time with Greg's parents so they wanted to take each of the kids one-on-one to do something fun. So today Reese went with Maw Maw to the park to play baseball and have pizza (Reese's favorite) he also got to go to the pet shelter and as he says it he got to see "tigers"...when did they start keeping those?....just kidding!

We got a Playset!

Have I told you how excited we are that we have a backyard?....well we are and now to add to that excitement Granny and PaPa have bought a playset to fill it up! I will say though they haven't been able to play with it quite yet...since it is in about 1,000 parts! They are being so patient and trying to help anyway they can which is sometimes a bit hard with all the tiny pieces...but we will take all the help we can get at this point:)
I know Granny and PaPa would help us all they could if they were here but they lucked out this time...they just get to enjoy it when they come for visits! Thanks Mom and Dad we love it!

Pump it Up!

I took the kids yesturday to Pump it Up....it's this place full of those blow-up jumping houses and they were like kids in a candy store! They both were running all over like crazy and I also got to jump and climb with them so they thought that was so cool. Sadly we had to leave a bit early because Abby busted her lip pretty bad but she has already talked about when we will go again so I guess she didn't mind that much! I am glad that I have found a few fun things to do with the kids during the week...I felt like right when we left DC I was really finally finding some great friends and fun stuff for the kids to do so I am so thankful to have found this place so fast!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Time with Mommy!

Today while Abby was with Maw Maw Reese and I had a date! I asked him what he wanted to do and all he said was picnic and macaronni and cheese so I guess that's all it takes to make Reese happy huh? As you can see in the picture he devoured the mac and cheese... he was concentration really hard...he didn't look up until it was all gone...that's a boy for ya...loving food. We then played a little baseball and went for a trike-ride....he is cruising super fast now I can barely keep up....he's getting so big! I loved our time together this afternoon I really don't get much one-on-one time so take all I can get....he's the best date...look out ladies!!

Oh, one other thing.. I hate to brag but I was wearing a tank-top today....it was in the 70's...and I got a bit of a tan....sorry if you are in the snowy weather stinks for you:)

Tea Room

Maw Maw took Abby to a fun little tea room for kids today and they had so much fun. Abby got to have chocolate soup with whipped cream (aka chocolate milk:) peanut butter and jelly, tooth picks with grapes and marshmallows on them and candy. Maw Maw said Abby told her while they were eating not to tell her Mom about all the sweet treats...how funny I think it all looked so sinful she thought I would be mad...Maw Maw let her know I was in the know about all the fun food.....( I wish I could have had that for lunch!!) Abby also got a necklace and a ring on her plate that she could take home....too fun....what girl doesn't like accessories??

Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma Reese!

Tonight we went to Grandma Reese's birthday party. The kids had a ton of fun getting together and they also loved eating her cake:) I love this picture with her and all the kids...notice her face...she looks scared and I would be too...Reese has had a snotty nose all week and Landry (on her lap) right after the picture had a leaky diaper...and for Abby and Charlie well lets just say it wasn't long before the tackled each other pretty much right on her head.....so Happy Birthday to you Grandma toddler style:)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Laugh Attack!!!

Super funny video of Reese laughing at himself splashing water...I love hearing our kids laugh and just had to get this one on video! We need to enjoy these days when the kids think we are funny because I know someday soon we will no longer be cool...but if I get this stuff on video I have proof!:) (I always have a plan...hehe!)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Movie Day

Today is movie day at our house and the kids get to pick a show to watch before nap....we have successfully made them think that kids all over the world:) only get to watch a movie (maybe) once a week if they have behaved and I know that soon they will know the truth that kids watch way too much TV but for now it is working with no problem:) anyways in the picture I think it is so adorable how they are holding hands....oh such bliss....well for a few seconds then Reeser rolled over Abby and she pushed him off...oh well at least we get a little bliss here and there! ....really I can't complain I got it good my kids are awesome!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today we went to go eat with Greg at Italianni's which is Greg's favorite but we all tend to really enjoy it...the kids got to make their own pizza's so that's always a big hit! We had church tonight and the kids had a party....we could barely get them to sleep tonight since they were both on sugar highs!...let's hope they sleep in since I am up so late...I finally am ordering some pictures...this digital camera stuff is great but I never seem to get any framed...I hate that!....oh in the picture abby is a bit annoyed since the waiter wasn't very good with the camera it took 4 shots to get it right:)

Hope you all had a great day and felt really loved...I know I did I got flowers...yeah..I would have fresh flowers in the house everyday if I could!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Going for a Ride...

After dinner last night it was beautiful out so the kids got on their bikes and we went for a ride! Now the kids insisted on wearing helmets so here they are sporting their gear:) I just love their smiles here...they are just humoring me but hey if we get a good picture it's all good!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Backyard Fun!

Playing in the backyard has been the highlight of most of your days here in Texas! The kids are just loving climbing the trees and Reeser loves playing with his cars and letting them crash over the edge...typical boy huh? I can't wait for spring I don't think we will ever play inside..yeah no more apartment life!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back in Texas!

I got back in from Rochester Thursday night and can you believe it they lost my bag on the way home too! I figured out that I really only had my bag for about 1/2 day of my whole trip...crazy! Anyways my dad is doing great I just got off the phone with him and he had just been walking and ate some lunch...he also said they had taken all of the IV's out and his heart was beating in rythmn which is amazing since for about a year his heart was beating super fast and staying that way which gave him shortness of breath and he was so tired. I have a really good feeling that things will only go up from here but we of course are still praying everyday for his complete recovery...cause he needs to get training for a marathon in the fall...I need a partner...he'll be ready for sure:) just kidding Dad!

Valentine's Day Party!

Today we had a party for Valentine's Day! Abby planned it all (with a little help from mommy) and I think it was a big hit! We had cake (with candles by Abby's request) played a version of Bingo preschool style, bean bag toss and colored some valentine sheets and of course we had lots of sugar...which was hard to monitor with kids everywhere but I think everyone is on a huge sugar high and all the kids will bottom out around nap time hopefully:)
After all the "planned" activities Abby wanted everyone to play dress-up so you can see in the picture everyone was all dolled up even the boys..oops!
Just a few minutes ago Abby was asking me for more candy and I told her no way she had way too much already and she said, "Why don't mom's want their kids to have lots of sugar?" I told her the obvious answer but also told her she will appreciate it when she gets older and her teeth haven't fallen out!

Happy Valentine's Day..Wednesday!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Morning

I got to the hospital this morning and my dad was sitting up eating jello and all the color is back in his face....his swelling is down and they have told us they may be able to move up his tranfer out of ICU by 1pm. He is just doing wonderful but really needs to get more rest. We are trying not to go see him too much but we can't help it we want him to know we are here and he's not alone.
I had to drag my mom back to the hotel last night because she wanted to stay "just in case" but we both decided sleep would be good for us all! I am heading back to Texas on a 2pm flight so I am hoping to still be here when he moves to his own room. I think this will be the last update unless things change dramatically...thanks for all the prayers we have felt the Lord's protection and love the whole time and I know it's because we all have been faithfully praying! Thanks!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's looking good...

well thanks Greg for the post and your picture is very creative:)
It's 8:45pm and we have been able to go in from time to time and see him since they have taken out the breathing tube and it has been wonderful to see him with his eyes open and he's even been telling a few jokes...he's got a great dry sense on humor...I love it!
Anyways I would love to have to correct Greg about me almost passing out but sadly I was a bit in shock seeing him looking pretty much dead...I decided it would be good for everyone for me to go on back to the room and nap a bit and not be taking away my dad's nurse to tend to me!
I amgoing to staying here for awhile with my mom and she is doing pretty well I know she is worried but she is keeping strong for us..thank goodness! I know we will all sleep better tonight knowing he is being well taken care of!


I talked to Becky a few minutes ago and she had just been in to see her dad in post-op. The nurse briefed them before they went in to see him, but he was still out, and was hooked up to tubes and machines. Becky started to pass out, so the nurses had to tend to her. The impression I'm getting is that the surgery went okay, the valve was repaired but there may be some follow up procedures that need to be done. Of course, there will also be a long recovery time.

Becky will be back later to post corrections/updates to this report, and probably also to defend her fainting episode. I also thought it would be nice to add a picture, so I found this picture of a Mayo Clinic snow globe.


Update on my Dad!

We just found out at 11:00am that he is already off the heart and lung machine and they have successfully repaired his heart valuve and in about 2 hours or so we will be able to go into ICU to see him. They are sowing him up now and and he is considered to be in satisfactory condition which is all they were hoping for. I think we are in the clear but let's pray that all the recovery and the little stuff that needs to happen goes well!
He has a long raod ahead but they will know soon if the surgery worked...oh I hope it did!

I made it...finally!

Well there was bad weather in Chicago so I spent the whole day running the airport trying to make another flight to Rochester that wasn't cancelled and finally after missing my 12:10pm flight I made the 8:30pm flight into Rochester....man O'Hara is HUGE!..thank goodness after so long sitting around the airport you make friends so I had company (and help:) finding my way around!
anyways I got in pretty late and my dad was already asleep....he had a bad night not able to sleep well and we had to be at the hospital this morning at 5:30 am...he is in pre-opt right now. Be praying for his anxiety, he is very restless and can't seem to relax (who could blame him?) I am unsure of when exactly he goes into surgery at this point but I think it is soon...I will be able to keep everyone posted because there is internet access all over the hospital! Yeah!
*also if you could be praying for my mom she is also uneasy and scared for her husband..I can't imagine the worry....

Monday, February 05, 2007

My Dad's Surgery

I leave in the morning to go to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to be with my dad for his open heart surgery. I wanted to let all of you know and ask if you all could be praying on Feburary 7th (that is this Wednesday) that the doctor's would be very accurate and wise throughout the whole surgery and that my dad would have a speedy recovery! I plan to bring the laptop with me to blog about it as everything unfolds so please check in from time to time to see how things are going. Thanks so much!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Monkey Bread!

I did it DAD!!
Saturday morning the kids and I got up and made monkey bread...my dad made it for us when I was growing up and I love it! It was a hit with the kids and they had so much fun rolling the dough in the butter and then the sugar..who wouldn't huh?...Greg was helping someone move so Abby took the picture here sorry if you can't see very well but she was super proud and couldn't wait for me to blog about this! If anyone reading this has not had monkey bread before you must get the recipe from me...it's wonderful!

Did I try to take on too much?

you know how sometimes you know that you have stretched yourself a bit too far?..well Friday I think I did just that! I agreed to watch some good friends of ours kids so they could get moved into their house and then Aunt Annie and her kids came over to help too. Well anyways I thought it would fun for the kids to make some homemade chocolate chip cookies so as you can see in the picture it was crazy! They all wanted to do the same things at the same time and I almost tosed the idea out the window! In the end all was well and the kids were happy with their spoon full of cookie dough...yes, yes I give my kids and I guess other peoples kids raw egg....so I guess no one reading this will let me watch their kids huh?....anyways I ate it my whole life and I am alive and kicking so I guess we'll take our chances huh? ...at least if we die we will die having had the sweet goodness of cookie dough:)

"Get out of my bed Mommy!!"

These past few days Reeser has had a hard time adjusting to life in Texas so I thought a little mommy time was needed! Reese was a bit confused why I was in his bed but I thought it was really comfortable and what could be better than mommy singing you to sleep?

Thursday, February 01, 2007


well we just got home from the Rodeo and you are lucky I am blogging at all:) but I had some great pictures I just had to share...Abby got to ride a horse..we still are not sure how but I am convinced it was because of her hat and boots! Reese had a smile all night so I got some great ones of him too...they loved all the events at the Rodeo but of course the bull riding took the cake or takes the cake whatever it's late!!!
I will have some more great pictures tomorrow but I must watch The Office before bed...you know I love my kids when I miss The Office for a night of stinky poo:) HeHe...yes sadly I am a huge fan of that show and I can honestly say I really have never been a fan of any show really but there is a first time for everything huh?...anyone else like that show?..... (come on you can admit it:)