Friday, June 24, 2011

The REST of the DC Pictures:)

Right before we moved from DC Greg and I took the kids on a paddle boat ride on the Tidal Basin.  I thought it would be fun to do it again....the kids loved the ride.  I loved the workout;)

what a view

this is the park in Rosslyn across the street from Greg's work.  A bunch of hobos sleep there but the kids never seemed to mind.
It's the only park nearby:)

My little climbers

our walk to our climbing tree...

this is not it but it's a good ole climbing tree none the less....

and there it is.  we spend many a Sunday afternoon picnicking at our tree. 

awe it's good to be back

My big boy....where did the time go?

sweet little lady no longer my baby:(

I think this is a cool shot.  Up the side of the Washington Monument.

Like this one too...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

C.A.N. Volunteering

On Tuesday's the kids and I are volunteering at Cornerstone Assistance Network.  I have been waiting for the kids to get older so they can work in the warehouse and finally they are old enough!
We spend two hours folding clothes, organizing hangers, counting Ice Pops (kids favorite:) and boxing up clothes.  The kids did wonderful and were very mature and helpful.  I am very proud of them and their heart to serve our community.  This is one of Greg and I's number one prayers for the kids, that they would put others first and love their neighbor as themselves.  I look forward to many more days volunteering our time together.
being silly between jobs

Counting "sticky" ice pops.  One exploded in Abby's face...she thought it was funny and she cleaned up all the mess:) 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

One Happy Daddy!

This is all it takes to make this Daddy happy on Father's Day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Teacher Abby

Here Abby is teaching Reese to play the piano.
  I have been working hard on trying to get the kids to get along.  But not just get along but truly love each other and want the best for each other above their own interests.
So this is one of my new ideas to make this happen.  Both the kids love to talk about what they know and they LOVE to teach others SO I am having them each teach each other something that the other one doesn't know.
Reese doesn't know how to play the piano...Abby was happy to show him.  They got along and even smiled and laughed from time to time.  Success:)  
Next Reese will teach Abby to hit a home run...oh Reese, couldn't you pick an easier one?  :)
I believe in you Abby!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


While living in DC the Lord ABUNDANTLY blessed us with friends.  Our last day Greg had to work so we went and met up with Kiersten and Laura, two of my best friends in DC.  All our kids have grown up SO much.  Not sure the kids remember each other all that much but they sure warmed up to each other quickly.  They became best buds again within about 10 minutes:)
watching Mia play a game while waiting to go swimming.

Reese jumping in the pool

Abby right behind him...

All the kids together again.  Some new additions...we have multiplied!:)

Matt and Jenn!

Our last night in DC we spent the evening with Matt and Jenn.  They were some of the first people we met when we moved there and were in our small group. We loved getting to see them and catch up.
Jenn and me.  

After dinner in Crystal City we walked across the street to run around in the park.  Well Matt ran with the kids...we watched:)

action shot

Abby loving on Matt...wait no I think she is trying to pick him up?  Good try Abs:)

Matt got Reese.

All dressed up for dinner

me and the kids waiting to eat dinner.

More DC Pictures!

Here are so more pictures from DC....I'll explain as we go:)
Our family LOVES crepes.  We found a new crepe place in Georgetown.  We were happy:)

First apartment we lived in in DC.  This was Reese's first home.  We lived on the 3rd floor 700 square foot was quaint.  

During the day the kids and I played in this little park right next to our apartment.  It was free and Abby released some energy--it suit us just fine:)

Went on a hike on Roosevelt Island.  We loved this trail when we lived here.  Our family loves to hike.


back side of the island has a swamp.  We normally never made it this far when the kids were babies...this time no problem!

oh looky there...I'm in a picture too:) ha!

Abby found an otter den.  She was very proud!

She is an explorer that Abby...

and he's just a little weird:)  

...and I love him for it:)

One of the last pictures we look in DC was right here!  We are in Old Town Alexandria where we went to church.  We just ate at Austin Grill where we always used to go to get Dr. Pepper (no one serves it in DC barely) and good Mexican food! 

favorite ice cream spot.  Dairy Godmother...good stuff.  If you ever go you must have their cobbler, yum.

National Mall....sunny.

Washington Monument.


Here are the kids being silly.  Everyday walking to Greg's office we passed this street grate...  is that what you call it? (it's from the subway)  Anyways the air would blow up on them and they liked to strike a pose.  I normally wear dresses so I steered clear:)

nutty I tell ya....nutty.  They did not get this from me;)

Friday, June 10, 2011


I love a day like this...

Summer has officially started and we are having fun coloring, playing "school", board games and eating ice cream;)