Monday, September 24, 2012

Grandma Reese

Yesterday we had lunch with Grandma Reese and she reminded me that I had not posted on my blog lately...this ones for you Grandma:)
We love you Grandma and had a wonderful time eating and catching up with you over Mexican!
This photo might look a little different because its a panoramic from my new iPhone5....we are having a good time learning all the new things it can do.  It still can't blow dry my hair or do my make-up for me but I have faith that Apple will get that figured out real soon:)  
Thank you Apple for making a phone that is way over the top and ridiculously unnecessary right at the same time that my 2 year contract was up...very convenient and entertaining for me:) 

No more baby...

Abby lost her last baby tooth at lunch yesterday. 
 No more baby in her, sad yes, but loving the phase she is in now.  
She's such a joy, full of talent that seems to be bursting at the seams lately, and she is really coming into her own personality and giftedness, not feeling awkward or as uneasy as before.  She is finally seeing her gifts as her own and is taking pride in who the Lord has made her to awesome.  
Here's a funny story for ya:
Before bed last night she walked up to me and handed me her tooth (in private so to not ruin it for Reese) and says, "Mom, can I just have my dollar now because I know you will forget to put it under my pillow tonight." Haha...she's a smart little girl huh?:)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

First Pitch

Reeser is in kid pitch now and he pitched for the first time last week!
I was WAY more nervous than I thought I would be:/
He was brought into the game with bases loaded and NO outs...yikes!
He did awesome!
2 strike outs
Only hit 2 batters;)  that's pretty good honestly...I've seen worse:)
He remained calm and keep the team in the lead....good boy Reese!
They ended up not winning but he for sure had an amazing outing
and we are looking forward to a great season!!

practice pitch

first pitch he has ever pitched in a real game. 

good form son:)

Nerd Glasses

Abby made some nerd glasses today.  Apparently nerd glasses have no lenses and duct tape on them?  huh. 
Well at least she's cute right?:)

Secret Keeper Girls!

This weekend I took Abby to Houston for a mother/daughter event in Houston.  Two other Mom friends of mine and their daughters went with us and the girls were SO excited!  They got to skip school Friday because of the drive because we had to be at the church by 6:30pm so why not miss the whole day right?;)
The event was so well done and the girls thought it was SO cool!  It was a PJ party theme so we were all decked out, comfy and looked adorable! I would NEVER miss an opportunity to wear my pj's in public:)
The whole message of the event was to talk about modesty and purity and encourage the girls to commit to being "secret" keepers...aka keep themselves covered and honor God by valuing themselves.  We also got some great prayer time together and I loved getting to pray over her...I got a little teared up when I was praying and I didn't think she noticed but then today we were driving home and she said, "Mom, I think I heard you sniffing while you were praying Friday...were you crying?"  Ha!  Nothing gets past her:)

Me and my Secret keeper girl!

All of us in our PJ's ready to go party!!!

It was a big dance party, the girls LOVED IT!

After they were handed out the balloons that were on stage and Abby managed to get this one!
 It was huge and barely fit in the car:)

Abbie, AnnaBeth and Abby
These are a few of Abby's new friends at our new"ish" church:)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Great Expectations

Tuesday night Reese had his 2nd grade singing program.  Fast right?  They've only been working on it for 2 weeks and they knew it all by!
He is such a joy to watch because he gives it all he has and sings his little heart out.  He hasn't quite figured out that it's "not cool" to sing (I don't agree that singing is not cool but it seems boys get to a certain age and they think it's not too manly:)
Anyway we got some cute pictures and video for you all to see...enjoy!

Abby and me watching Reese sing his heart out:)
Doesn't she look old? Crazy!

I love how he tilts his head back when it's high--so precious!

He gets into the actions:)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Color Me RAD 5K

Saturday we all ran in a 5K race called Color Me Rad it was SO fun!  I highly recommend it for your family.  It was messy (which the kids loved) and it was good exercise and you didn't feel like you had to run the whole time.  Perfect for my kids that said about half way through the race that they might die:)  They were fine, they did not die:)
It is very different from any race that I had ever ran before.  It was relaxed and fun...good figure;)
Basically you just run/walk along and at different stations you got colored corn starch thrown on fun!

What we did not expect was how messy we got!!!  We were covered and it was very interesting trying to figure out how we were going to get home and take showers since we didn't bring towels:/ No sure how I forgot that!  We managed but my car is just a bit more colorful than before!  

It took us two showers each to get all the color off.  Abby had a blue scalp and Greg had a purpleish beard for about a day:)  I on the other hand was green and Reese was kinda, well brown....he looked scary.  See below.
Oh and Saturday night we figured out that if we blew our nose our snot was colored! Good times:)

The before

before the race even started my kids were getting us colorful...thank you kids:)

Greg bombing the kids....color in ears,  color in eyes.  color in our underpants?  weird right?  haha!

kinda dirty before start...oh we had no idea what we were in for!

The blue station.
That girl looks like a smurf.  I can't imagine her ever  being "peach" again:)  Good luck girl.  

Approaching the pink station.  Crazy right?
Walking into that haze was so weird. 

About halfway we took a tiny break.  Remember the kids were dying?;)
We look pretty good eh?

The kids kept throwing it in our faces.  Fun.

Greg was covered....hilarious!

He was in heaven.
 He can make a mess like nobody's business!!

Close to the finish line.  We thought it was over...we were SO wrong.

the FINAL picture after we got bombed about 20 times more!!!  Wow!

She cracks me up!  

He had color in the most unusual places.
He was the most colorful BY far!
BTW this morning (Tuesday) his legs and back were still a little green! 

Mostly orange and green...not sure why?

and there's Greg....HA!

Hanging out after the race.

Me and my girl.

Color bombing in the background.


She looks alot cleaner....don't be deceived she was NOT!

Well we had a great family outing and we are looking forward our next one...always ready for a good time we Stamps:)

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Abby has a friend named Jordan and they are so funny together! Abby comes alive when they are together...this is them dressed up for Sports Camp at our church.  Abby was so glad Jordan came with her because she is not a huge fan of sports:)  
Abby DID just start taking a Hip-Hop dance class (Say WHAT?) yep that's right my baby girl is coming out of her shell and that she is choosing to do so dancing to rap music makes her so Mom so proud:)
Pictures to come!  (didn't get good ones last week...she said it was embarrassing that I was taking pictures so I stopped:/
Tomorrow I have a plan....we'll see if it works!