Monday, August 27, 2012

"First Day of School! First Day of School!"

Well my kids were not as excited as Nemo this morning to go to school but they weren't kicking and screaming either so that's a plus!:)

We found out Friday night at Meet the Teacher that Reese and Abby got GREAT teachers!  Abby got Mrs. Gott and Mrs. Latham.  This year she switches classes...she's so big:(
She was VERY excited about this BUT can you believe she didn't have one close friend from last year in her class this year?  Breaks a MaMa's heart!  She was sad and Friday night she cried herself to sleep.  It was painful for her and us.  She is pretty shy and it takes her a long time to warm up so I was praying HARD today and my heart was pretty achy all day honestly.  She didn't go to sleep last night until midnight, she just kept tossing and turning and then finally came into our bed...I think she was nervous but she said she ate something bad:(

So guess what?

Abby got in the car after school today and said, "I had the BEST first day of school EVER!"  Greg and I were bursting with eyes were "watering" under my sunglasses (so not to embarass her of course:)  We have never heard her so full of joy before and it was thrilling!  She told us she made a new friend named Ivy. (what a cute name right?)
 She's a new girl at school and they hit it off right away!  Oh praise the Lord!!!  Not only for Abby's sake but for that sweet little girl that was probably terrified this morning being the new kid and the Lord came through for them both!  He's so awesome like that!
So for Abby it looks like 4th grade is gonna be a hit:)

Now for Reese.
Ok so Reese tends to be a pretty happy go lucky kinda kid at school and has never met a stranger.  Lately though he has caught the "school isn't cool" bug.
*I told him he wasn't allow to catch this bug but he didn't obey.  Bad boy. Ha!
So Friday night he was "so-so" about his friends in his class and his teacher.  He got a great teacher named Mrs. Hull, but not the one he expected he would get so he was pretty melancholy.  This morning came and by then he had decided his teacher was pretty nice, "probably the nicest one in the whole 2nd grade" he said, :) and seemed to be pretty happy to go.

Walking into class he was weird though.

He acted kinda indifferent and stand-offish from all the other kids....who is this kid?
Who took my outgoing, talkative boy???

Well you can imagine how my day went.  I spent the day praying and worrying then catching myself worrying and then praying again asking God to forgive my disbelief that He was in control and that HE is the protector and provider for my kids and no matter how much I "think" I have a hand in their happiness or holiness for that matter it just isn't so.... He is their Creator and He goes before them, He is there with them and cares more for them than I could ever muster up.
What a peaceful place to sit.
I don't have to worry.
It does me no good.
It steals my joy.
I just have to believe and keep reminding myself to believe....over and over.

So you wanna know how Reese's day went don't ya? Ok, Ok, I'll tell ya:)

He had a BLAST and LOVES LOVES LOVES his teacher!  He said she is so super nice he can't believe how super nice she is! (doesn't that sound just like Reese...he's so fun!)
I am so thrilled and so grateful and the Lord never ceases to amaze me.
He doesn't have to answer my prayers.
He can choose to answer in another way, in a way that best glorifies Himself and that would be fine with me BUT this time....a time that could go either way, He chose to provide joy, He chose to provide friends, to provide fun teachers that mesh well with my kids, He chose to answer my prayers in the most lovely way and I am so grateful.
But even if He chose this time to not answer in the most pleasurable way His praise would still be on my lips because He is good and His purposes for my kids and my family are good and I believe Him.
Believe Him friends...He is trustworthy!

Here's some pictures from this morning....the kids didn't let me take many...sorry:)
"Take it quick Mom, seriously!"
Yep that's what they said to me:)

blurry pic of Reese at his locker:)

He doesn't waste any time huh?  Work to be done people!

Mrs Gott and Abby.  Didn't get one with Reese and his teacher because he sat down too quick!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Family Olympics 2012!

Last weekend Debbie and Jerry (Greg's parents) hosted another family Olympics (our 3rd one) and it was so fun and with each time it gets more competitive!  As the kids get older they really get into it and we adults are loving that:)
I got some pictures but sadly my camera died half way though so I am waiting on other pictures but this is what I got so far....
Here are the events we did:
Track and Field- long jump, 100 meter dash, 100 hurdles, shot put, javelin, 4x100 relay
Gymnastics- rings and balance beam
Swimming- relay swim (any style:), diving through a hoop, creative dive

Debbie went above and beyond this year....check out our lunch!  Wow!

So cute!

The kids helped with all the decorations and were very proud of these rings:) *made out of paper plates!

opening ceremonies!

Passing the torch.  I remember when we used to be nervous they would catch each other on fire!  Ha! Well I guess I still worry a bit about Reese;)

So happy!  He loves the Olympics...and fire:)

The torch ended with Grandma 

setting up hurdles

All of us were nervous about jumping over these suckers....they were pretty high! Everyone did great though after a practice run.

Run kids RUN!

Take 2!  We needed a gun to start them off because they kept false starting:)

Parents racing...I totally lost:(  I'm a distance runner people...DISTANCE:)

Abby holding the finish line

Reese jumping the hurdles 

Abby trying to jump the hurdles...she wasn't so into the hurdles:)

She was into Colson:)  

Greg got some air!  

Me about to cross the finish line.  The kids were taking the pictures and so I don't have any of me actually jumping.
Debbie I need your pictures please??!!!:)

Debbie doing the long jump...impressive!

Shot Put!

Stay tuned for more pictures!!!  I know Debbie got a bunch of good ones:)  Hint Hint!  haha!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fun Park!

We had lots of fun at the Fun Park in Breckenridge!  This was one of the things we were doing in Colorado that the kids were most excited about and it did NOT disappoint:)
There is lots to do and we were there open to close---it was a busy, busy day!
They have alpine slides, a new mountain roller-coaster, trampoline bungee jumping, a human maze (Abby's favorite), mini golfing (Reese loved this:), rock climbing, gem stone sifting and... I think that's it:) 
We got lots of fun pictures...check it out!

They loved the Gondola. We saw 2 moose while riding back one night....very cool!

Alpine fast and SO fun!  

Reese rode alone a lot but to go faster he would ride with Greg...they were nutty fast!

Abby and me on the coaster. You operate it on your own and can go as fast or slow as you want--it was a big hit!

waiting for an hour to jump on the worth it!

looking goofy and ready to jump!

flipping away!

she's so high!

Reese ready to go!

he liked to flip too!

they weighted you before you got on the trampoline so they knew how  many bands to hook to you so you would not fall--important but not nice to weight a girl on her vacation:)

I love the flips...

my climbing baby....

...and another:)

The human maze.  You had to go through and get your card stamped 4 times then had to find your way out.  They started out taking 18 minutes then got it down to 4 minutes!  The guys said that was one of the fastest he had seen in a long time!  Way to go kids!


Reese enjoying his independence:)

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

White Water Rafting!

Yesterday we went on an all day rafting trip down the Arkansas River!  So fun and the weather was perfect!  We had a boat to ourselves and enjoyed some great family time together!  
No one fell out of the boat and it did not was a perfect day:)
It has been so much fun doing more and more active things with the kids now that they are getting older.  Greg and I have been waiting for this and it was worth the fun to be active together with no stroller or diaper bags;)

learning the rules...don't fall out!


loving life:)

so cute.

da boats.

the pros;)