Saturday, March 24, 2012

Talent Show!

Abby and two of her friends made the talent show at school!  They are acting out the poem The Dentist and Crocodile by Shel Silverstein
It is really cute! 
Abby is the crocodile.  She is more of an "abstract" croc;)
  We were gonna buy or rent her a costume but we can't find one ANYWHERE:/  
We decided finally to just make her a mask and I think it turned out pretty cute!
She is SO excited she can barely stand it!
The talent show is April stay tuned for more pictures!
Abby, the crocodile with a toothache

Lunch with the Boy

Oh Reese you are the best:)
I love having lunch with you and your sister on Fridays!

Opening Day!

Today was opening day for Reese's baseball season.  This year he is on the Royals!  Finally a little props to Kansas City:)  
He had a game at 10am this morning and the team is looking good! 
I am SO ready for baseball to start!
Play Ball!!!!!
Me and my baseball boy

The boys in the opening day parade!

First Pitch

Quality Time with Dad

Greg and Abby spending a little quality time burning things together.  Now that's my kind of quality time.  Next date night I think Greg and I will burn a few things on the back porch;)  Cheap and fun date=score!  haha!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Breakfast for Maw Maw!

I just got this email from Maw Maw.  The grand kids all spent the night last week and they wanted to surprise her with something special:)
Very sweet!
"Here's a pic of what I found when the g'kids spent the night the other day. They all "sneaked" in & made my breakfast while I was getting my makeup on.  They were all 4 so proud.  From what I gathered, Abby & Landry were in charge of the peanut butter/jelly crackers & Charlie & Reese were in charge of brewing the tea.  I also noticed that the cup & saucer (though they don't match) are from sets that they pick to use themselves a lot--so I know they chose some of their favorites for me.  Then they wanted to eat our breakfast on the patio.  It was all wonderful!  I was very honored!"
~Maw Maw 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mountain Biking at Grapevine Lake

Reese taking a BIG jump!

Here she goes!


and then there's me:)

taking a break..

I just loved how green the grass was....beautiful!

storybook right? so pretty!

and another pic...I just can't get enough:)
Today we took the kids mountain biking.
 They were pretty cautious, but they had a great time.  It was muddy so I think that made them a little nervous, it sure made me a little nervous!  It is so fun now that the kids are getting older.  We can do SO much more with them and we are loving it!

Happy Birthday to Me:)

Monday was my 34th birthday...yikes!  
I gotta be honest this one I was not too excited about.  I am officially in my mid-30's no longer can I say, "I just turned 30." :(
Well I'm over it, I'm 34 and I'm gotta have to embrace it so on to the fun part!  
My sweet family and friends were so great to spend the WEEKEND celebrating me...I feel very blessed and loved.
Friday morning on of my dearest friends, Natasha, took me to our favorite little (well maybe my favorite little but she acts like she likes it for me;) coffee-shop, Roots.  We had some breakfast and coffee and spend about 2 hours talking and had a great time.  Thank you Nat...I love you!
Friday for lunch Greg took me to Bizzi's which is a little restaurant in our neighborhood that has a European fare (aka hummus and anti-pasta plates;)  my FAVORITE!  This was the beginning of a TON of eating for my birthday.  I am currently eating only enough to stay alive to recover from the food comma that was my birthday....I don't remember much :/
Sunday Greg took us to the Food Truck Park in downtown Ft. Worth which was AMAZING!
We had some fried chicken out of a truck that was to die for;)  a truck?  I know right?  Weird, but SO GOOD!
After we had dinner we went over to Debbie and Jerry's to have peach cobbler...yummy!  Debbie makes some incredible cobbler...thank you Deb!
And now for my ACTUAL birthday, Monday.
It has been a tradition since the kids were little that whoever's birthday it is that day they get to pick whatever they want to do that day that is their favorite (within reason:)
So I got to do some of my favorite things...
The kids and I went for a 4 hour bike ride and along the way we stopped at parks, the lake, the library and then met Greg for a treat at Roots.  It was fun, I love to be outside, one of my favorites:)
After the ride I took a nap (naps are one of my favorites AND the kids had to be quiet;) and then we got ready to go eat at the Reata....a really, really, really, good restaurant in Ft. Worth (one of my favorites:) I ate way too much and liked it alot;)  (eating is one of my favorites:)
We then went for a walk around downtown and I walked into any shop I wanted and no one complained....bliss;) (another one of my favorites:)
It was also my favorite degrees outside!  Favorite degrees?  Yes, I do have a certain temperature that I prefer over others and it was 74 degrees out on Monday evening and I was a very happy camper.  Very happy camper. Thanks God:)  (He's also one of my favorites;)

Well even though 34 didn't sound too exciting to me, this birthday was wonderful as usual!  I guess I will keep having them as long as I can;)
Here's a few pictures...
Silly Natasha and her napkin balls:)  (she likes to keep her hands busy while we talk...she's funny!)
Anti-pasta dish at Bizzi's....yum!!

Food Truck Park

my handsome husband in his new shades;)

Abby and her coke...she was happy too:)

Let's eat!

Try this Abby!  Greg makes the kids try EVERYTHING, no exceptions!  They almost always like everything they try, go figure:)

free creme brulee--because she's cute!

we walked along the water after favorite.

Dinner at Reata.  Bread pudding tamale....AMAZING!
Bread Pudding (one of my favorites), weird I know but I can't help it!  Carbs AND sweetness all in's a beautiful thing:)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Thanksgiving 2007

My Dad sent this to me last night and I just had to share.  I remember this night.  We were in KC for Thanksgiving and I wanted to go down to the Country Club Plaza but it was SUPER cold.  We knew the kids would be miserable so my Mom and Dad drove us down there and as we were driving by to see the lights turn on we jumped out of the car and got this pic.  I remember it was SO cold!  
Poor Abby has no body...guess I should have picked her up:)
Thanks Dad for sending this to us...I can't believe how little the kids are!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Look What I Found!!!

How great is this!?  AND they taste good!  
Did I mention I LOVE peanut butter?  Well, I DO!:)
It will be my downfall one day....pray for me!  ha!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Art Class

Ok, so I know EVERY parent thinks their kid is a genius, but seriously isn't she incredible at art??
So gifted!  She told me tonight she wants to design clothes for both guys and girls.  Hey Dad maybe you could set her up with a job at Lee Jeans?;)  
It's an 8x10 and very detailed!

Funny Stuff!

Open house was last night at the kids school....look what Reese did.
He's a funny kid.  Everyday is more joyful with these two kids!
Disrespect Reese
Wanted for disrespecting parents.
Reward: $600,000,000.300.50

Well at least he knows the Bible folks!!:)


Look what Abby found!!!  
She has been looking for a four-leaf clover her whole life.  
She waiting many years;) and she found one! 
  Way to go Abby!
Big day...a very BIG day:)



Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Violet and Titus!

Last week we got to watch Stacey and Steven Russell's (Stacey was my roommate in college) kids for the week!  Violet is almost 1 and Titus is 2 1/2.  We had a blast and their kids are just incredible and such a joy!  
Stacey and Steven will be having another baby in June and they had the opportunity to go to Spain so I jumped at the chance to help with the kiddos!  
We had a great week and Abby and Reese were amazing with them!  They loved to wake the kids up before school and didn't want to go because they wanted to play with them all day:) Here's some pictures I 
got of our fun times together!
Pure joy!!
Abby teaching them the wonderful world of the ipad.

Oh she learns fast:)

Reese and Titus hit it off quite nicely!  Titus followed Reese everywhere :)

Good morning girls!

so very content and lovely!

Tennis Time!

Every year when tennis camp rolls around our kids want to be there.  This year was a weird one.  We actually had a whole weekend free! So when we found out, last Tuesday, that camp was THIS Saturday we had no time to lose!  Thankfully, there were no problems get them both in the camp and they had a blast!
This picture is as good as it gets.  The parents don't stay to watch noramlly and Greg and I were cleaning the garage and the shed while the kids played away...romantic I know;)  No worries we put the kids to work later on in the day...So mean:)

Getting their awards.
The coaches nicknamed Abby "Anna Kournikova" and Reese "Andy Roddick" both famous tennis players.  The kids loved that:)  Well Abby said she prefers her name;) haha