Friday, December 29, 2006

Lots of Fun!

Well we have had a fun time so far at Granny and PaPa's....the kids got some crazy toys, rode a train at Central Station, played a silly board game and Abby and I have been cooking like crazy on her easy bake oven...she keeps making sweet treats for our tea party this weekend! One of the gifts that the kids got was this kids cranium game it is full of stuff to make masks and it has this recorder that the kids can talk is so cool and as you can see in the first picture they made some crazy masks! We have kept really busy here in K.C. and still have about 4 days to go....what else could we possibly do that we haven't already done??:)

Mom's Scooter...

My Mom got a scooter a little while ago and all Greg and I have done is make fun of her:) I hope all of you are famliar with Dumb and Dumber the movie because it is so hilarious and in the movie there is a scene where they are riding to Colorado on a scooter and it is freezing and they have snot frozen to their faces...well anyways that is all we could picture everytime she talked about it but today we ate our words....this scooter is awesome...we rode it for quite awhile and the kids had a blast! We got a picture of all of us riding and then the last picture is a picture Greg photo shopped from Dumb and Dumber and we put my parents faces on's pretty funny.....kinda creepy but still pretty funny...this is what Greg and I do in our spare time:)

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Real Christmas....

Finally it's the big day! We have had so many "early" Christmases that I think the kids were a bit confused but oh did they have a great time! Last night the whole family got together and we all exchanged presents. As you can see the cousins had a ton of was out of control and Greg and I have no idea how we will get them back to DC. The kids have had so much fun playing together..sadly everyone has seemed to pass around the flu and we are sure hoping that we don't get it next! Today we all just hungout and played with all the toys...I must say i am just as excited about the toys as the kids....when you are a stay-at-home mom having new toys is so great! I hope everyone has had a great Christmas!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

We have been Cultured!

Update on the Kansas City Ballet....well I wasn't sure how Abby and Trevin would like it with no words and all but really they did great!
She was sitting on my lap asking a ton of questions about what was going on and I had NO idea for quite awhile so my sister who had seen it before was our narrator...probably bugged the people around us but at least we knew what was happening! I kept asking Abby if she wanted to be a ballerina but even after 2 hours of dancing she still says no...I can't say I really care all that much since I am not much of a dancer:) But she did keep saying she loved all there maybe we can just pose a ballerina's...I think that sounds pretty good we'll save alot on not having to take the actual ballet classes:)

Charlotte's Web!

Today we ALL (minus Greg sadly...he is stuck in DC trying to get to us for Christmas...pray his plane is not delayed he gets here tomorrow at around 4pm hopefully Santa won't beat him here!)
Anyways today we saw Charlotte's Web and it was so good. I was really surprised that there were a few really good lessons in it...Reese and Abby watched the whole thing...they cracked up at all the talking was cute!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

We are in Kansas City!

Yesturday morning we flew in to KC and have been so busy since I just got a chance to blog! We are having a great time and as you can see the kids love playing with PaPa...they are eating these gummy snack things called gooey eyeballs...I don't quite understand why someone would like to eat those but the kids love 'em!
Last night Trevin (my sister's son) came over to play and the kids were crazy...wrestling and jumping around it was nuts...but it was also so great to see them together it's been too long...we are excited to spend the next two weeks with everyone we have missed them!
Today we got up and went over to one of my friends from youth group and she has 3 kids and they all had a blast playing is so weird to see all of us with kids...I still feel so young even though I am almost I can't believe that!
.....We are going to the Nutcracker tonight put on by the KC Ballet I think Abby will really like it....luckily Reese is staying home with PaPa I think they will have alot more fun not going don't you think?

Monday, December 18, 2006

National Christmas Tree

Tonight we went down to the White House to see the National Christmas Tree it was perfect weather today so we didn't freeze like last year! There are little trains running all around the tree, so you can imagine how much the kids loved it! They also have smaller trees all around the big tree that represent each state, so we found the Missouri and Texas trees. The kids thought that was ok...but we couldn't get them away from the trains long enough to care!
Well it is kinda sad that this is our last Christmas season here in DC but...really we're not that sad...we are ready to move! (1 month and counting...... Merry Christmas!

Christmas again?

By the time Christmas is over Abby and Reese will have had 4 times to open presents! They are so happy about that but I don't think they have a clue that Christmas is actually a certain day...they think everyday is Christmas! Well Saturday Greg's brother's family came over and we all exchanged gifts....the kids were asking everyday when they got to open the gifts....Reese got told so many times "Not yet" that when he sees a present he says, "Not yet Mommy" it's hilarious! I think everyone loved their gifts and Abby is already asking when we open next...UGH! :)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

" Yes, Jesus Loves Me"

Reese has been performing lately and here he is singing "Jesus Loves Me" it's so sweet...Abby makes a guest appearance but decides singing is out of the question:) I know I am a bit video happy tonight but I just love it!

Abby playing her piano...

Abby has not stopped playing this piano and I just had to get her first she isn't singing real words but later she starts into "O Christmas Tree"...enjoy!

Puppet Show

Last night Reese got these finger puppets for Christmas and this is so funny...he knows we are watching so he put on a show! He's a nut!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Our Family Christmas

Well tonight we opened our Christmas gifts early because we head to KC on Wednesday and we wanted the kids to have a chance to play with their toys. They were both so excited all day so we decided to open gifts before dinner right when Daddy got home because they just couldn't wait! They got lots of fun stuff...Abby got a princess piano and she loves it and hasn't stopped playing yet! She also got a ton of books and fun toys. Reese got a football and loves to run and tackle you when you are holding the's great. He also got some finger puppets and he is way into puppet shows right now so he is in heaven! I just love watching them open gifts they are so thankful even for a's so sweet!
Tomorrow we open gifts with Greg's brother's family so you can imagine how hard it was for the kids to go to sleep knowing that in the morning they get to do it all over!

Good Times!

After we opened gifts we ate shrimp boil which the kids love because we throw the food on the table and eat with no plates....they laugh the whole meal:)
Then I really wanted them to watch Charlie Brown Christmas which I watched as a kid and really love...they as you can see thought it was great...whatever happened to good cartoons?...i tell you what they sure don't have any cartoons these days that talk about Jesus that's a shame! Whenever you ask Abby and Reese what Christmas is all about they say Jesus and sometimes they start singing Happy Birthday to Jesus....I think that's pretty good for a 2 and 4 year old to know the real reason of Christmas!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Well last night we got our camera back and just in time for Charlie (cousin) to sleepover. They have had so much fun and they asked to go to bed early which was very abnormal!! They both got their teeth brushed and Abby helped him:) then she wanted to show him the Cars website which he was very excited about then they ran into her room and are still awake and it's 10pm here...I am not sure how long they will stay up talking but I guess it doesn't hurt just this once! Maybe we'll be sleeping in tomorrow?....sounds good to me!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Super Cute!

Abby is so into dressing up lately and here she put on her cousins halloween you can see she looks just like Elastigirl...well kinda!
I have been able to borrow Anglea's camera a few times to put a few pictures up...but we are still out of business but we found out our camera was fixed for free:) oh yeah and only about 6 days before our year warranty ran out...sweet! I must say we were thrilled it broke just at the perrrrfect time! Anyways it is on it's way back to us as you read this and hopefully we will have a camera for our family Christmas this weekend...let's hope...I know even you all are going through withdraws right? Just humor me...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas Cookies!

Just the other day we went over to Charlie and Landry's house to play and decorate cookies! As you can see everyone is very into... well eating the icing:) I am not sure if anyone but Abby ate the actual cookie but they all sure got great sugar highs! I love this face Reese is making whenever you ask him to show you what he is doing he makes this face...not sure why but I sure am glad I got it on camera!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Still no Camera!

We found out yesturday that our camera made it to the fix-it-up shop so maybe we will be back in business in a week or so...let's hope....the kids are growing everyday and I hate for you all to miss it!
Well I have a great story for you. Last night Abby told me she wanted to have 12 kids when she gets old like me...I told her I would be a very happy grandmother:) but she went on to tell me some names she picked for them... moonface, pencil sharpener, booklet, 7th grade, and big lie....I guess she was kinda on a school kick when she thought of these names! I just had to record this for future reference...when she really does have kids I need to give her some of these great suggestions huh?
Reese tonight had a break through...he got out of the bath and wanted to go "potty-potty" (aka going potty on the potty) now we are NOT starting potty training just yet especially because the move and all but he still likes to try so I let him give it a go....and He DID IT!!....for the first time he went pee-pee...oh man he was so proud he ran around the house looking for Daddy and Abby to brag! I just love having kids and getting to see first hand them do all these firsts!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

We Love Make-up!

Abby was really wanting to put on make-up last night so before bed we got all dolled up! We took turns puting on eyeshadow and lip gloss and oh man did we look good:) As you can see Abby looks's so fun to do this make-up stuff with her...yet again another reason I love having a girl! (I have come to the conculsion that everyone needs a girl...or else borrow one for awhile:)

Decorating the Tree!

Well we are least for a day or sister-in-law let us use their camera to take some pictures of some of our stuff we want to sell before we move back to Texas so I thought I might take a few of the tree we decorated too:)
The kids were so excited when we got back in town Wednesday to decorate we got everything out and they did a great job...and it's Saturday and no one has pulled the tree over! It was funny trying to get them to stand for these pictures too...sadly we had to bribe Reese:)