Sunday, November 21, 2010

Silly Sleeper

Just went in to check on Abby and this is how we found her...:)

she seems so big from this angle!

out like a light....too bad she's gonna wake up with her legs asleep:/

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Poppa!!

Tonight we celebrated with Poppa for his 53rd Birthday...Happy Birthday Poppa we love you!
Maw Maw made a yummy dinner and we had wonderful entertainment from all the cousins acting out Jesus' was hilarious!  Landry makes for a wonderful baby Jesus:)
Aunt Annie got roped into being an Angel and was wrapped in toilet paper...she's such a softy:) ha!
Poppa got to be a donkey and the rest of us got to sit back and take in the funny!
Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus (aka Landry, Abby and Charlie:)

Donkey carrying pregnant Mary (aka Poppa, Abby and shoes and knee pads under her shirt? weird. :)

Happy Birthday Poppa!

opening our gift

Angel (aka Anglea and toilet paper:)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tuff's Puppies

Tuff had puppies with a sweet little puppy named Abby Girl.  Debbie and Jerry let Abby girl spend the night a few nights while she was in heat (so weird:/) and I guess they were successful because now they have these precious puppies to show for it:)  I love hearing Debbie and Jerry tell the story of Tuff and Abby Girl during their days of "physical attraction" :)  It's hilarious...ask them the next time to see 'em it's great (sorry D&J;) Anyways the kids have got to see the puppies twice since they were born. The first time Abby says they looked like tiny mice and they were not allowed to touch them.  The second time she couldn't believe how big they had gotten!  This last time they had the chance to hold the puppies and Abby and Reese loved Zaccheus, the rut of the litter.  This is so like Abby to love the downtrodden, the weak one that needs her special attention...she's so sweet like that.  Now Reese he's super compassion and so sensitive to people and their feelings BUT I can't imagine him liking the tiny one I figured he like the biggest one that was sitting on the little one:)...he's been known to one minute admire a bug/grasshopper and the next minute it's crushed under his shoes!  Well anyways I haven't haven't gotten to meet the puppies yet but I sure hope to soon.  Greg and I have been throwing around the idea of maybe buying one of these puppies for Christmas (shhh:) We'll see's a big commitment for ME so be praying for the kids that their Mommy feels like taking on another responsibility real soon;)

so tiny!

I think Zaccehus is the black and white one?  Debbie am I right??

So gentle...

Abby's Stories

Lately Abby has been bringing home stories that she has written at school and I really wanted to get them down in the blog so we'll have them forever.  Here are a few of my favorites:
I went ahead and put all the type-o's in because they are cute;)

There's a Nightmare Under my Bed!
One day I saw five shiny eyes and big teeth.  So one night I wanted to find out what it was I looked under my bed POW!!  It's a nightmares!!!! It has five shiny eyes shiny eyes, two horns and two fangs a big nose, four claws.  I tride to get rid of it but I cud'nt.  I got my brether (brother's) light saver (saber).  I hit that Nightmare.  He started to cry. He got mad.  So I had one chanse (chance).  I had to hug him!!  It worked, he huged me back!
The End

I wanted a dog so bad and I still do but mt first dogs was named Hank. I loved it win my parents said, "time to go to the pownd!"  Now we have to go to the Kansas City we let a boy watch Hank.  Win the boy came out of the bathroom Hank thought he was a stranger so snap!!  Hank bit off part of his lip!:( Hank had to go to the pownd.  I was sad.  That was the last time I got to see Hank.
The End
(that's not all the story and some of the details are off but it's a good/sad story all the same ~Becky)

I had a sleepover at my house.  Some of my friends came.  My Mom invitide 2 people.  There names are Gabbie and Hailey.  We watched How to Tran your Dragen.  We put on make-up and while How to Tran your Dragen we ate a cupcake.  Then we had to go to bed.  The next morning we ate monky brad (monkey bread).  While brakfast Hailey had a volleyball game.  She did not go to my birthday party.  I had a roller skating party.  I am 8 it was my best birthday ever.  
The End


Sunday, November 07, 2010

Happy Birthday Abby....round one.

Today was Abby's 8th Birthday! Yay!
We have had a great weekend celebrating the life of our sweet girl!
Friday started all the festivities and Abby was thrilled to have 2 girls over to stay the night before her actual skating birthday party on Saturday.  Her friend Gabbie (who moved to San Angelo about a year ago) was able to come in town and stay the night so she could go to the party the next day!  So glad she could make it!  We were also able to have her other bff, Hailey, stay the night Friday because she wasn't going to be able to make it to the party Saturday.  It ended up working out perfectly and they were no trouble at all...seriously:)
The girls did the typical sleepover stuff: giggling, eating, make-overs, watch a movie and dodge the little brother at all costs (poor guy:( and more giggling.  Those little goobers didn't get to sleep until after 11pm and were wide awake at about 7am....geez sleep much?:)  
I got some sweet pictures of the girls...enjoy

In the car headed to McDonald's for dinner--her pick:)
*notice Reese in the background...ha!

opening Hailey's gift...she loved her bag and journal!

Nice subtle make-up girls:) 

icing cupcakes

Greg made the girls (and Reese:) a tent to watch a movie.  They wanted Reese to have his own tent but thankfully they softened and let him in after a minor breakdown-ha!

Happy Birthday Abby!

Saturday Abby had a roller skating birthday party and it was a hit!  She was so excited and was so happy to see that almost all her friends she invited could come!  She is a super skater and was happy to find out that most of her friends were pretty good too.  Greg was in charge of taking pictures while I skated (he tore his hamstring playing co-ed softball but that's another story for another day;)  Anyways he did a good job capturing all the fun (even some of the adults were having a good time too:) 
opening gifts

group picture

honoring the birthday girl in the center of the rink...she seemed uncomfortable:/

Hokey Pokey

My friend Angela fell down...funny but she hurt herself.  I felt bad for laughing:/ Sorry Ang:)

Skating Abby

me Angela and Jason
~where ya going Jason?

Good morning birthday girl!!!

the usual...cupcake breakfast for your birthday

lava lamp...she has been wanting one forever!

lunch at Cracker Barrel

Littlest Pet Shop house thingy:)
Skating with her friend Addy

yep that's right that's me skating so fast that I'm a blur:) 

not sure....kinda creepy but cool all at the same time!

The only picture of Abby and me skating together
Abby and Peighton

silly kids

Birthday cake....she picked an ice cream cake (I didn't have to make one this year:)

Abby, Gabbie and Addy--friends from school

Emma and Peighton---friends from church

the girls going to town!

for the record this picture was staged:)  Angela and I were the best skaters out there--ha!  For real we were;)

Poppa got some skates on...he wasn't half bad:)

Angela and her daughter Gracie--Skatetown had these cool walkers for the kids

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Rangers World Series 2010

I can't believe I haven't had a chance to post about game #3 of the World Series that we got to got to on Saturday night but honestly I have been so busy watching baseball that haven't had time! Ha!
We have been up to our necks in baseball, not just the Rangers either:)  Reese had his baseball tournament the SAME week as the World Series.  Really?  I'm not sure what they were thinking but man oh man it made for a crazy week for us!  
The World Series was well, AMAZING and we were blessed enough to get to go to the only World Series game the Rangers won...YAY!  
Now as all of you know the Rangers did not win the whole thing and the Giants (who are the Giants?:) won the World Series--BOO!  But I can still say with great pride that I am proud of our boys and man was it awesome to see all of Texas absolutely gushing over the Rangers!  So fun!
Greg and I were so thrilled to see people wearing Rangers stuff in October....that never happens!  
I believe that this year begins a LONG road of play-off/ World Series for the Rangers and we are ready for it!
Now for the WORLD SERIES experience...  Greg and I decided that we MUST bring the kids even if they couldn't appreciate it to the fullest and even if we could sell their tickets for about 800 bucks a pop!  The experience was priceless something we will NEVER forget.  I am so happy we all got to go together and like I said before I am so happy for Greg and his family that I could burst!  They have been waiting and waiting for this day and that I got to experience this with them...well that is just so very cool!
We got some great pictures of us at the game.  The kids did so great and they really got into it.  The energy was crazy exciting and the kids couldn't help but partake:)  Abby was throwing the claw and Reese was waving his towel with the best of them:)  No matter the outcome the Rangers are still #1 to us and we can't wait for Spring!

The walk to our first World Series!

Ready for some baseball!

We didn't have tickets next to Debbie and Jerry (Greg's parents) but we did run into them before the game! How fun!

We are serious about baseball, can you tell??:)

Rangers World Series 2010 

Such a fun picture....look at those faces!

If you would have asked us in the spring if we would have been standing here posing for this picture we won't have believed it!  Love it!

World Series Banner!  Doesn't it look pretty??