Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Fun!

***Guest blogger-- Abigail***

Last night we went to eat Fondue at the Melting Pot and my favorite part was the chocolate--they had so many things to dip into it and it was yummy!

Christmas Eve we got to talk to Granny and PaPa and Aunt Christi and Trevin on Webcam.
Don't they look funny with their hats on? It was fun to get to talk to them!

I forgot to give Maw Maw her Christmas present so I brought it to her and she liked the bracelet I made her. Can you see Charlie, Landry and Reese wearing the same shirts? Isn't that funny?

*I took this video on Christmas Eve of Bentley and Tuff (dogs). They were playing and I just caught them doing this. It is fun watching them play. Later in the video the big dog (Bently) sits on the little dog (Tuff) isn't that funny? I hope you like it!

*In this video the boys (Charlie, Landry and Reese) are singing in Poppa's truck--I was the one who took the video so I am not singing.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Getting ready to open stockings

This is the reason Reese vomited all over the carpet last night after he went to bed....too much candy Santa--what was he thinking???? Bad Santa!;)

Abby's gift to Reese...he LOVES this teddy bear!

Greg opening my gift to him---a watch from Fossil. Hey at least it wasn't a tie:) Well actually he did ask for a tie but I couldn't find one I liked enough to actually buy!

Abby and Reese have been asking for a watch for awhile and they finally got one! They were both excited! Tonight they wore them to dinner and they told us ALL night what time it was (like every few minutes:/....we might be regretting that purchase huh?:)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas like we did! It was so relaxing and is always special to get to see the kids open their presents with just the four of us. The kids actually slept in which was a shock to Greg and I because we thought they would wake-up at 6am for sure! Thank goodness they didn't wake-up until after 8--Merry Christmas to us huh?:)
Anyways the kids got a ton of fun stuff and they really enjoyed watching everyone open the gifts that they bought! Reese got Abby a blue ball and Abby got Reese a teddy bear, which Reese has been taking everywhere with him and he named him Lemon. -Abby has a stuffed animal with the same name and he wants to do everything she does....very sweet! The kids also got a big gift from Greg and I but you will have to watch the video and see what it was a huge surprise!!!!
Greg and I also got some good stuff:) I got a new laptop which I am typing on right now!!!!
Greg got a new watch, some clothes and a few tools for the house. (I think the laptop was a gift for the both of us:)
Christmas Eve we were able to have lunch with the family at Grandma Reese's house. We had a great time eating and talking, which we are all very good at:) After we opened presents on Christmas, had breakfast and played with the kids presents we went over to Greg's parents house because Santa left us some stockings over there! Wow! That Santa is on top of things isn't he?:) We also have stockings waiting for us at my parents house.....jackpot!! Ha! We better keep believing in Santa or this goodness might come to an end!
Anyways we did have a very Merry Christmas and I hope it was merry for all of you too!!!
Kinda sad it's all over...well except all the food--I won't miss all the food!!! Stop eating the foooood!!!:) ~even when I wasn't hungry I just kept eating....where's the discipline people??? Hehe!!! Good-bye pumpkin pie, Good-bye will NOT be missed....because I will be carrying you on my thighs for a LONG time!!;)
Hi ho Hi Ho it's off the the GYM I GOOOOOO!!!!!! HA!
ok, I'm done....promise!;)

The big Christmas gift surprise....enjoy!

White Christmas!

Frosty our snowman:)

Where's Abby???

Deep snow!

Abby and I dressed up to brave the snow---notice my clothes. I had to borrow Greg's ski stuff because I loaned ALL my warm ski stuff to a friend to go skiing....prefect timing huh?:)

Just the other day Abby says, "Mom, everytime we stay in Texas for Christmas it snows in Kansas City! I wish it would snow here!!" Wish granted, Abby! We had SNOW! Greg said he read it was the first white Christmas in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area since 1926! Incredible!
The kids had such a blast playing in the snow....well Abby did. Actually Reese had a tough time putting all the clothes on that were "required" to be able to go outside. Reese hates most clothes, shoes and socks!:) Now mind you we do make him put clothes on but on occasion we have a few tears before it is all said in done! If he could have gone outside in basketball shorts, no shirt and shoes he would have been in bliss--well at least for a minute or so!
Well anyways we got a snowman built and Greg and Reese buried Abby in the snow....we had enough snow to do that--so crazy!
Now the kids are gonna be expecting to have snow for Christmas every year but I told them not to hold their breath! Although the weather report here on Tuesday says possible snow.... hey I know-- let's blame it on global warming:) (that one was for you Dad:)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hoilday in the Park at Six Flags

****Guest blogger- Abby Stamps****

Getting ready to go into the park

Abby and Daddy on snow hill--Mommy didn't go she took pictures.

Abby and Mommy on Titan

We meet Frosty the Snowman

I took this picture of Reese in front of the Longhorns--he was very happy

Mommy and Reese on the Shock Wave

On Sunday night we drove to Six Flags to go to Holiday in the Park and when we got there Mommy forgot to leave her sunglasses in the car so Daddy had to bring them back for her. We finally got in the park and we got to slide down the snow hill. It was lots of fun and kinda cold! We then went to Shock Wave and I rode it 2 times with Mommy and Daddy and Reese rode it 3 times. After that we went to the Titan and it was crazy! Mommy and Daddy thought that we were gonna fly out of our seats but thankfully we didn't!!!
We also rode lots of little rides and got kettle corn and it was yummy-the whole family shared. We then waited in line for the Tony Hawk Big Spin and the Bobsled which was a long wait but it was worth it! It started to get cold so we left about 8:30. We were very tired after we did all of this and were ready to go to bed!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stamps Christmas Extravaganza!

All the kids got Rudolph noses--they blink red when you put them on!
~also those antlers are Tuff's (M&P's DOG) very nice Abby:)

All the cousins getting cozy--they are so sweet together

Maw Maw reading the Christmas Story

Getting ready to open gifts--oh the anticipation!

Abby got boots from Doug, Anglea, Charlie and Landry---she thinks they are really cool!

Landry opening our gift to him--UT jersey--to my knowledge he hasn't taken it off yet (except when it needs to be washed--ha!)

BUZZ LIGHTYEAR--very exciting:)

Maw Maw and Poppa opening a gift from Abby

My new ring---love it!

OK so I told you all that I would post some pictures of our Christmas with Greg's parents and his brother's family and now I am delivering on the promise:)
Firs,t let met explain why we do Christmas so early with his folks--well we do it because we can:) and because Jerry can't stand to wait! The rule is that everyone must have bought all the gifts (of course:) and the kids have to be out of school. So Friday was Abby and Charlie's last day of school so naturally we had to begin the festivities after dinner on FRIDAY!
Friday night we spend the night with his parents along with his brothers family and enjoyed lots of food (lots of Maw Maw's Christmas candy, Homemade Chex mix(so yummy), hot chocolate and cheese dip, we played football (in the living room and outside:) and opened presents--everyone's favorite!!!
When we woke-up Saturday we had a big breakfast and then Maw Maw read the Christmas story. She read Cowboy Christmas which is a Texas/Cowboy twist on the birth of Jesus--it's very cute...the kids love it! We then began to take turns opening gifts and it was so fun to watch everyone open. I love picking out stuff I think they might like....although I always make sure they have a gift receipt just in case:)
Abby was thrilled to get a digital camera and some scrapbooking stuff from M&P--she was ecstatic actually! Today we are going to Christmas in the Park at Six Flags and she is already planning on taking her camera and making a scrapbook with the pictures! So fun!
Reese got a Buzz Lightyear, a remote control car and a few more really cool toys--he hasn't put down Buzz yet:)
Greg and I also got some great stuff! I got a nail polisher--makes your nails nice and smooth:) a pretty ring and money for some clothes or cowboy boots (jury is still out on that:) Greg got money and a few things for the our car. We all also got tickets to go see Cirque du Soleil in February! Thanks Debbie and Jerry! Oh I almost forgot we also got a gift card to Melting Pot (a fondue restaurant) We all love fondue so it will a great family night out--thanks Doug and Anglea!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baseball Fix

***This is Greg guest blogging***

On Thursday night Reese and I needed to get our off-season baseball fix so we went to Arlington for an autograph signing with a few of the Rangers. It's become an annual event hosted by a local Rangers fan blogger. We had to wait in line for something like 2 hours this year, and I was afraid Reese might be a train-wreck by the time we got to the players. While we were waiting in line we were able to order some french fries. That got Reese re-energized while we waited.

Once we finally got up to the front of the line Reese started getting very excited. By the time we got ushered up to the signing table he was ecstatic. I wasn't sure if he'd remember them since it's been a couple months since the season ended. But he recognized all of the guys, even in street clothes. Reese brought his cap to get signed and I brought along a foul ball we caught last season and got it signed too. Here are the pictures of Reese with some of his heroes.

Reese with pitcher Tommy Hunter- he was very cool and really liked Reese's full uniform.

Derek Holland said to Reese, "Hi, I'm Derek, what's you're name?"...and Reese was so awe-struck he couldn't say anything. He just grinned from ear to ear.

Former Rangers OF Rusty Greer was on hand, next to current 1B Chris Davis. They wanted Reese to come over between them for a picture but Reese was too nervous, so Greer picked him up and put him in his lap. I told Reese who Rusty Greer was before we went so he thought this was very cool. For the record, Reese informed me on the way home that Chris Davis is his new favorite player.

Becky and Abby stayed back so Abby could finish some DIY Christmas gifts. Abby was perfectly fine with that until she heard that her favorite player, Ian Kinsler, was going to be there. (he's Becky's favorite too so she was bummed also). So I asked Ian to send Abby a little message...

Lots of Christmas Fun!

Search for Baby Jesus!!
We went ahead and had Christmas with Greg's side of the family this weekend (because we can;) and we started off the weekend with a little scavenger hunt that MawMaw and Poppa put together to search for baby Jesus. At first the kids weren't too sure about the hunt but after the first stop they really got into it and had fun finding all the stars around town leading us to Jesus! (more pictures from the weekend to come)

Clue #2 leading us to the city Christmas tree

Looking for the clue at the fountain at church that is shaped like a star

Reese finding baby Jesus under the tree at Maw Maw and Poppa's house!

Debbie's old baby doll when she was a kid....sorry Debbie that baby was a bit unfortunate:) ~ But the hunt was a blast!!

At school Reese made a baby Jesus craft and he loved it so much he wanted to make some for his sister and his cousins here in Texas. This was his first time to use a glue gun (supervised) and he did great --I was the one that got burnt...classic:)

Concentrating very hard!!

Isn't that cute---he's so proud!

Abby had a half day Friday so we put together a gingerbread house. The kids love to decorate it and as soon as we are done Reese is ready to eat it. He doesn't seem to understand that it's for decoration and it doesn't even taste good:) Now every time I see him his lips are red from eating the icing off the roof--sneaky little snake!

Me attempting to put together the house--normally Greg does this but he was out of town for the day so it was all up to me...yikes!:)

It's holding together....for now!

Kids decorating the gingerbread house--very messy:)

This week Abby had her school Christmas Party and I was able to help out. She has been so excited for school to get out and couldn't wait for her class party! They had lots of crafts,bingo and food (a fairly good amount of junk food;)

Abby eating at her Christmas Party

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Reese's Surgery

Getting his gown on--he didn't like it because it was itchy!

He's sad surgery face...:(

Happy surgery face---he LOVED the hat! When we left they had forgotten to give us the hat and Reese began to cry because he wanted to wear it to school tomorrow. (Greg saved the day though--he ran back in and got him another one:) Way to go Daddy!

Playing with the cool hat

Getting pretty loopy...he was hilarious!

"My blanket is shining!!!" At the beginning of the video this is what he is saying --not sure what he was talking about:) ~we'll blame it on the drugs;)

Me waking him up after surgery---so thankful they let us do it this time because last time he woke-up and we weren't there....what a terrible feeling!

Driving home+ enjoying his animal crackers+ apple juice=happy/groggy camper:)

This morning Reese had his second set of tubes put in his ears. We had to be at the hospital at 6am and Reese was a bit nervous. The last time he had tubes put in he was 2 and doesn't really remember anything about it but this time he is a lot more aware of what surgery is!
We found out he needed tubes last week when he failed his hearing test 4 times! Poor little guy can't hear a thing and his ears have so much fluid in them that the Dr. got him in asap because the pressure is not good for his ears and for future hearing problems.
After we got him all ready for surgery (putting the itchy gown on:) they came in and gave him the "magic potion" which makes him super loopy! Last time he had surgery we were kicking ourselves that we didn't bring a video camera but no worries I didn't forget it this time and man did we get some good footage;)
Now Greg and I know that it's not funny when someone is drugged when they have surgery and actually it quite dangerous but he was just so sweet and we couldn't help but giggle right along with him! Enjoy the video I promise it will make your day!:)
We are home now and Reese is resting, eating a doughnut and watching a show--pretty much back to normal:)
Well anyways they say he should be good to go for school tomorrow---crazy right? It's amazing how fast they bounce back --lets just hope he gets sleepy soon because Greg and I need a nap!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sweet Friends!

Take one..Reese was taking the picture:)

Take two--better!

Reese getting a close up on Brayden

Johnathon and Brayden

This Saturday our friends from Houston came to town for a wedding and were sweet enough to take some time to have lunch with us! Johnathon and Michellle went to OBU with me and Greg and they now work at Second Houston as youth ministers. It was so fun to catch up and spend sometime with their sweet little boy Brayden. We meet at Potbelly which is only the BEST sandwich shop ever---you must try it if you ever get the chance! (make sure to get the warm peanut butter and jelly...seriously it takes you back to the days when life was simple and calories didn't matter--pure bliss;)
Well we had a great time and can't wait to see them again when we come to Houston this summer to watch the Rangers beat the Astros...sorry Johnathon but you know it's true...ha!