Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to get a girl not to like you

Today Reeser wrote a really funny story....he did want me to let you know that it is a fake story though:)

How to get a girl not to like you:

First grow a mustache, girls hate mustaches.
Then fake getting sweaty.
After that make a metal pole and point it at her face, she will scream her head off.
Then chase her on your bike (or whatever you have)
Then paint a stink bomb like a lady bug.  It will blow up in her face.
She will get very mad.
Then make her eat a fake eye.
Get her a spider for her birthday.
Put needles in her bed.
Steal her favorite stuffed animal.
Steal her candy.
Pull her hair until she doesn't have any.
And then stick gum on her face.

Wow Reese this is....creative.  I am very glad this is not a real story just a very imaginative story that will NEVER come true...right Reese?:)

Monday, February 25, 2013

I Love Colson!

Reese came home a few weeks back with a book he wrote about his cousin Colson.  It was a sweet story about how wonderfully delightful Colson is and how much Reese loves him.  It was so precious and Reese really wanted to deliver it to him right after school...Colson loved it:)
Reese has such a sweet, tender heart and it thrills me to see him love on others as Christ loves us.  
What a gift Reese is to the world....we love you buddy!

So Grateful!

Here's a few funny pictures from the past and I hope they bring you as much joy as they have brought me today.  I am overflowing with gratitude...thank you Lord you are faithful and good.  

A BIG Change!

Look who got her hairs cut off!!!  Ha!
It has been a long time coming but finally I talked her into a change.  Now let me say in my defense I did LOVE her long hair but we were having LOTS of tears and drama over brushing and doing her hair and it was time she cut it to a manageable length.  She has also been expressing desire to learn to do it herself but it was just too long to handle and now she can pull it in a ponytail herself!  Yay!
I think she looks adorable and she is loving it too...phew!
Oh yeah and I did pay her 20 bucks to cut it off....no shame, sometimes a girl needs a little intensive:)

what a darling!

she had to hold it the whole time for moral support--haha!

my heart dropped when I saw the first cut...yikes!

5 Years old!

This is Abby the day she asked Jesus to be the Lord of her life!  5 years ago! Wow!
Look at all that joy...love it!

Heart cake to celebrate!
On February 18th Abby turned 5 years old....in spiritual years:)  We had a great time celebrating what the Lord has done in her over the years and even went back to the park where she prayed and surrendered her life to Him so many years ago--5 seems like a long time to me at least:)
We also let her pick a restaurant to eat at and she picked Chuy's...only the BEST Mexican food around!
Reese and I also made her a heart cake and it was super yummy!  
It has been such an amazing thing to watch your own child love the Lord and call out to Him in her times of need.  It is an answer to so many prayers for her since before she was born and I am overcome with gratitude!  I look forward to what the Lord has in store for her and what He will use for His glory in her life!  What an exciting journey ahead and I'm so thankful to be here to see if unfold!

eating at Chuy's

This is the park where it all took place....special place in our hearts.