Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet Girl!

After school Abby was working hard in her room making me a surprise:) I love surprises! I have hinted for the past 10 years to Greg that I would love a surprise birthday party but he says since I want one so bad he would never be able to pull it off. I disagree because when we got engaged he surprised me BIG time and I didn't have a clue! I guess I need to just stop telling him and then maybe he will think I forgot...??:)
Well anyways back to Abby's surprise. When she finally got done she told me I could come into her room and this is what I found.....

very sweet!

She worked so hard cutting out all those letters and the tea party was so fun--we hadn't had one in a long time!
I love Abby's sweet heart and even though she is not very affectionate at times she does express herself so much through her thoughtfulness and her art work....I love that about her! She's the best and makes me feel so loved! Thanks Abby!

Sunday Baseball!

Reese sitting on the Rangers dugout

running the bases with his teammates

Ready to run! Notice the jerseys....this past Sunday was Andrus (shortstop for the Rangers) jersey day. The first 8000 or so people get a free jeresy and both years that Greg has tried to get one for Reese they have missed it. This year though Reese's coach, Tony, gave Reese his extra one--how awesome is that? Reese has been wearing it as PJ's every night becasue it is so big:) He LOVES it!

Checking out their future dugout;)

Coach Johnny and Reese's old coach Jimmy--awesome guys!

Sunday Greg took Reese to watch the Rangers play and run the bases after the game. Since Reese is a Jr. Ranger he gets to cut in front of the line and he thinks that's pretty awesome:)
Greg said the weather was prefect (meaning not hot:) and the Rangers won--woohoo--we needed a win! After the game when Greg and Reese were waiting to run the bases they ran into a few friends and their Dads from his t-ball team. Reese was so excited to see them and got to run the bases with all his friends!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cool Pic!

Jerry (Greg's dad) took this picture today....love it! This is gonna be in a frame asap!!!
Thanks Jerry!

Miss Agressive!!!

go get it girl!

the steal...very nice!

3 on 1---no problem!

what a leap!!

Today Abby came alive during her soccer game! She was all over the field and scored 2 goals...very proud:)
She's not the most aggressive kid in the world but today she did awesome. Greg and I always tell her, "Don't be polite, take the ball---it's YOURS!" I guess she took it to heart because today she was all over the field taking her ball back!!!
Yay Abby--that's my kinda girl!:)

Reese and his Red Sox!


fielding the ball

Baseball ready!

Bring it! He's ready to go!

keeping alert:)

I liked this one with the fence --pretty cool!

Reese slammin' it in the outfield!

Reese is all about baseball lately and so have we since it's T-ball season and the Rangers are back! Today Reese had an amazing game! The Red Sox beat the Cardinals 19-2. (this was the team we had a hard time beating last year)
The boys played so well it was crazy! They can actually make plays and with 5-6 year olds this is a big deal!!!
Reese played 1st base and pitcher, caught a fly ball, hit a pop fly to center field and got a double! It was an awesome game and since I got a new camera (thanks Greg--since my car ran over my last one;) I was able to get some great pictures...my zoom is awesome!
Well, enjoy the pictures I'm sure there will be many more!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

25 cent Blizzards!

Kari enjoying her Butterfinger blizzard!

Sugared up kids are happy kids:)

pure goodness!

It can't be all gone??? :(
Notice the 3 cups in my hand....no I didn't eat all of those....although I would have liked to!

This week is Dairy Queens 25th year Anniversary and all week they have buy one Blizzard get one for 25 cents! Well when I heard this I knew I had to find a Dairy Queen and get there this week! My friend Keri and I made plans to drive ALL the way downtown yesterday to the only Dairy Queen left in the area!
Now for a little history on me and Dairy Queen-...well actually I guess it's not much of a story except for the fact that I LOVE blizzards! No one can make them better than Dairy Queen, everyone tries but they can't come close in my book!
When I was in high school I ran cross country and on our long runs we passed by a Dairy Queen and not every time but sometimes we would make a pit stop on the way back to school and have a blizzard just for kicks:) It was a challenge eating ice cream and running but we made it work....anything for a blizzard!
Thank you Dairy Queen for making such a yummy treat ...now if you could open up a store in our area---wait no, never mind I think it being far away is a good thing!:)

Pack Rat!

crazy girl...throw the sea shells away!

thank you for putting it in a bowl Abby:/....it was laying all over the table but now it's in a bowl--genius:)

Ok so Abby is such a pack rat and it drives me nutty! I know she didn't get it from me because I can't stand to have piles of stuff everywhere and I start to get anxious if our house gets too full! Well anyways lately I have had to take deep slow breaths to even enter her room! I tell her to clean her room and instead of cleaning (like I would:) she organizes all her junk and throws NOTHING away! Today while putting her laundry away I just had to take some pictures of her organized CHAOS! Man, I always said I won't be the Mom that always bugged her kids to clean their room but it is hard to do! :/ I just have to remember it's good she's not all OCD or whatever but geez how do you live like that??? :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our First Rangers Game of the Season!

I can't believe I am just posting about this....I have fallen way behind in my blogging:(
Last Wednesday we went to our first Rangers game of the year! We have all been ready for baseball to start and were so excited to get to the stadium! -It feels like going home:)
We had a great night of nachos and Dr. Pepper (well at least the kids and Greg did:) but were surprised when the cold winds began to blow in! The weather forecast was ALL wrong saying it was gonna be in the 80's! For real? It was more like mid 50's! Oh geeeeez it was so cold and we were NOT dressed for it. Both kids were in shorts and t-shirts and I was wearing flip flops....oh it was quite miserable!
The kids and I ended up hiding out in the gift shop for about 2 innings while Greg braved the cold! And I did something so out of character---I bought a pair of $10 socks! Yes, I didn't care how much they cost...my toes were FREEZING! But hey check 'em out....I like the fact that I now have a pair of Texas Rangers socks to run in....very cool:)
Well, we of course stayed until the VERY end (I begged Greg to leave around the 6 inning but I knew nothing would sway him--even with a wife and kids that were quickly turning purple!!:) Gotta love that huh? Ha!
Go Rangers! .....even if I am too wimpy to support you out in the cold:)
I'm like Goldilocks, not too hot and not too cold! ~guess I should live in California huh?;) Nah, then I would have to support the Angels or the LA Dodgers or even worse the Padres--no thanks!:)

Keeping the kids entertained in the gift shop!

My new socks....priceless!!!

Soccer Friends!

Here's a picture of Abby and some of her soccer teammates. This was on picture day and they were having a fun time hangout together waiting for their game to start.
Although Abby doesn't enjoy team sports all that much (so far;) I know that she has enjoyed having some friends on her team that she knows and feels comfortable with!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This is what happens when you leave two boys alone with eye black. (it's the eye paint that baseball players wear)
They thought it was hilarious....sorry Anglea if it was hard to wash off Landry's face:/ I'm the best babysitter ever--ha!

Let the Games Begin!!!

The Red Sox running through the parade.

Coach Daddy and Reese

Reese all decked out....check out those stirrups---sweeeet!

this is what Abby does during Reese's games....eat candy (if I let her:)

me and my little Red Sox!


first at bat this season---got a triple!

Reese all ready to play!

Saturday was Reese's first T-ball game and he had an opening day parade in the morning! We are all excited to get the season started....well not so much Abby but she'll live:)
It is so fun to see him so excited about something! He puts so much energy and effort into playing and is really good too:) There is a lot of competition on the team this year and Reese has to work for an infield position which is really good for him! He comes from two competitive parents so I know he enjoys a little challenge!
Tonight he got a home-run and got 4 people out, including one ball he caught on the fly while playing pitcher---he's doing a great job!
This year is gonna be super exciting because the Red Sox are really good--they can actually make plays and get kids out! It's awesome! I get a little excited to say the least:)
Baseball has officially started....we are happy campers!

Thursday, April 08, 2010


All dressed-up for Easter!

Me and my sweet boy!

The cousins had a little table that they all sat at---they felt very special and loved spending time together!

Ready to hunt!

Reese looks happy....poor Abby doesn't seem too thrilled does she???

Lots of eggs to find....

So thankfully Greg's parents took pictures for me on Easter since my car ran over my camera...no kidding it did! Ok, so it's not all that exciting of a story but I guess I have to tell it now:/ I was taking Abby to school last week and I guess while I was getting in my car my camera fell out of my purse onto the garage floor. I didn't notice it fell so I pulled out of the garage (this is when the camera lost it's life....so sad!) After I took Abby to school and drove back in the garage I saw my poor camera! Oh no! *this is what I was thinking:)
And OF COURSE the silly car ran right over the most important part of the camera--the lens--typical right? Well anyways my sweet husband tried to work his Macgyver magic but to no avail....even duct tape wouldn't save her! She had a good life...took many wonderful pictures and died with dignity...so long friend--you will be missed!
Ok so back to Easter--we had a good one:)
After church we headed over to Debbie and Jerry's along with about 60 other people. Every year D&J invite anyone and everyone that doesn't have a place to go for Easter dinner over to their house for some good eats! This year was no exception and we had such a great time meeting new friends and spending time with old ones! The kids had an Easter egg hunt and enjoyed playing outside in the backyard.
Reese this year really stepped up to the plate and I was so proud of him! At school he made a jelly bean salvation track and he really wanted for everyone to have one like him to take home after Easter dinner! A few days before all the cousins got to together and worked really hard with Maw Maw to make one for everyone and they prayed that everyone who received the jelly beans would know the Lord if they didn't already! It thrills my heart to see my children care for other people and their salvation....all glory to Him--without the Lord, Greg and I would be lost in parenting these kiddos!
I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter celebrating the resurrection of our Lord!!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Poor Landry!

Reese with his cousins, Landry and Charlie

What in the world? Landry looks like he is about to pass out here....poor buddy! This picture is from Abby's camera so I am not sure what is going on here but I sure hope Landry made it out alive!:)

Just because....

Abby and Poppa took this picture together and I just love it. How cute are they???? What a great Poppa she has!

Best Buds!

Paige (also Gabbie and Abby's BFF), Gabbie and Abby saying their goodbyes:(

Gabbie (Abby's BFF from school) came into town this weekend for Easter and we were able to meet her at the park and play for a bit while they were in town! It has been a hard transition for Abby (and I) since Gabbie and Tanya (Gabbie's Mom who was a good friend of mine) moved in December. School and all the school functions just haven't been the same! We were thrilled to get our old play group together and catch up on what we missed since they moved.
Gabbie and Abby have such a sweet friendship and I know they will never forget each other! We miss you guys--come visit again soon! (we are coming to visit too--promise!;)

Are you kidding me?

Is it just me or does Abby look like a teenage here? Crazy how big she is getting! Just crazy.

Opening Day!

Here are the boys watching the game!

The first Rangers game of the season was today so it was a happy day at the Stamps house! We weren't able to go to the game because Greg had to work (or whatever:) but we did get to watch the game with our new HD-TV so that was cool! I was a bit worried at the beginning of the game (we were losing) but of course the boys won it in the end---oh man, it's gonna be a great season!
Well, since the season has begun you might as well just be expecting alot of Rangers posts---it's pretty much all we do all summer! We are going to the Wednesday night game this week and can't wait---bring on the baseball--finally! It was a long long winter!:)