Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kids Favorite...

The kids love reading with Greg before bed it's their favorite time of the day and I just love seeing it....there is nothing better than a Daddy loving on his kids and this Daddy is the best at it!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Need I Say More????

I've Been Caught!

Well it is true I was caught sleeping on the job....I am just plum worn out so Mickey Mouse helped me out today...even this crazy normally energetic mama needs a nap from time to time...although I think my kids think I am forever awake tending to them.....man I would love if someone put me down to nap everyday at 2pm...our kids got it made and to think they fight napping...what in the world???

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Rangers Fan Fest!

Today was fan day at the Ballpark in Arlington and the kids were so excited to go....they got to do some really fun stuff but they really loved running the bases and batting practice...I got some great pictures and will probably frame them all:)....this couldn't have been a better way to welcome us back to Texas...I also got myself a Rangers shirt I have never had a shrit and the kids and Greg are always decked out so I gave in and got one....though don't you worry Royals I still believe you will make it back to the World Series...I believe! Enjoy!...it's so fun to see these pictures because you can just see the excitment on their faces....it doesn't get any better than that!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Life in Suburbia....

I am thrilled to be in suburbia!...today we were a typical family....the kids rode their bikes on a sidewalk....can you believe it??? I am just loving that the kids can go outside and play in the backyard and that we have grass...not concrete! I will admit though I would never trade our experience in DC for anything and I believe our kids are better for living there BUT I really love that the kids are getting to do the things I got to do growing up...like playing with a hose in backyard....my kids will love that!!.....
(on the back porch of our apartment in DC they got to throw cups of water at each other....man they are moving on up aren't they?)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Crazy Days!

I must say this moving stuff is wearing me out....I have a small disorder that doesn't let me sit down until everything is in place...thanks dad:) Anyways I have had a hard time just relaxing but we are trying tonight.....this is our first night to spend the night in the new house! Today we got our new couches, leather chair and ottoman and washer and dryer....it's weird buying "new stuff" we have always had hand-me-downs but it's nice that we had the opprotunity to save money while in DC and get some new things for the house.
I am posting a few pictures of us getting the house ready....the first one is of Abby's room...we were a bit sacred when we first put the paint on the walls but it turned out really cute and Abby's says that it's the color of Little Mermaid's tail so all is well in the world:)
The next picture is of Abby and I painting her room...she did great...no disaster's so all is well in Mommy's world! Next is a pic of our bedroom...with nothing on the walls yet:) but we love the color! The first thing Abby wanted to do when she saw her room was a tea party so that's what you see in the next picture...then the last one is of the "Welcome to Texas" party Aunt Annie had when the kids got in town last week....they had cupcake ice cream cones and played lots of games.
Well I hope this does the job of catching all of you up....

Oh just a side note....Reese has been climbing out of the pack-in-play while at Maw Maw and Poppa's and we thought their was no way he could climb out of the crib that my dad made because it is so huge but just now I was proven wrong...Reese just walked into the living room as proud as can be....looks like we will be getting him in a big boy bed soon huh?

We have Arrived in Texas!!

Ughhhhh...I am just getting a chance to sit down for two seconds and update you guys! We got in Sunday night around 1pm very tired but ready to hit the ground running the next morning....we have been unpacking, painting, shopping for new furniture (which we bought some tonight yeah!) and trying to find time to play with the kids! I think we have gotten the bulk of it unpacked and now we need to just put stuff where it goes. I plan to take pictures of the house and stuff as soon as I can...I have a few painting with the kids but will have to post them later....please bear with me as we get settled...I am a bit busy these days:) Check back soon for some pics of the house!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Nashville, TN

Well we got to Nashville yesturday around 2pm and went to stay with one of Greg's high school friends Jeff and his wife Jada. As I told you before we got tickets for the Grand Ole Opry for Saturday night...now I must admit I would have been fine just going to a movie or something but I needed to experience Nashville..(as Greg says)...so we went last night and it was good there were a few acts that I could have done without but all and all it was great seeing Greg in his element! I still have no idea how I ended up marrying a cowboy since I am a Yankee and all but hey God has a great sense of humor....and He got it right...I love my cowboy...boots and all:)
We had a great visit here with Jeff and Jada...I hadn't met her yet and it was so nice getting to know them better...now we are on a mission getting them back to Texas...we'll see!
We are about to get back on the road and stop tonight in Texarkana, AR...so pray that the Lord clears the weather and we don't get too tired...and I don't yack...Just kidding! I posted a picture of the four of us at dinner last night...they have two kids also so it was a treat going out as adults...and I was thrilled I didn't have to share my meal...man what was life like without kids???....not as fulfilling for sure!

Texas here we come....

Friday, January 19, 2007

Guest Blogger

This is Poppa doing Blogger duty today. Becky has asked that I post something that is awe-inspiring, full of wisdom, profound and inspirational. Not really - I think she just wants pictures of the kids.

Yesterday, Deb and I took Abigail and Reese with us as we flew back to Texas. We left Virginia at 8:15 am and arrived at our house around 3:00 pm and the kids did great. They are seasoned travelers and know pretty much what to do. At the airport, the security personnel pulled Reese's backpack out for inspection - right behind it was Abigails backpack and they ran it through the x-ray again. Finally, the x-ray operator asked if there was a harmonica in the bag. Sure enough they found one in both backpacks and thought it was cute (normally, I wouldn't say they thought it was "cute" - but since this is Becky's blog, that is what I would expect her to say so I will use it just this once.)

After naps, we picked up Grandma Reese and went to see cousins Charlie and Landry and Uncle Doug and Aunt Annie. They had a Welcome to Texas party for the kids with a "Howdy" poster greeting them in the hallway, special cupcakes that Charlie, Anglea and Landry made and fun games. The cousins were very glad to see each other.

Today, we started off at Abigails favorite breakfast restaurant (at least it was today) - Cracker Barrel. After that we just hung out at our house and played.
If all goes well, I am posting a short clip of Reese singing a song to the tune of Take Me Out to The Ballgame - but his version is Take Me Out to Donald Duck, Take me out to Mickey Mouse, Take me out to Pluto, etc, etc, over and over. This particular clip is not his best work but it happens to be the only clip I have. Still pretty cute, oops, I mean humorously enjoyable.

I wanted to get Abby on video singing her made up song that also is to the tune of Take Me Out to The Ballgame. As we were driving to Baltimore yesterday morning, she made up phrases, rhymes, funny sounds non-stop for 10 - 15 minutes. It is really amazing that she can do that and extremely funny. If I can get her on video doing that, we'll try to post it later.

Ok, I just took a quick break from blogging to tuck Abigail into bed. She was being a cut-up and talking a mile a minute. Then, we were going over how many days before her mom and dad got here unless they had some bad weather along the way. Then I told her I was doing the blog and asked her if she wanted to say anything on the blog. She said to write that she "wanted her mom and dad to come here soon because she missed them and to stay warm and not dangerous and don't be sledding in the truck amen. Did you hear that? I said amen."

P.S. Since this last trip to Washington DC could possible be the last one for us for a long time, I spent a day trying to see a few last things. I went to the National Museum of the Marine Corps (south of DC about 35 miles) and it was really worth the trip. I saw the actual flag that flew over Iwo Jima among many very interesting displays . We went to Mt Vernon - where the following photo of Becky was taken. I also took a tour of the Kennedy Performing Arts Center, Korean War Memorial, FDR Memorial and then revisited the Lincoln Memorial and probably one of the most photogenic sites in DC - the Jefferson Memorial. Washington DC has a been a great place to go visit our kids and we have had some really neat experiences there.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

"It just keeps coming..."

Tonight we got the truck loaded...it was surprising how much junk just kept coming out of this little apartment...it is a mystery to me where it all came from????
No really it went pretty quick considering we sold or donated most of our stuff to move back but sadly it still was too much stuff!
It started snowing on us halfway through then it was sleeting the rest of the time so that was super fun for the guys getting all the stuff strategically placed so to fit it all in. Every move (and we have moved 4 times in 2 1/2 years so we are experienced at this:) it seems there is no stinking way all the stuff will fit but magically it does...thanks to Greg... I would seriously just throw stuff in and push....hehe...now aren't we all glad I don't work for a moving company! Anyways we head out tomorrow around 5pm and we start our 22 hour journey....oh joy!!

It's a Sad BUT Exciting Day!

The kids left this morning for Texas with Maw Maw and Poppa....I am very sad yet I know it's an exciting day! We decided all would go a bit smoother if the kids went on to Texas without us...we plan to arrive Monday around noon to start moving into our new house...YEAH! You don't even know how excited we all are....we are so very grateful for our time here and what we have learned and the people we have met but we feel very excited to start a new chapter of our lives!
Well I am hoping I can make it till Monday without the kiddos....but I know it will be a wonderful relaxing time with Greg...like a weekend getaway... well kinda.... except we will be in a moving truck:)

Good Friends!

Last night some of the kids friends came over to say goodbye:(
Abby and Reese have just loved playing with their friends Layne and Mia....(I also just love their mom so that's always a plus!) Anyways it was so sweet Layne made Abby a braclet to take with her to Texas....we are really going to miss these guys!....you might not think it with Abby frowning in the first picture but I guess I caught her off guard:) I know these friends will be for a lifetime...yet another blessing from our time in DC!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Late Night Party!

Last night Greg's parent's got in town really late because of a delay out of Dallas so the poor kids had to go to bed before they got in....so Greg and I said when they got there we would wake the kids up and have a little "Poppa Popscicle" party! When the kids were just babies Poppa would brib the kids with popsicles to get them to sit on his lap for a bit:) well it stuck and he can get them to do whatever he wants if he offers them one! ...pretty smart I'd say...
Anyways after all the fun we went to bed and today we headed to Mount Vernon one last time! They have a great Museum we all loved...this place is a must see if you ever come to town...the Mansion is amazing and every detail you want to know about Pres. Washington they can tell you...anyways in the picture they were freezing but I must say I took a pretty good picture...thank you thank you...hehe!

We were pretty prepared with most of the packing done before they arrived but now are packing all the "random...doesn't have a place to go stuff" and that is super annonying! So I sure hope I don't go crazy and just end up throwing all the junk away...I have been know to get a little crazy during a move (a girl can go crazy moving 4 times in less than 3 years...ugh!)
So assuming all goes as planned...and believe me we and Greg have planned this whole move to a T:) we start loading the truck Thursday night and head out Friday night. We are planning a pretty slow going trip along the way...stopping at one of Greg's good friends and his family in Nashville. We are going to the Grand Ole Opre on Staurday night so that should be fun...I am going to have an open mind...since country music is not my thing really...but Greg loves it and I love him so I...uh well "like" it for him:)
Pray our trip is smooth and I don't yack along the way....I get a bit car sick:)...gotta love benedryl!!!

The LAST Supper

Sunday was our last lunch with our dear friends Matt and Aimee and there kids Karlee and Lizzie. It was super sad for our kids because they love Karlee and Lizzie to death and talk about them all the time. I just love seeing them all together....this is the same family we went to the beach with in September (you may remember the blog entry if you are a faithful reader:) anyways we are already planning the next time to see them and hope to be life long friends! (Reese will be thrilled to go on vacations with all these girls...one day!!)

Pastor Dale!

This Sunday was our last day at our church in Old Town Alexandria. We have met so many great people there and will miss them all alot! The kids really bonded with the Pastor.... it was so cute every Sunday they would wait for him to say goodbye and give him a great big hug. It has meant a lot to Greg and I that the kids were so comfortable with him....with them being away from most family it's nice to have people loving on our kids! I don't know what we would have done without the community we had there to support and love us through our time in DC.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Reese caught a Bug...that He can't find!

We got a sad but pretty funny story for you...last night Reeser woke-up a few times throwing up and he seemed to be fine right after so we didn't think much of it. Well today we were heading to Home Depot to get a bunch of stuff for packing and Reese had another surprise for us! He yacked all over the car I thought we were all gonna lose it....we had no idea how we would even begin to clean it up so we took extreme measures....we threw away the car seat! We have been needing a new one and what better time?....I know Greg and I didn't want to clean it so it seemed logical:) While I was cleaning up I told Reese he must have a stomach bug and a little while later he was asking us where the bug was...it was so cute...I told him I sure wish we could find it and kill it!
We also thought he was over it tonight but he proved us wrong again....at the Cheesecake Factory he left his mark...all over him, me and the bathroom...luckily he gave me some warning and I went running....we almost made it. I hope I haven't made too many of you sick but all I have to say is....thank you mom for cleaning up after me....I am forever indebted to you!
The picture I attached is of Reese in his new car seat....

Ice Skating!

Last night we took the kids ice skating in Pentagon City. Abby has been asking for months to go but the weather has not been good...last night it was perfect...not too hot not too cold:)
Both the kids did great! Reese was a bit uneasy but he wanted to do whatever Abby did. Abby was very excited and really tried hard to stay up on her feet....they both got buckets to hold and that really helped alot. Poor Reese fell one time and hit his nose on the bucket and now he has a red nose...it's cute!
I think I know why we haven't gotten a ton of packing done....we play too much:)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Save your money, honey!

Today the kids and I went to the Disney Store for the last time....the kids love to go there and play...anyways Abby really wanted a Minnie Mouse doll and she asked me if she could get it. Well I told her no and if she wanted it she needed to save up her money and get it herself. She then asked me how she could save money and I told her she needed to work to get money and then she could save it....well anyways to make a long story "shorter" she began to ask many questions about what she could do to get money. So after we got home she went to work....she cleaned her closet and the bathroom (she is vaccuming in the picture). She was ready to clean everything but I ran out of money...no just kidding...but we did learn today that Abby is ready for some weekly responisblities and some allowance. I can't believe our baby girl is growing up so fast! And if there was any doubt in any of your minds...yes she is the best little girl in the whole world...I know that I am her mother but this is fact:)

The Week of "Lasts"...

Well this is our last full week here in DC and sadly we have gone to our last MOPS meeting (mothers of preschoolers) which was such a blessing for me and the kids...this is where we met most of our friends and they really made this time here great. Yesturday we went to lunch with Daddy for the last time...here in DC:)...we also had Mainly Music today and it's weird to think it's our last time...we have been going to this class since we moved here and we have loved it! In the pictures you can see the kids listening to a song, doing the actions to "Row, Row, Row your Boat" and sitting down with friends ready for snack. I can't believe this week is over and how much packing we still have to do:)...hopefully we will get in gear this weekend:) Greg's parents are flying the kids to Texas next Thursday morning and Greg and I start loading the truck the same day....it should be a pretty fun 22 hour drive....at least the kids don't have to go...man that would be a LONG trip:)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Crazy Man!

When we were in Kansas City Reese loved to jump off the stairs to Greg...he is fearless and we had to teach him that he must NOT jump if Daddy was not there...thank goodness he never did!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile

Greg took Reese to Home Depot tonight to pick out some paint and stuff for our new house and Abby and I stayed home and packed up some of her toys, which I must add, is so hard with a 4 year old not wanted to pack ANYTHING yet and every toy is her favorite even if she hasn't played with it forever...anyways Greg still wasn't back so we started getting ready for bed and then Greg calls and tells me to get Abby dressed because he was taking Abby on a surprise trip. Now Abby loves surprises...who doesn't?....she was running around like crazy and ran out to meet him.....they come home with this picture! She was so very excited she told me she saw the biggest hot dog ever....I think she is right!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Home Again...Home Again!

Well it has been a long day but it went smoothly so no funny story...sorry! We got home late this afternoon and I already feel like we are in turbo speed till we move in 18 days back to Texas. We are excited but get back to us in a few weeks it still needs to sink in! Abby and Reese are a bit out of sorts not really knowing what is going on but I know they sense change in the air....please pray that they transition well. I really hate having to move them again...we will keep you updated as we pack up and head out. I will blog as much as possible but I am promising nothing:) Oh happy 2007!

Science City

This picture of Greg is too funny....the kids went to science city one day and looks like Greg was playing too! I also love this picture of Abby and Greg they got to ride the train home from the museum...too fun!

Great Pictures!

We got some great pictures over Christmas and I am having a terrible time picking which ones but I think these some up our visit....lots of family and fun with crazy kids running around! The cousins played so well together and pretty much wrestled the whole time....poor Abby is destined to be a tomboy!