Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cheesecake Factory

Grandma Reese got in town today and we all met at The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate! She is staying with Doug (Greg's brother) , Anglea, Charlie and Landry first so we thought it would be great to see her for a bit....we had alot of fun and alot of sugar was consumed...especially by the kids! The kids were so excited to see her...Reese kept saying, "Hi Grandma!" all night and wanted to give her hugs over and over! It's so great she is able to come and see her great-grandkids and she'll be here for 11 days! So we will have many fun pictures to come!

Build A Bear!

Today Abby and I went to her friend Karlee's birthday was at Build A Bear where you pick out a bear get it stuffed and dress it up in some cute clothes. Abby was one of the youngest kids there but she fit right in! Karlee is 7 and Abby and her are really good is fun to see her play with older kids she acts so differently around her! I think she had alot of fun and she dressed her bear in a cheerleading's pretty cute!
I told Abby though she couldn't have her birthday there because it was super expensive...$20 a that's alot of money for a party...she was very thankful though (I hope:)

Friday, September 29, 2006

"I want S'more!"

Tonight we went to Cosi and resturant down in Old Town Alexandria and told the kids that we had a surprise for them....Abby just kept asking questions about what we were doing and well Reese didn't seem to care! But when we got there they both were excited to see the marshmallows....and fire! Abby loved setting the marshmallows on fire and sadly so do Greg and I :) Reese was such a mess after he ate his....he took it all apart and ate only the chocolate...he wanted nothing to do with a melted marshmellow...who knew? Anyways I think it was a fun surprise and something a little different than ice cream....we recommend it to anyone with was good times!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Another Zoo Visit!

Well since the weather has been so great we have been at the zoo alot lately....since it's free and all...thanks to everyones tax dollars..thanks for that:)....anyways we went with my friend Kiersten and her three is Layne and Abby posing a great pose...they are about 3 months apart in age and have a ton of fun together! They live right down the road and we go to the same MOPS group (mothers of preschoolers) it's official I am a full fledged mom...I even go to the "mommy" stuff crazy...I still feel 16l...well kinda my back hurts after running and they never used too...:)
Well anyways today I was all prepared to take some great "blog worthy" pictures at Mainly Music and of course I left the picture card in my computer..brillant! So I hope to get some great pictures and have some great stories for you guys in a few days..stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Take me out to the Ballgame"

Reese sang "Take me out to the Ballgame" tonight and it was just adorable...I had to share! I am hoping that there is no delay in the video this time! Enjoy!
OK I can't get the delay out so sorry...just image the end of the video he is screaming...Ballgame!:) too cute!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mommy's little helpers!

I wanted you all to see how helpful the kids are while I cook dinner....they just sit there on the counter while I cook...Abby has started to cut some veggies and is great at measuring Reese well let's just say he is not a chef...but he sure loves to eat marshmallows...and anything else for that matter!...I think he will never out grow how hungry he is all the time....he puts Abby to shame in the eating department....he would win an eating contest hands down!...but Abby would win the "dipping" contest...she has to have dipping sauce with everything....I must admit I taught her that...that's my girl:)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pizza Night!

The other night we made pizza's together and the kids got very creative! The both love pizza and most of the time the cheese never makes it to the pizza but they never seem to care! In the picture with Reese he is feeding Lightening McQueen from the Cars movie....all throughout dinner he worried that the car was hungry too! Abby made the pizza with the face all by herself....she is getting so creative! I think they both would be happy if everyday was pizza day....hey I sure won't mind that!

Take me out to the Ballgame!

Tonight we are eating dinner and practicing counting with Reese and Greg holds up 3 fingers and says, "Reese how many fingers am I holding up?" and Reese says, "Peanuts!" Get it?..."buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks...1,2,3 stikes your out!" funny...if we ever had any doubt that Reese was "all boy" now we know!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dress-up Time!

Tonight the kids dressed-up in some of our clothes...Abby is doing a great pose here....she is in Daddy's sweater and she wants to wear it like a dress to church...hopefully she will forget before Sunday! Reese here is wearing my cowboy hat and doing the hippo face for you guys....ok so is doesn't look too much like a hippo but we were at the zoo and the hippo yawned real big and this is what he saw...he's just sooo sweet isn't he?

I Love You!

So first off I must say Abby is just precious...if you didn't already know!....but tonight Greg and I look up and she is hidden around the corner flashing the "I Love You" sign! How cute is that! I just wanted to share the love!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Lord has Made!

This is the video I promised of Reese singing the end of "The Lord has Made" he is not interested in singing any other part of the song but "made"'s great!....with all songs lately he just sings the last word...I guess it's his great grand finale!

Climbing Trees!

The other night when we were riding bikes we stopped at "our tree" as we call's right at the foot of the Washington Monument...and climbed for awhile....I wanted to share these pictures of the kids climbing...they could climb all day and they are pretty good for how young they are!
We all have so much fun doing things outdoors....what will our next adventure be?....stay never know we all might go sky-diving next...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Sleeper is Broke!

Abby didn't fall asleep today at nap so I went in to check on her...i asked her what was wrong and why she's not sleeping and she says, "Well Mommy my sleeper is broke." then I said, " well maybe it will work tomorrow baby." (hopefully:) say some funny stuff I love it!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Sport's Class

We went to Abby's first sport class today and I am a proud mommy! Abby was the only girl and she was way better than all those boys:) She just took to soccer like she had played forever...she kicked the ball really hard and made two goals! Yeah!!
Reese was with us at the class and the teacher let him come on the field and play a bit too....and he also was giving everyone a run for their money! He was running a dribbling down the field and also made a goal...what can I say they take after me:)
I think this class will be great for Abby she can figure out what sport she likes the most or is best at and we can play that next season! I will try to get better pictures next time....the lighting is super bad in this Bubble dome hopefully you all will be able to see her better next time! Who knows maybe she will be the next soccer superstar and then this picture will be worth millions:)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Riding Bikes in DC

After naps today we headed into DC to take a bike ride...we rode for about an hour and saw all the monuments...Greg and I decided that this is the way to do get around alot quicker and can see a whole lot more in a shorter amount of time....what's with sights-seeing for 5 can do it in an evening...we did! We got a few really good pictures and just had to brag a bit about the amazing sights.....what can I say it's just a typical day in the life of the Stamps:) We are so blessed!

Some funny pictures!

Here Abby is taking her medicine and she wanted me to know that it was all gone! Too cute...she loves to lick it out of the bottom...I'm glad she likes it at all I guess!
The next picture is of Reese this morning going to church and I just couldn't believe how big he looked...and adorable! He's going to break hearts...if I ever let him talk to a girl:)

Poor-Poor Reese!

The other day Reese took a big tumble off some stairs and was bleeding pretty was the first time I actually saw blood squirt (he cut his chin if you can't tell in the picture) was terrible! Anyways I couldn't decide if I should take him in for stitches so we headed up to Greg's work for him to check it out....he tends to be a bit more calm in these situations so I was happy for a second opinion.... and we decided that all was ok and he would live...although mommy wasn't sure there for awhile:(


Abby wanted to get a picture with me when we had our warm-up suits on...we looked pretty cute don't ya think?

Science Experiment

Daddy did a science experiment the other night and the kids were really excited to see what the balloon would do....he put vinegar and baking soda and the reaction made the balloon blow-up...Abby is way into this kind of stuff so we are trying do more of this kind of stuff...hey maybe she will be a never know!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Too Funny!

Sorry it has been so long since the last blog entry....all the fall activites have started up and I am having to get used to the busier schedule! But do not fear I have alot of stuff to report tonight so keep reading:)
Well the other day I gave the kids a treat....and what I mean by a treat is either something with sugar or chips...they don't get to eat much of these things because mommy is a...what do you call it...oh, a "health nut" or whatever...but they will thank me when they are older right?:) Anyways here in the picture Reese is eating cheetos and it's like he was scared I might take them back so he literally stuck them all in his funny!

Abby you are growing up too quick!

well I don't normally put a blog entry without a picture but you must know what Abby said the other day. I was telling Abby she needed to share with Reese and that sometimes we need to compromise a bit and she just didn't want to do that. So she says, "Mother, at the moment I do not want to compromise and I am very upset with you." Well you can image how hard it was for me to keep a straight face...but I maintained pretty is so funny to hear her say things like this...she sounds so mature and I'm just not ready for that!

Reese Singing

We were riding in the car today listening to good old Veggie Tales and the song comes on "This is the Day That the Lord has Made" and Reese starts singing and at "made" he sings with all his might and it's hilarous...I will have to get him to do it on video so you guys can all's priceless...

How sweet are they?

I go outside on the back porch today and I find Abby and Reese blowing bubbles like this?....they were giggling and I ran for my camera! I just can't get over how great these kids are....I feel so bad for other parents that they can't have kids like ours....hehe only kidding:)

First Day of Mainly Music!

Today was our first day back to Mainly Music and the kids were so excited. If you don't know this is a class where the kids sing and dance and us Mom's get to really engage and bond with our kids. I lead the music every other week or so, so today the kids got to stand on the stage with me. For the first time Reese stood up there and did some movements and Abby actually did some too....she tends to be a bit more reserved and in the background so I was so happy to see that! Can you believe I could have a kid that is reserved?...pretty funny huh?

"You let your kids jump on the furniture?"

so the other day I was thinking...I remember going to my grandparents and my aunts house and it was an absolute NO-NO to jump on the furiture...and if I remember correctly you couldn't sit on some of them either...anyways I was thinking why? Why would you get something you couldn't sit on?.....well as you can see Greg and I are not as strict on this rule....our phase of life we are in now is basically "get-by" furniture and it's all fair game to jump on:) I guess us "gen-xer" parents a bit more laid back huh?

Monday, September 11, 2006

On the Boardwalk!

We got some great pictures at the beach but one of my favorites is of our family one evening on the boardwalk. The boardwalk at Bethany Beach is great and had a ton of ice cream places which the kids we all were happy campers! I must say it is pretty hard to get the kids smiling in the picture before we have a major meltdown of some sort so I am happy we got this one at all! What do those people do with 10 kids....oh I know they NEVER get a good family picture...:)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bethany Beach, Delaware

Well we are at the beach this weekend in Delaware. Our friends Aimee, Matt and their two kids Karlee and Lizzie met us up here and we are all sharing a beach house. We headed out to the beach today and the kids had a blast! We were out there for about 4 hours and the kids played like crazy and it was fun watching them play with their friends..... The weather was perfect.... not too hot not too cold....the water was nice. The guys took the kids in the water while Aimee and I stuck to dry land!....still a little too cold for us:)
It was so funny when Reese saw the ocean....we were walking up the hill to get to the beach and when he saw it he said, "Pool, mommy! Pool!" It was funny...he started running but he didn't make it far with all the sand! Abby just went straight out to the water and jumped fear! I was a bit more fearful though....I like seeing what is in the water with me ya know?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Loving Life!

Here we all are and we are loving life! We actually got everyone together and happy...pretty good I'd say! All I have to say is the east coast is treating us just a few hours you can get to some pretty fabulous places!

Boogy Boarding!

Abby and Reese both loved to boogy board with Daddy....I only caught a good picture of Reese riding here and he was catching a big wave! Hey maybe he'll be surfing next year?...well I guess learning to swim should happen first huh?:)

Reese and Mommy!

Well Reese really had some fun jumping on my back for awhile and I guess he wore himself out.....I can't believe we both fell asleep this way! I must say I loved it...I always love a little mommy and Reese time!

Where is Abby?

Abby really wanted us to bury her today....and she thought it was great...she kept saying it felt weird and kept giggling....and Reese kept "trying" to help and was putting sand in her face...she did not like that!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More Farm Pictures!

Well I went to bed last night thinking I just didn't put enough pictures of the farm! I really wanted you guys to see Abby loving on the farm dog....which that dog was sooo dirty I can't even express to you but Abby sure loved him anyway! Reese here is talking to the goats and they are eating Maw Maw's arm which Reese thought was funny! Reese also is feeding the goats with Daddy one morning...this morning he woke-up and the first thing he said was Na Na and Goat...he walked to the door and asked to feed was so sweet and it was hard to explain to him that they were at the farm:(
Also Abby is giving more loving to the pony...she named him Peanut and she couldn't get enough of him! She really seemed like she was born to live on the farm it was crazy...she ran around barefoot and nothing grossed her out not even when the dog killed a chicken.... and she never even noticed the stinky smell ...that's pretty good I'd say! Well I hope these pictures give a better idea about our weekend and I hope you all get an opprotunity to go sometime too!