Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today Reese was reading me a book for school about dinosaurs.  After reading about 5 pages in he looks up at me and says, "Mommy, this book is full of lies!"

I had to laugh.
I have always prayed that our kids would be able to recognize the lies of Satan and that they would not take root in their minds--thank you Lord for hearing me:)
P.S. The earth is NOT millions of years old...ugh!:)  Darn you Darwin!

Ok here's another jewel from Reese.
Tonight Greg heard a gun shoot IN the house.  When Greg asked Reese if he had shot the gun in the house he told him NO!  This is how Greg found him....hilarious.
P.S. That is our doggie door!

This is just a cute picture that I thought I would share.  What a man he is:)
I hope he doesn't shoot his eye out!! ha! jk

Abby is doing Homiletics!

The whole family is going to BSF this year and we are studying Acts.  I hadn't realized until tonight that in Abby's 3rd grade class they do Homiletics for homework!  How awesome that BSF teach the children to breakdown the Word and God and figure out how it applies to them personally!  What a blessing!  How very cool!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Step Aside Vincent Van Gogh....

Starry Night 
by Abby and Reese Stamps

Check out what my little artists did in the driveway the other night....looks pretty awesome don't ya think?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shooting Practice!

Yesterday Greg and the kids got the bebe gun out and the kids had fun shooting at a target on the fence.  Reese wants to be a hunter...anyone got land we can come hunt on?:)  They also want to go fishing---p.s. we need to buy some land:)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rollin' with the Homies...

The other day Reese and I (and Lucy:) were hanging out and I looked over and this is what I saw...thought I would share.  He's so cool:)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

well for me anyways:)
I LOVE THE FALL!  I love everything about it.
~I love the cooler weather blowing in
~I love the colors
~I love pumpkins, eating them and looking at them!
~I love the pumpkin spiced latte
~I love the day when Target puts out pumpkin creamer for the season:)
~I love IT ALL!

Today we decorated the house and went crazy!
I know it's a little early for Thanksgiving but it's never too early to be thankful right?:)
Check out what we did....I'm proud of us!  I'm not super crafty but I think it turned out super cute!

Awe...fall decorations make me so happy!! 

All decked out and ready for Fall:)

Lucy's also ready to go! 

Tired girl from playing with Tuff all weekend:)

the kids helped me do this...they love helping me decorate!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Have a Guest in the House

Last night we had a visitor come to "town":)  Our little Lucy (our dog) is beside herself with joy.  Her Daddy (Tuff, Debbie and Jerry's dog) is here for the next week.  It has already been a little wild and crazy...this should be interesting:)  2 dogs?...note to self, one if enough:)
Last night around midnight Greg couldn't find Tuff....this is where he found him.
Showed Reese this picture this morning and he was thrilled he had an overnight guest and he didn't even know it:)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cafe Medi

So the other day we met our two friends, Michelle and Floyd for dinner.  Michelle was in our youth group back when Greg was the youth minister the first year we got married!  She was a sophomore when we were 23 years old and now she's all grown up, married and a dear friend of mine!  We have stayed close over the years and now we have falling love with her wonderful husband, Floyd...they are awesome!
Anyways we ate at one of our favorite restaurants called Cafe Medi.  They serve amazing Mediterranean food.  We decided to order a few things and share so we could sample everything.  We ordered a 2 person meat "sampling" was HUGE!  Four adults and 2 kids could not even make a dent in it!  
We all went away with BIG stomachs and happy hearts....perfect night of fellowship:)

Greg, the kids and Floyd--take one.

take two--a little better:)

HUGE "sampling" plate!!

the plate was bigger than our heads put together-ha!  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stamps Cupcake War!

A few days ago the kids wanted to make cupcakes but of course they could not agree on a flavor so I thought of an idea:)
We had our own mini cupcake war!  
The teams were:
Me and Abby
Greg and Reese
Abby and I's cupcakes were:
brownie bottomed with vanilla/ganache with chocolate buttercream
Greg and Reese's cupcakes:
Chocolate and Vanilla swirl with chucks of cherry and chocolate with Chocolate buttercream

We decided we would not be the best judges of our own cupcakes so we made enough to share with the neighbors.  Everyone was too nice to pick just one:)  
Honestly they both were amazing and we had a great time making them together!
Next time Abby and I have even a better out boys:)

Cupcake Wars 2011

Rockin' and a Rollin':)

Reese and Greg's cupcakes

Me and Abby's cupcakes---thank you Reese for modelling for us.-ha!

Labor Day BLISS!

The Lord was good to us Texans by giving us a few days of 70 degree weather!  It's like everyone crawled out of their caves and EVERYONE was made me laugh:)  These 100 degree days have been really getting to everyone so to have a few days (almost a week) of great weather was such a blessing!  The kids and I played in the front yard the other day for 4 hours!  I didn't let them go in even when they asked, I told them we could go back inside when it heats up again and today it did:( Boo!
Well anyways back to Labor Day, it was a great day of hiking at Grapevine Lake.  Here's a few pics of our adventures!

the park was SO full...probably 50 some people--crazy!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Musical Theater Class

Greg found out about these cool theater classes you can take at the local community theater and Abby was ALL about it!  We signed her up and prayed our hearts out hoping that she would like it and come out of her shell enough to enjoy herself.
The first class went...not so good.  She was not comfortable singing and dancing in front of a bunch of other kids and most of them were crazy and outgoing types, which she does not fit in with.
We are gonna take it one class at a time and I am praying that she finds her confidence in the Lord and can let go and be free to express herself however she wants not worrying what others may say or do! I want her to be exactly who the Lord designed her to be walking in freedom! Oh Lord do your work in her!

Isn't this the exact battle we all deal with?  Don't we all wrestle with who we want to be with who others feel we should be?
Lord, let us be free to live a life free of worry of exposure of who you made us to be because how you made us was your plan and your design!  You didn't make a mistake...we are not a mistake.