Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today was Greg's 29th birthday! About a week ago we went to go get him his present and Greg had to go with us to try on the shoes we were gonna get him...well anyways we got the shoes and since then the kids have been wanting to give him his present. About everyday Reese has gotten the new shoes out of the "hiding place" and walked into Greg's office singing "Happy Birthday"! Well needless to say they were pretty excited today was finally the day to give him the shoes he already knew that he was getting and that he picked out!...SURPRISE! ...well at least you know they fit and he likes them:) Anyways we also went to go get him his favorite dessert at Italianni's...the kids helped him eat it and Greg got to eat a little bit too! Happy Birthday Daddy we love you!

Riscky's Bar-B-Que!

Greg thought it would only be fitting to bring the Tarkington's to the "best" bar-b-que in Texas! Now I have a hard time thinking Texas can have good bar-b-que since I am from KC which has the best in the "whole wide WORLD" but I will admit it's ok:) The kids love it though and think this buffalo is so funny....Reese will point from afar but would have nothing to do with it up close!

Greg and Jeff watching the kids....

Jada and I wanted to go to Target for a little "getaway" so the guys watched the kids. They were more than willing to help out but when we saw what they wanted to do with the kids we were a little scared! They thought it was really cool to hold the (unloaded) shotgun...honestly we have complete trust in the boys but I thought it was "blog-worthy".

Saturday, April 28, 2007

10K Zoo Run

This morning Anglea and I ran our first 10K (6.2 miles) We ran super early and had to be there at 6am. The weather was so was already 64 degrees when we started at 7:00! As you can tell from the pictures here there is a before and after the race....notice I look like I might throw-up in the second one:) I must say it was easier than I thought and Anglea and I both placed in our age division...Anglea got 6th and I got 8th place....we were pretty excited about that since we just wanted to make it across the finish line before 53 minutes (our personal best time).... which we actually both came in 50 and 51 minutes...yeah!!! I am such a fan of these races and hope to run a ton more....hey you never know maybe I'll be that 40 year old mom that runs marathons all the time!

Tarkington's are Here!

This week one of Greg's friends from high school came to visit and brought his precious family! They got in late Thursday night from Nashville and the kids have had so much fun playing together! Jeff and Jada's kids, Josh and Emily, are 3 and 1 years old so our kids have been playing together wonderfully! I know Josh and Abby have been loving the water guns! We went to a park yesturday and the weather was prefect...actually a bit hot but I'm not complaining:) They are staying till Wednesday so we have a bunch planned for the week...this is Jada and the kids first visit to Texas so we need to show them the ropes!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mister Funny

I am getting the hint....when Greg starts making faces while I am trying to capture a "memory" (take a picture) maybe I AM taking too many pictures! No really I just wanted you to see these great faces Greg makes....he's sooo funny isn't he? I thought the progression of these pictures were hilarious....notice Reese dropped something:) Anyways hope this makes you smile!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

T-Ball Pictures

I forgot to post Abby's t-ball pictures this past weekend...sorry about that! It was pretty funny watching the coaches get all the kids in place. And Abby also has a "little admirer". He's on the second row, second from the left....he's so cute! He's super short and comes up to about Abby's shoulders and follows her around like a puppy! (sadly I don't think she has even noticed him!) Abby is third from the right on the front row.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


We are currently hanging out in the bathtub seeking shelter from a tornado! I thought it might be a good idea to blog before it hits us... (just in case) No really don't worry I think we are fine. We just checked the good 'ole weather channel and things seem to be looking good. The kids think it is so cool to sit in here playing legos...whatever floats your boat huh?
I was so proud of Abby just a minute ago...the first thing she said when we got in the bathroom was, "I guess it's time to pray!" She said the sweetest prayer... she not only asked for our safety but the saftey of her friends and ALL her was precious! ...oh just in... the tornado sirens have stopped and the kids are going to bed!....for now!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Greg & Shane's Excellent Adventure!

Greg and our friend Shane decided they would plan a date night for Misty and I on Saturday. They decided to make it a theme night of "middle school" activities. They first took us to the mall where we could pick whatever we wanted from the whole food court...isn't that sweet of them? Then they gave each of us $15 to get whatever we wanted at the mall (they said that in middle school they didn't have money so they wanted to keep to the theme) Then after we both picked a necklace we headed to the local Putt Putt and played video games. Believe it or not there were a ton a middle schoolers-they sure hit the nail on the head huh? Anyways we played games for about an hour and then our parents came to pick us just kidding we had to go get our kids :) In the pictures you can see we all loved the sniper game which made Greg and I both feel like Jack Bauer from 24......except I kept shooting all the hostages. I don't know how Jack does it! Anyways we had a great night and the guys did a great job. Misty and I both felt very special. I never had a middle school boy like me so much!

*hey if you want to see what the kids did while we were on this "righteous" date check out my friends blog it's pretty funny!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Keep Moving Forward"

Friday Maw Maw and Poppa asked the kids to go see Meet the Robinsons and the kids were so excited! We never really get to take the kids to the movies since most of them are not really as "G" as they say. So we were so excited to hear that this movie was really positive and had a great message! We were the only ones in the theater which worked out great....we got to talk as loud as we wanted and with 4 kids under 5 that's a good thing! Anyways I got some fun pictures the second one here you see Landry (Greg's brother's son) staring at Abby....these two have a special bond- he just loves Abby and if she laughs so does he even though I know he isn't sure what they are laughing at! The next picture is of Reese and Poppa stuffing their faces with popcorn which pretty much that's what they did the whole show...well except Reese played musical chairs....he is a major wiggle worm....I am praying for the day he chills out just a little bit....I mean I'm not asking for much just a few minutes of down time is that too much to ask? ..No really I'm kidding he's super fun he keeps me on my toes for sure!!!! If you have kids I highly recommend this movie...there are only a few parts that kinda scared the kids but the message is "keep moving forward" and when you fail it's ok because that's how you learn and check it out!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Crazy Birds!

Today we went AGAIN to the zoo and it was so beautiful outside! Anyways if you read my last zoo blog Reese was pretty sad that we didn't see the hippos so we headed to the hippos first thing! Here in the picture you can't see the hippos because all they seem to do is hang out under the water but at least we have proof now that we did actually SEE them!
The other pictures are of the kids feeding the crazy birds. The kids love go in this big cage and there are tons of birds flying everywhere and you hold up this stick with food stuck to the end of it. The birds seriously go for the food and it is just crazy them flying all around you... it's great- you've gotta check it out sometime:)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sleeping in Curlers!

I was at my parents house awhile back and found some dress-up clothes that I used when I was a kid and Abby has been so excited to get these curlers in her hair! Last night she asked me to put them in her hair so she could wake-up with super curly hair. Well she made it all night but around 6am she called me in her room to tell me that they fell out but she was going back to can't argue with that:) All day today she had pretty curls but tonight she told me she was ok not sleeping in them again...I don't blame her I hated sleeping in curlers as a kid...sorry mom:) I told Abby sometimes you have to sacrifice for beauty:)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Family Night

We have been super busy lately and have needed a down day so tonight we declared a "family night". Abby and Reese thought it would be really cool to decorate the clubhouse for the big event. They took ribbon and crafts they had made and hung them all over and were so proud of themselves...they wouldn't let us come outside until it was all ready! Then we sat up their and read books while Greg cooked some hamburgers. We then sat in the clubhouse and ate is so nice to just be together and do whatever we want! As one of my friends says all the time "never get too busy to stop and make a memory!"... and tonight was one of those times!

They are Nuts!

Last night our friends the Vaughan's came over to hangout and the kids got to play with their daughter Bailey. Now Bailey is 8 years old but our kids love love love her and her brother Riley...sadly Riley was at a basketball game with his friends (he's 12) and Reese didn't stop asking all night where "that man is"....that's what Reese calls Riley since he is so much bigger than Reese it's hilarious. Anyways the kids were playing with my workout band and Abby and Bailey put them around their ankle and Reese thought it was super funny to run between it. I seriously thought he was gonna slingshot himself across the room or break the girl's ankles but thankful none of the above happened! ...but I tend to keep my guard up with little Reeser his a crazy man he could brake anything at any minute you just never know! Just the other day Greg and I were walking by his Sunday School classroom and the room looked like a tornado hit it...Greg and I just looked at each other and said, "Reese has been here!"

Mr. Mark!

We went over the other night to Reese's Sunday school teacher's house to bring them a "sweet treat" as our kids call it. Mr. Mark and his wife had a baby about a month ago and Reese has really missed his teacher. Reese helped me make them a cheesecake and just loved playing at his house...I love that Reese has really taken to Mr. Mark....we have had alot of changes in our lives lately it's nice seeing him feel comfortable with someone at our new church!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Little Legends Reading Time

Friday we went to the Ballpark in Arlington (Rangers) to go to their reading time. They read a book then do a craft...they kids thought it was so cool to get to go in the ballpark when no one was there! After the craft they bring the kids outside to have lunch on homerun porch and the kids got to play on the little field. In the picture you can see they did sack races which was pretty funny the were all falling all over each other! Reese was not so into the getting into the bag idea but he tried it...then jumped right out! They have this reading time every month and the kids have already asked when they get to go again...looks like it was a hit! (no pun intented:)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nascar Practice Run!

Poppa took Abby and Charlie to see the racecars practice run around the track...Abby told me it was pretty loud and when I asked her if she had fun she said yes but she really liked the skittles and lemonade Poppa got her more! I hear Charlie liked the cars more than Abby I guess that's good...I don't know many girls that into Nascar! I am glad she got to experience it though....everyone needs to see it at least once!

Good Times at the Zoo!

Yesturday we went to the zoo and seriously I think we saw EVERY animal...well except the hippos and believe me Reese wasn't happy about that! (he loves hippos and was quite disappointed when all we could find were rhinos) We also went on a train ride and got to see flaimgos way close up....I mean so close you could reach out and get bit by one! ...luckily that didn't happen but Abby got pretty close! I also love the picture of Abby looking at the otter through the circle window...Reese got in there too and he got really freaked out when they came swimming by! I think we are really gonna love our zoo membership we went pretty much every week in DC and the kids love it! Maybe next week we will find the hippos???

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bye Bye Training Wheels?

Last night Abby decided it was time to take her training wheels off. Honestly we were not sure if she was ready but we thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. She tried really hard and went about 3-4 houses down the sidewalk but in the end she decided it would be alright to put them back on for awhile. I think she will be ready soon but maybe not just yet.... she likes her independence too much to wait on us to walk her down the street:)

Bubble Head!

I thought this was too cute not to share! He thought it was pretty funny but wasn't sure what he looked like so I took a picture so he could see. He laughed pretty hard but soon after he was ready to get it off his head...he's never been much for hats!