Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our Sweet Girl

Our little "Tom Sawyer"---everywhere we go she finds a walking stick :)

Here's a few things Abby said today:

I was painting Abby's toenails and she says:
"Mommy, I love Jesus with all I have!" -I almost cried!

Next I need to give a little background
--today off and on she kept telling us that she had a cavity in her front tooth. I told her that she goes to the dentist soon and we'll have him check it then. Well she told us again about an hour ago (she can't go to sleep since she had a nap today--we are in the "weird napping" phase where they need a nap but if you give them one they NEVER go to bed at night :) Anyway, just a second ago she yells out:

"Mommy and Daddy! A miracle happened.
I prayed to God and my tooth felt better in one second!"

---I love it! Her faith is so pure--He says He'll answer and she believes it---we can all learn so much from our kids! She has such a huge heart for God! I have always prayed that both the kids would come to know Christ at an early age and that they would hunger and thirst for righteousness and it's amazing to see our prayers answered right before our eyes!
God is so good!
God's ways work! :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Greg's Surprise Party!

SURPRISE! He didn't have a clue!

We ate outside--it was a perfect night!

The Sam's Cake:) -it was incredible by the way--I highly recommend their cakes:)

For two weeks now I have been planning a surprise birthday party for Greg's 30th and I pulled if off--he didn't have a clue! Now I count this a HUGE success since we have a 3 and 5 year old that don't really get the whole "surprise--secret" thing yet! But everything went so great and it all looked prefect--(thanks to my mother-in-law Debbie) --she went above and beyond and decorated beautifully--thank you Debbie:)
This past week while Abby was in school Reese and I went to Maw Maw's to cook all the food because Greg works from's not easy to lie about why you're cooking two huge pans of enchiladas! I was able to hide the food for the week and keep the "lies" to a minimum:) --but I was so ashamed of how good I was at it! Now of course I felt like he could see right through it and my heart was pounding through my chest but he believed them--ALL of them:)
Here's one "lie" I had to tell him:
One day after Reese and I were cake shopping we came home and before I could even get in the door Reese had already told Greg that we had gotten him a birthday cake! Well I was taken back and couldn't think of anything so sadly I had to pull Debbie into it (sorry Debbie:) I told him that his mom and I had talked and since she had just had eye surgery she would still be recovering and this year she should just buy a cake for family dinner. Now for a little history on Greg's mom---well pretty much she's Betty Crocker "Texas" style:) She has made him a birthday dinner and cake for his whole life (homemade)--and it was so funny to see his face...he looked like a sweet 8 year old boy that got his heart broken--it was sad but pathetic:) Pathetic because I was pooped trying to get all the details ironed out and he was upset about the cake! He says to me, "She got me a cake from Sam's??" (now how snotty does that sound:) He's gonna feel bad when he realizes that the reason I had to BUY a cake at Sam's was because I wasn't gonna have the time or place to cook it and it still be fresh!

Well now he knows why and he was so grateful (and loved the cake)! We had a great night hanging out with old and new friends and now he's finally my age (on Wednesday) and he can stop making the 30 jokes!
Happy Birthday Greg we love you tons!

Friday, April 25, 2008

One Serious Garage Sale!

Starting out young---trying to earn a buck!

They were cracking me up--this is very serious business--we must get it organized:)

"Helping" me add all the numbers---
which actually I do need help with Math... it was never my strong suit!

Tons of stuff---I would be very happy to happen upon a garage sale like this one!

Today was our big garage sale and so far it has been a hit!
We started off slow but at about 10am it was crawling with people! Now this garage sale has been long over due---we have ALL of Abby and Reese's clothes from newborn to 5T ....and believe it or not we have really tried to find people that need them and even though they have taken some it hasn't even put a small dent in our "collection":) It's kinda like a salad--no matter how much you eat it still looks like you haven't taken a bite--at least that's the best analogy I can think of:) So I was extremely happy when people started buying--I was even telling people to make me an offer:) --we're desperate to get rid of this stuff!

The kids were super excited to get the sale going too---they both woke-up really early and got to work! In the picture you can see the kids putting all their toys on the table. Reese and Abby went through their closets and picked out what they would sell---but Reese kept picking up all of his toys and was asking to buy them back.....crazy kid!

The kids also had a lemonade stand so that was very exciting--after Reese spilled a few pitchers they sold maybe 10 cups....maybe tomorrow they will have more success!

Tomorrow we wake-up bright and early and hope to get the rest of the stuff sold......does anyone need baby clothes??????-----come on by!

Reese--"in his own words..."

Before I forget-- this is a conversation Reese and I had while he was going potty:

Reese- "Mommy, when I get to Heaven God is gonna let me pour lemonade!"
Mommy- (confused) Yes, Reese I'm sure He will....
Reese- He'll have a measuring tape and measure me...and I'll be BIGGGGG!
Mommy- Wow--a measuring tape huh?
Reese- Yep!

some background:
We are doing a garage sale today and the kids have a lemonade stand. Reese spilled all the lemonade once (about 1 gallon of it:) and then "tried" to pour it for a customer and spilled it again (after Annie with to the store to buy more) He was very sad he wasn't "big" enough to pour it all by himself without spilling:)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Camping top 10

This past weekend Maw Maw and Poppa took the grandkids camping! I have such a hard time blogging about stuff when I didn't actually go so I have decided to let the kids help me do this blog.....this should be good!

Camping Trip Top 10--according to Abby and Reese:)

1. There was a big hail storm and we had to be in the "steadiest" house.
2. We ate hog dogs, biscuits, bacon and s'mores
3. Abby "almost" fell off the rocks.
4. Poppa's truck got a crack in his windshield because of the big hail. (he got glass all over him and was bleeding like crazy.....just kidding (Abby))
5. We all slept together and didn't go straight to sleep--we were wondering if the storm was gonna happen again or if the storm might happen again on our heads (?) ....their words not mine:)
6. When we climbed the rocks we wore helmets and rock tennis shoes (Reese)--and they tied us with ropes....??? (MawMaw and Poppa-- I am hoping this is when they were climbing right?:)
7. We found raccoon tracks.
8. (Reese) I told Abby, Charlie and Landry that the raccoon ate 2 marshmallows and he really did!
9. We got some spirit at a store.
10. We went into the woods and got in a muddy puddle where the raccoon tracks were and Charlie fell off the rocks.

*Wow the minds of our kids are quite random but this is the camping trip in their own words--
they thought this was so fun to watch me type their words as they told me...too funny!

Thanks Maw Maw and Poppa for taking the kids they had a wonderful time and I know will always cherish these memories!

**Maybe you guys could send me your top 10 and see how different they are??:) --just a thought!

Note from Greg- I bet the hail storm was a trip after getting "spirit's" at the store!
Note from Becky- Sorry I misspelled SPRITE my bad:)

Maw Maw and Poppa's Top 10

After I posted my last blog I asked Maw Maw and Poppa to send me their top 10 from the camping trip with the grandkids---this is what they sent in response to Abby and Reese's top 10

MawMaw & Poppa's top 10:

1. Picking up 4 grandchildren so excited to go camping.
2. Abby navigating. She always checks the map & tells Poppa how to get to our destination.
3. Reese telling Poppa, "Poppa, I didn't quit!"
4. Charlie & Brer Rabbit pulling the sun out of the bottom of the lake (with a wink)!
5. Landry the Little Big Dog climbing a little higher than he thought he could (or really wanted to!) He was always looking for a way to help--picking up bags to find one he could carry--even when no one asked him to.
6. 4 cousins all so excited to be together, hugging & encouraging each other.
7. 4 grandchildren all pitching in to help unload & load Poppa's truck, set up camp, cook & clean up. Hearing, "What can I do to help?"
8. Hiking and "discovering" together.
9. 4 brave grandchildren while riding out the hailstorm in Poppa's truck! They didn't whimper or even act scared. We just prayed for God to protect us & show Poppa where we needed to be. And they were so good while we waited out the storm in the office that the Rangers gave them the run of the place!
10. S'mores at the campfire & a bacon & biscuit breakfast.
11. (Oops, did we have to stop at 10?) Bedtime hugs, kisses & stories. (& 4 grandchildren who were so obedient in going to sleep!) Early morning "cock-a-doodle-do's" to wake up Poppa.
12. Abby jumping off the 30 foot rock into the lake. (Just kidding!)
13. Abby, Charlie, Reese & Landry all so big--trying their hardest, keeping their heads, not quitting & being good sports (& good encouragers) rock climbing!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Too Funny!

So the other day we are over at Reese's cousins house playing and this is how we find Reese---he was in the closet jamming away! And what just topped it all off was when we were riding our bikes home Reese had forgotten to take his "outfit" off and I had gotten so used to it that I hadn't even noticed:) What a character.....I love it!

A Lesson in the Arts.....and Mexican Food!

Abby and Reese "appreciating" the Arts!

Super cool craft for the kids!

Making the boxes---the kids loved this!

We had the most wonderful family night last night! We went to Ft. Worth Arts Festival and took the kids to the Kids Create area and let them create their brains out:) It was so great--they had a blast doing all the things kids love to do and I got a ton of ideas on new crafts at home--gotta love that! (I rip off all my ideas from other people--hehe:)
We then took them walking through the "real" arts area and cultured them a bit--we try our best to introduce them to new things and new ideas--give them a new perspective on life if you will :) They actually enjoyed this quite a bit and Reese even got to see an "odd" band express themselves through best they could--bless their hearts:) --they even dressed-up and Reese wanted to dress up--as Spiderman--but I told him we weren't gonna go all the way home for that--poor guy can never catch a break huh?:)

After all the excitement we went to get food--Mexican food to be exact! Now normally we go to two places: Abuelos or Joe T Garcias (both amazing in their own ways) but last night we went to "some place else" (to be nice that's what I will call it :) ) now this "some place else" was not so good and we should have known it since they sent us a $25 gift certificate in the mail for no reason at all. Well they got us hook, line, and sinker--and sadly it was a "sinker"!!!!
But on a positive note the company was pristine and the evening was an utter success and I'm always willing to learn a lesson on where not to eat on our next outing:)
*moral of story---stick with what you know it will never let you down ---especially when it's Mexican food!!!

Editorial note from Greg: I didn't learn the same lesson from this culinary experience. I hold firmly to the notion that you should try as many new restaurants as you possibly can. If they're bad, then they'll just make you appreciate your old standby that much more. By the way, "Some Place Else" restaurant was in the Stockyards, so they get a 9.5 for location. Plus their salsa wasn't bad.

*Becky again* not bad but I hate to taste it all night and then into the next morning...yuck!
***and Jill Mead if you are reading this---oh how I dream of your Mom and Dad's salsa....nothing's better my friend---tell 'em they need to go into business:)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Greg's early birthday gift....

Lucky shot!

Here's Greg showing me some moves on his new basketball goal which can moved around and lower so the kids and I can shoot:) He ordered it awhile back and it finally came--I must say I am a bit annoyed that he got to "open" and play with his gift before his actual birthday! He made me wait until the actual day and I had to eat dinner before I could open it---what's up with that? ....he's so mean:) I should have made him wait to assemble it so he just had to look at it in the garage everyday. Then on his birthday (after dinner) he could put it together....BUT I am not that mean so of course being the lovely wife I am he is already playing on it 2 weeks before he turns 30! (I know..I know--he's a blessed man:) ---I'll make sure he remembers that on my next birthday!
Anyways the kids think it's their birthday too-- all they want to do is shoot baskets....all day! ......believe it or not they both have a better shot than me:)

Greg says at night when the kids go to bed he's gonna give me lessons so one day I can come out and actually beat the kids--and hopefully him...ok I'm might be pushing it:)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stacey Came to Visit!

OK, so you're probably wondering why I put so many pictures of Stacey and I up here right?
Well this is what happens when Greg takes the pictures for us!
The past few times Stacey has been in town I have forgotten to take a picture of us so we asked Greg to take one---well as you can see he just kept snapping shots of us---and yes we did get the camera back...finally!

This is the only one we really needed to take but Greg kept on going....

GRRREEEEGGGGG.....give us the camera!

Look how cute Stacey looks back there--too funny!

Monday night my best friend/roommate from college came to visit! Our kids love her to death--at Reese's t-ball practice he was so excited he stopped everything to tell his coach that Stacey was coming to spend the night--too funny!
Stacey and her husband moved a few months back to Austin (and we have missed them) so we were thrilled she was gonna be in town! We packed alot into her short visit and she and I even got to catch up over coffee! And we tried to stay up late like old times but we just couldn't do it---midnight is as late as we could go:) --pathetic!
*back in the day:) I could stay up all night....but I also had no responsibility so I could sleep all day (between classes of course--hehe that's for you Mom and Dad:)
Anyways we loved having you Stacey and can't wait to see you again---and Steven we always love seeing you too---come anytime:)

Monday, April 14, 2008


This was a conversation between Greg and I AFTER we put the kids to bed.

Me-Honey, did you feed the kids anything when we got home from church? (I was at the grocery store).
Greg- Reese had goldfish and some green tea and Abby didn't ask for anything-- why?
Me- well I didn't feed them dinner before church --they only had popcorn and ice cream for a snack! (I know that sounds so bad--but they normally eat very well:)
Greg- So the kids didn't eat dinner?
Me- Nope.
Greg-They didn't seem hungry...

***let's just say they woke-up VERY hungry!***
note to self--make sure to feed the kids dinner everyday:)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crazy Days!

Daddy the soccer coach.....Abby loved it!

Reese and his umpire buddy!

Abby and the girls scoring ANOTHER goal!

Church car wash

This is how our Saturday went:
Woke-up early (8:15 -ok I know that's not early but I am not a morning person...cut me some slack:) then we headed off to Reese's t-ball game. As I said before Greg is assistant coach and I am dugout mom--well let's just say it's not easy to get a bunch of 3-4 yr. old boys and 1 girl to play ball. Yesterday we had one boy that cried the whole game, one that kept running off the field to give his dad a hug, and one that kept throwing dirt in the air which kept getting in Greg's eyes---and that was just in the field. In the dug-out I got the grunt job--I have to try and keep 9 kids on the bench until it's time to bat and keep the kids from running out on the field or to their parents. Now this may seem like it would be pretty simple BUT it's NOT---the boys poke each other the whole time, throw their hats around and spend the whole time saying, "he did it!" So now I know why they asked a "returning mom" to help out because no one else would return!:) Ok all joking aside it's not really that bad but it is sad that I don't really get to watch Reese all that much. Yesterday Greg and I decided we would watch Reese play no matter what the other kids were doing and that didn't go over too well....I ended up losing a kid and couldn't find him when it was his turn to bat--oops! (luckily we found him with his dad going pee by a nearby tree--thank goodness:)
**funny story**
Reese got to play catcher--he thought this was really cool and looked adorable squatting down wearing that helmet! While one of players were up to bat Reese politely walked up to the umpire tapped him on the bottom and said, "excuse me, you are in my way!" The umpire was caught off guard but he laughed and by the end of the game he and Reese were best buds!

After Reese's eventful game we headed over for 20 minutes to our nephew Charlie's soccer game. He did a great job and our kids were thrilled to see him in action--yet sadly we had to be on our way because Abby had a game in 40 minutes.
We got home, packed a lunch, changed Abby into her soccer gear, and jumped back in the car. We got there just in time to warm up the 3 other girls that came! Now typically we get to sit back and watch Abby play but this week we were asked to coach--ha! I'm not sure what Coach Miles was thinking, but Greg being the nice guy he is said yes---he then came home and said, "hey honey, 'we' are coaching next week!" (I played a little soccer in my day so he lucked out:) ) Now normally we have at least 6 kids--we play 3-on-3 but this week we had to make it work with 4! I am happy to report we were pretty good coaches:) They scored about 8-9 goals and really gave the other team a run for their money:) I have to admit I liked it alot---who knows, maybe next year we'll coach Abby's team:) -just kidding Greg!
So ok, Abby's game got over and we headed home to change AGAIN---Greg, the kids and I volunteered to do a community car wash for our church! I must add here that I volunteered us a LONG time ago and was unaware of our game schedules at the time--if I had known I would have worked it a little differently!
The car wash was fun and the kids thought it was great (they were the only kids and they helped with every car:) --they even helped a few times get the cars wet again after we had already dried them off :) little helpers!
After a few hours there we headed over to Greg's parents to lay Reese down for a quick nap--what ended up being a nap for "Reese" became a mommy and daddy nap! I woke-up about 5pm to Greg on the couch and Reese sound asleep--hehe..guess we were worn-out! Thanks Debbie and Jerry for a place to sleep:)
We then had dinner and played awhile and headed home for bed!
We got home, put the kids in bed, and we awaited the arrival of our next event-- dessert and coffee and a little dominoes with Jill and Jeremy---good times!

Wow what a day huh? I must say I was super tired---Jill and Jeremy even got to see my "late night stupid laugh" I don't think I've done that since two have been blessed:)

**I think next year we are gonna have to draw straws on who gets to play a sport:)
no more double do parents do it????

Friday, April 11, 2008

Our First Rangers Game of the Year!

on the way to the game---sweet Abby in her Rangers hat!

These two guys love baseball more than anyone I have ever met--too cute!

This is the way they view the game---the whole game Reese sits right there on Daddy's lap!

The beloved lemon chill---I should send this to Blue Bunny- what a prefect advertisement!

Seventh inning....sleep:) Abby was especially cuddly last night...which made me so happy:)

Well last night we took the kids to our first Rangers game of the season! Now if you remember last years blogs you know that we go to MANY games--and this year will be no different! We actually were preparing ourselves to not get to go to as many games this year. We have started budgeting (very tightly) (thanks Dave Ramsey:) ) But surprisingly during the off season we accumulated about 40 free tickets going to different Rangers events (God's way of blessing us--He knows we love to go to games...He's got our backs:) So you can imagine how often we will be going and don't worry I won't be blogging about every one....if your lucky:)
So anyways last night we had a great time together and the Rangers WON! The kids are getting more and more into the games---Reese of course knows all the players and watches the whole game sitting on Greg's lap. And for Abby... well she tends to be more excited about the Lemon Chills---which we have put into the budget since she (and I) love them so much:)
Reese and Greg actually had a very "cultural" experience last night (something you don't get to see but maybe once in a lifetime). About the 5th inning Abby and I were in the gift shop (thank goodness) and a streaker ran from the 1st base line all the way to center field where we were sitting (he had boxer shorts on)! (Reese was very curious about what had taken place) We explained to him that the man had had too much "grown-up drinks" and it made him make bad choices and now he was gonna spend the night in jail. Well you can imagine the questions that followed but mainly he just kept telling us he didn't want Daddy and I to go to jail! We promised him we wouldn't streak across the field and that settled him down :)
I am very thankful Abby and I were not there---she and I did NOT need to see that--and well she would probably be traumatized:) would I!
Welp, as you can tell the season started off with a bang and hopefully we will just be viewing good ol' American baseball from here on out!

Editorial Note from Greg: the Rangers took both games of the doubleheader from the Orioles. (no, we didn't take the kids to both games, just the nightcap)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Reese's 1st T-ball Game!

Click to play Reese's 1st T-ball game

I blogged a few days back about Reese's 1st t-ball game--I just got some great pictures from Greg's dad and just had to share them! Be forewarned that I am one proud view at your own risk:)

3 on 3 Basketball

Our Hero!

Reese's jump shot:) ...with a little assistance!

Tonight the kids and I went to watch Greg play basketball. I was really excited for them to get see him play because he's really good and I thought the kids would enjoy it! Well they watched for about 2 seconds and then all they wanted to do was bounce the balls and climb up and down on the bleachers.....well I tried! Maybe someday they can appreciate Greg's talent like I do! Good job sweetie I was watching....kinda:) (I was trying to keep the kids from rolling their balls into your game!) Crazy kids!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Kicking Queens!

Check her out!

She ended up stealing that ball away right after this picture:)

The other girl is her friend from church and she made a goal on Abby--here she is showing her disappointment--she got over it:)

Abby is a great soccer player--have I mentioned that?!
OK, OK I know parents always think the "best" of their kids but honestly she's a natural--who knew? :)
Anyways we have been waiting for her to get her uniform for 2 weeks now so she was thrilled to finally match the other girls and not have to wear the silly red t-shirt:) She scored 2 goals and got kicked in the face with some cleats--a little blood, few tears and she was back---way to go Abby! Also this is the second time we have forgotten her shin guards and cleats (or Abby has forgotten her bag on the kitchen table:) But she played anyways and luckily no one kicked her shins......just her face--I guess next time we need to wear a mask huh? --only kidding Greg--don't worry I wouldn't go that far:)

Opening Day for the Rangers

The best little boy in the world!

Reese loves his Granny and PaPa!

Check out my uniform!

He picked #9 because that's Hank Blalock's number on the Texas Rangers! (also the name of our dog:) )

There's nothing like a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds playing baseball---precious!
They were so excited!

Today was a big day for Reese! It was his first t-ball game AND Granny and PaPa (my parents) were in town to watch! The day started off pretty early because RYA had some great events to kick off the season! First, Reese got to walk with his team (the Rangers) in a parade and then there was a big carnival and jump houses before the games began!
Now this week we had a bit of a challenge with the kids' games! Abby and Reese had 12:00 games so we had to get a little creative. Granny and PaPa started out watching Abby's first half of her soccer game and then booked it over to Reeser's t-ball game! It ended up being successful and they got to see both the kids games with no trouble at all.
I sadly had to miss his first game (sniff sniff) but I'm sure there will be many to come. He told me he was a slugger and he didn't quit---way to go Reese!
He looked so grown up in his uniform! I can't believe he is already big enough to play--where did my baby go? When I saw his name on his shirt it became real to me....I don't have much more time before these precious babies are gone so I need to cherish every second! I don't want to look back and regret a minute and I'm sure I don't have many more days left before it's not "cool" to cuddle with mommy :(

So anyways the moral of this blog is: my babies are growing up and mommy is sad ;)


Last Day with the Estes Kids

Jill and a bunch of happy kids with donuts:)

Ice cream cone cupcakes!

Aunt Annie (aka Lilly the Librarian) reading to the kids (while I feed Hayden)
Thanks Annie:)

The whole gang being silly:) Too funny!

Well as you can see we had a busy last day before Shane and Misty got back in town! We ended up just staying home all day (I took the easy route:) but we still had a lot of fun! First thing in the morning Jill came over and brought the kids donuts---thank you Jill you are such a wonderful friend:)
We then invited Aunt Annie, Charlie and Landry over to make a "snack craft"(as my kids like to call it:)
We put all the kids around the table and they each got to measure out an ingredient (I felt like we were doing a cooking class:) Then they each got a turn to stir and put the cupcake mix into their ice cream cone---(we made ice cream cone cupcakes)--you put the cupcake mix into the cones and cook it for 25 minutes then when they cook up and you ice them they look like ice cream cones--super fun! The kids loved it!
My parents came in town early evening and were aware of all the kids at the house---they were a big help and it was nice to have 4 more hands to help out--thank guys you are troopers! (Hayden loved my mom)
Well we had a great week and our kids were so excited to have their best buddies over for 4 whole days! Thanks Shane and Misty for trusting us to watch them and we hope you had a wonderful week!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

NASCAR--every little boys dream:)

Two excited boys...(Reese-left Landry-right)

How cute--I am gonna frame this one....good job Poppa! --sorry I sent my camera with no memory card:) oops!

"too loud" race cars:) Landry being silly-I guess his ear plugs worked:)

We love Poppa---I'm a big kid now:)

Poppa called yesterday and asked if Reese would like to go to the Texas Motor Speedway with him and Landry(cousin) and I knew he would be thrilled. Now I made sure not to tell Reese until this morning because I knew he would NEVER go to sleep. I really thought I had waited long enough but I was wrong---as soon as I told him he was "gone"....all he wanted to do was leave and saying "honey, he's not coming until around lunch time" meant NOTHING to him. He quickly got dressed, got his shoes on, had me pack him a lunch and he packed his backpack with anything he might need while watching race cars---like Cowboys and Indians---seems logical doesn't it? Anyways it took all I had to distract him as 2 hours sloooowly went by, but finally the doorbell rang and Reese freaked out---he has been wanting to go since Abby and Charlie went last year--and he couldn't believe he was big enough to go too! He told me I couldn't go since race cars are for boys! (I was fine with that:) )
Well he had a great time and when I asked him how it was he said, " it was really loud, but I got to eat a hot dog with Poppa and share my lunch!" (He also told me the ear plugs didn't work) Poor guy got tubes about 6 months ago and everything sounds like it is in super loud surround sound!
So today was a great success---Reese had a great time with Poppa and Landry and I had only 1 kid for about 3 hours. Hayden and I had lunch with my friend Jill. She didn't mind me having a baby but she told me she's not too excited about coming around when I have them all---what a great friend huh? :) only kidding (she's bringing donuts in the morning...I love you Jill you are a wonderful friend:)
Don't worry Jill you're not the only one---Maw Maw (Greg's mom) stopped by today and she stayed 5-10 minutes....I think we were too much for her:)
Wait I think we're too much for ME:) and esp. Greg...he's been so funny! Tonight we took the kids out to ice cream to celebrate their Mommy and Daddy coming home tomorrow. Hannah (3) was a complete mess--I mean the whole works---ice cream was everywhere! I was cracking up and was just waiting till she was done to "fix" the damage. She was smiling ear to ear but Greg couldn't handle it---he has never been much for messes even with our kids---he's into being clean!
Well one more day to go and Misty and Shane will be back to collect their kids:) I must say it has gone fast---though all I can think about right now is going to get a pedicure of something---or maybe take a 3 hour nap or no better yet----going to California with Greg and letting Shane and Misty have our kids for a week---yes that sounds nice...what do you think guys??
I think I'm onto something...