Sunday, September 28, 2008

Homecoming -oh the memories!

They stood up the whole game---and check Reese out...he was all decked out with his favorite teams--The Missouri Tigers and the Dallas Cowboys---he wants to wear the jersey every day!

Me and Rebecca--one of my girls from S.S. class--she's wonderful!

Friday we went to our local high school's homecoming game-we have alot of kids in our youth group on the team and 4 of our kids were up for homecoming king and queen. We also got to watch Charlie and Landry because Doug and Anglea had a dinner they had to go to- so we took all four kids to the game with us! It was a hoot! The kids were super funny and actually watched the game:) I brought a TON of snacks and you would have thought they had never eaten before--all they did was eat the whole time--it was crazy! We stayed through half-time to watch the crowning (oh to be in high school again--haha j/k -I would never choose to go back:) and none of our kids won but they all looked wonderful anyways!
I am still amazed every time I go to a game here in Texas---they are crazy about their football--EVERYONE goes to the games even if you don't have a kid in high's a huge party!
---I was talking to Greg the other day and I seriously can't remember even going to one pep rally in high I went to the games but all I did was talk to all of my friends by the concession stands and flirt with boys:)....I didn't have a bit of school sad huh?
*this season I have already been to 1 pep rally, 2 games and a parade...I guess I'm trying to make up for old times:)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Family Night-The Ten Commandments

Greg throwing the sock at my face--now that's not nice -especially on family night!

Horses in our front yard????

Last night we had our first "official" family night and began a Bible study called 10 Commandments- Family Nights Tool Chest- by Focus on the Family. We love the study and it's VERY user friendly--not much preparation but tons of applications for us and the kids! You have to buy a few supplies for the activities but nothing big and the kids thought it was so great! As you can see we did a bean bag (or sock:) toss and the kids tried to "hit the target". After we talked about how hard it was to hit the target just like it was hard for the Israelites to obey all these rules. We were able to teach them that God gave us these Commandments to show us our sin and how we couldn't do it without a Savior. They seemed to really enjoy it all and today they even talked a bit about the lesson---now that's an accomplishment:)
After we got done we went outside to play until bed and that's when we saw the horses walking down the street--only in Texas! These are the girls that are gonna give Abby horseback riding lessons--she was very excited to see them!

Monday, September 22, 2008

We're Set!

Abby as Tinker Bell---we'll need some tights:)

The "real" Peter Pan costume --as Reese calls it!

This past weekend my parents came to town and they brought Reese to the Disney Store. One thing led to another and he walked out with this.....he was thrilled! It was so sweet though, we were in the dressing room trying it on and he says, "Mommy, one day I would really like this....maybe it will be here next time!"
What a sweet boy--he didn't even ask Granny and PaPa for it-he just walked out went on his that makes you want to buy it for him doesn't it? Well my parents felt the same and that's exactly what they did! We haven't gone one day yet without it on and he's so ready for Halloween he can barely stand it!
Also Abby got a Tinker Bell costume from Charlie and Landry---she went over to their house the other day and the boys were so excited to give it to her. She loves it-they all watched Peter Pan together and she "flew" (jumping around from chair to chair) during the whole show.
Thanks everyone for providing us with Halloween costumes---I owe you one!!
--Now if only I could find a Wendy costume---Greg thinks he's really funny....he told me I would have to be the old Wendy---how rude!:)

Go RiverCats!

Reese and another boy on his team--his name is Charlie...Reese thought that was really funny since that's his cousin's name!

Reese is playing First

Up to Bat!

Daddy giving him a "talk" about not playing in the dirt:)

Reese had his first T-ball game of the season on Saturday and he did great! He was up bright and early ready to get his uniform on and thank goodness the game was at 9am because his patience was wearing thin:)
He played 1st base and was the lead-off hitter---he is the only 3 year old on the team and the rest are 5 or turning 5 soon and he's really holding his own! We really felt he was ready to play up and man we were right....he is loving it!
He had practice tonight (after dinner) and at dinner we asked Reese what was the best thing he did today he said, "Go to practice!" I guess he really likes baseball huh? only if we could get him on a baseball team that's called Peter Pan so he could wear his costume!!!:) -now that would make his day!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Just Taking a Break!

notice the scooter on the ground in front of him!

"What's so funny Mommy???"

Yesterday Reese was riding his scooter and he decided he would take a little break---he reached in his pocket and pulled out his harmonica. I about died laughing---I ran inside and was able to get a picture and a video! He cracks me up---what other 3 year old do you know that carries a harmonica around just in case he wants to sit by a tree and play sometime??? I love it!
Enjoy the music---he's a natural---I always say he has the music in him....even when he was a baby he would stop everything (even screaming/crying) if he heard music! -lately all he wants to listen to is the Beatles--he's very cultured;)

Panther Race 2008

Ready to go....

she's fixin' to pass that kid....that's my girl!

all done--yay!

They marked her shirt every time she ran by--I wanted to run with her soooo bad:)

This morning Abby ran in a race at her school--she got 30 minutes to run as many laps as she could and she did 9! Way to go Abby!
She liked running (most of the time) even though it was beautiful weather outside she got a little tired and hot and ended up spending alot of time at the water station:) * along with every other kid!
I'm not sure she decided to run for a hobby like mommy because when I asked her if she wanted to train for the Olympics she said, "yeah right!" I had to laugh-- I admit running is a weird sport and it does seems really boring --I can't seem to convince people that it's really a great high (when you go far enough)--it's amazing actually-- but most people stop short and swear off the sport forever! -well I guess no one understands unless they have tired it right?:)
So get out there and start running---you'll thank me for it...maybe;)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why didn't anyone tell me????

OK--- so I was looking on here and realized I haven't been very good lately keeping you all updated!
Well I must confess I have been super busy with a volunteer position at Abby's school called a ROOM REPRESENTATIVE!!!!! So seriously I had NO idea how much it took to do this and actually I am a bit overwhelmed with our first task! We have to put together a Dallas Cowboys/tailgating basket for auction for a school fundraiser.......WOW I had no idea how serious some of these mothers are about fundraisers and their school---I thought we already covered funding by paying taxes???? Ok really it's not all that bad--just kinda:) but my eyes have been opened to the world of public school---it's crazy:) *I wonder if it's just Abby's school???
Lately I have been going to businesses trying to find SOMEONE to donate stuff to our basket---I have had some luck but I have gone to a few places and the other mothers have already been there and it had only been 1 day since our meeting---they don't waste any time! :) hehe!

So I do know that most of you are not from Texas or give a rip about the Cowboys but if any of you have ideas for my basket (we are gonna do a small tailgating grill instead of a basket and fill that) -or if anyone has Dallas Cowboys connections PLEASE let me know----OR if anyone wants to be a room rep for a kindergarten class in Texas---I will joyfully give up my spot:) -just kidding!
*"they" say it gets easier after this first fundraiser---we'll see;)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Reese and his T-ball

Here's Reese in his new uniform minus his jersey--they aren't in yet--that sure doesn't stop him from wearing his new stuff huh?

The new cleats!

The other day I went to a consignment sale and found some new baseball cleats for $4 ---yay! I am very proud of that find--those suckers aren't cheap:)
Also Greg took him to go get his new pants, socks, belt and batting helmet--he loves his new white pants--he says he looks like Hank Blalock! He was supposed to start T-ball last weekend but because of the hurricane they cancelled all the games. His team is called the Rivercats --does anyone know what a Rivercat is? Abby says it must be a cat that hangs out by the river....sounds right to me:)
He has been wearing his helmet all around the house and whenever he does anything that might be "dangerous" he runs and puts it on and says, "I'm sure glad I have this helmet!" *never can be too careful huh?
Anyways we are hoping that his game isn't rained out this weekend---oh please God--let the sun shine...I hate to see the disappointment in his eyes when he can't play!
Go Rivercats!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Peter Pan at Artisan Theater

Before the show--look I'm in the picture!

Some of the set--it was amazing!

Reese with Michael and John

Peter Pan---he was a girl--why are they all casted as girls???? -she did great though!

Reese, Greg, Captain Hook, and Shmee!

Well I bet you are sick of reading about Peter Pan huh? (Sorry:) --it could be worse he could be into like Batman or Star Wars or something:)
Anyways last night we took the kids to see Peter Pan at the local theater and it was INCREDIBLE!!!! We were soooo blessed to get FREE tickets from our friend Linda (thanks Linda) and it was by far one of the highlights of our kids lives..... so far:)
It was done so professionally not like a high school musical or anything! It was like you were in the book living the story from page to page--amazing! There was a part in the show where Peter Pan and Captain Hook were fighting and Abby and Reese were so into it they were shaking in our laps--I could feel Reese's heart beat through his back!! (it was unreal:) I kept telling the kids it was make believe but the actors did such a great job that separating reality and fantasy was almost impossible! The set was spectacualar--the audience sat all around the stage surrounding it on all four sides and everywhere you looked characters were popping out of trees, ships and windows--it was great!
After the show all the characters were waiting outside to meet everyone which was really fun! Reese wouldn't take a picture with Peter Pan--not sure why, he wouldn't even wear his Peter Pan outfit--he puzzles me sometimes:) He would pose with Captain Hook and Shmee though....which is crazy because he is super scared of Captain Hook. He also wanted a picture with Michael and John--he was very happy about that! Abby wanted to take a picture with Wendy and Tiger Lilly--she wasn't into the pirates!
Well we had a great time and we really hope to see more shows in the future--I think Reese is hoping to see The Three Little Pigs--which should be really cute except he's really hoping the big bad wolf isn't bad...I think he's gonna be disappointed don't you??:)

More Peter Pan pics.

Abby and Tiger Lilly

Abby and Wendy

Reese and Tick Tock---great costume!

Reese in NaNa's doghouse!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Love it!

The other night I was gone so Greg was watching the kids and this is one of the pictures he got---this encompasses all things "Reese"--he's fun, nutty, playful and loves to make you laugh--this one is definitely going in a frame! ...oh and of course he's wearing his Peter Pan outfit--sometimes I hide it so he doesn't wear it EVERYDAY! :) ~I'm so mean;)

I also love this one---look at those blue eyes--wow!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Sloppy Joe!

Tonight for dinner we had Sloppy Joe's! Now to be honest I haven't thought about Sloppy Joe's since about oh the late 90's but the other day Abby came home from school and said she had a Sloppy Joe and liked it! I had to laugh because the first thing that came to mind was, "Sloppy Joe....Sloppy Sloppy Joe....) -well you know the song:) (*hopefully and if you don't you will after today)
Anyways so today Reeser and I were at Wal-Mart and he kept asking to have one for dinner like Abby and to be honest I really like Sloppy Joe's ( if I make them and KNOW what's in 'em) So I agreed!
So to make this short--tonight we had Sloppy Joe's and while we ate we listened to the famous "Lunch Lady Land" song (the clean version--so yes you can play this for your kids:) -the kids thought it was hilarious especially the flappy arm part:) Well if you have never heard this song before you must---so go ahead you know you haven't heard it for years.....and I bet when you're finished listening you will crave a Sloppy Joe too:) ....and tater tots of course!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

How Cute Are They?????

On Saturday Charlie had a soccer game and the kids and I went to see him play! He did great and the kids love to see him in action! Hopefully this week Abby will be joining the team which they are VERY excited about--she said she only wanted to play if Charlie was on the team. -hey that works for me---now we just need to get Reese and Landry playing and we'll be set:)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

"Nice Grab Mom!"

I actually pulled Abby's tooth out---I can't believe it! Greg got it on video and it's pretty funny so I thought you all might want to see it! It has been hanging out of her mouth forever and it looked really bad so tonight while I was putting her to bed I "accidentally" bumped her in the mouth and it started bleeding--which lead to the video you are about to see.
*she says she feels funny with 4 teeth gone but she looks adorable and talks with a slight lisp:)

Lunch with Abby!

*no that is not my son's Little Mermaid lunch box:)

On Thursday Reese, Charlie, Landry, Aunt Annie and I went to have lunch with Abby at school!
She was all smiles when she walked in with her class into the cafeteria and she was even happier to see she got Chick Fil-A! We had a great time talking with her and the boys were really jealous she was in school without them! Soon we will have a Stamps in 3rd, 2nd, 1st and Kindergarten! Anglea and I were talking the other day about how funny it is that Abby was the first to go to Porter--she's the "more tame" one out of the 4 of them. The boys are a bit more.....well they act like boys! I thought about warning their future teachers but I decided it might be better for them to just take it one Stamps at a time! :)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Simply Fondue!

On Guard!

They had to copy us:)

Earning her keep~cooking her own food!

She loves chocolate and she got really messy

Reese had already been cleaned up but he wanted a "messy" picture too--so he tried to look messy again:)

This weekend we wanted to plan a few fun things to do with the kids for Labor Day! Well what could be better than starting off the weekend with a little fondue!!!:) Greg and I have been fans since our honeymoon when we first tasted "fondue's" goodness and we have been waiting for the right time to take the kids---it had FINALLY come!! Secretly I have been "prepping" them since they were super young to be "dippers"(since I'm very big on condiments--meaning I love me some ketchup or some good ole KC Masterpiece:) Anyways being the big "dipper" that I am I absolutely LOVE LOVE everything about fondue--so we just needed our kids to love it too, ya know? Well I am very proud to say we are now a fondue loving family--yay! They were hilarious! They thought it was great to cook their own dinner and they really ate well since they did it themselves! And after the main course that's when the party really started--they brought out the bowl of chocolate! The kids were shocked--they didn't know what to do with themselves--it was great! We had a wonderful time and we sat there almost 2 hours---don't we have the greatest kids??? :)
So after reading this I hope it makes you go out and get some fondue--but I must warn you not all fondue places are created equal--we really suggest Simply Fondue in Arlington, TX---it's the best there is!
Happy Dipping!

The night has just begun....

After fondue Greg had a surprise and he took us to the batting cages and to ride go-carts!
The kids did really well in the cages and hit a ton of balls---I, on the other hand, embarrassed myself and didn't hit one....what's up with that? (I say it's because it was baseball's and I needed softballs--hehe)
Anyways after hitting for awhile we took them over to the go-carts and we got to watch our kids tear it up on the course--who knew they would be such great drivers? Abby lapped all the other kids and Reese was excellent at "bumping" everyone out of the way:) I think they get that from me (not the bumping but the lapping:)-......Dad I know what you're thinking---he thinks I'm a terrible driver and I'm NOT!:) -you are the one that taught me by the way!
*I just get where I'm going quick (within the limit) and just want to get out of the way of everyone else---see I'm really being very courteous--it's all in the way you look at it DAD!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

You Are My Sunshine!

The other night Abby wanted to sing me a song and scratch my back so of course I let her and it was just so precious I had to get it on video. She says she wants to be a singer and be in plays...that's news to me--she tends to be a bit on the shy side--looks like we are turning over a new leaf:)
Sorry it's dark (she was in bed) but you can at least hear it! Enjoy!