Thursday, May 31, 2007

Granny and Papa are here!

My parents came into town yesterday and the kids couldn't wait to get to the airport! We got out of the car and they started running for the bagage claim! We didn't have to wait long and the kids spotted them right away! We have a great week planned and we are thrilled they were able to come. My dad is doing great since his open heart surgery 4 months ago and it's such a blessing he was able to make this trip! They haven't seen our new house yet so I can't wait to get them home and show it off! I'll have some fun blogs this week so check back in soon!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Family Vacation to San Antonio!

Ok so I am aware that it has been forever since I have blogged last, but we were on a little family vacation to San Antonio...and I decided to just chill and blog after we got back (hey we bloggers need vacations too:) Anyways we had a great couple days and I have no idea where to start so I will just start with the big highlights and go from there!
Well we headed out on Staurday morning and only went as far as Waco (1 1/2 hours) to go to the Dr. Pepper Museum...a must see in Greg's mind! The kids thought it was cool to see the old D.P. commericals. We also have some odd kids....Greg got them a Dr. Pepper float and we thought they would love it, but they didn't care for it....what's up with that???? doesn't everyone love floats???...I don't even drink pop and I thought it was pretty good! Anways- we headed on from there and went as far as Georgetown (outside of Austin) and stayed with some family friends. We had dinner there and had a great evening chatting. We ended up leaving early the next morning to head on down to San Antonio because we had a big day ahead of us...SEA WORLD! Now this is all the kids have been talking about for a week and we couldn't get there fast enough in their minds. I have sooooo many pictures I will have a separate posting for I will go on for now. Anways- after a long day at Sea World we got a hotel on the River Walk (which was so awesome-I honestly thought we would get some cheap-o motel, but Greg surprised us) thanks honey...we loved it! We had some good Mexican food and walked a bit along the River (I am shocked Reese didn't fall in-I kept telling him if he fell in I was NOT jumping in that water:)....I guess he took me seriously? The next morning we walked over to the Alamo and Greg gave the kids some Texas history...I am not sure if they understand the whole thing but they really like all the talk about shooting and fighting (whatever works huh?)! Anyways we then started heading home after our tour of the Alamo, and we took FOREVER getting home...we got home around 10pm and San Antonio is only about 5 hours. Ok-OK I admit it- I had to stop at the Outlet Malls...can't a girl shop a little??? The kids were so great while I checked out a few stores and Greg was thrilled when we drove away and I had only spent $20...yes, it is confirmed I am the best wife ever:) oh yeah- we also went to one of Greg's favorite resturants in Gruene (outside of New Braunfuels) it's called The Gristmill, it was so good! Greg got this chicken fried steak that was bigger than his head...he was a happy man! And at this resturant you can sit outside on this deck that runs along the river and it's just gotta go if you are ever down that way (and no I am getting no money for this advertisement:)
So if you got this far you are awesome...if you know me at all, you know I don't have a problem talking and it's hard for me not to tell you every detail...(you mean this was just the highlights???) hehe! So to sum it up we had an amazing weekend and God blessed us left and right...we didn't get rained on much at all and we got to see some things I know He planned just for us! (example: Reese and Abby got to see a bird in the street that got his head chopped off! This is all Reese can talk about- now,can anyone say they have had the opportunity to see something like that??? (thanks God:)
Now that's a great vacation!

Sea World!

Sea World was so fun! I think I had as much fun as the kids...I would say the same for Greg but the poor guy was soaked the whole day....he was kind enough to go on all the wet rides and sit in the Splash Zone during the Shamu show! No really I'm kidding he had fun! But I will say I am not sure how I got out of getting wet, but I managed to skin out of there without much damage!
We did as much as we could-with not being sure when the sky might open up and pour on us- we were almost running from place to place. Now this didn't seem to phase the kids-they were crazy happy and Reese kept yelling, "Disney World" I honesty think he thinks he went there...hey that's cool!...(we got off cheap:)
Reese went on his first roller coaster ride and Abby was big enough to go on some bigger rides...she was so excited! Anways- if you ask the kids their favorite things they got to see they would say the whales(Shamu-because Abby and Daddy got soaked) and the dolphins. Now we have a super cool story about the dolphins....we were trying all day to get over to them so the kids could feed them, but it never seemed to workout. Then it started to rain and we were determined to go there before we left! So when we finally got there (wet) we caught the last part of the last feeding of the day! The kids didn't get to feed them (they were out of food) but they got to the very front and the dolphins came right up to them(even though they had no food for them). Now- you must know what happened on our way over there- Abby says, "Mommy, lets pray that we get to see a dolphin up close." I told her that was a great idea and look what happened! For some this may seem a bit over spiritual, but to us it's a blessing! Abby and Reese told us later that they were so happy that God let them see those dolphins- Greg and I feel so blessed to get to see first hand God working in our kids even though it's through the dolphins! We had prayed God would do special things on this trip and I believe He did!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lady and the Tramp

The kids and I had a movie nite last night because I had to think of something to take their minds off of Daddy being gone. We were supposed to pick him up from the airport around 4pm on Thursday but we got a call around lunch time that his flight was cancelled. Now this doesn't go over well with a 2 and 4 year old and Greg tried to explain it to them but all they kept asking me was, "where's Daddy?" So that's when I knew I needed to get some of you may know I am pretty strict about watching T.V. in our house so I knew this would be a huge treat. My kids still go crazy when you mention "movie time" and I want to keep it that way! So anyways I got us all set up with popcorn and yes, a little Dr. Pepper:) and they got to stay up late and watch the whole thing....well except for Reese he asked to go to bed about 3/4 the way through ...oh well he tried! And today I got to tell the kids Daddy would be home around lunch-he caught a flight earlier than we thought so they were thrilled...and so was I:) ...and they lived happily ever after!

Sleepy Head

Today was a rainy/stormy day which means a great nap day at our house! (so I was excited when nap time rolled around!) But, today right after I laid down I heard Reese crying. Now this rarely happens because he is a super napper. I can always count on at least 3 hours from him, but today was a bit different. I went in to get him and he wanted for me to hold him so (of course) I agreed with him and brought him into my bed! Now, I was not expecting for him to fall back asleep, but right away he was out! And I had to get a picture of him sleeping, because I have a picture of me right around his age sleeping exactly in the same position. --So maybe he is a clone of my husband, but at least he sleeps like me:)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cousin's Camp 2007

Tonight I got all the pictures that Maw Maw and Poppa took during Cousin's Camp. I must say I am a little hesitant blogging about something I didn't personally experience, but I will give it a try-please let me know D&J if I totally get it wrong!
Well- one of the first pictures you see they are at a Wildlife Reservation-it's where you drive your car along a street and the animals come right up to your car. I was amazed at how close this zebra got to Reese-one of the pictures they had an animal has his head all the way in the car and no one seemed to be looking-wow a little too close for comfort!
The next picture Maw Maw had gone into get something from the store and Poppa thought it was a good time to go get all the kids an ice cream- I wonder if he thought she might say no if she was there??? (good thinking Jerry)
The picture of the kids on the bed cracks me up- picuture trying to get a 2,3 and 4 year old to sleep all together on this one bed!--honestly I was wondering how they were gonna sleep the kids! I must say I was shocked to hear they did wonderfully....Abby and Charlie at one end and Reese laying down by their feet-hey, whatever works!
Ok- this next picture has a bit of a story. All the kids were really excited that they were sleeping in a cabin right next to where the horses sleep. So all they could talk about was feeding the horses. Well, one time the kids were feeding this horse and Reese wasn't holding the lettuce quite right and the horse ate the lettuce and his finger! They told me that Reese was shocked at first but pretty quickly pulled his finger back- and cried a little bit. Reese told me that he "cowboyed up" ....but I am not sure how confident he will be feeding horses from here on out-we'll see!
The last picture was one of the only ones of Maw Maw with kids....I can tell who was taking the pictures....I feel for you Debbie, that's how it goes with Greg and I-honestly this blog would be super boring if Greg was taking the pictures:)
So I hope I did the trip justice---I tried to get Debbie and Jerry to blog about the trip but they both said, "Not it!", blogging isn't that hard... oh I see, it was because you had 275 pictures wasn't it? -no fair!
***also my editor (greg) wasn't able to "check" these past few entires so kind!!-I up late and tired:)

Fun with the Vaughan Kids!

Last night we got to watch Riley and Bailey (our friends Jill and Jeremy's kids) our kids were so very excited.... they are 9 and 12 and our kids worship the ground they walk on:) Greg and I are quite impressed that they actually like to hangout with us-most of the time older kids don't want to be around young kids, but these two they are great and super patient with our kiddos! So anyways- Greg cooked out and then he started putting the sandbox together (we have been "meaning" to get the sandbox ready since Easter...we are slackers we know!)
Anyways -it didn't take long and the kids were covered in sand. Abby and Bailey played in the sand for about 2 hours-it was crazy!
Man, babysitting the Vaughan kids is the easiest job ever-too bad when they babysit our kids it's not quite as easy:) ...but hey at least they don't have to change diapers anymore-yeah for Reese- our potty training prodigy!!

Future Football Star!

I just love these pictures of Reese....notice how big he is smiling! Greg got the kids this helmet this weekend when I was out of town - Reese couldn't wait to try it on for me. Everytime we go past the high school football field Reese says, "that's where you will watch me play football?" ....he must take after me -I tend to plan ahead...I've been known to talk with Greg about where we will take the grandkids on vacation one day:)
The last picture Reese took of me....the helmet didn't quite fit....actually it was squeezing my head-so that's why I look like an idiot:)..thanks Reese!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kim's Baby Shower

This weekend I went home to Kansas City for my friend Kim's baby shower. She is due in July and is having a boy! I have known her since I was 3 years old and she is still my friend which says alot:) It was a great time and I got to see a lot of old friends that I haven't seen in about 10 years-crazy how time flies!
I had a good time with my famiy and it was a great relaxing weekend-I slept in Saturday till 11:30 or so...I asked my dad why he didn't wake me up and he said he figured I hadn't slept in awhile-thanks dad! I was very happy though to come home tonight and see Greg and the kids. I think Reese got bigger and Abby seems more mature-was I gone that long? I can't wait to spend some time with the kids tomorrow. Abby told me she was ready to play with me all day- sure sounds good to me!
-I have to get the pictures from Maw Maw and Poppa from cousins camp so I hope to get those posted real soon!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cousin's Camp!

Yesterday morning the kids went with Greg's parents and their two cousins, Charlie and Landry, to Cousin's Camp! Maw Maw and Poppa took the four of them to a Bed and Breakfast type place that has a farm and animals and stuff. The kids were very excited. Here in the pics they are filling their tackle boxes with a bunch of fun stuff to do in the car on the way to the farm. This is the first year all four grandkids got to go to camp (you must not be nursing:) anyways they have their hands full for sure!
Greg and I have been missing the kids;) but having a blast just hanging out doing whatever we want! Yesterday I met my friend Jill for lunch and then went shopping with her and my sister-in-law, Anglea. Then Greg and I spent the evening getting some stuff done that is hard to get done with the know the stuff that two minutes to do by yourself, but can take a whole evening with two toddlers?....anyways we then sat at Starbucks and went to a late movie- because we could:)....(we didn't have to take kids home for bed). Now don't get me wrong we love being parents:) but we have really enjoyed some time to just relax and do nothing or know what I mean! (Editor's* Note: Greg did two hours of yard work tonight, so it wasn't all fun and games while the kids were gone)
Well anyways, I leave tomorrow for Kansas City to go to my friend's baby shower and sadly will leave before the kids get home. So, I will have to blog about their great adventures when I get home. But do not fear- I will have some adventures of my own in good ole' K.C. so stay tuned!

*Greg is the Editor

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Summer Time is Here!!!

We went over to swim at Greg's parents house for the first time this summer. It was kinda cold, but we got used to it quick-since the kids were splashing everywhere! Abby and Reese swam really well and seemed to pick up where they left off last summer-they both were jumping in like crazy! We are all very excited that summer is finally here-because the only way to stay cool in Texas is to be wet!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Muffin's with Mom!

Abby's Sunday School class had a little muffin party before church for Mother's Day. It was so cute how excited Abby was- she thought it was so cool that I was coming into her class to eat! It was fun to watch all the little girls show off their mom's and act like "little ladies". -it's times like these that I am so happy I had a little girl-I love to be girlie!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day!

Well Mother's Day was really great and relaxing! As you can see we played alot and of course we got a long afternoon nap:) After dinner I went running and I got to use my mother's day gift-a new ipod! I am sooooo excited! I loaded up a bunch of songs and I think it makes me run faster...hehe...ok maybe not but I can dream can't I?
Also Saturday night Greg and the kids took me to get cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory (my favorite) and we took it out and ate it together picnic was really fun! I am a big fan of whoever made up mother's's like a second birthday....(and if you know me- you know I love birthday's:)
Happy Mother's Day to all of my "mother" friends out there!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Did someone say baseball????

well it's true- Reese and Daddy went to another game....are you wondering how many games we have gone to so far this season?....well we stopped counting! So I am warning you there will be a TON of posts about baseball....that's what we do!
I love how much the kids enjoy the game...seriously Reese can name almost all the players! The other day at a game we were sitting behind these guys and about half way into the game they turned around and said, " how many players does that kid know?" I was shocked when he called out the next batter in the! He told me tonight who hit a homer and said that we tanked (meaning we lost bad)...but in our family that's ok...we'll make it to the World Series one day and who will be there-the Stamps! I am so happy that the kids have their "thing" they love to do with Daddy and believe me Greg sure doesn't mind going to a baseball game...every other day:)

Garage Sale

We had a ONE day only garage sale yesterday- mostly because we didn't want to sit in the garage for two days! I have to admit I am not a huge fan of garage sales. I am not sure why, but I guess it might be because I would rather just donate my junk! I have learned though that people buy your junk-weird! Anyways we did pretty well and the kids had a blast. Abby woke-up the night before the sale at around 2:30 am and all she told me was that she was so excited she could could barely breathe (whatever that means:) She also asked a few times if she needed to wake-up early to help sell all our stuff- overly eager I'd say! So after making some extra cash and entertaining the kids FREE I'd say it was a success! Go garage sales!!
-I also wanted to comment on the picture of Reese in the stroller...he wasn't quite ready to sell that one....he kept asing me to take him for a walk to the park- how sad...when someone bought the stroller later I bet he was wondering if he was ever gonna go to the park again??
**no worries- we bought a new stroller today!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Funny Story!

Now I have been dragging my feet on blogging about this story...I'm not sure exactly why but maybe it's because it happened because I was getting a speeding ticket! Now I would go into all the reasons I am innocent but really I'm guilty as charged....except the fact I was UNAWARE it was a school zone-oh wait I said I wouldn't give an excuse...sorry:) Anyways- I got pulled over by a cop on a motorcycle and the kids were with they thought this was sooooo cool. I really didn't have time to explain it wasn't cool for mommy to break the law, but don't worry I told them later! Anyways the cop walks up to the car and all the windows were down because it was a beautiful day....and Reese leans out the window and says, "hey there Pirate- is that your microscope?" Now I wish I could tell each of you this story in person because this is soooo much funnier if I tell it but I hope you get a good laugh anyways! Reese has never to my knowledge called a police officer a "pirate" but he has been known to point out a motorcycle and say "mircoscope".....and the best part was the cop's expression...he pulled down his sunglasses and looked at Reese and said, "son?" Now I was really hoping we would all start laughing and I would get off free and clear but noooo he was more than ready to give me that ticket! Stink...I guess even a bit of 2 year old humor doesn't work...what does?....(yes Dad I know-not speeding at all would be a good plan:)

A Date with Mommy!

Well I haven't had a chance to blog about the date Reese and I had when Greg and Abby were camping. I told Reese he could pick something he wanted to do and of course guess what he picked?....yes Chuck E. Cheese! So we had a ton of fun and he even got a prize:) Anyways Abby was kinda sad about not getting to go so I promised we would go together sometime too. Well I decided Wednesday would be perfect because I have been potty training Reese and Abby has not had as much "mommy time". She ended up getting 52 tickets and played pretty much every game she could (for 20 tokens...I know it sounds cheap but you have to have a stopping point or we would be there ALL night:) Well Abby and I had some great bonding time and she's already planning our next outing together!

Abby and her Nails!

Last night Abby wanted to paint her finger nails all by herself. She did a great job and painted every finger a different color! I had to clean them up a bit since she painted most of her fingers, but pretty much she is on her way to beauty school:)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Potty Training 1-2-3

Last night we started potty training Reese! He has done wonderful! We have not had an accident yet and I was telling Greg that it sure seems a ton easier this go around. Abby was really easy but I think I was just a bit up tight and worried but with Reese I feel a ton more relaxed. He is 100% into it and since the first time we tried to stay "dry and clean" by using the potty he went no problem! We use this book Potty Training 1-2-3 and it's where you have the child teach a doll to go potty first and if you do it by the book it works wonderfully! Here you can see Reese putting Goofy on the potty and the second picture he's checking out his sweet treats....if he stays "dry and clean" he gets to pick a treat! I can't believe we are already training him -isn't he still a baby?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Reese at the Dentist

Today Reese had his first dentist appointment. He was really unsure of the whole thing and wouldn't let me leave his sight! We tried really hard to get him to open his mouth like a hippo, but I think he was onto us...he knew when he did something was gonna happen he didn't like! Luckily, he finally warmed up and he really liked her sqirting water in his mouth. It was really funny when she put the water "sucker" thing up to his mouth too...he said, "Paaaahh-chow"...just like Ligthening McQueen it was hilarious!

Abby LOVES the Dentist!

Abby also had a dentist appointment today and she was very excited! She loves going to get her teeth cleaned and today she also got to take x-rays which she thought was awesome! They let her look at her teeth after the x-rays were done and she was excited to see that one of them didn't come out...weird! Anyways she had to do one of them again and she kept singing, "I get to take and x-ray...I get to take and x-ray!" child is a rare breed:)