Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Playing with Lucy!

Today Reese and I were playing fetch with her hop to the duck!  So cute!


   Yes she is as precious as she looks:)


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010!

So much to be thankful for this year.  We had an amazing Christmas together as a family and were able to relax and enjoy time with just the four of us.  Thus, the reason I am just now blogging:)
Christmas Eve we went to Maw Maw and Poppa's house and had a great day opening gifts and enjoying time together.  I just love watching everyone open their gifts and it excites Greg and I both to see them enjoy the specific gift we picked out for them....we like giving gifts:)
Greg and I got an amazing new camera (thanks Debbie and Jerry) for our Europe trip in April and May and it takes some great close-up excited!  We also got a perfect roll-on/backpack/wonder pack:) for our trip....yes I have to pack for 2 weeks in ONE small carry-on (I can do it, I can do it;)  Yeah for practical fun gifts!!!
The kids were cracking me up this year with their requests to Maw Maw and Poppa.  Abby wanted books and a teddy bear and Reese wanted an art desk, a globe and a bongo drum.  Maw and Maw of course delivered and the kids were ecstatic!
Now of course everyone loves to get gifts but it was cool this year to see the kids so excited to buy for everyone else.  They raised all their own money and bought for each person and they were so proud.  I love seeing them have so much joy in their giving...what a blessing!
Christmas day after opening gifts at our house and eating breakfast we went over to Grandma Reese's house and had lunch with a bunch of our extended family.  We were able to spend most of the day chatting and eating then headed to a matinĂ©e movie to top the day off:)

Well are you wondering what we got for the kids?  Well we got them ONE gift and I was a bit nervous to see their reaction but when they saw that one gift nothing else mattered to them:)
We got them a puppy dog!  An 11 week old Havanese girl puppy and her name is Lucy....and yes she is the most precious thing you will ever see....seriously!
She's a good puppy.  She sleeps well in her kennel and doesn't cry much at night but needs a lot of attention.  Thankfully Reese and Abby carry her around everywhere like a stuffed animal so we are all good in the "attention" department:)

 I am glad we decided to take the "dog" plunge this year...hopefully we will not regret a minute of it--well of course we won't:) Right? ha!
Enjoy the Christmas pictures!  I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday too!  Video of kids meeting the dog for the first time at the end.  
**Please excuse the annoying lady voice videoing in the background.  Thanks:)

me and Grandma Reese

Reese and his art desk, globe and bongos (at his feet)=happy happy boy!

yes I got him underwear....he liked them:)

funny story.  Reese wanted this small container of Rewind (hair  styling stuff for your hair) SO bad.  He thought it was so cute and wanted to put it in his backpack for school.  Yes, my son is a bit odd:)  He got it from Greg!:)

opening first "gift" while we bring the dog out to surprise them


opening dog stuff gifts:)

Reese made Greg this mug for Christmas

Lucy in a winter cute!  (she gets cold when she goes out to go to the bathroom...sue me:)

funny but long story.
To make it short.
I ordered some UGGS online, fake site, was sent knock-off UGGS, very sad...sweet husband bought me real UGGS to make me happy....end of story.
Moral of story: never buy UGGS that say they are "on sale" UGGS never go on sale.
The End
I forgot to tell you what Greg got me for Christmas! Oops:)  Everything was thoughtful and wonderful (as usual;)
I got a new heart rate monitor watch that counts calories while I workout (which I wanted:) and got a facial...yay!  I'm not getting any younger people!!!  And then of course I got the UGGS pictures above...well actually I guess I got two pairs...thank you honey I am a very lucky lady!!  (by the way he broke budget....bad boy!! Dave Ramsey would be appalled!!:)
I got Greg lots of manly stuff this year (we like to call it his manly Christmas:)  He got cologne and shower gel that smell very yummy (I LOVE a good smelling man, correspondence cards, a beard trimmer and a bunch of grilling stuff.  I stayed in budget:)  I didn't know I could break budget or I would have....oh yes I would have!!!  
being goofy

lots of gifts!

Maw Maw and Poppa

Doug and Anglea (Greg's brother and wife)

Thursday, December 23, 2010


They just got done with the master bathroom...yay!!  We still need to clean it and seal it but it still looks fabulous even without that done!  LOVE IT! Check it out!

We still need to have the frame-less shower enclosure installed so it will still be a few weeks before we can use our beautiful bathroom

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's coming along...

The master bath has come a long way since a few days ago....check it out!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today started the beginning of a LONG road of construction going on in our house!  We've got alot going for the next few weeks.  Our master bath was basically gutted today and is getting new tile on the floor, shower and tub surround.  Next Monday the granite guy comes to start on our kitchen and then we are getting new carpet in the whole house and new paint on all main hallways/entry and baseboards!  So yes, we are basically gonna have a new house:)  So excited....keep checking in for updates on the progress!  Here's a few pics of before and "currently" in our bathroom...
we used to have carpet in our master (so weird:/ and they have already started laying the tile!!! Yay!

about to lay the shower floor

there is a toilet in my bedroom!

before shower

before tub

nice carpet huh?  I just don't get carpet in a it just me??? 

The Yellow Song!

Reese learned this song at school and I just love it!  Enjoy...he's a doll:)

Abby's Piano Recital

Saturday Abby had her very first piano recital and she did awesome!  We were very impressed in how well she kept rhythm and stayed calm!! :)  She has been taking since this summer and has really improved over time.  She was VERY nervous and practiced her 2 songs a million times!  I hope she continues to play and enjoy it as much as she does now.  I am posting a video of her playing so enjoy!

Abby and Mrs. Weaver, her piano teacher.  Abby loves her and she is wonderful...I highly recommend her (if you can get in...she's in high demand;)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Every Tuesday is free kids meal night at Chick-Fila so we ALWAYS make our way up there for a cheap meal and for a break for me (not a huge fan of cooking...baking yes, but cooking no thank you:)  Anyways this past Tuesday Santa was there and Abby actually posed with him!  What you don't see in this picture is Reese hiding in the bathroom!  Yes, he and Abby are not so into dressed up "people" in costumes:)  Ever since the kids were young they have hated it --Disney World was hilarious, where most kids run to Mickey ours ran in the opposite direction crying:/ silly kids!
Well this is a start maybe they are warming up to it? :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Legacy Park Field Trip

Last week Reese had his second field trip with his kindergarten class. They went to a nature center and the kids had a great time taking a hike through the woods, playing in the nature center and meeting a real opossum!  All the kids thought the opossum was super cool.  They had been studying opossums in class so they had fun telling the lady all about EVERYTHING they knew about them!:)
I had a great time getting to know some of the other Mom's better too and it's always fun getting to spend the day with Reeser!  I remember going to this nature center not long ago with Abby's class....time flies! 

checking out the creek

getting ready to meet the opossum

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This was our attempt at making a ginger bread house.....oh well the kids didn't seem to mind:)

BLISS!  No worries we brushed AND flossed;)  

nice icing smiley face Abby!

What a mess....a happy, happy mess;)