Sunday, October 29, 2006

On the Potty for the First Time!

Reese yesturday asked to get on the potty like Abby so we let him give it a try...well he was very excited and tried real hard! We got a great picture but he is not "decent" so we can't show the picture:) but it is so sweet! He is growing up like crazy and wants to do everything like Abby! I don't think he is quite ready to use the potty but he sure wants to be all grown up huh?

Friday, October 27, 2006

Party! Party! Party!

We had a little family party tonight for Reese because if you don't already know, it is his Birthday today! Anyway we are having a party for Abby and Reese in a week or so when all the grandparents get in town but we wanted to do something today we had a little shindig on our own! We ordered pizza (Reese's favorite) and had cupcakes and opened a few gifts! I think after the whole day he figured out something is going on here...I am getting gifts this is cool! I just loved seeing him open the gifts. He got play dough from Abby and trains from us...he was soooo excited he carried the trains all night. After the party we headed to the mall and let the kids play at the indoor park area they ran around like crazy and before we knew it it was almost we were partying so hard we lost track of time:) Well I hope you enjoyed my little blog tribute to our precious Reese...I can't imagine our family without him he's the best!

A Few of Reese's Favorite Things!

I wanted to make today special for Reese so I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday....and with his limited vocabulary:) he told me play dough, painting, choo-choo and Daddy that's what we did! First we got the paints out and him and Abby had alot of fun...I now remember though why we only paint every once in a while...Reese gets paint everywhere:) After that we got out the play dough and all he wanted to do was make balls and then cut them up in tiny I guess that was fun for him! Then we headed to the "big toy store" as the kids call it and played with the Thomas the Train table. We then met Daddy for lunch at Chick-Fila which the kids really love! So all and all I think he really had a fun birthday... and Abby asked tonight when her "favorite things" birthday is?...I loved that...I really love birthdays and want to make it a special and all about celebrating them so I hope he felt as treasured as he really is!

Happy Birthday Reese!

Today is Reese's 2nd Birthday! This morning we had cupcakes for breakfast! I wanted to start a tradition with the kids and this is one of the ones I wanted to do and they seemed pretty excited about it! Here you can see that he is really loving every bite!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Costume Day at Mainly Music

Today was costume Day at our Mainly Music class and the kids dressed up as a chicken and a frog....they are so cute aren't they? Abby was constantly talking about how she had a big belly in her costume and Reese well it took alot to get him to take it off when the party was over!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pumpkin Carving

So I gave in and did the whole pumpkin carving deal tonight....even though last year was a bit crazy we decided to give it another try:)
It was kinda funny last year they couldn't play with the seeds enough and this year they wanted nothing to do with it...Reeser put his hand in there for a second and then wanted to have his hand clean asap!...and Abby wouldn't even try! Well we had alot of fun and they even got to try and cut a little...don't worry it's a butter knife ! They loved it when we put the candle in and turned the lights off....Abby wanted to put it in her room for a night light tonight...then just a few minutes ago she said she wanted it out of her room because it might catch fire...she is always on top of things that Abby!

Monday, October 23, 2006

"Now Pay Attention Reese"

Abby tonight was teaching Reese the ropes of being computer savy! He was all cuddled up and very interested in all the her's kinda weird how good she is at moving that mouse around and she doesn't even get to play all that often so she must soak up all she can when she is allowed huh? All I know is she is about as good as I am with all this computer stuff...tonight she told me her email address...what's up with that? I think I didn't even know my phone number at her age:)

M&M Caper!

So Reese is smarter than we gave him credit for! Greg and I were talking in the other room and Reese comes running in and basically tells on himself by opening his mouth and this is what we saw... but way worse!....We told him to take us to where he had taken all those M&M's and he ran into the kitchen and showed us the empty bag of M&M's on the floor.....the whole (big) bag gone...he probably ate about 40 some M&M's in about 2 minutes! WOW that's impressive! Maybe one day we will enter him in a contest and get some money out of it to pay us back for all the food he eats:) Just Kidding!

Friday, October 20, 2006

October Party!

Tonight our family and Greg's brother's family had an October Party...what is an October Party you might be wondering?...well Greg's parents used to do this with Greg and Doug when they were growing up so they send a box with everything we needed to do it with our's kinda like Double Dare the old TV show on Nickelodeon. We first made homemade pizzas and the kids got to build their own then we did 4 different games or challenges. The kids and us parents had alot of fun....I think we should have a party like this every was great! I will post a new entry for every game I hope you enjoy...we sure did! Thanks Maw Maw and Poppa!

No Hands!

The first challenge was digging a teddy graham out of some pudding with your mouth and not using your hands....the kids did so good they all got the teddy graham...then Reese took a few more dives into the pudding just for fun! They were so messy and they loved every minute of it!

Marshmallow on a String

The next challenge we put a marshmallow on a string then dipped it in the pudding and they took turns trying to get the marshmallow in the other persons mouth....the kids did great and they loved getting pudding on each other....I loved to listen to them laugh they had so much fun...I really wasn't sure they would be able to do it but they did and I can't wait to do this with them again! (a great family night activity for sure!!)

Don't Peek!

The last thing we did was have each of the kids feed each other pudding but they had to cover their eyes and try to get it into the other persons mouth...this one was pretty messy...they loved to miss and get it all over themselves! Reese though really was just interested in getting as much of the yummy pudding in his you can see he was chasing that spoon!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Red Hot and Blue

We went to go eat at Red Hot and Blue tonight. It's a Bar-b-que restaurant- Memphis style....which is not like Kansas City Bar-b-que....nothing comes close to being as good as KC Masterpeice...oh how I miss that! Anyways we had alot of fun and Reese was really excited about the pitchers they brought our drinks in...he was going to town on Greg's DP.... we also got a free banana pudding....and we loved that....everyone loves free stuff!

Bowl Day at Mainly Music

Today at Mainly Music they passed out bowls for the kids to use as instruments and such....well they love it when they do this because it means they get to beat on it as loud as they want and no one tells them to stop! Here you can see Abby was more interested in wearing it as a hat....she also told me today she wants to be a cowgirl for Halloween.. we'll see if she changes her mind before then though because after nap today she already wanted to be a dinosaur!
Also in the picture Abby and her cousin Charlie are dancing together and they always seem to end off each dance with a good tackle...they love to wrestle.
Reese is also very interested in "messing" with Landry (cousin)...he loves to pick at him...he is very sweet with him but he likes to let him know he is older....because Reese isn't older than anyone else....poor Landry will be picked on forever!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Reese playing School!

Reese came into the room tonight with a backpack on and said he wanted to go to school....he looked so cute I wish we could get a better picture but the second Greg got the camera he went running! Abby loves to play school and practice her letters and numbers and Reese is now her student...he is really pretty good at playing with her and letting her tell him what to do....but sometimes they both want to be teacher and that's when the fun begins:)


Abby helped me clean the bathroom today and she did a great job. She loves to mop the floor and I thought it was so cute how hard she was working....she said she was sweating after we got done...I guess she would with all the hard labor I subject her too!

Also I wanted to tell you something funny Abby said the other day....whenever I am driving or someone does something well kinda "stupid" I sometimes say, "you're killing me" or "are you kidding me" well not too oringal but to Abby she has never heard those sayings before....well anyways...once after I said you are killing me she turned and said to Greg, "Daddy, you're dying myself!" We laughed so hard because she totally changed the whole thing but made it say the same weird that she knew what words to put where! I tell you we have a genius on our hands.... but what parents doesn't say that?:)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ding Dong the Mouse is.....

in the dumpster! Tonight we saw our mouse friend again....he had the nerve to run across the dining room floor but what he didn't know was that we were ready for him! Greg and I jumped into action...I got the broom and he barricaded the kitchen and living room. Well you can image what happened next....Greg took a swing and....the mouse ran under one of the kids we went to plan B....trapping him in a bowl! No fancy traps for us! In the picture under the bowl is our "pet" mouse we got him!!! Now the next part was tricky...Greg figured out how to get the bowl out of the house and he brought the bowl and all and chucked it in the dumpster....we are hoping he will not find his way home and that he will be too happy eating all the trash in the dumpster! I am soo happy that we are pet-free!

Good Looking!

Here are the pumpkins we did....they finally dried! Abby's is on the right, Reese middle and mine is one the left. Abby says that the pumpkin is her and has brown hair like her....I think it does resemble her a bit don't you think:)

Fire Awareness Month

Did you know it was fire awareness month? Well we did and we went to the local fire station in Arlington and got to climb in the fire trucks and get cookies! The kids had alot of fun they sat and drove the truck and we even got to see them answer a call....they all of a sudden ran off got their gear on and jumped in the trucks...(lights flashing which the kids loved) Greg took some of the pictures and I love the one with the kids faces reflecting in the creative...I told him he needs to come and follow me and the kids and be our personal camera man! Now that would be nice!

Pumpkin Painting

Well last year we carved our pumpkins and it didn't go over to well with a one and three year this year I got stickers and paints and thought they would like that more! Well they did and the pumpkins look great! They are still drying from this morning because there is alot of paint on them...Abby went a little crazy! Reese was interested for about 3 mintues and I ended up finishing up his but he was ok with that! I just love this picture of me and Reese he is such a doll! And we still aren't sure what face Abby is making here but it's pretty funny! She's a character for sure!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Burke Nursery

Today we went to a Pumpkin Patch and it had a ton of slides and rides for the kids! I couldn't believe how much stuff there was to do....we were there 3 hours and just made it through the whole thing once! Abby and Reese were crazy running all over not knowing what to do cracks me up how Reese just does everything Abby does even if he is not big enough. He followed Abby up this big slide in the picture and had no fear at all he just went right down after her....and Abby well she acts like she is 12 or something all independent and all! I was so glad to get the kids to this pumpkin patch because I love the Fall season and wait all year for the Fall Festivals!! I have so many pictures from today so I will have to do a couple posts to share the whole experience with you! Enjoy!

Good Pictures

I took a ton of pictures but thought these two were pretty good. Reese is a tough one to get a picture of he is too fast and Abby she's great with the poses as you can see! And big foot fits our two kids well since they took after their daddy with size 13 shoes!...I really hope Abby doesn't have that big of feet when she gets older!:)

"Hay" Ride

well as you can see there is no hay but the kids (we went with our friends from church) didn't even notice...the ride took us through this forest that had lots of "scary" displays set-up...Abby just laughed the whole time I don't think she knew she should be scared! I figure that's a good thing!

Sand Mountain

They had this huge sand mountain with little treasures buried in it and of course they wanted to climb this the whole think one day they will be nice to mommy and stay away from sand?...since I can't stand sand:) well probably wishful thinking huh? Anyways here you can see them climbing up and then the next picture Reese is at the top...yes he made it the whole way no falling and I didn't see one other kid make it up there the whole time without falling!

Sales! Sales! I Love Sales!

ok I must share our shopping trip tonight! I went into Old Navy to check the clearance for the kids and they had a fall sale going on and had a ton of summer clothes for .97, $1.97 and $2.97. I ended up getting Abby basically all her clothes for next summer...and do you want to know what I spent??? $41.oo I totalled all the receipts when I got home and they would have been $250 we saved $209...can you believe that! Awesome!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Doctor Visit

Abby and Reese tonight wanted to play doctor so we all took turns getting shots and listening to each others Reese got pretty into this and ran all around checking to see if everyone was alive....He was very happy to know that we all were well! Abby said she needed the doctor (me) to fix her legs because they were broken so we fixed it right up with some bandaids...if only it were that easy huh?