Monday, November 12, 2012

Abby's 10th Birthday!

I can't believe how far behind I am this fall.  Abby had a birthday on the 7th of November and it was a BIG one!  She is 10!!  Wow time really does fly and she is growing into such a lovely lady.
All she wanted for a party was a sleepover with lots of sugar, girls and movies....I can do that:)
Granny came in town to help with a craft she wanted to make (duct tape backpacks--which were a huge hit! Thanks Granny and Maw Maw for helping the girls!!)
I think the girls had a blast and it was pretty painless;)
Happy Birthday Abby--you are loved!

Abby wanted flowerpot ice cream that we saw on Pioneer Woman:)

Abby and Courtney at the school carnival. We took the girls to it before we came back to the house (just happened to be the same night as her party:/ bad planning on my part:)

The girls put Greg and I in jail:)  

We also made hand cookies and the girls had alot of fun decorating them!

Abby got a cool karaoke microphone stand...way fun!  Greg and I were taking turns too:)

All the girls having fun at the carnival!


Future Taylor Swift:)

Making duct tape backpacks!  BIG project but the girls loved it!

painting their hands!

Jordan and her backpack

way too much sugar=perfect birthday!

Abby's bag

Craft central!

Abby just kept adding more and more toppings! Yikes!

Happy HYPER 10 year old!

all their masterpieces!

eating their ice cream on the back porch....very messy!!!

Happy Birthday Abby girl....what a wonderful, compassionate, kind, creative and lovely girl you have become!
We love you more.  

Monday, November 05, 2012

Halloween Night!

Halloween night is always a blast in our neighborhood!  We live on a circle street and families from all around come to go trick or treating here because we have SO many houses that turn their light on:)
It's always crazy how many people come out and this year we almost ran out of candy...crazy!
 Abby was a Candy Corn Fairy as I like to call her:) and Reese was not going to go this year so he had no costume but when he saw all his friends dressed up he ran inside and put on a football jersey and called himself a "benched football player"  *His Dad came up with that one;)  Nice Greg!
Also Debbie and Jerry came over as George H.W. Bush and Barbara...they were a big hit, asking everyone that came up if they voted:)  
Fun night!

Finally made it to the pumpkin patch on was mainly for me because the kids think it's kinda lame now to crawl on hay;)  Where did the pumpkin wonder go?:)

The kids thought they were crazy:)  haha!
Good costumes guys....very timely!

Go Lightening!

Reese started flag football this past weekend!  
Excited for Saturday mornings watching his games!  What a beautiful time of year...wish I could make time stand still.  

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Hot Pink!

For Abby's birthday we redecorated her room too!  It was fun picking out all the girlie stuff after shopping for all sports stuff for Reese's room:)
It turned out really cute and Abby LOVES it!  Phew!  It's always worth all the hard work when she walks in super excited!  
Check out the looks pretty awesome I must say:)