Thursday, February 28, 2008

Green Eggs and Ham!

So I am aware that most mom's in America have been doing this forever but Reese doesn't seem to care! When Reese was a baby I made green eggs and ham for Abby and she still talks about it. So Reese has been dying for me to make them for him now that he isn't a baby! This picture captures his excitement perfectly---he thought it was so funny and while he ate he insisted on me reading the book!

"I do so like green eggs and ham" -Reese

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cowtown Half Marathon Pics

This is Greg-- I thought all of Becky's fans would appreciate some action photos from her race this last weekend. She tore it up in her first half marathon. Look at that intensity!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stuffed Animals Anyone?!

I can't quite understand why in the world she needs all these animals in the bed with her?! -Last night I went in to check on her and this is how I found her....I figure there are over 40 some stuffed animals in there---wow!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Got my Results!

I felt like I should let you guys know I got my results tonight since I was whining to you all earlier about it:)

DistanceHALF MAR
Clock Time1:52:32
Chip Time1:51:43
Overall Place418
Gender Place96
Division Place26
Age Grade58.9%
Total Pace8:32/M

It's nice to know the exact results and I wasn't too far off from what I was thinking!
Now I feel like I can finally relax!

Cowtown Marathon 2008

I needed to stretch my legs BAD! --also my eyes are closed... guess I'm already sleeping!

Right after the race--feeling happy!

It finally came! I seriously feel like I have been training forever and now it's over---it's kinda sad....well not really:)
It was a super cold morning and I found a parking place around 6:40am and decided I would stay in the car as long as possible-- I didn't want to be outside until I absolutely had too! The race started at 7:30 and I finished in 1 hour and about 50 minutes --which means I maintained about a 8:20 mile pace! This is a personal best for me and I am thrilled I was able to keep that pace for 13.1 miles--yeah! (don't ask me to do it again though for a LONG time:)
I guess the training paid off and I am excited to take a break and just enjoy working out again:)
Greg and the kids got to come see me run this time and it was fun to see them around mile 9 and then again at the finish--it always helps to have some cheerleaders--thanks guys!
On a sad note:
I came home yesterday to check my results on-line and was unable to find mine! I must admit I am a bit distraught since I ran all that way and have no record if it! But after some emailing and investigating I figured out they assigned me the wrong chip # (that's the device that records your time when you start and finish the race--it's attached to your shoe).
Anyways they now have to find my chip and match it to my bib #. So I am hoping I will have my results sometime this week----it's so frustrating to wait because to a "runner" (if that's what you want to call me:) the results are so important--that's why you run... TO COMPETE!! So we will see if all gets works out----oh I hope so!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Pledge Allegiance

Reese has learned to say the pledge in BSF and he is so proud of how big he is getting:) In this video he told me that this was the "girl" version of the pledge because he was carrying a purse--- he's always thinking isn't he? (oh and by the way...(for Greg's peace of mind) Reese DOES NOT normally carry around a purse---immediately after the taping of this video Greg saw Reese and made him remove the accessories:)

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Biggest Day of Abby's Life!

Abby's first picture as a Christian!

Today Abby asked Jesus to be Lord of her life! For about 4 months she has been very interested and asking a lot of questions about Jesus--she seemed to really start to make sense of it all. But Greg and I were in NO hurry and didn't want to push her so we have really been waiting and watching for the perfect time! Well today was the day and without a doubt she gets it--finally we see the heart connection--it's just beautiful!
Well here's how it happened-
We were out today on a family outing because Greg was off work and right before we got to the park Abby begins to tell us about church yesterday and how they talked about washing their sins away. The next thing we know she is asking us to pray to Jesus right now! Well Greg didn't hesitate--he pulled over the car and she prayed right there in the parking lot and asked Jesus to come into her life and be Lord and forgive her of her sins---amazing!
I must say not only is this the biggest day of her life but also for Greg and I! We have been praying everyday for her to come to know the Lord at an early age and truly live a life sold out for Christ and to watch our prayers being answered was thrilling!
All day long she kept asking me if she looked different now that she was a Christian---adorable!
My favorite thing - whenever she would get upset for not "acting like Christ" she would say, "oh sorry, I forgot I'm a Christian now!"
Well tomorrow is the first day of her new life with Christ and we covet all of your prayers--she already shows great sensitivity toward the Lord and His Word but we also know Satan is real and is out to get those who live for God! I am excited to watch the Lord at work in her life it is gonna be amazing! -Thank you Jesus!

It's Time to Celebrate!

Daddy praying for Abby!

Tonight we had a few friends and family over to celebrate Abby's decision to follow Christ! Abby got her best dress on and couldn't wait to tell everyone she was a Christian! We had cake and ice cream and then we all sat down together to encourage Abby and share with her some advice about living for Christ. It was so precious to watch her as she listened to everyone's stories---she was really encouraged and just couldn't stop smiling! After everyone shared Greg prayed for her and challenged her to live all her days for Jesus! She went to bed tonight and told me she was gonna tell everyone at school about her decision--man I think we can all learn a lesson here.....why aren't we this excited about Jesus everyday?


Abby picked that shirt out for Charlie--she says it is what a Prince wears??

Reese's mean face---are you scared?

Adorable Landry---I took about 10 pictures of him in this outfit...I love it!

Friday night we got to watch Charlie and Landry for a couple hours. (Greg's brother's kids) Abby wanted to put on her special dress, and started making plans for what the boys would wear, even before they got to our house. Within the first 5 minutes everyone was dressed-up :) Greg got some of his ties and his (ugly) hat out and wow Landry made that hat adorable---sadly now Greg is even more convinced this is a cool hat--ughh!
Well anyways the kids had a great night running around like crazy people---hey they even put on a puppet show...but it only lasted about 2 minutes before the puppets learned to fly (like in Peter Pan:) Gotta love it!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Sweet treats and Chutes and Ladders--what else do you need?


Big scary Poppa being a bull!

"Wow these balls are heavy!"

One happy MaMa!

Happy Valentine's Day!
I love this day--it's so fun.....such a great day to do the unexpected:)
Well we started the day with sweet treats--of course! Reese asked for a heart cake and Greg wanted the strawberry pretzel salad my mom makes so I made both:) --oh and Mom I must say I forgot how wonderful that pretzel salad is--yummy! (half is gone already...I had it for lunch too:)
--hey it's V-day there's no rules right?

Well after some crafts, a little basketball, and some naps we headed to Maw Maw and Poppa's for dinner. The kids love getting together and playing at their house! We had a party with steak, (chicken for me:) chocolate mousse, a heart hunting game, balloon popping, crazy wrestling, and one of my personal favorites--cowboy poker! --The kids all sit on the floor at a pretend table and take turns being the angry bull and the last one sitting wins! (meaning everyone gets tackled:)---it's hilarious when Poppa is the bull cause none of the kids want to wait around to get tackled by him:)
So after all the fun Greg and I had a crazy idea to take the kids bowling! It was so much fun--the kids thought it was great to be up so late! They both did a great job and made it through the whole game---I was winning by a long shot until Greg came back in the 10th frame with a strike--ughhh! I was so proud of how well I was doing since I hadn't bowled in like 10 years:) BUT I lost with grace--good job Greg *gritted teeth**:)

*I think this could be a great family outing if we go when all the smokers are working:)

Welp, I hope you all had a happy day like we did---I think everyday we should love each other the way we do on this day--don't you?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Abby has Bangs!

The first cut---it's ok Mommy if she doesn't like 'em they'll grow back:)

One happy little girl!

OK so Abby has been asking to get bangs cut FOREVER and really the only reason she hasn't yet is because of me! I guess I have a fear of bangs--it took me about 2 years to grow mine out and when I finally did I swore I would never do that again. So when Abby started asking to get them I kinda tried to talk her out of it:) Well I was unsuccessful and decided I was being silly so yesterday we took the plunge! Her friend Hailey needed a hair-cut too so it was fun for the girls to go to the beauty shop together! Both girls look beautiful!
And Abby is so happy about these bangs-it's hilarious. She's constantly making sure they are still there and wants me to pull her long hair out of the way so they are visible--too funny!
Abby told me that today at school some of the kids didn't recognize her---I told her if I hadn't gone with her to get them cut I might not have recognized her either!

It's amazing what a bang can do.....

maybe I'll get some bangs cut????

........nah I'm good:)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Daddy -Daughter Valentines Dance

Greg got home today---yeah! Well I guess no one knew, but Greg has been out of town since Monday and we have missed him soooo much! He got home this morning and since he has been in DC where the Mexican food struggles:) he was ready for some right after he got off the plane!
Then tonight was the Daddy-Daughter dance and Abigail could hardly wait for him to get back so they could go boogie on the dance floor--haha good luck Abby--I barely got him to dance at our wedding;)
They just got home about 10 minutes ago and they said they had a blast. They went with Shane and his daughter Hailey (Abby's best friend) --I wish I was there to see the guys dancing--wow that would have been funny to watch! Greg said they had a table of sweet treats, fruit and punch --he said Abby went back about 3 times--she's her mother's daughter for sure:)

Well while they were dancing the night away little Reeser and I had a date night of our own!
We went miniature golfing--Reese loves to golf....for about 10 minutes then he's ready to move on! We then played games and tried to win as many tickets as we could so he could get a prize--he ended up with some candy and bubbles--mom's not so good at those games....sorry Reese:)
So tonight was great fun at the Stamps house ....our plans for tomorrow----church then sleep.... :)

11th Grade Sleppover!

All the girls!

A late night picture--need I say more?

I had to take a picture of all the girls texting---they are text-crazy....I had to get texting service on my phone so I can communicate with them--what in the world? They never call me they just send me a text--which I am terrible at and it takes me forever to text back.... but they say I am getting better--yeah for me;)

The Fabulous 11th grade teachers:)

Last night I had eight 11th grade girls from our youth group spend the night and we had so much fun! Greg has been out of town all week and the kids spent the night with Maw Maw and Poppa so we had the house all to ourselves! These girls are so crazy and most of them are best friends so they all feel VERY comfortable around each other--scary:) Everyone arrived about 7:30 and we had pizza then we all sat around and talked forever---we finally got around to playing a silly question game and had a lot of fun getting to know each other better! Around 11:30pm the other junior teachers bailed on me and went back to their houses to sleep in their own beds which left me all alone--scary! No really it wasn't all that bad:) they are great girls--we set up all our air mattresses in our living room and turned on a movie. Can you believe they all fell asleep around 1am? I seriously was the only one awake watching the movie--they didn't know who they were dealing with obviously....I can stay up all night, no problem---- well I guess the only problem is functioning the next day;) Luckily I am feeling great today since we had about 9 hours of sleep--crazy....I remember the sleepovers I went to in high school being totally different--I guess times have changed:)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Show 'N Tell

Landry, Charlie and Abby sitting together during show 'n tell
--she thought it was so cool to have her cousins come to her school!

Every Thursday Abby has show 'n tell and has to bring something that starts with the letter of the week. Well this week was the letter P and she was racking her brain on what to bring but then she had a brilliant idea! Her cousin Charlie is always dressing up as Peter Pan and one of their favorite things to do at his house is dress-up and act out the movie. So we called Aunt Annie and asked her if Charlie could come up to her school as Peter Pan so Abby could "show" him--Charlie of course was super excited.
This show 'n tell ended up really funny- Charlie came as Peter Pan and Landry (little brother) wanted to dress-up too so he came as a baseball pitcher and even Poppa showed up for all the "P" fun! So she ended up having 3 "P's"---she came home telling me that everyone was so surprised! It ended up a great success....I wonder what she'll have Charlie do next? --she already said she wanted Landry to come as the Beast---let's just hope they start the alphabet over:)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Just Pull it Abby!

Me attempting to be brave by helping Abby pull her tooth out:)
We were unsuccessful! -good idea though Debbie!

Ok so Greg's mom told me the other day that her dad would just tie a piece of string to her loose tooth and it would either hang there or she had to pull it herself! Well last night before bed Abby's 2nd loose tooth was just hanging there sideways so I told her "we" would have to pull it before bed (I didn't want her to swallow it during the night). So I decided to take Debbie's advice and try the sting idea---well Abby was ok until we tried the pulling part---WOW she was not liking this idea at all:)
We ended up going on to bed and I just prayed that she would not swallow the tooth....well she didn't- actually she woke me up early this morning to tell me she woke-up and saw her tooth on the bed beside her. I promise I did not pull it while she was sleeping, but I did think about it:)
So tonight the tooth fairy is coming again and I told her she has to slow down with the whole tooth thing because the tooth fairy might not have enough cash on her:)
ALSO I promise to not blog about every tooth she loses---just humor me this is a new to us....our baby is now officially not a baby----she is getting grown-up teeth....eeekkk! What's next? --no please don't tell me --I'll just roll with the punches:)

Monday, February 04, 2008


This weekend while my parents, sister, her husband Scott and their son Trevin were in town we all went to see the Globetrotters. The other day I heard that they were in town and have always thought it would be fun to take the kids to see them--ends up it was a little different than I had imaged! The kids did have fun and of course it is always fun to do anything with family but I kept wondering when they were gonna bring out the trampolines and do crazy tricks---evidently I was a little misled on what the Globetrotters do:) And can you believe they were selling Globetrotter basketballs for $40 a top? ---and no we did not get our kids one....I told them we could get them one at Target for 10 bucks and paint it red, white and blue:) --our poor kids are so deprived:)

My family was only hear for a short 2 days because my sister was graduating from grad school (for the second time) ---she's one of those crazy people that just keeps going to school:)
We had a great weekend and hopefully I will be posting some pictures soon of her graduation!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl

Reese was trying to get Greg to play a game with him during the Super Bowl and Greg says, "Reese, we're watching the game! The Super Bowl only comes around once a year--it's kinda like a big birthday party for the all Daddies!" Too funny---I guess the big birthday party for mommies is when football is finally over---hehe-- only kidding!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Tooth Fairy comes TONIGHT!

Abby comes into my room today during nap and tells me her tooth is ready to be pulled out---(I think she had this crazy idea that maybe I was interested in doing something like that...which I am NOT--I don't handle stuff like that well it gives me the heebee-jeebeeies!) Thankfully my Dad is here and he is all about that stuff....he pulled all our teeth out and liked it:)
She was so brave and before I could even get the picture taken it was out! She says it feels really weird and when she was walking outside tonight she said her tongue was cold--no more tooth there to keep it warm I guess! Anyways right now the tooth is under her pillow and she is awaiting a visit from the good 'ole tooth fairy!
*note to self*---don't forget to go put a dollar under her pillow before I go to bed:P

Reese and Daddy at the Dentist!

This week the whole family had to go to the dentist and yesterday was Daddy and Reese's turn! This was Reese's first real cleaning and I was so sad I had to miss it (I was in bed with the flu!) Anyways Daddy says he did wonderful-- little hesitant at first but warmed up to it quickly! Even Daddy was brave and Reese thought it was important to get a picture of him too:) Reese also got to pick out a toothbrush and he now insists on brushing his teeth all by himself---what a big boy he thinks he is:) (I told him Mommy gets to brush in the morning and he can have the night shift---he said he could deal with that:)

And now for an update on the FLU-
Well I am finally recovering -feeling a bit like I was run over by a truck but at least now I feel like I might live past 30:) Sadly on about day 3 of my flu poor Greg started getting some "symptoms"---uh oh! He is now full blown into the flu and we have my family in town this weekend for my sister's graduation from grad school--poor guy:(
He got to the doctor today and is now heavily medicated!....he will live I am proof of that:) DO NOT recommend getting the flu---avoid it at all cost:)