Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun Times in KC!

We have been having a great time here this week and have had a packed schedule to say the least:) Enjoy the pictures...I will explain as we go!

Tonight Granny took us to get pedicures....what a treat! Thanks Mom!

My mom and I at the Rod Stewart concert--yes I went with her because I love her:) It was interesting to say the least:) My mom loved it so that's all that matters to me! I will admit it was entertaining and that's pretty good for a 64 year old man:)

We went to a Lego display at Crown Center and Reese thought this yellow guy was pretty cool!
The kids love playing with legos right now so they were very intersted in how they built each statue. I think when we get home they will be getting right to work on their first masterpiece:)

very weird....but it's incredible the things you can do with legos!:)

Abby holding her sweet cousin Eden (brother's daughter) Abby is very happy to have another girl in the family! It will be fun when Eden gets older to watch them together--I think Abby will be a perfect young lady for Eden to look up to! Don't you agree?:)

So precious! She's so good with babies--when asked what she wants to be when we grows up she says, "I want to be a Mommy and I want to live with you and Daddy forever!" ~I needed to get that in writing so I can hold her to it later:) HA!

We have done a TON of swimming in my parents pool!

We went to eat at Oklahoma Joe's which is in a gas station! It's a great Bar-B-Que restaurant and it's featured in many magazines as one of the best restaurants in the country! They say you must eat there before you die--been there done that:)

Eating the yummy bar-b-que~KC has the best bar-b-que by the way:) Sorry Texas!
By the way Greg--have you shaved yet????;)

Kansas City is called the "city of fountains" and downtown there is one that the kids can play in! This is the same fountain I used to play in when I was a kid so it was cool to see them playing there too!

We forgot our towels so they had to wrap up in a blanket--it worked just fine:)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rangers vrs. Royals

A family divided! Ha!

....and the Rangers WON--thank goodness! How embarrassing to be all decked out in your Rangers garb and have to walk out of the stadium with a loss?!:)
Well anyways we are in Kansas City this week visiting my family and we have already done so much stuff-- I, of course, don't know where to begin!
Today was the Rangers/Royals game and man was it a hot one! We ended up abandoning our good seats and opted out for the cheap seats in the shade! The kids had a blast with Granny and PaPa in the kids park. The kids park is incredible at Kaufman Stadium--they have a merry go round and a miniature golf course?? What? Crazy huh? Well the kids sure thought it was great and my poor parents braved the heat while Greg and I enjoyed watching the Rangers beat the Royals in the shade--thanks guys and sorry your team stinks--HA!:)
After the game Greg had to head to the airport to go back to Texas:(
We are so sad to see him leave but we know he's gotta make the money:) ~we will miss you babe!
After saying goodbye to Daddy we got in line for the kids to run the bases and wow was it a line! Thankfully it was super fast and Reese ran like lightening around the bases! He was bummed that they wouldn't let him slide into home plate but he got over it!
Well anyways--stay tuned for more adventures in KC--it's gonna be a great trip!

Reese hitting the ball at the kids park

the biggest jumbotron I've ever seen!

Granny, PaPa and the kids

Granny and the kids on the Royals field--Abby seems mad but she's not I think she was just hot maybe??:) ~oh yeah she also put on the shirt Greg caught during the game--fits nicely huh?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Here's a fun activity the kids and I did today! It's call the foamerater and our kids loved it! Check it out here.
I love Family fun magazine it has at ton of easy to do and fun activities that my kids actually like:) Enjoy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Silly Kiddos!

At the Rangers game Friday night Abby and Reese got to sit with their cousins and they were cracking me up! I just had to share some of these pictures--Abby is very into posing for the camera lately:)

Cousins being crazy...



Captain came up to see the kids --notice Reese is NO where to be found--he hates "humans in costumes" as he affectionately calls them:) Ha!

Charlie and Abby--don't they look alike??

Abby and Charlie again:)

Abby and Landry (where's Reese?? ~oh he's watching the game:)

Abby wanted me to take her picture again then....

She wasn't happy with that one. She said with her hair up she looks like a boy so down the hair went...funny girl:)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Josh Hamilton

Reese, Charlie, Landry and Abby with Josh Hamilton!!!! WOW!

On Friday night we took the kids (and us:) to another Rangers game. After the game we went with their cousins to go "stalk" the Ranger players:) Ok so we didn't really stalk them but we did wait for about an hour or so in the parking lot until all the players drove up from their parking garage:) Doug, Greg's brother, heard about where the Rangers drive out after the game and some of the players will stop and sign autographs so we decided to give it a try! Well thankfully we waited (we were about to leave) because finally Josh drove out and he stopped to sign for a few minutes! It was so awesome! I really wanted to get an autograph too but they only let the kids go up to the car--stink!;)
Anyways the kids were thrilled and in awe of every move Josh made--it was adorable! They were a bit sad that Michael Young didn't come out too but we told them we would try again next game! It made for a VERY late night but it was VERY worth it!!!!

*Ok I just realized that some of you might not have a clue who Josh Hamilton is (that's a shame by the way if you don't:) but anyways he plays center field for the Rangers and he's a huge homerun hitter. He is also a Christian and has an amazing story about the Lord's deliverance in his life! If you get a chance google him-- it's a great testimony!

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Little Burrito!

What in the world? I just went to wake Reese up from his nap and this is how I found him. He told me sometime during nap he fell off his bed so he just stayed there and wrapped up in his baseball rug! Now that's a boy for you huh? I asked him why he didn't get back up on his bed and he said it was cooler down on the floor:) What a funny boy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Before church--they did not want to be taking pictures but I couldn't resist!

Digging in the dirt...making sure he gets that white shirt dirty before we even get in the car--classic:)


Reese has been asking Daddy for a tie for a long time so the other day Greg and Reese went and picked out just the right one! He was very excited to wear it to church on Sunday and told us that everyone kept telling him that he was "styling" ~he thought that was really cool:)
Abby also got a new dress and flip flops and was also excited to wear it! She LOVES dresses which is kinda funny because she is also a very big tomboy! I love that she has a little bit of both it makes her very universal which makes for the perfect chick--loves to camp but sure enjoys a pedicure from time to time---now that's my kinda girl:)


OK so let me begin with this: I am not very "crafty'!! But I decided when I saw some of my friends making girlie flip flops for their daughters I thought I would give it a try! I was very surprised how easy it was and VERY affordable! You can get flip flops at Hobby Lobby for under $2 and get some cute ribbon at Wal-Mart for about $2 too! So who can resist a $4 pair of adorable flip flops??? Not me!
Anyways Abby is loving her new style and can't wait to show all her friends! I have had a lot of fun making them but am happy that, for tonight, "crafty" hour is over:) We plan of making one more pair that are red, black and white--I'll let you know how it goes!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


My sweet little cows!
~Reese looks mad here but he's just kidding:) They really were into it but the picture turned out kinda opposite! Go figure, right?

Abby all decked out--she loved it!

Did you say free???? I'm there:)
Today was cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-A and if you dress-up like a cow you get free food!
I had the kids make their own costumes and told them to be creative and figure out what kinda cow they wanted to be. Abby (our artist) was SO into the making of her costume and quickly put something together. Now Reese he's a funny fellow. He knew what he wanted to do but was very frustrated that he couldn't cut out the perfect cow spots. Finally I was able to help him put something together that he felt was" satisfactory" and he was fine--he cracks me up! (I have no idea where he inherited that--so particular:)
Well the kids insisted that I dress-up too. They both wanted me to be their color of cow so I decided to be a white cow with brown spots....very cleaver huh? (I'm on top of it I tell ya:)
Greg was not into the whole dress-up thing and told me he was fine paying for his own meal---can you believe he got a free meal anyways? Yeah, when you walk in they had cow hats for anyone that didn't have a costume and if you put it on they would give you a free entree.
Now we know that for next year:)

Cousins Sleepover

The kids being silly eating their ice cream

This is the tent they built. Abby tried to get them to play school in it but the boys didn't last very long at all! They were more concerned with running around the house like crazy boys:) ~Abby's not into crazy boy stuff she says--HA!

The other night Abby and Reese had their cousins, Charlie and Landry, over to spend the night. They were all so excited and couldn't wait to get the party started:)
They all got along great and were very polite to each other ~ they sometimes treat each other more like siblings than cousins if you know what I mean)
Anyways they stayed up late laughing and playing...I'm guessing the ice cream right before bed wasn't the best idea--oops!
I think they all would say watching Wall-E was their favorite part. They all love movies and popcorn so they were in heaven!
I would love to say they slept in the next morning but that just wouldn't be the truth:) They were up bright and early ready to play! Let's just say I wasn't ready to play...I needed some coffee;)
Gotta love sleepovers!! I didn't realize how much work my mom did when I had friends over--thanks mom you're a trooper because I had sleepovers ALL the time! :)
~no worries though...the kids were so tired the next day we all got a 2 hour nap in the afternoon!! ....maybe sleepovers aren't that bad after all??? hummm....:)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

4th of July

Making ice cream with Maw Maw

Playing in the pool with the hose--Reese's favorite.

Watching fireworks with the family--Charlie (my nephew is in front of me) he was very comfortable as you can see:)

Reese and Charlie being silly with their glow sticks

We had a great 4th of July and I hope all of you did too!
We really just took it easy--went over to Greg's parents house swam, cooked out, made some homemade ice cream then headed up to our church for fireworks! It was a pretty pleasant night out and the kids were able to run around and play so they were happy about that.
I must say the 4th is always a bit of a disappointment to me since we were able to experience the 4th while living in DC. Nothing compares to watching fireworks on the National Mall with a nice backdrop of the Washington Monument! Now that we have been in Texas for 2 years I am finally coming to the realization that nothing will compare and I just need to get over it! Ok, ok I'm over it but I don't have to like it:)
Happy Birthday America!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Rangers-Up close and Personal!!

We splurged for our anniversary (which is July 7th-8 years) and got 1st row seats to the Rangers game Friday night! It was hard to spend so much money when we normally go to the game for under $20 bucks for all 4 of us but it was TOTALLY worth it this time! We were about 5 seats down from Nolan Ryan (Hall of Fame pitcher for the Rangers) and were feet away from all the players! Now I know to some of you reading this you could care less about baseball but for us they are celebrities:) and we loved every minute of it! Greg told me while we were sitting in our seats, "I have the best wife ever! Who's wife would go to the Rangers game for their anniversary?" ME!! He has converted me-I am honestly a true hardcore fan:) We are already saving for the playoff's! Happy Anniversary honey! Best gift ever--I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! *not even some clothes would beat it--now that's serious business let me tell ya!:)

*I am not naked just wearing a strapless shirt--it was 100 degree out there:)

Fourth of July celebration before the game

There's Nolan eating some peanuts:) He's so great!

Greg got a great picture of Micheal Young and Ian Kinsler getting ready to bat. He did this for Reese because he "thinks" in his little mind that he is Micheal Young and Daddy is Kinsler--so cute!

Thursday, July 02, 2009


This is what happens when you leave two 6 year olds "unattended" with make-up!!! (don't worry Shane and Misty I was nearby:) ....yikes!
Sorry Misty--she did come clean--- I promise!

Fu Manchu! YIKES!

Ok so Greg thinks he's a comedian so yesterday morning he shaved his "vacation beard" into a Fu Manchu. Anyways I was asleep when he did it and when I did finally see him later on in the morning he was beaming with excitement! I, on the other hand, was appalled!;) I am NOT a fan of facial hair, now I don't mind a little stubble from time to time but anything more is NO BUENO!!! Well he liked his creation so much he left it there all night and even went in public--does he have no dignity??:) Ok, ok so I'm "kinda" kidding but I will be very happy to see it gone as soon as he gets around to shaving again --and working from home doesn't help in that department:) ~he's got NO dress code if you get my drift!! hehe!
*note to reader*
Greg remembers when we were friends in college (not dating) I declared (to all) I would marry someone that was "hairless" or at least someone that shaves his whole body! Ha! Man, I DID NOT end up with a fella like that:) Now that's LOVE! ~now at least he could keep his face shaved don't you think????;) Come on Greg--at least get it shaved off before our anniversary ok???? Please?:)

Dallas Summer Musicals

This year Greg and I decided to get season tickets for all of us to the Dallas Summer Musicals. So far we have all gone to The Wizard of Oz and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and we have many more to come through the summer and into the fall! Greg and I enjoy musicals and the arts and really want to introduce the kids to that world so we thought exposing them to all these different shows would be perfect! Well so far it has been so much fun and it is exciting watching the kids experience stage performances for the first time! Last night they thought it was so cool to see a flying car on stage and they were very concerned about the mean guy that was kidnapping kids and putting them in the tower! (if you have ever seen the movie or musical you know what I am talking about:) Thankfully the show ended on a high note and we all went to bed happy, but VERY late!! Now I have tried to get some pictures of us during the shows but I got my camera taken away last time SO this time I was a good girl and kept my camera in my purse! (by the way I had no idea you couldn't take pictures and when the usher came to take it away I almost fought her for it until she told me she would give it back at the end of the show:) ~thankfully for HER, she did it:)