Friday, July 10, 2009

Cousins Sleepover

The kids being silly eating their ice cream

This is the tent they built. Abby tried to get them to play school in it but the boys didn't last very long at all! They were more concerned with running around the house like crazy boys:) ~Abby's not into crazy boy stuff she says--HA!

The other night Abby and Reese had their cousins, Charlie and Landry, over to spend the night. They were all so excited and couldn't wait to get the party started:)
They all got along great and were very polite to each other ~ they sometimes treat each other more like siblings than cousins if you know what I mean)
Anyways they stayed up late laughing and playing...I'm guessing the ice cream right before bed wasn't the best idea--oops!
I think they all would say watching Wall-E was their favorite part. They all love movies and popcorn so they were in heaven!
I would love to say they slept in the next morning but that just wouldn't be the truth:) They were up bright and early ready to play! Let's just say I wasn't ready to play...I needed some coffee;)
Gotta love sleepovers!! I didn't realize how much work my mom did when I had friends over--thanks mom you're a trooper because I had sleepovers ALL the time! :)
~no worries though...the kids were so tired the next day we all got a 2 hour nap in the afternoon!! ....maybe sleepovers aren't that bad after all??? hummm....:)

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