Sunday, July 19, 2009

Josh Hamilton

Reese, Charlie, Landry and Abby with Josh Hamilton!!!! WOW!

On Friday night we took the kids (and us:) to another Rangers game. After the game we went with their cousins to go "stalk" the Ranger players:) Ok so we didn't really stalk them but we did wait for about an hour or so in the parking lot until all the players drove up from their parking garage:) Doug, Greg's brother, heard about where the Rangers drive out after the game and some of the players will stop and sign autographs so we decided to give it a try! Well thankfully we waited (we were about to leave) because finally Josh drove out and he stopped to sign for a few minutes! It was so awesome! I really wanted to get an autograph too but they only let the kids go up to the car--stink!;)
Anyways the kids were thrilled and in awe of every move Josh made--it was adorable! They were a bit sad that Michael Young didn't come out too but we told them we would try again next game! It made for a VERY late night but it was VERY worth it!!!!

*Ok I just realized that some of you might not have a clue who Josh Hamilton is (that's a shame by the way if you don't:) but anyways he plays center field for the Rangers and he's a huge homerun hitter. He is also a Christian and has an amazing story about the Lord's deliverance in his life! If you get a chance google him-- it's a great testimony!

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KUgirl said...

I can't believe they got to meet Josh Hamilton!!!! He has such an incredible story! God totally transformed his life. I am so jealous!