Thursday, June 29, 2006

Last night with Maw Maw and Poppa!

Abby and Reese had fun playing with Maw Maw and Poppa their last night here....They love to put stickers all over Poppa's face and here Poppa put a few on her too:)
They also love to swing in a blanket together and here Reese just looks adorable doesn't he?
We always have so much fun when they come to town and it's sad to see them go but we are very thankful the grandparents get to come so often! We can't wait for the next visit!

Ear Candle??

The last night Debbie and Jerry (Greg's parents) were here Debbie tells me and Anglea (sister-in-law) that we need to do these ear candel the next thing I know I have this thing sticking out of my ear with a huge fame on the other end....I must admit I was very skeptical...and scared that my hair would be in fames soon....but in the end the crazy thing sucked out all our ear wax...isn't that sick! We were so grossed out!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Kids at Cousins Camp!

Well the kids had a blast and keep talking about feeding the goats....well if you are wondering what I am talking about the kids went to a Bed and Breakfast in Pennsylvania with Greg's parents for Cousins Camp! They got to play with kittens, dogs, goats, chickens, gather eggs, jump on a trampoline, eat great homemade breakfast...Abby and Reese said they loved the chocolate chip pancakes! This pictures is just 4 of about you might say I had a very hard time picking the best! So I tried to show you some highlights! One of the pictures is of the farm itself....the rest are of the kids having fun and playing their hearts out! Enjoy!

We are Home!

Well we are back from New York! I thought I would share some pictues of our trip first since I always blog about the kids! Well we had alot of fun and we were able to go alot more places without the can really move without those strollers:) Well first you see a picture of me with Rupert G from Letterman...I must say we were very determined not to do all the "touristy" stuff but I just thought this would be fun! (He was really nice about it even though I am sure it was a bit obnoxious to take a picture with him) oh well:) The next picture is of Greg and I at Times Square, which we stayed about two blocks east of and really didn't spend much time in, but we thought it might be nice to have one day! The next picture we are at a little resturant called was soooo good and this drink is called a frozen hot chocolate...not too shabby I must say! In the background you can see the table where John Cusack sat in the movie Serendipity. And the last picture we are strolling through Central Park...sadly enough it rained all weekend...but we made the best of it....which makes me think of a funny story that happened in Greenwich Village....we only had this tiny tiny umbrella for the two of us so we were each pretty much "half dry" we broke down and bought an umbrella....but Greg wanted to find a really good one that wouldn't break in two days so we looked around and found one that was really nice and sturdy....well we bought it and headed out the door....and about two doors down was Starbucks so we just had to we left the "new" umberalla at the door and get some drinks....I must add here that everyone was leaving their umbrellas so we followed suit.....well the moral of this story is never follow a New Yorker....because we hadn't had that stinkin' umbrella for but about 10 minutes and it was stolen...we were so could really ruin your day if you thought about it too much so we tried to forget about it....well sadly enough it rained the whole time and we were reminded everytime we felt our wet clothes sticking to us! Now don't you feel sorry for us though....we had a great weekend and we knew something crazy would happen....or else what would I blog about?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Leaving for Cousins Camp!

Well today Greg and I are kidless....I must say it is pretty weird! We have had kids now for about 4 years and you get pretty used to that way of life ya know!.....Greg's parents came into town last night and today took them and their cousin Charlie to a kids Bed in Breakfast in Pennsylvania. It's a working farm that's just for kids...the kids are so very excited and so far I think everything has gone smoothly!
Greg and I leave tomorrow for New York City for our 5th anniversary! We are going to go to a few Broadway shows and do as much as we can in 3 days! I will not be blogging till we get back so we should have a ton of fun pictures from the kids trip and ours! stay tuned!

Fun Times!

We have taken some fun picture lately and it's hard to choose which ones to share but I have narrowed them down for ya! Reese sleeping in the bed the other night was just so cute....he loves his Curious George! Abby the other night got her hair-cut....we decided that it is alot easier to manage when it is a bit shorter so here she is showing it off for you! The other picutre is of the kids and I by the Potomac River looking into Maryland....this boat behind us was so amazing....I would love to go sailing on that big guy!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Abby dancing in her cowboy boots

If video doesn't play below, click here to watch it

Lovin' those Cowboy Boots!

Today Reese was wearing his cowboy boots for church so Abby wanted to wear hers too! I thought you guys might want to see these pictures of them in their boots...they are so cute! Abby is dancing here kinda like clog dancing I guess...but what would I know...being a midwesterner and all:)
The other picture is of Greg today carrying the kids...we have a problem that the kids want him to carry them both at the same sometimes he gives in! It is so funny how whenever he is home they really don't want much to do with me...I try not to take it personally...I know if I had to hangout with me all the time I would get sick of it too....oh wait I do....I think it's not that bad..hehe:)

Happy Father's Day!

We took Greg to Austin Grill for Father's Day...we admit we are addicted to Tex-Mex! We had a great time and of course the kids ate all their's so easy to feed them when it's beans and rice! We also got Greg a Texas Rangers T-Shirt...the kids wanted him to have one like them so now they all match! (Abby and Reese think that is really cool!)

Daddy's Shorts!

Reese was having alot of fun here wearing Daddy's shorts....he just kept laughing and when we took them off he I guess he wanted to wear them more huh?


We went yesturday to see the movie Cars! The kids seemed to really love it...well they really loved the popcorn and the pop they got from Daddy but I am sure they really liked the movie too! Reese has been to a movie before but didn't do very well so this time I brought the stroller and strapped him this worked for about an hour and I think that is pretty good for a 19 month old! So Reese and I headed out a bit early but Abby and Daddy stayed and saw the end....don't worry Reese didn't even notice what he was missing!
Abby's favorite car was Lightning McQueen!(picture below)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Picture with Mommy!

I never seem to get a picture of me with the kids....I am always the one behind the camera so tonight we stopped for a pose...I think it turned out cute!

Airplane Park again!

We headed out tonight to the park to just let the kids run and play....Reese loves to run around free and the airplane park is perfect for that! We did pull out the kite again I just had to show you guys how stinking high she got the thing....look it amazing...she is officially a superstar! The next picture she and Reese were hugging! It is such a blessing how well they get really makes for fun outings with not much fighting!:)

Pet Store!

Last night the kids and I went to the pet store! Greg was out for the evening for work so we had to think of something to do to keep us all sane until he was to the pet store we go! They had alot of fun....they saw fish, kittens, hamsters, birds and saw a dog being all and all I think it was successful! I know when we were leaving they asked to go again I am sure we will be visiting the pets real soon!

Cleaning with Mommy!

Abby has become a pro at cleaning the bathroom....she loves to spray the windex and clean the toilet....sweet deal for me huh?...I promise I did nothing to sway her towards the toilet cleaning!! (I just got lucky!) She is a big help really and I can't believe how clean she really gets it...that's my girl!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Craft time at the Stamps!

Well after nap today we got out all the craft supplies and had fun making a mess! Abby loves to paint and I must admit it takes alot of energy on my part to get all the stuff when we do paint she is so very excited! She was very dertermined to let Reese try his hand at painting but we tried that a few weeks ago and I decided tonight to let Reese keep his BODY clean:) I do think though that Reese had fun putting his "sticky" fish on his craft! ....maybe one day Reese will learn to not be so energetic with his paint brush...I am still cleaning paint off the wall and carpet!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

We headed out after dinner tonight to kly our I must say I was a bit skeptical about getting the thing in the air but man oh man I was wrong....we all got the silly thing flying even Reese! I was so impressed the kids got it in the air and for a pretty long time too! I really couldn't decide which picture to put on here so you got a few to enjoy! I think we might enter the family in a kite flying contest...what do you think??

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Carpenter Shelter

Greg and I got to go serve dinner at a local shelter here in the DC area tonight and it was a great experience....I must say growing up my experience was a bit...well terrifying to say the least! I was very impressed with this shelter and the people living is something we will want to do again very soon!
The kids got to go to spend the evening with Aunt Annie and Uncle Doug.....they had a blast and just love playing with Charlie and Landry. They got to play outside most of the time and eat hot dogs!...(Abby and Reese were very happy about that!) It is so nice to know that they can stay somewhere and have fun even though we are away!

So Very Sweet!

I must share this sweetness...Abby and Reese love to chill on the couch in the mornings and it is so cute to see them sit together....I have a billion of pictures just like this but I just can't help it....I am just not sure how much longer they will want to cuddle! :)

Pool Days!

It has begun! Now we will spend our days playing at the pool....the kids are very excited but it was a bit cold even for Abby! Even though she shivered most of the time Abby tried to enjoy every minute....but Reese as you can see here was a bit hesitant and he really never made it in very far! (I guess he can hangout with me on the side of the pool since I am such a wimp).

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Beach Day at Mainly Music!

Well today was Beach Day and the kids got to wear their I was a little worried that they might be upset we weren't going to swim but they had too much fun to notice they were not in the ocean! They also got to bring their buckets and shovels to use as drums since Mainly Music is a music was so funny watching them beat those was super loud!

Playing at the Park!

Yesturday all the cousins went to the park to play. They all had to take turns swinging since they all wanted to swing at the same time! The kids love to play together and they missed seeing each other these last few weeks since everyone was on vacation. I must say my favorite part of the morning was getting sweet kisses from my nephew Landry....he has learned to kiss and
Abby and Reese were so funny with him....they kept making him give them more and more kisses!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Crazy Kids!

The kids are just doing new things everyday....and you know they are growing fast when even Greg and I notice...Reese is talking like crazy and Abby is such a sweet spirit it's precious! Now I thought you might enjoy this first picture of Reese and Abby in the car... I will turn around from time to time and they are holding is so cute I thought you might like to share the love!
The next picture...which Greg is not to happy about sharing but it is so funny to me I just had to...Reese loves Abby's tap shoes and he wants to put them on all the tonight before bed I let him tap away....notice he is concentrating sooo hard!

Tonight was date night where Greg and I each take one of the kids and go do something fun...well Reese and I went to play with toys at Target and he helped me at the store...he was saying hello to everyone. Then Abby and Daddy when into DC to the National Mall and ran around and played...she told me they went to a "HUGE" water fountain and she brought home a really big all in all I think we had great dates and plan to have many more to come!

Picture Perfect!

How cute is this picture! We don't normally get everyone still at the same time to get a good enjoy they don't come along everyday:)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Paddle Boating on the Tidal Basin

Tonight we decided to go paddle boating in DC. The kids were so very excited...they looked so cute in the lifejackets too! Reese looks like he is going to pop and Abby well I was hoping she wasn't going to fall in because she was so excited she was hopping in her seat!
And I think there could be no greater backdrop for these pictures than the DC skyline!.....We are so blessed that all our pictures look good thanks to all the great DC architecture. Also the picture of me and the kids in the lifejackets....don't worry I am not hurting Reese:) he was just not wanting to take a picture....he wanted to jump in the lake!