Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fine Arts Day!

Abby making super goop!

The kids are mixing the goop--with their hands--they were thrilled!

Watch out Poppa I'm gonna get you!

Me sneaking a picture with my little girl!

Reeser with all his Pirate gear from Chuck E. Cheese!

Friday was Fine Arts Day at Abby's school! She was so very excited! She woke-up and the first thing she said was, "Mommy, today I get to do art ALL day!" It was cute!
I got to go volunteer thanks to Maw Maw watching Reese. She took him to eat at Firehouse Subs (one of his favs.) he loves that the place looks like a fire station! She then took him to Chuck E. Cheese--and he cleaned house! He was lucky that the lady behind the counter was VERY generous and pretty much gave him anything he wanted ! He was very happy and thankful!
While they were off having fun Jerry and I volunteered in the Watercolor Room-where we were also having fun:) Each kindergarten class rotated to a classroom and each one had a different theme. One was a dance room, a pottery room, a cooking room, shrinky dink room and our watercolor room.
Jerry and I got very lucky to get the messy room! I tell ya-it seems every time I volunteer I get to work with something every messy and this time was NO exception;) We got to make super goop! It's 2 parts glue to 1 part liquid starch and some food coloring and it makes a silly putty like texture. The kids LOVED it!
I just have to laugh--I have grown alot and had to "ignore" my cleanliness problem since Abby got in school:) It was really fun to watch the kids have so much fun though! They were dyed every color of the rainbow and some even got it on their faces---I am hoping I don't get any calls from angry mothers who can't seem to get the dye off their children--sorry:)
Abby was thrilled to have Poppa with her--I could tell she was proud to have him there!
Jerry is great with the kids and I know it meant the world to Abby--thanks Jerry you are always welcome to come help us out whenever you want:)
Also thank you Maw Maw for watching Reese--he had a blast-as usual- and didn't even notice I was gone;) Success!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tea Time with my Baby!

Abby and I at the Tea Room

She was hungry;)

Our special treat after lunch

"Mommy, who ate my cake????"

Abby being silly in the car--these are her new sunglasses-she loves them!

Saturday Greg and Reese went to the Rangers Fan Fest together (boy bonding) so I decided to declare it a Abby and Mommy day! We had a wonderful time together--I am soooo blessed to have a girl!
We first stopped by a local tea room and had a very girlie lunch together--we sipped tea and chatted about all things wonderful and even shopped a bit around the antique mall--it was nothing less than superb!:)
We then went shoe shopping--what could be better right? Well she wasn't quite sure about it but it ended up a great success and we had a blast! (we bought 7 pairs of shoes for $38--we saved $123--can you believe it??? Amazing! ~I love a good deal!) We then headed home and we played beauty shop--which she is WAY into right now!
The boys got home soon there after and they also had a wonderful time! Reese kept telling me all night that he got to go with Daddy all by himself---he thought that was great! The boys are very ready for baseball season and I am happy to say after 7 years of fighting it I am a huge baseball fan myself...bring it on! ~now if we could just convince Abby that she also loves baseball....any ideas????:)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet and Sassy!

The girls all dressed-up with nowhere to go:)

Abby and I-she looked so sweet.

Abby and Hailey

Abby loved the make-up part...I think it's the artist in her...she loves to "paint" her face!

Getting her nails done--another "love" of Abby's--but she's always into the weirdest colors-- what is up with that??? :)

This past weekend Abby went to her friend, Hailey's, birthday party at Sweet and Sassy. It's basically a little girl beauty salon but they also get to dress-up and sing and dance on a little runway. Now I was a bit concerned about if Abby would want to participate because she is not into being "center stage"--I wouldn't say she's shy she's just reserved and not into girlie stuff that much. So anyways she didn't dress-up like I suspected and she would have nothing to do with the dancing. She did get her nails, hair and make-up done though. She seemed to really like that part and she clung to my leg the rest of the time:)
She really wanted to be there because Haley is her best friend and she told me the other day, "Mom I've known her ever since I was born--we've played together since we were babies!" I couldn't help but laugh-- she sure listens when adults talk;)
Anyways the party was really fun and it was fun to hangout with all the Mom's and watch our girls get all dolled up! I liked this girlie salon a lot more than some others I have seen. They had modest clothes and didn't put any emphasis on being "beautiful" or whatever--it was done well and I was very happy about that!
Abby ended up having a great time and loved getting to spend time with Hailey. We are already planning the next time they get to see each other! Happy Birthday Hailey girl--we love you!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let's Brainstorm

The kids doing their best Imagination Movers impersonations for the camera. Every episode of the show has an "Idea Emergency" and the Movers have a brainstorm to try and solve the emergency.

The kids love this show and we're taking them to the concert in March-- third row tix-- they're gonna love it!! If you haven't seen it you should definitely check it out. It's family friendly, and probably the most enjoyable show for the grown ups in our house. Here's a link to their website if you want to see what I'm talking about. They're on Playhouse Disney just about every day. We have it set on the DVR so don't really know when it actually airs.

Freedom from Bondage!

....bondage from plastic bags that is! Just keep reading and I'll explain:)

A plastic trash bag full of plastic ironic!

the plastic has taken over!!!!!

They just keep coming!

Tonight I was cooking dinner and Greg says, "Honey, do we need all these plastic bags in the bottom of the pantry--you can't even see the floor?" I told him actually every time I look in the pantry I think about getting rid of all those but never seem to get around to it. Come on--you know what I mean--those tasks around the house that you have every intention of doing but it never makes it high enough on your priority list so you NEVER do it!
For instance- ironing, taking clothes to the dry cleaner, cleaning out those toy bins, cleaning out the junk from under the kitchen sink....need I go on ??? --because I could:)
Well anyways that's the problem with the bags we need to be "bag-free"!
So Greg started cleaning them out of the pantry and it was INSANE! They just kept coming and coming! Greg was pretty funny---he was so annoyed and overwhelmed at the same time--he's a bit on the OCD's ok honey I am too:) We decided "together" that we needed to trash them all and start over! (making our next collection a lot smaller)

~side note~
we were a perfect "marriage model" in how to compromise and come to a peaceful resolution-I was so proud of us:) And look at us now? We don't have one bag in the whole house to use if we need it---it's so freeing:) .....yet so unprepared all at the same time!
Anyways with the kids help we got rid of them all and we feel good!
~~ I have a theory about the bags though--ok so Greg and I have been married 8 years in July and have moved 8 times! And when you move that many times you get rid of the junk because you don't want to move it. Well we have been here in this house for 2 years this month which is the longest we have lived in one place so we are starting to run into "problems" -- I keep finding stuff that needs to be "decluttered" and I'm getting annoyed! I tell ya- I have decided moving is so much easier--you are forced to go through everything therefore living a clutter-free life! (Now Greg would disagree with me here--he hates moving and is thrilled he hasn't had to move our beds into a moving truck for 2 years or the 200 lb. chest of drawers our kids have for that matter:)

Ok so what is the point of this blog--nothing really just reporting on the "behind the scenes" of the Stamps family...take it or leave it is what I say:)

BUT there is a moral which makes all the reading you just did worth it:)
Free yourself of clutter and start with those silly plastic bags!

Now aren't you glad you read this whole entry?? :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tic Tac Toe and No Tooth Drama!

Today I had to go to the doctor because I have been sick for the past 3 days and Reese had to go with me. I was trying to think of something we could do while we waited that didn't take too much energy on my part so I brought a game of tic tac toe that Reese got for Christmas. Well when we got the game out Reese says, "Mommy I will be the "toes" and you be the "tics" ~he always knows how to make me laugh--which I hadn't done for a few days and he put a huge smile on my face! He's a funny guy!

Also Abby last her 5th tooth last night! She has been messing with it for a few weeks and I really didn't know it was so ready to come out. She walks into the kitchen last night holding her tooth and says, "Here's my tooth mom." Wow! We have come a long way--do you remember the video we took of her front tooth coming out??? Well let's just say it wasn't this calm--I guess she's over it:)

Here's the video again if you want to watch how far she has come....enjoy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Disciple Now Weekend

The girls with their two leaders-Rachel and Jenn

Saturday night we made a Shrimp Boil and it was a HUGE hit!

The last night they went on a walk around the block together for their last session--not sure why but they seemed to like it:)

This past weekend Greg and I hosted a group of high school junior girls for D-Now weekend. D-Now is basically a retreat where the youth spend the weekend at church members houses and have bible study and other fun things packed into one weekend! In the past we have had guys at our house but this year we were blessed to have 5 of my Sunday School girls and they were soooo easy!
Girls not only smell better but they are alot cleaner and actually sleep:) It was really great to get to know the girls better! I love this age because they are not yet freaking out about college and haven't checked out like the seniors. Instead they have their ears wide open seeking for an guidance they can get! I just love it!
Now Greg wasn't as into the weekend--I felt bad for him but he says he liked that he got alot of sleep (unlike last year when he had his S.S. guys:)
Anyways the kiddos got to spend the weekend at Maw Maw and Poppa's--they didn't seem to miss us much and when I asked them what they did all weekend they say, "It's a secret!" What's that all about M and P? :) I am so thankful they got to sleep over their because here they would have NEVER slept---our kids have a tough time going to sleep when there's a party going on~who doesn't??:) Thanks Maw Maw and Poppa!
Sadly Saturday night Greg and I started to get sick and we both haven't recovered yet!
I think I am getting too old to stay up so late every night--or maybe it was the 2 girls that came to D-Now sick? ....maybe both:)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cool Shoes!

The cool shoes! ~Reese loves that he gets to wear someone elses shoes! Too funny!

Abby and her perfect form!

Reese said his ball was too heavy so he would roll it VERY slowly down the lane and then we would wait a long time to see what he knocked over. Can you believe one time he actually got a strike? -maybe he's onto something???

Abby and Greg fighting it out for 3rd place...

Greg kept getting UNO and then Abby would put down a draw 4--he was thrilled as you can see!

We had promised Abby and Reese we would take them bowling for family night since Christmas so when we told the kids we were going this past Saturday they were pumped! We decided to go during "off hours" hoping to avoid as much smoke as possible but of course that's pretty much impossible--no matter the hour someone is guaranteed to be chain smoking right next to your lane....and this time was no exception! Thank goodness the kids didn't seem to mind and Greg and I put on our happy faces and tried to not make a scene! :)
We all did pretty good and the kids both broke 65~thank you bumper guards! Greg and I were competing-as usual- and man if it weren't for my stinking schizophrenic bowling....seriously I have NO consistently! One time I'd pull off a strike and the next I was having to use the bumper guards to even hit one! It's nuts! Anyways Greg did end up winning by 15 and was proud of it! Good job Greg~
After bowling we ate a bite and then headed to Starbucks for an ENDLESS game of UNO! I tell you what--I have been playing for years and I have never seen a game like this one! It was so fun! Reese won first about 10 minutes into the game then I followed about 5 minutes later. Abby and Greg fought it out for about 30 minutes--it was so hilarious to watch them!
Finally Abby got 3rd and Greg lost--Abby was thrilled to be done because she had been wanting to play chess since we got there. Ok-now about Abby and chess....she is surprisingly good~since she's only 6! Greg taught her about 2 years ago and she took to it right away! I still don't know how to play and she gives Greg a run for his money--it's great!
Well anyways we had another great outing and I'm ranking this one up there with one of the best ever! It was so fun, light-hearted, relaxed and the kids didn't fight once~which always makes for a pleasant time:)
*I am loving them getting older--things of course are getting easier but also they are just full of personality and are super fun to be with. They are like little people--it's crazy if I think about it too long because I sure don't feel old enough to be having kids this old!:) ~but I realize I am this old and I'm getting more and more ok with it--because I sure wouldn't want to go back to high school or anything--no thank you!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Abby's First Basketball Game

Abby looking for a pass...notice her teammate blocking her~I told you we were a bit confused:)

Abby's so fast she's like lightning....see we caught it on camera:) (ok the camera kept taking blurry pictures but I thought it was cool anyway!

The "real" coaches giving a pep talk! ~they both played basketball so they are bit more qualified!

Abby and Charlie before the game

Yesterday was Abby's first Basketball game! Daddy talked her into it because her cousin Charlie is on the team! Let's just say Abby is not too into "organized" sports but so far with Basketball we are off to a great start!!! She has agreed to try each sport and if she just hates them all we won't push her to play any of them again:)
Well the game started off a bit "chaotic" or "confusing" but by the end of the game she came alive!
Our Abby has such a precious spirit and doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body so when everyone started running around after the ball she didn't know what to do with herself--does she defend herself or go after the ball???? Sweet girl was so confused--I felt bad--so bad!
Now mind you I have NEVER played basketball and can't shoot for the life of me but still I felt like I needed to help her! So I muster up the little I did know about basketball and began to "encourage" her from the sidelines:) (Greg is one of the coaches and was doing a fine job but my "momminess" came out and I just had to come to her aid:) Well sadly my "encouragement" was wrong and confused her all the more--oops! Greg's dad was sitting near by and brought to my attention that when on offense you don't cover your guy--my bad:)
Well we are very encouraged that after the game she was happy and can't wait to play again--success! And don't worry I learned my lesson--when in doubt ask someone what the rules are before you go and look like an idiot:) And thank you Jerry for your kind clarification-it was MUCH appreciated!
Go Lakers!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Cozy Cousins

The other day Reese and Abby had their cousins over to play. They played a little but really they all just wanted to get cozy in Reese and Abby's cots and watch a movie! They all stayed this way through the whole show and snacked on popcorn. Landry wasn't too sure about getting in Abby's "girlie" cot but she sweet talked him and he quickly changed his mind!
They are all so precious together--very loving and forgiving of each other. They teach me a lot as I watch them interact. No matter what happens the time before they are always thrilled to see each other- forgetting the past....there's a lot we can learn from kids can't we?
It's very humbling.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Reeser dancing....

...and playing his new drum set! For Christmas we also got him a CD player so he could play music and practice his drums. He loves to just go into his room and play away~we are currently in the market for muters for the drum and a governor for the volume on his CD player:)

(I also think it's funny that he loves my old Supertones CD from college--hey at least I'm putting to use those old CD's I put so much money into back in the day:)

Monday, January 05, 2009

Bless You!

Reese just got out of bed and walked into the living room and said, "Mommy, I got a bless you all over my face!" (his face was all wet)
~ Get it? It was a sneeze...a bless you! Hilarious!
Keep 'em coming Reese you crack me up!

Christmas at Maw Maw and Poppa's!

Opening some gifts with the cousins

Abby's pogo stick--the first one:)

Marshmallow shooters!

The battle of the marshmallows~yummy! ~notice the what's floating in the pool!

After we open gifts and eat dinner every year the kids always look forward to "Search for baby Jesus" it's basically a scavenger hunt throughout the whole house and then at the end they find Jesus! They love it!

Well I have had a hard time getting caught up on all our Christmas festivities but I think this is my last report:)
The day before the kids and I headed out to KC (Greg flew in 2 days later) we went over to Maw Maw and Poppa's house to open gifts and have Christmas dinner! Now if it were up to Poppa we would have opened gifts the first of December so even though this was an early celebration for some it still wasn't soon enough for ALL of us! We all got some great stuff and it is always fun to watch the cousins open up their gifts! Charlie and Reese both got a marshmallow gun and they both had a blast shooting at each other- Landry and Abigail also had fun running around eating all the stray marshmallows!
Abby got a pogo stick from Maw Maw and Poppa and she was so patient through all the gift opening and when it was time to open the box and jump she was ecstatic! She went into the backyard to try it out and sadly she wasn't heavy enough to make it bounce. It was so sad so Poppa decided that they would run up to Toys R Us and trade it out (another perk in opening gifts before Christmas...stores are open:) Abby was so happy and it meant a lot to her for him to do that! They were unable to find one that fit her size but she took it well and got a gift card to get one later!
Just the other day she was able to get the right one and has so far been able to bounce 4 times in a row....I tried (I used to be able to do it) but Abby was afraid I was gonna break it so I got off quick:)
Well as I said this is my last Christmas entry---we got all our decorations put away and today Abby started back to school--sad:(
I always get a little depressed to see the holiday's come and go--I guess though we all have Valentines Day to look forward to now right?
Well Happy 2009--I hope you get done this year all the things you didn't get done last year:) ~And maybe this year will be the year flying cars go on the market....I always thought by now we would be living like the Jetsens (a cartoon I used to watch when I was a kid)--guess they were a little off huh?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas in Kansas City

Last week we all went to KC to spend the week with my family. We had a great time celebrating not only Christmas but also my Dad's retirement after almost 39 years at The Lee Company. WOW! It was a full and fun week of eating and playing and just relaxing with the whole family! I put together a slide show to capture our time there--read the captions to get a few more details!