Sunday, September 30, 2007

Botantical Gardens

We got Reese to sit in this tree for a picture and right when we were about to take the picture he put his hand up and said, "I'm eating an apple!" --he is such a character!

Last night we went to eat Mexican food (yeah) and then went to walk around the Botanical Garden for a little while. We got some cute pictures of the kids and they also got to catch lightening bugs---they were so excited...Reese squished a few and Abby was kinda freaked out when they lit up in her hand...but all and all they had a blast!
Yeah for beautiful...almost fall evenings---fall can't come fast enough---I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!!!!! ...I am not sad to see summer go:)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Time with Stacey!

Yesterday we met Stacey (my college roommate that just got back from India in July) at Chick-Fil-A! The kids were so excited to see her you can see in the pictures! Stacey leaves for India again for 6 weeks so we are so sad to see her go--again! I just love that my kids are so close to her---even though she was gone a year they still act like they never missed a beat! The other day I was leaving to go meet Stacey for coffee after the kids got to bed and Abby asked where I was going and I told her I was meeting a friend for coffee and she said, "Stacey???"
I told her yes and both Abby and Reese went to bed crying because I wouldn't bring them with me---so sweet! I can understand why they love her so much--she's the greatest ...we'll miss you Stacey be careful and we'll see you in 6 weeks!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Family Night at the Park!

Tonight we went to a local park to have a picnic, feed the ducks and play a little baseball! The kids thought it was really fun to feed the ducks and chase them all over the place--poor ducks! We also played a game of baseball-preschool style-and the kids were hitting home runs all over the place--ok so maybe we let them take a few bases! It was great to see them keep swinging even when they missed a pitch or two--they have a ton more patience than me--whenever I miss a pitch I just start throwing things---only kidding.....I never miss a pitch:)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Last Rangers Game of "our" Season!

Well last night we went to our last Rangers game of the 2007 season! We have remained faithful even though the Rangers have had there up and downs! The kids have been wanting to bat at the little kids ballpark all season so last night they finally got too---they also got to keep their bats and came home with about 10 plastic balls! Last night was also fan appreciation night so we each got 2 free tickets for the 2008 season---also Greg was looking on the ground all night hoping someone dropped their free ticket coupons and he found about 8 more...crazy--we'll be going to free games all next season...yeah! Go Rangers--next year will be different you'll see:) .....and you can guarantee we'll be there!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tour Des Fleurs 10K

This morning I ran a 10K in Dallas! I got my best friend from college to run it with me so I was really excited to finally have someone to run with--we both did really well---I placed 5th in my age bracket (25-29) and 183 overall (1122 people were running in the race) and I was happy to see I beat a ton of girls younger than me:) .....that always makes a girl feel good ....especially since I will be 30 next year!
Also Greg came with me this morning (he has never seen me run a race yet-since he always stays home with the kids--thanks for that Greg!) and he took some funny pictures of Stacey and I and I thought I would share them with you! I must say we look pretty buff and intimidating in the first picture don't you think??? I sure would be scared to have to race against us!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Abby's Hat!

This hat is so crazy! Abby came home from school with a "homemade" chefs hat made with a plastic bag----am I crazy or do I remember it being dangerous to put a plastic bag anywhere around your face? Anyways Reese thinks it is great--but don't worry he does know not to put it over his face:)

Poppa's going to India!

Tonight we all went to go get Mexican food to send Jerry off to India in style (I don't think India has very good Mexican food:) Jerry leaves tomorrow to go on a Mission trip of sorts--he is going with 4 other men in the church to search out a people group for our church to adopt (I think I explained it right--am I right Jerry??) We are all praying for his safe travels and that he gets some sleep on the plane---the kids are excited to get to pray for him everyday while he is gone. I really can't wait for the kids to experience a mission trip first hand---it just gives you such great perspective that is hard to learn here in the states. Have a safe trip Jerry we will all miss you!

Starbuck's Fun!

Something near and dear to Greg and I is coffee:) No, really. In college Greg and I hungout at a local coffee shop everyday--sadly we were very much like the show Friends where you wonder if any of them have a job--Greg and I both at the end of the school year had a running tab we just paid off before we left town----oh how I miss the days of no responsibility:)
Well anyways since both the kids were babies we have taken them to Starbucks and today during Greg's lunch we took Reese for a special date! It has been bittersweet with Abby going to school-we miss her so much during the day, but for the first time I have gotten alone time with Reese and the time has just been precious! I forgot how easy it was having one kid---it's a ton easier to do everything...(I guess it's because there are no siblings to fight with:)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Football Time Again!

Last night we went to our first football game of the season! Our friends the Vaughan's have a son in junior high and he made the "A" team---way to go Riley! Anyways he had a game last night so we all went to cheer him on--along with 50 other people--he had the biggest cheering section ever! And man we were loud-he was by far the best on the team (I am bit biased) and he made some great plays--he almost got an interception! Riley your on your way!
Well-I am so excited for football season...even though we love baseball--the weather is so beautiful and fall is my favorite time of year---yeah! We plan on many more games in the future even though I really don't know much about the game I can cheer with the best of them--and no will know I really have no idea what just happened:)'s basically like soccer right?..hehe!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Reese singing Karaoke!

On the cruise we took the kids to a late night family Karaoke. Abby and Reese loved watching the other kids and after awhile Reese wanted to do it for himself. The only problem was that he didn't know any song on the list very well-so I went back to the DJ and asked him if Reese could sing "Take me out to the Ballgame" a capella and they said he could! I was so shocked how excited he was to get up on stage (with Daddy) and sing-he didn't hesitate when they called his name and I got this video so you can see what a cheese ball he is! ---and how perfect that he was dressed-up in his baseball uniform:) (whenever Abby would dress-up as a princess for dinner he wanted to dress-up too---so we brought his uniform so he wouldn't be tempted to dress-up as Cinderella!) mommy:)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Disney Cruise 2007

Here is a slide show of our Disney Cruise! We had the greatest time and no one got seasick:)---well the pictures pretty much speak for themselves so enjoy!!

Disney Cruise 2007
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wow---where have I been???

Hi there all you faithful readers! I bet you wonder what the Stamps family has been up to huh?....well we just got back from the Bahamas--yeah that's right Greg's parents took us (our family and Greg's brother and his family) all on a Disney Cruise and WOW it was incredible!!! I can honestly say it was the best cruise EVER! I just downloaded about 200 million pictures and don't even know which to pick from--so I will put together a slide show this weekend and post it as soon as possible! Although- I will tell you a few highlights and post a few pictures now just to wet your appetite:)
There was lots of great food--everything revolved around food-(for the kids they had Mickey ice cream bars about 2 times a day), we got to meet all the Disney characters-Reese was brave and Minnie gave him a kiss, (he blushed) -Abby dressed-up like a Princess almost every night, Reese did his first Karaoke (Take Me Out to the Ballgame...and he was wearing his baseball uniform-priceless)---I got it on video so I will post that one soon! , Greg basically fasted for 2 weeks so he could eat as much as he wanted---and he did! -we got to stay 2 days on the Disney private island because our first day it rained a bit--but we just swam in the rain-the kids had a blast! the shows were amazing and they had some sort of deck party everyday--and FIREWORKS! Snow White met Abby and Reese one night and the next day she walked by and said, "Hi Reese"...what in the world? how did she remember that? The crew was amazing they remembered little details about everyone and were so personal--it was great! --this doesn't even begin to tell all the fun we had but I just have to tell you about how fast we got off the boat today---it seriously took us TOTAL 15 minutes to get off the boat, through customs, baggage and security-wow we have been on cruises and we never got off that fast! I highly recommend the Disney Cruise Line---they do everything with excellence---way worth the money!!! (or your in-law's money:)--thank you so much Debbie and Jerry--we are so very grateful!)
Well-check back soon to see some great pictures---I have missed you all:)

Friday, September 07, 2007

We Look Good!

Tonight Abby and I had a night all to ourselves because Greg took Reese to the Rangers game (again;) Abby told us she doesn't like going to the games all that much so I thought I would give her a break and we would do some special stuff together---some GIRL stuff! So as you can see we put a mask on our face, did each others make-up and painted our nails--good times! We both look beautiful (of course) but I thought this picture was the best---she loved the mask and laughed the whole time (except when it started drying--she was a little concerned and said it was starting to hurt...I told her that that's when you know it's working:) --after I took it off she kept telling me how smooth her face felt---I think I might have created a monster:)

Roller Skates

Last Christmas Abby and Reese got these roller skate things from Granny and PaPa. Every so often the kids try to skate on them--well it's pretty hilarious and I make them stay on the carpet until they get a hang of it! Well I am not sure if either of them ever got a "hang of it"-- but they headed outside anyways----they were falling all over the place but they kept at it and maybe one of these days they'll surprise themselves and actually stand up for 5 seconds:)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"I Love You Too"

Ever since Abby was a baby Greg's mom has been singing this old country song to the kids called "I love you too"--or something like that:) Anyways we just recently discovered both the kids know all the words! I have grown to just love this song and hearing them sing it is just precious! Greg got Abby to sing it for you all-I hope you can understand all the words because that's what makes the song so great!

Abby's First Day of School!

Today was Abby's first day of pre-K! I can't believe she is already that old but she sure is ready! She was so excited she couldn't go to sleep last night and this morning she was pretty eager to get her backpack on! She told me she had lots of fun and spent most of the time playing with her friend Hailey. She said her favorite thing was reading time and she also got to go on a "letter" hunt... she found something that started with the letter B--a book! Yeah Abby! Her teachers are Mrs. Becca and Ms. Leah-she said they were so nice and that they made her take a nap! (she said she didn't fall asleep and she told me that it was ok...she didn't get in trouble:)
I think she is gonna have a fun year and Thursday is show-n-tell ---she has to bring something that starts with the letter A---she is already looking all over the house for what to bring!

Ice Cream Celebration!

To celebrate Abby's first day of pre-K she and I went for ice cream (during Reese's nap)....shhhh-don't tell Reese:) We just sat and talked about all the fun she had--I missed her so much today but I am so excited for this next chapter in our lives....she's growing up and I need to face the facts----she doesn't need me as much and that's ok:)

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor "free" Day!

Thank you Reese for giving me such a sweet smile!

So why isn't it called Labor"free" Day???? Well I think we should change the name, but that's just my opinion! Anyways we have taken pride in being labor free today-first we all slept in and then chilled around the house till lunch. We then headed out for some Mexican Food at Joe T. Garcia's---yeah!!-- it's probably the best Mexican food ever--at least I think so:) We got to sit out on the patio and it was so beautiful--we could have hungout there all day, but the kids felt differently! So we headed over to the Stock Yards and the kids played around in the general store. They loved all the play guns and as you can see they liked posing too!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Incredible Pizza!

Last night we decided we wanted to do something fun-Greg has been at a conference all weekend so we were so ready to go and do something with him! Our friend told us about this pizza place that was even bigger than Chuck E. Cheese! They have mini bowling (which the kids loved)-- I have been wanting to get them bowling but thought they were not quite ready for big bowling places so this was just perfect--they even got a few strikes! This place also had a huge buffet....I tell ya-we haven't been to a buffet in forever maybe 2-3 years and wow--people can sure put it away...I think if we got rid of every buffet American obesity would be cut in half:) Anyways we had a great time and burned alot of money---so if you want to go out sometime and spent way too much money then this is the place for you:) But as for our family we are gonna stick to Chuck E. Cheese!!