Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We're home!

We got back to DC this evening and the kids did wonderful on the I couldn't believe how patient they were all day...we left the house this morning at 8:15 and didn't get to DC until 5:20. I must admit that last night I went to the store and got a ton of "bribery food" but I really didn't have to use much of it.
I also have an update on my dad...he got out of the hospital today just in time for us to load the plane:( But we are very happy that he is better and they are going to continue to monitor him throughout the week...You all can pray that he stays healthy as my mom and dad head to Hawaii on Friday..... I still can't believe he wants to go but the doctors say it will be great to have a relaxing week with no he must obey the doctors that's what I say!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Worlds of Fun...literally!

well I can't believe how long it has been since I blogged last...I have been going through withdraws! I must say I am a laptop snob now and here in KC I can't use mine so things have been tough:) We have been having alot of fun here even though my Dad has been in the hospital since Friday morning..that has been very sad and we miss him alot! He has been having some heart problems and they are trying to correct it but things have not been going to smoothly....we hope that tomorrow our last day that he will be home!
We have been able to do some fun things though. Yesturday we went to Worlds of Fun it's like Six Flags....Abby and I went with my brother his son and his girlfriend and her son. Sadly Reese didn't come but after the long day it was for the best because he couldn't ride anything and it was blistering hot....96 degrees I thought I left Texas last week? Also today we had lunch at my sisters with the family....and we were very sad my dad couldn't make it...but we tried to have fun anyway.
In the first picture Abby is riding a ride and loving it
The next picture is of all the cousins sitting watching their crazy Aunt Christi do something silly.
And then the last one is of Reese and he was loving his banana pudding ALOT!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

We're in Kansas City!

Well I would have blogged earlier but I don't have access to my computer so it makes things a bit harder for me.... I am not to good at this computer stuff! But we had a good's about an hour shorter than the DC to Dallas trip and that made it alot better for all of us! When we got here we headed to Cracker sorry Greg I know that is your favorite...Greg had to go back to DC to work so we are on our own without Daddy:(
The kids have already helped PaPa with the pool stuff and they sure love to do that...which is crazy to me! As you can see Reese was very busy helping PaPa with the tools....Abby and her cousin Trevin were checking the pool levels and Abby did a great job sweeping the sidewalk! We hope to get in the pool tomorrow because the weather is really heating up! Well keep you updated!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reese loves Baby!

Reese is so precious with Maw Maw and Poopa's dog....he likes to lay next to him and give him kisses! Baby has also figured out where to sit during dinnertime....right under Reese's highchair....he gets some great treasures there! (some on accident and some not...he loves to feed him...poor Baby has gained a few for sure!

Cooking with Maw Maw!

The kids have done alot of cooking in the kitchen this week with Maw Maw. Reese tends to just eat whatever she is making but she sure doesn't mind! Here they are making cookie dough and only are partially covered with flour! Maw Maw has alot more patience than me with a big mess....but that is what grandparents are for huh?

Good ol' Pool Days!

We are having a great week here in Texas! The kids have had days packed with fun. We have swimmed alot, grilled out everyday, act icing with Poppa (one of the kids favorites!) and made memories that will last a lifetime! We will be sad to leave on Wednesday but we are grateful for all the time we do get to spend together!

Building with Poppa

Abby and Poppa built a bird feeder this week. She helped with the whole thing and though it was great! Then she and Maw Maw painted it and we'll put it outside our window in DC and hopefully the birds will love it:)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Too cute not to share!

I just had to show you guys these pictures! They both love to pose for the camera...they better with all the pictures we take!


After rock climbing we headed down to go fishing...and I am very proud of the kids they were very patient....they lasted about 15 minutes and then left daddy holding the poles!! We didn't catch a thing but I still think it's because the fish don't really like hot dogs which is all we had to put on the line:) Reese also was following the ducks around and thought they were pretty cool....notice he is signing I love you to the cute!

Mineral Wells State Park

We went today to go rock climbing. We had so much fun and I know the kids had a blast....they love to explore. Abby got to rock climb for the first time and she did an awesome job! She was so excited and didn't seem scared at all. Greg helped her get all ready and she was off!
She did great! Reese climbed a little but he is still a bit wobbly! (next year for sure)

Good Times!

Abby is loving the bunnies....she didn't want to hold it too long but we managed to get a picture:) Reese wasn't interested but he sure loved the doggie toys...go figure!
Maw Maw made
Abby and Reese a ball pit in the next picture and they loved it soooo much...they jumped forever and Reese was in ball heaven!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's Official!

Well it's true I did it! Did what you may ask... well I pierced my this is no small feat for a girl like me....a drama queen or whatever they may call me....I tried once before a few years ago and I passed out 4 times....yes 4 times and Greg thought I would never do it again...but look at me I did it! It was nothing according to childbirth:)
Above is my best friend Stacey....she got her nose done a few weeks ago and I was inspired to try she went with me today and held my hand the whole time......and no I did not pass out this time...I was so brave as Abby would say! Below was for me the worst part having that needle....big one I might add... sticking through my nose....but it only lasted a second and I was done! Thanks goodness! It wasn't long and I had a smile on my face!

Outdoor Fun!

Here are a few of the fun things the kids have done since we got here yesterday. Abby and Reese are loving the's sad that they don't get to do this everyday but living in DC we don't have the luxury of a backyard or even a patch of grass:( I think thats why they love to play in the backyard so much when they come here because they don't get to do this stuff everyday and they are very thankful!
They also are loving the sidewalk chalk and playing in the waterfall.....Reese here is working on filling his watering can so he can water the.....uh....sidewalk or where else he spills the water:) It is such a blessing for us to see them so excited and even at their age you can see that they know that it is very special to play in the backyard...things kids take for granted everyday. I think living in DC we have learned this lesson to be grateful for the small things....and take nothing for granted!

We are in Texas!

Well sorry I haven't blogged in awhile but we were on our way to Texas! We are here to visit Greg's parents and the kids are very excited! Above the kids and I are on the airplane and thank goodness for the computer DVD player....because it's a really long flight from DC! The kids did ok but poor Reese has an ear infection so you can imagine how bad he felt:(
We got here about noon on Tuesday and the kids headed for the backyard right away and so far they haven't wanted to do anything else. Debbie and Jerry (Greg's parents) have a great waterfall and pool that they love to climb, explore and swim. Below the kids are with Maw Maw and Poppa right in front of the waterfall.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Abby abd Reese playing

I thought it would be fun to show you the kids playing the other night at a cookout we went to. There were about 7 kids all older then Abby and Reese but just close enough in age that they had so much fun playing together. Greg and I loved seeing the kids run around after the other kids and just interacting with them.....we really don't get to see that much with me staying home with them and so it is so sweet to see it in action. They both had soooo much fun they didn't want to leave!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cookie Dough!

Abby is already teaching Reese how to eat the cookie dough right off the spoon! I think Reese is offically in the cookie dough club....and notice he has his ball in his hand....of course!:)

Daddy and Reese

I just had to post both these pictures... Greg is reading a baseball book to Reese and it is so cute that he is laying on his stomach and then while I was taking the picture Reese looked up at Greg and was talking baseball:) I just love seeing them together and I think Greg is just the greatest dad matter how long and busy his day is he's there on the floor playing, reading or giving the kids airplane rides! The kids are truely blessed and so am I!!

The Awakening Giant

The kids and I went to a really cool park yesturday with some friends of ours. It's called the Awakening Gient and this huge giant is coming out of the ground. It is really huge and I hope these pictures do it justice....Reese was a bit scared and it didn't help that he fell into the giants mouth when he was climbing on him! Abby thought it was funny to see his huge nose and sit right on top of tell you the truth it kinda creeps me out but it's all in good fun huh?
This park is at a place called Hans Point which is right along the Potamoc River just across from the airport. I had never been there but I think the kids will want to go back again and again!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Proud Mommy!

Ok so I admit it I am obessed with taking pictures of these two maybe it could be getting out of control...but hey at least they will never say, "Mom, where are the pictures of me when I was little?" .....They are way too cute to not take your camera everywhere just in case!!
Abby here is just at the house in one of her favorite dresses that her Granny and PaPa gave her....and Reese is wearing the ball cap he got at the Nationals ballgame the other day! And for the record we are not Nationals fans we are baseball fans....and they are the closest! We still think the Rangers will go all the way this year....and I still stand by the Royals!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Chef Abby!

Tonight for dinner Abby made her own pizza! She loves to make all her own food now....if I make a sandwich for her she wants to put it all together and for sure if we make pizza she wants to put all the cheese on....our own personal cook! And also if you all were wondering the girl never wears clothes around the house....she walks in the door and takes her pants off....I guess she just wants to be comfy....who can blame her?

Lunch with Daddy!

Today we got to go and have lunch with Greg at a coffee shop downtown. They have this basement area with a stage for bands and the kids love to run around down there after lunch. Reese wouldn't even eat because he wanted to play soooo bad...he's pretty intense about playing ball already:) I took a picutre of the kids eating with daddy....they also got to eat some cheesecake and a Frappaccino...which they LOVE the whipped cream! (they are smart kids:)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Weekday Silliness!

well these last few days have been busy but we really have not done to much which is always a mystery to me....but anyways we still got some cute pictures and have some funny stories. First this picture of Reese...he is really loving eating bananas lately but only like the monkeys eat it....Below is Abby putting makeup on this morning....she wakes up around the time I am getting ready and loves to sit on the sink and do what I do....she thinks I paint my face...which that is what it looks like!

I walked into the room today and Abby was sitting like this....what a lady! She is doing more and more things just like a little lady...shs is growing up way too fast:(
Another thing happened funny today at MOPS, which is a program we go to called Mothers of Preschoolers. I went to pick up Abby and her teacher begins to tell me she is sorry but today the kids watched a video called "Exercise with Elmo" and Abby said that she can NOT excercise/dance because mommy says she can't. Well first I never said that and second the teacher was afraid that Greg and I don't let her dance or something....which is hilarious because we dance everyday... we are all about it! Anyways Abby is now set straight about the whole dancing "exercise" she can boggie all she wants at the Baptist Church:)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Go Washington Nationals!

We went to the baseball game tonight. The kids seemed to have alot of fun. We were really close and that helped that they could actually see the ball and the players! We had some really nice people around us that didn't mind the kids at all.....they kids even scored some fries from the lady next to them! Reese also got beer all over his jacket thanks to the the people getting drunk down the way...hey I guess you can't experience baseball without beer getting on you sometime! I can't tell you who won because we headed out after the 6th....Greg's not sure if he will ever see a whole game again!:)

We sure love Mexican Food!

Hey I really wanted to show you guys our kids eating Mexican is so funny to watch them stuff their faces with beans and rice! Reese is an absolute mess when he is finished and Abby love burritos! Reese also eats salsa by the's crazy! Luckily Greg and I love Mexican food just as much so they get to go pretty often!