Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Proud Mommy!

Ok so I admit it I am obessed with taking pictures of these two maybe it could be getting out of control...but hey at least they will never say, "Mom, where are the pictures of me when I was little?" .....They are way too cute to not take your camera everywhere just in case!!
Abby here is just at the house in one of her favorite dresses that her Granny and PaPa gave her....and Reese is wearing the ball cap he got at the Nationals ballgame the other day! And for the record we are not Nationals fans we are baseball fans....and they are the closest! We still think the Rangers will go all the way this year....and I still stand by the Royals!


Anonymous said...

Keep on posting pictures. You'd be nuts if you weren't proud! I post a lot of pictures too, and I'm proud of it!

Claire said...

Hmmm, wonder if I was at the same game b/c we got hats the night I went and saw the Pirates play... May 6th maybe? How funny if we were at the same one!

The kids are as cute as ever and you are doing such a great job with the site Becky!!