Sunday, February 28, 2010

Abby's Soccer Game!

all decked out in her cute!

Pep Talk from Daddy!

Happy Abby right after her first goal! ~Hooray Abby!

Here is Abby taking the ball all the way down the field for a goal!

Mommy very excited about her goals!!! :)

Yesterday Abby had her first soccer game and she did awesome! Ok, so I know that every parent says that but this time it's actually true;) She started off a bit timid but it didn't take long for her to catch on. After she got warmed up she was on fire and she scored 2 goals!!! She had a great time playing and really enjoyed the game...oh and they did win 4-0-- Woot-Woot:)
Greg and I are so happy to see her enjoy herself and I'm sure it helps that she is good too!
See, Abby hasn't been real into sports yet and really she only likes art and horseback riding, but it seems she is gonna like this season and that's great! --I was a bit worried she might never like sports and that would be such a tragedy;) Ha!
Oh also her team name is the BRATZ so since that's a terrible name I will be calling them the purple team from now on:)--who in their right mind would go and name a bunch of 7 year old girls the BRATZ??? It's just cruisin' for a bruisin' (as my Mom used to say all the time:)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Storm Chaser!

This past Sunday Reese was invited to a Birthday Party at the Omni Max to watch Forces of Nature. The little boy that invited Reese wants to be a storm chaser when he grows up so naturally for his birthday he would want to watch a movie about storms:) Ha! I think this is so can be so random ya know?
Well when we got to the movie Reese was able to sit right next to Chase (the birthday boy). I thought Reese would be pretty scared of the storms and stuff but besides holding his ears the whole time (remember he got tubes and everything is super loud) he seemed to be fine. Now Greg and I were another story:/ We both had to close our eyes alot because we were feeling motion sickness coming on! No worries though we all made it through without any problems...I just missed half the show:)
When we got home the kids were inspired to make a volcano so Greg and I went to work to help make that happen:) The kids thought it was pretty cool and Greg and I were proud we actually got it to work!

Oh the love...

At the party the kids got these shirts for their party favors...pretty creative idea!

Making the volcano

Wow it works!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stamps Family Winter Olympics

Today Debbie and Jerry held the 2nd Stamps Family Olympics but this time it was winter favorite! The kids have been working with Poppa to make a bobsled for about 2 weeks and they were all very secretive about it---it was cute how excited they were! Maw Maw and Poppa had prepared 3 events for Team USA and Team America to compete (parents against kids)
First was the hockey shoot, then downhill skiing and then the (long awaited) bobsledding.
We started our Olympics off with opening ceremonies and the kids got to carry the torch which they thought was super cool:)
I got some great pictures so enjoy! Thanks Maw Maw and Poppa....yet again you out did yourselves!!! I am editing a movie of all of the events again this time so stayed tuned!!!

Abby spent the night with Maw Maw and Poppa last night and helped decorate for the family Olympics....she thought that was very cool! It looked great!

Bobsled that Jerry built with the Grankids---it actually went fast!!! (not that I doubted you Jerry--haha!)

Opening ceremonies passing the torch....carefully!:/

Abby and Landry's hand off

Hockey shoot

Landry got a goal in the hockey shoot and the kids were thrilled! Way to go Landry!

Abby downhill skiing

Greg stretching before the big race...ha!

Poppa had a little weight on his skis...hummm??

Reese--fierce competition:)

Yo VIP Let's Kick it----nice Greg:)

Abby loved this event!

Sorry Anglea, this is just too good not to put on here:)

yep, that's me---just being goofy:)

Debbie and Jerry the master minds behind this whole event!

She's such a trooper! 79 years old and still a firecracker:)

Too funny! What a great Grandma!!

Reese pushing Grandma Reese out of the shoot....scary!:)

Kids getting ready to ride the bobsled---they loved this event!

Abby and her gold medal

Reese and his gold medal

Greg...need I say more? :)

Singing the National Anthem---very cute

I have always wanted to ski in the Olympics....looks like this is as close as I will get to ever winning a gold medal so I was just overcome with emotion;)

Yay Maw Maw and Poppa are the best!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bye-Bye Snow!

Not sure if you all remember BUT we use to have lots of snow on the ground just a few days ago but this is all that remains of our glorious snow fort! I can't believe how fast it melted and today it was 60 degrees! Nutty gotta love it!
~I'm sure glad we spend a total of 6 hours out playing in it--can't say we didn't make the best of it!
Now we wait for our next will happen just wait and see:)
--Mom and Dad can you please send down my ski's? I think I might need them!!! Ha!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a Rock Star!

Nice moves!

Check this girl out!!

Soccer started tonight and Abby did great---it's gonna be a great season! Yesterday we headed to Academy to get Abby all decked out in her soccer gear and she got some cool stuff! She seems to be pumped for the season and I'm just thrilled she wanted to play a sport! She always tells me, "Mom, I love art and riding horses!" Which I am totally fine with but I just want her to try everything out and see if she likes anything else ya know? Anyways this season holds some great promise--let's cross our fingers and hope she likes it:) How could you not like soccer? (Greg, don't answer that;) Ha!

Sweet Daddy!

Valentines dinner with my honey!

Rose from Daddy!

My roses....isn't that a cool vase?

I just love flowers!!

Friday Greg ran out for an errand and when he returned he came bearing gifts!
Abby was all smiles when Greg gave her a rose---you could tell it meant the world to her!
I also got some roses and lets just say he got some major brownies points--they are beautiful:)
That night Greg took me down to Sundance square for a very nice Valentines dinner. I always love our times together and was happy to get to spend the evening with him! Thanks honey you are the best!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Special Delivery

This morning Reese came in to wake me up, he gives me a kiss and says, "Mom, I brought a special delivery--a toot!" Oh thank you Reese what a way to wake-up!
~ thought this was pretty funny and wanted to make sure I wrote it down:)

Friday, February 12, 2010


A few weeks back Jerry and Debbie asked me to sing at church for their Sunday School class Valentines Date night. Every year they do a special night for all the couples and ask a bunch of people to sing for a little"romantic" entertainment. This year a few of us could do it and I was excited to dust off my guitar and get back singing again! I have missed leading worship since we lived in DC so tonight was really fun! I NEVER ever post this kinda of stuff but talking to my Mom today I told her I would post it so she could see. I have serious "issues" about putting myself out there on the internet for all the world to see but I am just gonna have to get over it huh?:) Anyways it went pretty well. I definetly started out a little rough but by the chorus I recovered...keeps you humble:) When I got there to sing my friend Mark Vaughn had brought his djembe drum and I was thrilled for him to join me! He did a great job! Thanks Mark we will have to play together more often!!!

1 Foot of Snow in TEXAS!

Are you kidding me??? This is AWESOME! As of last night we had about 8 inches of snow and this morning we were super surprised to find that about 4 more inches came down over night!
The kids hadn't been up an hour before we got all of our clothes on and headed out to play! We just came back in from building our snow fort (I was freezing because we had been out there 2 hours...I think the kids could go all day but I told them we needed to warm up:) It has been so fun playing and I am still in shock that we have this much snow down south! I know this is small potatoes according to the rest of the country but it's a big deal for us!!! Good times!
I went out first thing this morning and got some beautiful pictures and was able to get some great pictures of the kids too! Don't you just love snow??? It's my FAVORITE!!!! ~now if I could just go that would be thrilling!!!!!!

This tree does not normally touch the ground!

So deep! The kids were running and just diving in the snow! I am SO happy they are getting to experience this because it makes for some awesome memories!

Very cute! She doesn't care how cold she gets she just keeps going...what a trooper:)

In some places in our yard the snow was half way up our shins!

This is our house with snow on it....never thought I would get a picture like this!

Our neighbors house looked so crazy....check out those bushes?? Seriously is someone tricking us? We can't be in Texas can we????:) Weird.

How adorable is this? He was in heaven!

thought I would take this to show how deep the snow is....the sign is almost covered

Reese got tired and is taking a break. He kept putting his drink in the snow to keep cold....built in cooler....too funny!

Greg came out again for his lunch break and helped with the fort---he's a master builder:)

Not quite finished with the fort but the kids are having fun playing in it anyway. We are gonna go back out here soon and finish the roof---it's almost 5 feet tall! NUTS!