Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I hope you all had a great Halloween---we did! We first went to our church for our Fall Festival and then headed home to go trick-or-treating---the kids had so much fun and were so excited to get to eat so much candy!! I hope you enjoy the slide show-I am able to add so many more picture this way and...I like them!:)
***two funny things happened while we were trick or treating that are too funny not to tell!
First, most every time Reese walked up to a door someone asked him if he was Staubach or Romo (two players for the Cowboys) and Reese had no idea what they talking about--since we just got done watching the World we haven't had too much time for football!! Anyways when someone asked this Abby would say, "why does everyone keep asking him that?" Greg and I realized that maybe we should teach the kids some football--(but not too much---baseball is way more important in this family:)
Secondly, we kept telling the kids to say trick or treat when the person came to the door and they kept forgetting--- except one time Reese sang a little song that went like this: "trick or treat give me some candy--that I NEED!" **don't worry we made him at least say thank you!
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Picture Day!

Abby had picture day yesterday and I just had to share this ADORABLE picture! This is a new favorite for me---definitely going in a frame!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Reese's attempt at the Heisman!

Greg and I got Reese a cowboys uniform for his birthday and he wants to wear it all the time! Here Abby and Reese are both trying it on for the first time---Reese now has decided that he wants to be a football player for Halloween---oh how they change their minds from day-to-day-----wait that sounds like me??? I guess it's not so bad after all:)

Abby's Gymnastic Class

Abby started gymnastics last week and I forgot my camera. Today I tried my best to get a picture but Abby's teacher really doesn't want us in there so this is the best I could do! Abby seems to like her class and here in the picture she is practicing her forward roll. All the kids were practicing all the way down the mat but when it was Abby's turn she did it once and then decided she already knew how to do those so she just walked to the end of the mat--after class I told Abby that she needs to practice even if she "thinks" she knows what she is doing!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Reese!

Reese's Birthday cake!

All the kids that came to the party--I love this picture and I can't believe we got them all to sit still.....victory!

Reese rounding 3rd-----homerun!!! Way to go Slugger!

Reese loving life---nachos+peanuts+ Dr. Pepper+ hot dog=a happy little boy!

Ever since Reese saw his cake he kept asking me if he could eat the baseball---it's made of fondant so technically you can but I warned him it might be crazy sweet.....that sure didn't stop him---here his whole mouth is full of sugar---wow nothings too sweet for Reese!

Today was a big day at the Stamps house--Reese turned 3 years old! We had a big party at the park with all of his closest buddies and it was a baseball theme so you can image how excited he was!
We had lots of fun playing baseball, whacking at a pinata, eating nachos and hot dogs (Reese picked the menu--all things baseball:) and of course he got lots of great gifts! I asked him today what was his favorite thing about the party and he said the cake---yeah that made my day since I have been working on that cake for 3 days! He also loved playing with his friends on the jungle gym and sitting on the ground eating his food (I'm not sure why they all sat on the ground since there were 4 picnic tables- but oh well it's his party:) The day couldn't have been more perfect weather and we stayed at the park for 3 hours--both the kids got a sunburn--oops, I guess you still need sunscreen in October!
After we ALL took some naps we asked Reese where he wanted to eat and he said Joe T. Garcia's--that's my boy (that just happens to be my favorite Mexican food) We had a great dinner just chillin' out on the patio and eating chips and salsa---now that's a good way to end a great birthday if I do say so myself!! Happy Birthday Reese we love you tons!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Boo and the Zoo

Last night we took the kids to Boo at the Zoo! We have not been before so we were not sure what to expect but we knew the kids would get candy so they were game! When we got there the kids were so funny watching all the other kids in their costumes---everytime Reese saw a princess he just had to let Abby know so she wouldn't miss it! Reese and Abby really loved the carnival area where you could play all kinds of games. They also got to see David Chicken (he was a dancing music act) and while he was singing Franklin the Turtle came over to dance with everyone! Two things the kids love are Franklin books and Jungle Book songs---notice in the last picture they got some Jungle Book masks (they have worn them all day:) One of my favorite parts was the pumpkin patch where this guy was carving animal pumpkins--it was amazing--the kids are sitting next to one of the pumpkins that is carved like a snake in the third picture. Well we still aren't done with Halloween yet--one event down 30 more to go:) just kidding--I sure feel that way with the kids birthday's here. Reese's party is tomorrow and Abby's is the next Saturday---wow I better get off of here and get some work done!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Hakuna Matata"

I got Reese on video singing "Hakuna Matata" from Lion King the movie. I catch him from time to time singing to himself around the house and it's just precious! I sure hope you can understand him. It's hilarious how he says "philosophy" and at the end of the song they repeat hakuna matata over and over and he'll jump around and act like a monkey---too cute!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"One's on the Way"(this is just the title of the song---no mom I am not pregnant --sorry!)

Today Greg heard this song and he thought of me! I don't know if I should be depressed that this is my life sometimes or if I should be grateful that he is aware of how hard my job can be:)
If you have 3 minutes you might want to listen to the words of this song---it's so true for so many of us housewives--so much going on in the world around us but we still have a so much on our plate at home! You gotta love it! Please- sit back and enjoy!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Cheerleader Birthday Party

I don't know if you can tell but Abby is wearing a Chiefs cheerleading uniform--Yeah K.C. Chiefs! (I am from Kansas City, MO)

Abby doing a few warm-up cheers with her friend Emmarie!

Abby's friend Peighton turned 5 today and she invited Abby to her cheerleader party tonight! It was so fun and Abby was so excited to go over and play at Peighton's house! When we got there some cheerleaders from the local high school helped lead the girls in cheers and the little girls thought they were so cool! All day Abby couldn't wait to go cheer with her friends but when it came down to actually cheering she decided standing next to me and watching would be a better idea--what a silly girl! But even though she was a little shy she had a great time--- and oh by the way--Go Chiefs!!!

Super Hero Day!

This is one of Abby's sunday school teachers--she just loves Mrs. Krystin

Sunday was super hero day at our church and all the kids got to dress-up as their favorite super hero. Now Abby really wanted to dress-up like Jesus but Mommy couldn't quite figure out how to pull that off---so instead we borrowed her cousin Charlie's Dash costume (from the movie The Incredibles). She decided she was gonna be Violet (Dash's sister) instead--- sure hope no one noticed those huge muscles:)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Tonight we went to a pumpkin patch and got so many good pictures I just had to share them all! (in the slide show you can click on each picture to zoom in closer.)

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Candy Land Crazy!

In our house we play Candy Land probably 20 times a day! Abby and Reese love to play but as soon as Reese doesn't win we have tears! (he is learning to be a good sport) I can't believe that I am not sick of this game yet--I should be since I have been playing it for 25 years! ---now that's a timeless game if I do say so myself:)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Soccer Class

Reese made a new friend Ethan!

Tonight was Reese's first soccer class at the recreation center. I made the mistake of telling him 2 days ago that he had soccer Tuesday night--so ever since he has been asking when it was time to go! Today was the hardest for him because he had to wait ALL day and had to go down to nap right before the class. He woke up early and couldn't wait to get his "soccer" shoes on (he doesn't really have soccer shoes-he just calls his tennis shoes whatever sport he might be playing at the time).
Anyways he had so much fun and it was great watching him obey his coach and meet new friends! As he walked in there were balls all over the gym and the kids were kicking them everywhere---Reese wanted to join in the fun but he told me that his coach hadn't told him what to do yet--pretty funny--he really took "obey your coach" literally! Well he has 8 more classes to go we'll see if he takes to soccer....I am hoping one of my kids play soccer in school since that is what I played-I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Ping Pong 101

Abby's gymnastic class starts next week so while Reese was playing soccer Abby got a lesson in ping pong! Daddy taught her all there is to know about the game and still she just wanted to whack at it--well I guess that is fine since that is about all I could ever do--- I just never got good at that silly game and you should see me play tennis---Greg won't even play me anymore:)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Rainy Day Play Date!

The all look so obedient don't they?

Dress-up time--Reese knows he can't wear dresses
so he found a ball and a baseball necklace
--Dad would be so proud:)

Just chillin' watching a show--peace at last:)

Today my friend Misty and I got together for a play date. We have been trying to get together for awhile so our kids were so excited to get to play. We woke up and it was raining outside so we decided to head to reading time at the library. The kids were so cute sitting together listening to the stories and besides the fact it was tough for all of them to sit still they had a great time:)
We then went on over to Misty's house and my kids love to play in Hailey's room--she has every polly-pocket known to man which is Abby's favorite..she was in heaven! We then put a show on for the kids...they were beginning to fight and Misty and I needed a break! Well all in all the kids had a blast and it is so great to know our kids have some great friends to play with---we just love the Estes kids!! (are you sure Misty you don't want a fourth???) ...just kidding!

Sky Ball 2007

Yeah for the U.S. Air Force!

I was told this was a fighter jet that flew in Vietnam--Dad I thought you
would like to see this!

All of us in front of some kind of plane??...Dad do you know??:)

This Helicopter makes me think of Jack Bauer...I think I have been watching too much 24!

Saturday night some friends of ours, Mark and Keri Vaughn asked us to go with them to an event called the Sky Ball. It's a charity ball to raise money to support the troops overseas and their families here in the states. They held the dinner at Alliance airport in one of the American Airlines hangars. They also had a bunch of planes on one of the runways so everyone could walk around and look inside each of them. I was really excited to find one of the planes from Vietnam that my dad was an air traffic controller for--thus all the pictures of me with the planes:) We had a great evening--something different than the normal night of watching 24.... (yes mom and dad you got us hooked and we are STILL trying to catch up to season 6)!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Beautiful Day at the Zoo!

Abby and Reese were so done with me taking pictures--
we couldn't get them to even look at the camera:)

Greg and the kids on the train at the zoo

Greg took this picture--Reese was showing us
where the cow poops--thanks Reese!

Yesterday it was absolutely beautiful outside and I had been wanting to get Greg to the zoo with us since every time we go he is working. Right when we got there we took the train all the way to the end of the Zoo and worked our way to the front--this way we were all by ourselves for a long time---it was like we had our own personal zoo! I think we were there like 4 hours so we pretty much saw every animal we wanted. I still think it is hilarious that our kids just love the hippos---we worked all day to get to them and when we get there the hippos (of course) are underwater and you can't even see them! Reese always asks the same question - "Mommy, what are they doing?" --- you think after going to the zoo ALOT he would catch on that they are pretty boring animals!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Apple "Ooey-Gooey" Cake!

The other night we all made an apple cake that was really yummy and super rich! The kids got to help me cut up all the apples---they both did really good and Abby got to use a real knife and she was really excited about that! A couple of times she came close to cutting her finger but I figure she has to learn somehow huh? -just kidding! Reese was really wanting to use a sharper knife too but there was NO way he was ready for that....though he thinks he can do anything Abby can! Well we managed to eat the whole cake in a few days---lucky we made it low fat so we were able to do that with a little less guilt:)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Reese Loves to Learn!

Since Abby is going to school two days a week it's a great opportunity for me to teach Reese his letters! He is so ready to learn and to keep him interested I made each letter have some sort of baseball correlation-- Like-A is for the Angels; R is for the Red Socks; T is for the Texas Rangers and so on.....I wasn't kidding when I said he LOVES baseball!
Well he is learning so much and when Abby got home from school he was telling her all the letters he learned---he's so proud of himself! Way to go Reese!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Army Ten Miler!

Me in front of the Pentagon right before the race!

Me right after the race---I am not sure if I was feeling Army Strong:)

This picture is not too flattering but it really captures the moment!---It was unusually hot for DC in October but I was just happy it was not as hot as Texas!--most of my training was in 100 degree weather so I was feeling great!

Thursday evening I headed to Washington DC to run in the Army Ten Miler! I have been signed up for about 6 months and have been training forever so I was so glad for the race to finally get here! The race was on Sunday morning so Greg and I had all weekend to hangout with some of our friends from when we lived in DC--we had so much fun seeing everyone! On Friday I met up with 3 of my "mom" friends and their kids at our favorite mall ---oh how I miss Tyson's has every store and the best play area for the kids! The rest of the weekend we tried to see as many people as we could and kept ourselves pretty busy! That was good for me so I didn't think much about the race Sunday morning!
Well Sunday came quickly and I was as ready as I could be- I was really excited to get it over with:) It was an amazing experience and the best race I have ever ran! The race started at the Pentagon and wound all around the major national monuments--it was a beautiful course--never a dull moment! There were about 18,000 people running and the whole 10 miles the streets were lined with people--I seriously felt like I was in a parade! Everyone was very encouraging on the course and there was great camaraderie! Every now and then you would come upon a solider running the race with prosthetic legs. Every runner that passed by would clap and slow down to show their respect and gratitude for their service. -It was amazing! I am so glad I decided to run and now that it is over I can't wait until my next race! I ended up placing 4,028 out of 17,633 runners and 827 out of 7,488 women--my time was 1:26:05--I am not sure if anyone cares or even knows was these numbers mean but I am trilled with the results and couldn't be happier! After all the training that went into this race it was all worth it we start the count down to the half marathon---can't wait!

Texas State Fair!

While Greg and I were in DC Debbie and Jerry (Maw Maw and Poppa) kept the kids for us. On Friday they took all the grandkids to the Texas State Fair. I have asked Debbie to write a post for me about all that happened since I was not there! Thank you Debbie for your entry:)

We had a wonderful visit to the State Fair of Texas! First we went to see Big Tex. He greeted us with his big "Howdy" like he always does. (Reese thanked God for Big Tex in his prayer the next night.)

From there we went to see the area of farm products from Texas. We each were given a free ice cream cone, made from milk from Texas cows and a tiny hamburger made with Texas beef. Elsie the Borden cow & her calf, Beauregard, were there for us to pet. We saw a bee hive, corn and its by-products and cotton with its by-products. This was especially fun since the kids are growing cotton at our house! We saw a miniature cotton gin and saw how it separates the seeds from the cotton. Then we saw a big bale of cotton. We discussed that they won't have enough cotton for a bale like that so Abby suggested that they could keep what they make this year & make more next year! Charlie observed that it's a good thing we have cotton or we'd all have to go naked!

Then we headed over to see all the animals and the kids' farm. A farm had been set up for the kids, run by volunteers from the area FFA (Future Farmers of America) clubs. Each of the kids was given an apron, a basket & a bag of feed for the animals (these animals weren't real.) They got to "water" the peach trees & pick a peach. (Very realistic looking peaches--Landry had hoped to keep & eat his!) Then they fed the chickens & gathered an egg. Each of the kids got to feed a cow & hook the milking machine up to her. She must have given a lot because everyone got a milk carton for their baskets. They fed the sheep & got wool from them. They also got to pick a "seed", go plant & "water" it then go to the next area & pick a vegetable that matched their seed. Each one got to drive a tractor out to feed one of the animals. After they'd gathered all their farm goods they went to the farmers market to sell them. They placed all their goods in display baskets and were given a "dollar" for all their hard work. They were able to take their earnings & buy 2 snacks with them. As we left, we had a "family portrait" taken!

We got to see, pet & feed all kinds of animals, many with babies. We also saw some foreign animals, including the kind of cattle Poppa saw pulling wagons in India.

We were at the fair on Texas/OU weekend so we saw lots of orange & red. The kids got to see the Cotton Bowl, including looking down into the end zone, where they'd see the game being played the next day on TV. We got a great shot of everyone practicing their "Hook 'em Horns" in front of the Cotton Bowl! It's not as easy as it looks!!! Reese thought he had to have them on his head.

We had a wonderful time & look forward to another year at the fair.

While we're still close to the subject of football--we were watching the Texas/OU game the next day & were talking football with Reese--pointing out the different positions, where the ball was & where Texas needed to get it to. Later, Reese asked Poppa to tell him about the "bank football players." We kept trying to figure out what he was talking about when he said, "they make quarters and give them back." (meaning quarterback)