Friday, March 30, 2007

Princess on Ice

Tonight we went to Princess on Ice with Abby's friend Emmarie and her Mommy Kirsten. Abby was so excited all day that she couldn't nap and kept asking when we were leaving! We got there about a hour early (not on purpose) but because we were so early this guy that worked for the Disney on Ice came up to us and asked the girls if they wanted to help out during the show. At first they seemed a bit hesitant but as soon as he said that the Little Mermaid needed help they were sold! About 30 minutes into the show we went down on the ice and the girls got into a boat that got pushed all over the ice! It was so exciting (even for me) I just kept thinking about when I was little and how this really would have been the highlight of my whole life! When she and Emmarie got off that boat it was super precious they looked like they were floating and had just stepped out of a dream...they are so lucky:)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Library Time

Every Thursday we go to the Hurst Library for toddler reading time and the kids make sure I don't forget! They love to sit and listen to the lady read the books well Abby does Reese has a small wiggling problem, but he is getting better. In the picture you can see him sitting on Abby's lap which surprisingly he does very well there...too cute! The lady sings songs on her (out of tune) guitar:) (sorry I tend to notice more than others since I play)...anyways she also blows bubbles at the end and you would think I just told them they were going to Disneyland....oh the things kids get excited about! Greg and I were laughing about the whole bubble thing the other day....all they do is get you sticky and wet all down your arm! Gosh, we would be terrible toddlers....was I this way as a kid mom? really I am kidding I do notice how cynical I am being. It's all for fun our kids do have fun (and get dirty) from time to time!
Oh that makes me think of another thing- when Abby was born my sister said, "you are gonna freak out when she gets are you gonna do it?" ...and what's so funny about that comment is that every now and again I wonder the exact same thing! I have also taken the first step in realizing I do have a OCD problem...Dr.Phil would be so proud!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Who's the best babysitter in the world????

apparently Uncle Doug! Tonight Anglea (my sister-in-law) and I went to a consignment sale and Greg went to a hockey game with his dad so the kids stayed with their Uncle while we shopped.
Anyways when Anglea and I got home this is what we were greeted with! Yes oh Yes they are COVERED in mud/sand. In Doug and Anglea's backyard they have this sandbox but it has rained alot lately so it was more of a mud pit. Doug said it started off pretty innocent but it ended up being a tackle party... so Doug stripped them down! The kids were so excited they could hardly contain themselves....sadly Greg and I are fairly clean people and try to keep the kids that way too so they were super excited to get dirty! One of the funniest parts of the evening was when we had to walk home (we live down the street from them) and the some of the neighbors got to see the kids riding their bikes home this way! Then of course it was craziness cleaning them up without Greg's help...imagine me trying to keep Reese from running all over the house while I showered Abby and then the best part was the clean-up after I got them to bed....the bathroom seriously had mud on the walls....and of course Reese decided this would be a super time to poop his pants so it added to the fun....I was holding him down trying to change his diaper while getting mud all over me....eek!! Luckily both kids are in bed now and the house looks like nothing happend....oh if the walls could talk!

Monday, March 26, 2007

New Pants!

Greg took Abby tonight to go get her T-ball pants because her first game is this weekend! Before bed we were playing baseball in the living room (yes we play ball in the house:) and Abby ran and got on her new pants (she put them on backwards...still working on that dressing yourself stuff).... anyways she looks a bit like a little boy but for our little tomboy we couldn't be prouder!

That's not your bike!

It was rainning all day and the poor kids had to play in the dirty garage:) Here Reese is riding Abby's bike and I was shocked! I guess since Reese is the youngest I tend to always see him as the baby but he proves me wrong all the time! It looks like he is ready for his own bike...who knew?

"Read to us Daddy!"

I thought this was a super picture of the kids reading their bedtime story....notice Reese with those shoes on....he is a nut he just had to wear those while we played baseball...Greg thinks that Reese thinks his Mater PJ's are a baseball uniform...and you know with Reese you never know he has a creative imagination sometimes!
Greg put the game on tonight and Reese spent about 10 minutes running around the house looking for his baseball and as soon as he found it he ran to the TV and held it up to the screen....he already knows half the players names and can tell you who is injured and what happened that day during spring training (thanks to daddy...he tucks him in every night and gives him the update of everything baseball)......Greg's in heaven!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

WiffleBall Champions!

Tonight we played in a WiffleBall Tournament with some friends from church....and our team won! We played single elimination and ended up playing 4 games pretty much back to back but we still held strong! ( we even won against the that's victory...especially because most of our team was in their 30's!)
The last game we were down by one and our friend Jill went up to bat with 2 outs and she got a base hit and advanced the runners. My mother-in-law got the final at-bat and drove in the winning run AMAZING....those wiffle balls are pretty tough to catch and this time it was to our advantage....GO BLUE TEAM:) (I am just a bit competitive can you tell??) anyways....
Here is the bobblehead trophy we won. I just had to show off took alot to win this thing....the whole team sacrificed ...and some of us even went home with battle wounds (thanks for taking one for the team Jeremy:) Until next year.....we will be ready!


Yes I really am as good as I look!....only kidding! ....I thought this was a pretty good picture even though I got out:)...what you don't see is the ball I photo shopped out of the picture...the one that I missed!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Lady Bug Tree!

Today I was inside making lunch while the kids were outside playing in the backyard and Abby comes running in saying, "Mommy, come see the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!" (I have no idea where she learned such drama:) anyways I just had to see this most beautiful thing so I go with her and she takes me to a tree in the corner of the yard and there are seriously about 50 ladybugs crawling all over! It was amazing and Abby and Reese spent the rest of the day catching them....and I'm sure they scared these little guys to death..since Reese kept squeezing them!
It is really fun watching the kids enjoy nature....the other day Reese walking outside and said, "oh my mommy what a beautiful day!" and Abby said, "thanks God!" ...I love that even at their young age they see it's created by Him for us!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tea Party Dress-up!

We had a tea party at Maw Maw's today with Aunt Annie, Charlie and Landry. The kids all dressed-up (even the boys)...they were cowboys! Abby got to put make-up on and the boys got to "shave" their faces...don't worry we used plastic knives! I thought all of you would like to see how pretty we looked:) Reese was a baseball player/cowboy and Abby was a princess (of course) The kids had lots of tea and really enjoyed themselves....I am not sure how much food they actually ate since they kept asking for more tea but at least they had fun!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

No Kids Allowed!

well here you go all you fellow readers that always ask, "Where are the pictures of you and Greg?" ..... here is a picture of us on Friday night on a date. We brought the kids over to Maw Maw and Poppa's and went out to eat and a movie! It was super we were a bit disappointed with the background of the picture...but I guess we will not be getting the scenery shots that we did in more pictures of the Capitol in the background:( but we do like downtown Fort Worth (that's where we went on our date) Greg seems to like to more than DC...less activity and ALOT more laid back! Oh and also just if anyone cares or is planning on seeing Premonition with Sandra Bullock well the ending is TERRIBLE...just thought you might want to know before you go see it and get your brain all scrambled and then at the end nothing comes together and you feel like the movie can't possibly be over? Well I hope I haven't spoiled it for anyone but I would have wanted to be forwarned:)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fort Worth Zoo

Wow it was super busy at the zoo yesturday...I felt like any minute someone could run off with my kids... it was a bit nerve racking but we managed to have fun anyway! :)
We went with a bunch of friends from church that pretty much have the same age kids as the first picture Abby is with her friends (they were calling themselves the "four's") and they said I couldn't be part of their group because I was too old....ugh even the kids are noticing my age:(
Anyways we ended up getting a membership to the Zoo so we can go alot....our kids think that the Zoo is a place you go all the time since in DC it was free...thanks to your tax dollars!!
We also rode the carousel and I got a good picture of Reese...this is pretty much the expression he had on his face the whole time....he kept singing the song, "I want to ride my pony giddy up, giddy up go.".....he'a a funny guy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Beginnng of the End:(

Well tonight was Abby's first T-Ball practice and we were so excited for her...but mommy was a bit sad know what I I know it I will be blogging about her prom! Ok maybe I am being a bit dramatic and yes I have been accused of this from time to time:) but really I know every parent says, "enjoy it while you can it goes by soooo fast!" So that is what we are doing...and loving every minute of it!
I am sure you can tell what is going on in the pictures but a few funny things happened during practice that the pictures don't tell...first Abby was out practicing for about 2 minutes and she was already ready to stop (Greg and I acted like we couldn't hear her:) and she started having fun pretty quick!
Also her cousin Charlie is on her team and they were hilarious....Abby was wearing her glove on her head and Charlie was filling his glove with grass! There were also cows in a nearby field and they were the only two kids that felt is was so important to point it out (A BUNCH OF TIMES) ....I guess they haven't seen as many cows being in DC and all?
So I am sure you get the point...they were really into this practice and I am really feeling that they are both headed to the major leagues!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 29th I am super old! I can't believe this is my last birthday in the 20's I don't feel that I look that old?
Anyways tonight we went to go get dessert at Italianni' was so yummy!
The kids also sang me happy birthday in the restaurant...they did way better than any waitress can do:)
After we got home Greg surprised me by giving the kids a bath and putting them to bed and he made me take a bubble bath...yeah! That was a huge is nice to get a break from time to time...not that Greg doesn't help me every night with the kids but tonight he did it all alone...I have the best husband...Happy Birthday to me!

Oklahoma Pit-Stop!

Last night on our way back to Texas from KC we stopped at some friends of ours in Yukon, OK. They have two kids Dawson and Cassidy which are around the same age as our kids and they all had so much fun playing together! As you can see Abby found a dress-up buddy (her favorite thing to do lately) and the kids had cookie sundaes! It was so good to see the McKinney's again it had been way too that we are back down "south" :) we will have to see them as much as we the kids can play and Greg can sit around watching sports with David:)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Just Swinging!

My dad got this great picture of the kids and I thought it was so cute...they love swinging on the tire swing...I can't believe they don't get sick swinging in circles for so long but so far no one has puked...yeah! (I know I would:)

Krista Time!

I keep getting comments about me (Becky) not being on the blog very today my friend Krista from...well I have known her forever maybe middle school...we went to church together then she followed me to college because she couldn't live without me:) just kidding....
Anyways she came over today to play with the kids and see me and Greg:) and Abby wanted to dress-up for her and then they posed together...don't they look great? Abby is wearing my dress from when I was 5 and in my Aunt's wedding...I can't believe it fits her....she is getting so big:(
It is so weird when I come home and my friends from when I was younger get to play with my kids...crazy but really special too! We love you Krista....thank you for being one of my most faithful blog're awesome!

PaPa Loving!

Well we have had a great weekend! My mom had to leave this morning for San Diego for a business trip which was sad but we did get to spend the day with PaPa! We did a ton of stuff today and of course I forgot my camera for half of it...ugh! ..but I did get a few good pictures and thank goodness PaPa brought his camera! Today was the St. Patrick's Day parade in downtown Lee's Summit and the kids thought it was great. (really they just liked the candy that people kept throwing at them:) We also got to play all day with Trevin (sister's son) and we all went to the park which is always a hit! This evening we (well mostly Greg) loaded the turck with all of our junk we stored at my parents house while we lived in DC (since we didn't have room for it in our apartment) It's amazing how many wedding gifts we have never used...I can't wait to have a party and use all this stuff!
Well we leave tomorrow morning to go to OKC for a visit with the McKinney family (a friend of Greg's from high school) we haven't seen them since before we left for DC which is way too long and our kids are really excited to play with their two I am sure I will have some great pictures to blog!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Dinner and Ice Cream

Tonight we all went to eat with Granny and PaPa and my sister and her family. My sister's son, Trevin is so fun and the kids love playing with him. When we were driving up to the resturant Abby says, "Trevin Time Yeah!" It was sweet I love to hear that she has a great bond with her cousin's here in KC even though we don't see them everyday!
After dinner we went to Custard's Last Stand (my favorite) and as you can see the kids kinda got a bit messy. In the second picture Abby had gotten ice cream in Trevin's hair and they thought it was was pretty funny he kept trying to get it out but it was way sticky and tonight at bedtime he still hadn't gotten it out! And Reese...well I am not sure if I will get that mess out of his shirt and we just got it yesturday....figures:)

Go Mizzou!

PaPa got a Mizzou football helmet last week (my dad played football for Mizzou) and we thought it would make for a great picture! well the kids didn't think so...Abby said it hurt her head and Reese...well I kinda forced it on his head...what you can't see is that he is screaming......really hard:( I am hoping that they will warm up to the helmet I would love to frame some pictures of the kids wearing it for PaPa.. he would love that!

It's a long ride...

We got here last night around 10pm and the kids FINALLY fell asleep 20 minutes from Granny and PaPa's house...ugh! I must say though we were super proud of how they did...this is Reese's first road trip to KC and he and Abby had alot of fun playing! Abby kept asking if we were there yet and it was kind hard to explain to her we had a long long way to go:) they both took it well though...although Abby about half way through the trip said she would rather fly now...that's pretty funny at her age I didn't even know I had an option to fly! The picture of Reese here he is eating his lunch and it was too funny not to share...they had peanut butter and jelly all over them....I know now to NOT feed that to them in the car..maybe we'll go with crackers and cheese on the way back!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kansas City here we come!

Well we are headed to K.C. for a super short trip to see my family! We are planning on driving the whole way tomorow which we normally stop in OKC to stay with friends so we will see how that goes! You know you have flown too much when your 4 year old says, "Mommy I don't want to fly I want to drive to K.C." I guess we moved just in time the kids were getting tired of the crazy life too!
Anyways I will have some great pictures this weekend with Granny and PaPa so check back in to hear about all the fun!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Just hanging out at Starbuck's!

Tonight after we had dinner at Maw Maw and Poppa's and then Abby and I went to Starbuck's together.....she asked earlier today if she could spend some time together just me and her and of course I dropped everything:) She got herself a frap (mostly whipped cream) and a chocolate cookie and we just sat there and talked about a bunch of things. I asked her alot of questions and I wanted to tell you some of the cute things she said. I first asked her what was some of her favorite toys right now and she said My Little Pony's and her piano. Her favorite Bible Story is Jonah and I asked her why and she said because he listened to God and went to Nineveh...pretty good answer I'd say! We then started to talk a little bit about sin and heaven...she said she just loves Easter because Jesus died...I asked her what happened next and she said, "we praise Him and He rose again!" It just cracks me up hearing her talk about Jesus it's just so simple in her eyes, which it is so simple but we adults make things so hard sometimes!
I had a great time just sitting and talking with her, she is so curious and so wanting to learn things from me right now.....I am loving the stage she is in, she acts like a little person but still has a zeal for life and can really kick back and have some fun...we can all learn alot from her!

Rangers Game!

The Rangers are in Spring training and they had there first game on TV today and Reese was super excited to watch it with Daddy! Reese is showing us how he runs and slides into's really cute and you can also see some of our house...(mom and dad and whoever else hasn't seen our house hopefully this gives you an idea of what the house looks like:) Enjoy!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Daddy's Home!

Greg was in DC all week and the kids were so excited to see him...we picked him up from the airport yesterday morning and the kids got him (and them) some Krispy Kreme on the way (Abby is modeling the hat for you:)
All week Reese asked where Daddy was and I kept telling him "DC at a conference" but he kept saying, "no, mommy he is at the airport!" Well I guess to a two year old that would make sense- we did leave him there!
Anyways the first thing Greg wanted to do was go get some Mexican food...we got in a "disagreement" about where the best Mexician food was....I have been disappointed since we got to Texas with their Mexican food....either they have good salsa and bad food or vice has to be the whole package for me and in DC there was a place called Austin Grill....(oh how I miss you). Now that was some good Mexican food and it's on the east coast- what's up with that!? Anyway we are still trying to find my Austin Grill here in Texas and sadly I am feeling like I will never find her :(
Well enough of that....we have had a great weekend with Daddy and are now in the process of planning a trip to KC to see my family that should be fun. I know the kids are super excited- all they keep talking about is going to Chuck E. Cheese with Granny and PaPa. What is it with my kids and Chuck E. Cheese?

Thursday, March 01, 2007


The kids were watching the Wiggles yesturday and they just had to dress-up like butterflies and I just had to get this picture for Greg...let's just say Greg is not too excited about Reese dressing-up with Abby and I wasn't able to stop this one from happening (Abby helped him get dressed :) Anyways I guess this will be a great picture to show to his future girlfriends....just kidding! (maybe:)

"Just Swinging"

I wanted to show you guys what we do ALL the time now....since we got the playset up all the kids want to do is swing and it made for a pretty funny video...kinda funny Abby swinging back and forth to the camera...hope you don't get motion sickness!