Monday, February 28, 2011

In Kansas City

Got in late last night and got some sleep.  Didn't go in to see Dad last night because he wanted me to go home and just wait until the morning to come to the hospital.  It was hard to wait but I obeyed:)
He looks so good this morning, but he is very tried.  The last time I saw him he was not looking good so it is really nice to have another picture of him in my mind looking better.  He had a hard night last night with a fever, high blood pressure and racing heart.
They just can't figure out what is going on in his body!  It's just crazy!
When he opened his eyes to see me this morning he tried really hard not to cry.  It was good to talk to him.  He can't talk but I could read his lips.  I know it must be so hard to be sitting in bed not knowing whats wrong with you while all your loved ones sit by and watch.  He's always been the strong one, the one to take care of me and now I am honored to get to be here for him.
My Mom is being so strong and is depending on the Lord like a champ...I am so proud of her.

Here's some verses I have been clinging to lately:

Isaiah 46:4
Even in your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you; I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.

Isaiah 49:23
...then you will know that I am the Lord; those who hope in me will not be disappointed.

Ps. 34:7-10
The angels of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.  Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.  Fear the Lord, you saints, for those who fear him lack nothing.  The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A few requests...

I head to KC tomorrow night.  I will arrive late but hope to get to the hospital to see Dad before he goes to sleep for the night.  Mom says he has been very confused, discouraged and sad.  He just doesn't remember anything over the past 3 weeks and can't figure out why in the world he is so weak and sick.

We wish we knew too.

I am really praying that he doesn't get too discouraged...well I pray he isn't discouraged at all!  It makes me so sad to hear he is feeling this way.  I mean of course he would feel this way but I just wish he didn't.
Please pray for a will to fight, strength in his body to start healing his lungs and a speedy and miraculous healing.  I want to be an encouragement to him while I am there. Pray I say the right thing and that I have discernment in what will help him.  I want to help.

Headaches still continue (for me) pray those go away....they need to stop.
Thank you means a lot to know you are praying.

Sweet Titus

My best friend from college came in town for a few days and we meet up for lunch and she brought her sweet little boy Titus.  We are buddies.  I love him, and her....a lot.
We had a wonderful lunch at a "girlie" place and it made us happy. We love girl food.  

What's girl food?  
Well it's those little cafes that your husband never wants to go to because they always leave hungry.
It fills us up just fine:) 

Anyways Titus was perfectly wonderful.  He was a little sleeping when they got there but warmed up real quick.  (note to self:  Titus likes napkins folded into airplanes and likes it when you aim it at his mouth trying to land the plane in the "hanger";)  hehe.  
The boys are so fun.

Stacey and Titus
Titus got a free cookie from Timothy (guy that works there:) and this is his cookie monster face:)

me and Titus.  When you ask him to smile he closes his eyes?  funny.

Cowtown 10K

Early morning family time:)

Ready to run

you can't see us well but thats us right in the middle under that building--1st mile--here we go!

sprinting to the finish

Free Food and medals:)
Nothing like an early morning race right?  Ha!  Every time I wake up at 5am for another race I think, "what in the world was I thinking?"  Well today was NO exception:)  About 5 weeks ago my friend, Jill Vaughan, asked me to run a 10K with her and I just couldn't say no:)
Jill had never run a 10K before so I wanted to run with her and encourage her along.  We both have been horrible about training, me since I have been in KC so much and Jill, well just because she hates running;)
We had a "good" time and Jill did's nice to have a running partner that runs about the same pace as you--such good motivation!  We finished in 56 minutes...not bad, not bad at all!
It was perfect weather and perfect company--what else could you ask for??:)  (besides being in bed;)
After the race we made our way to the nearest Cracker Barrel:)  Yay for pancakes:)
p.s. I run so I can eat pancakes.

Stock Show

I have been meaning to post this FOREVER!  I noticed I hadn't posted any pictures for a while so here ya go...
This is Reese, Charlie, Abby and Landry at the Stock Show a few weeks back.  They went with Maw Maw and Poppa and had a great time!  I can't believe how grown up everyone looks!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Caring Bridge

I feel bad about not updating on here but I just don't have the energy today.  Please check in on the caring bridge site for the newest info.

It's been a very hard day for everyone....especially my Dad.  I am scheduled to leave for KC on Sunday night but I am seriously considering leaving before that.  We will see...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Well Stink

Just got off the phone with Mom....

Here's the news:
*Dad's heart is still in afib....can't get it back in rhythm.
*He has thrush.  ~Very painful/white foaming on his tongue due to all the antibiotics (don't you love my educated descriptions? :/  geez lets be glad I'm not a doctor!
*They were gonna maybe hold off on the tracheotomy tomorrow but they are thinking they may have to go ahead and do it because he's not breathing like they would like.  Please pray that tomorrow morning while they do some breathing tests on my Dad that he does wonderful and that they will NOT have to do a trachea!
*Mom is doing so amazing with being so positive and supportive of Dad but I sensed some serious concern and stress over the phone tonight....pray for peace and a good nights rest for her.

Oh sweet Jesus, please give him strength to fight this!  Give the doctors wisdom that only you can give and heal my Dad!  Don't let anything enter his body that will harm him and please fix his heart and blood made his heart, make it beat in rhythm.

Some encouraging news!


I feel like it's been forever since the doctor said anything hopeful/encouraging (it's always been the SAME!) so when I woke to this text from Mom this morning I was thrilled!!

~Dad had a pretty good night. He was awake already in the card chair (bed transforms into a chair:)
when I got here. His heart is back in afib, so they are calling in the card doctor.  They think that his pacemaker is acting up so getting it checked also. Nurses were very excited (about his lung x-ray, looked better today!) and think they will probably be testing to see how much he can breath on his own today!!!
Praise the Lord for a good morning report!

Ok, so the heart thing may seem bad, and it is not good BUT he has had afib problems before and honestly thats the least of his worries right now.  They are able to fix that pretty simply with meds and think the pacemaker is just plum tuckered out:)  I talked to Mom today and it seems he is back in rhythm and his heartbeat is coming back down--yay!

Also about him sitting up.  Well when Greg and I left last week Dad was completely under (sedated).  We really only interacted with him through touch and he would open his eyes a little to the sound of our voices.  Now apparently they have lightened up on his sedation because it's just not good to be under for that long.  He seems to be liking it ok and he LOVES to sit up in the chair position!  
We are praying about it but I think I will make another trip to KC this weekend, maybe leave Sunday night and return Tuesday night? We will see but I really want to see the progress. I left when he was SO bad and it is hard to have that picture in my head....I need to see him better.  I just need too!
Thank you for all your prayers.  I really mean it....thank you.
*Could I ask for 2 more specific prayers please?
1. Last night I had some horrible nightmares about my Dad.  I had a terrible night with no sleep and extreme fear.  I want this to never happen again....I am praying to that end.  I need sleep and peace of mind.
2. I have been having horrible headaches everyday.  I guess I am more stressed than I thought, so tense.
How the Lord is already answering this:
I have a sweet friend from BSF, who is a masseuse and she is coming over Thursday to give me a massage...I am so blessed. Thank you Karen.
Also another praise.
Since we were in KC at the hospital all of Valentine's Day Greg and I didn't get a date.  My BSF leader has offered to babysit the kids tomorrow night so we can go out...isn't that amazing?  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends....yes, I'm talking about you;)
I love each of you!

Well I guess that's about it, except one more thing....
The Lord has really been speaking to me lately about continuing to pray for others even during this time when I feel so self absorbed with prayers for us, us, us!
So here's my request,
Would you please send me ways I can pray for you?  I truly want to be lifting each of you up to the Lord too.  You have been so faithful, so loyal and loving through our storm...would you let me do the same for you?  Nothing is too big or too small.
Please email me becstamps@gmail OR leave a comment on this post.
Thank you!

Brahmas Hockey Game!

Mrs. LeBreton and some of Reese's classmates

She's the best teacher!  
Tonight Reese went with Greg to the Brahmas hockey game with his kindergarten class.  One of the boys in his class bought tickets for every kid in class!  Reese was so ECSTATIC!  He kept telling Greg that he was gonna be sitting by his friends....poor Greg sitting all by himself:( ha!
One of the Moms in his class just sent me these pictures from her iphone.  Looks like they are having a blast....while Abby and I mop/scrub the kitchen floor and clean the bathrooms:/  I'm the cool parent huh?  NOT!
***Welp it's official I'm not the cool parent, I just said NOT;)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Reese's Baptism

We came home last Saturday night from Kansas City so we could be back for Reese's baptism Sunday morning.  He was so excited and nervous but couldn't stand to wait another we went ahead even though Granny and Papa couldn't be there.  I wanted to put the video up so my Mom could see it and hopefully as soon as Dad gets better he can too.
Greg said while they were getting ready Reese was talking a mile a minute (that's what he does when he's nervous:)  As you will see it went very smoothly and Reese was thrilled to get to follow in Jesus in this way.  Very exciting to see your children being obedient, not just to you, but to the Lord.  What a blessing.
I am very proud of you Reese.  I love you.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Home Now

Greg and I drove home yesterday from Kansas City.  It was hard to leave Dad (and all the family and friends) but since he was pretty stable and made it through the steroids we decided that we better get back.  We are so grateful for all of you that helped us while we were gone....we couldn't have done it without you--thank you.

We are not sure when we will go back just yet....please pray for discernment in that.  I had a hard night last night.  I am feeling happy to be home but sad for my Dad and Mom.  I can close my eyes and see my Dad in that bed, stuck, unable to breath or do anything.  I hate that for him.  I hate that I can't be there for him right now.  He would want me here with the kids I know that's just hard.
We all continue to pray for healing...God is good.  I trust Him with my Dad.

Today I am trying to get caught up....caught up with life, with sleep, with everything....I'm tired.

The Lord led me to Ps. 91 this morning....what a sweet passage.  Thank you Lord.

He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge... (91:4)
He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.  With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation. (91:15-16)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Caring Bridge Site

My family has opened a caring bridge site for my Dad.  Feel free to follow updates on there too....they might give better details than I can:)
Here's the site:

Thank you

We all have weak days don't we?

Well mine was I feel recharged.

Thank you to all of you that sent me some encouragement, I truly believe the Lord has used you to send His Word to me. Thank you for being faithful to the Lord and His leading.
I just love the way He uses people in my life to show His truth even when I feel too weak to look for it.
Someone sent me this song by Chris Tomlin called Faithful....(thank you Jaclyn)
Music is a tool the Lord uses in my life to encourage and minister to my soul and the words of this song did the trick:)  He is so very faithful!

Faithful, forever You are faithful
Father to the fatherless
You uphold the one who feels forsaken
You are faithful, God

Faithful, forever You are faithful
Lover of the wounded heart
You defend the poor and the forgotten
You are faithful, God

And I will sing to the maker of Heaven and Earth
God, You reign forever and Your love will endure
Faithful and true is the name of the Lord
You are faithful, God

Faithful, forever You are faithful
Shelter for the fragile soul
You lift us up, You hold us all together
You are faithful, God

You are there in every season of my soul
You are there, You're the anchor that will hold
You are there, in the valley of the shadows
You are faithful, God

He is there for every season of my soul...even this one. 
He's my anchor that will very true.   He is holding all of us. 

Also a friend of ours that was our Sunday School teacher in D.C. sent Greg and I a very timely scripture this morning that brought such peace to me. As I read it I felt like the Lord was whispering in my ear... nourishing my soul.  I just love very much. 
I will just share a portion of the scripture but ALL of Lamentations 3 is wonderful so you gotta check it out if you haven't already.

Lam. 3:21-26; 32-33
Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope:
Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions NEVER fail.
They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. 
I say to myself, "The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him."
The Lord is good to those whose hope is in the him, to the one who seeks him. 
It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.

Though he brings grief, he will show compassion, so great is his unfailing love. For he does not willingly bring affliction or grief to the children of men.

I have gotten so many encouraging scriptures and prayers.  Thank you to all of you.  The Lord has used you to help restored my means alot, really...thank you.

Ok, now an update on Dad:

He's the same.  It seems this is gonna be a slow and steady race (as we have been calling it lately).  His lungs were a tad bit better today (HORRAY!)  *I have decided to celebrate even in the small things...because I think it's gonna be the small things that take him all the way to recovery. ** Yay for a step forward and not a step back!
Have not met with doctors yet today but he is sitting up currently and seems "comfy"...if he can be comfortable at all right now:/
Mom seems strong today.   I think she feels a bit overwhelmed with the recovery process and since he's not out of the woods yet it scares her....continue to pray for her strength.  

As soon as I know more from the doctors I will update.  More to come...stay tuned:)

Please pray Greg and I have discernment on when we should leave.  We are thinking maybe tonight or we might drive home tomorrow.  We need to get back to our lives....for now at least.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Emotional Roller Coaster

This is how I have felt over the last 24 hours.
From getting the call yesterday that I should get to KC asap because Dad was not expected to make it, then running through the house trying to get everything packed while sobbing wondering if we would make it in time, feeling so torn about leaving the kids again, not having time to even pack my kids or the dog or do laundry or, or, or....and then there was the drive. Oh the drive was the longest 8 1/2 hours of our lives.  We felt just so helpless, so sad, so frustrated and mad all at the same time.  And then there was the wondering.  What would we find when we got there?
Walking up to the hospital room was so painful. Greg and I walked in silence, I hated that walk. I couldn't wait to see him but I was so scared he wouldn't respond to me or that he might never wake up.
When we finally got upstairs into his room he and Mom were sleeping.  We didn't want to wake him or Mom up but the nurse insisted....they had been waiting for us.  So I went over to Dad's bed and took his hand and he woke up to my voice...he then squeezed my hand and fell back asleep.  I thought even if that's all I get out of him for the rest of my life at least I got to say goodbye, at least I got here.
And then there was today.  Today was smooth, it was seamless actually....which is just so crazy. We feel such emotional whiplash. He has been peaceful, he got to sit up (while sedated), he and I had a few good moments together and he even squeezed my hand so hard I had to tell him to lighten up...he's such a strong guy even during this--that makes me happy, very happy.  He seems to be fighting and I am so proud of him.
We had a few reports from the Doctors today that were pretty encouraging:
His heart is strong, so strong in fact that the cardiologist said he wouldn't need to come back unless thats a miracle!
He is holding his own blood pressure (103/55 as of right now), temperature is normal (not fighting an infection as of right now at least), and they have reduced his ventilator to 40% (just know that is good, yesterday he was at 70% and was fighting even the sedation!)
Now here's the not so good news, well lets face it it's not good news at all.
He has ARDS (Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome) This is not good at all, nurses say it happens a lot to people on ventilators.   They say it could be weeks before we see any improvement at all. Really GOD?? I was and am having a hard time with this today.  I just feel like this mountain is so high, so insurmountable, I need to exercise my faith I know, but today has been harder for me than I thought it would be.  I feel claustrophobic for him (he's covered in tubing, wires and is so swollen), my neck hurts (I'm so tense) and Greg and I have been having headaches everyday...I think we are more stressed than we think.  Today Greg was super tired, we both got a 2 hour nap and that really helped.
Anyways, I'm sorry I feel like I am venting a little too much but this is how I am feeling right now.  I feel out of steam.  I was able to get to the gym tonight and sweat out some stress and frustration but it didn't help as much as I thought it would.  I don't know....
I know alot of you have been asking how you can help and thank you for that, I guess something I can think of now is just to continue praying.  Pray for Dad and Mom of course, but also would you pray for Greg and I as we walk through this? (and the kids-they are both gonna process this in different ways and I hate to not be with them)

Why do I feel so guilty to ask for prayer for us????

We are so spent, I feel strong at times then the next minute I feel so defeated....we are all just so tired and all I want to do is take all the crap off of my Dad and break him out of here and take him home.  But when will that be?  I so want to wake up tomorrow and all of this be over....over meaning I want him home building a piece of furniture, I want him to finish his 63 split window Corvette, I want him flying a plane again, I want him to LIVE...really live.  Is that too much to ask God?  Sometimes as I stand over his bed I feel like all of those things seem so far away and I hate it...I hate this, I want my Dad back.

Got Here

Greg and I got to the hospital at 1:30am this morning and got to see Dad. (we got here in record time 8 1/2 hours and we didn't even speed- God made the miles shorter last night I'm sure of it)  Dad was peaceful and resting.  He woke up for us and shook his head a little to say hello.  I told him to stop acting up, he starting acting ornery when we left.  Now that we are back he seems to be calming down a bit:)  Go figure, I am his favorite daughter...shh don't tell Christi;)
We got some good news about his lungs!!!!!  So far, the steroids ARE WORKING!!! 
How awesome is that!  
We meet with the doctors soon we'll see what they say.   He is on his 3rd round of steroids (the BIG doses) and we will see if they were successful in the next day or two....these are VERY important hours ahead.  
Yesterday he was breathing 50 times a minute and totally refusing the ventilator and today he is letting it breath for him.
The biggest risk with the steroids is that his resistance will be low against infection.  Also it makes his glucose high so he will have to take insulin. 
So here we go again....waiting.  

"yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles. they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary. 
Is. 40:31

Greg and I are very tired and weary...5 hours of sleep (maybe) and relying heavily on coffee.  
Thank you Lord of coffee.

Thank you to all of you that called, texted and ministered to us yesterday.  It means the world to Greg and I, we needed that day of encouragement from our friends.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Becky just called and asked me to update the blog.  She and Greg are in the car on their way back to KC.  They just flew home last night, and now needed to turn around and head right back.  Thankfully they were able to have Reese's baptism today as planned.

It doesn't look like her dad is going to make it much longer. He's not able to breathe on his own, and the doctors said there's nothing else they can do.  He is fighting the ventilator.  They just started the steroids that the pulmonologist says he needs, but the infections disease specialist says that it is very risky. 

Please be in prayer as they make the journey back, for the family and friends in KC, and for the kids and family taking care of things on the home front.


Heart Breaking News

Just got a call from my Mom (I am back in Texas now, got in last night late) my Dad is even worse and is even struggling breathing on the ventilator.  The doctors were very apologetic but have no idea what is going on.  They are starting steroids- which was not something they wanted to do but they have no choice.  Please pray.  It is killing me that I am here and not able to be with my family.  I don't know what I am going to do about getting back to Kansas City...I wish I hadn't left.  The doctors have no idea if he will make it through the steroids...

Saturday, February 12, 2011


After meeting with the doctors yesterday (he has a pulmonary, infectious disease and cardiologist doctor)
they still had no answers.  This is getting old, the longer we wait for answers the worse he gets.  
Today his lungs are worse (how is that possible?) The x-rays look almost totally white... I don't know how to explain it but that it just looks like everything is cloudy.  They say its the mold spreading throughout his body...ughhhh!!!
They are gonna continue to keep him on all the antibiotics until Monday and hopefully by then they will have more idea what to zero in on...pray to that end please!!!???
They also told us this morning that they want him off the ventilator by early next week (dangerous to keep him on it too long due to infection) and they will give him a tracheotomy to replace the ventilator through his mouth.  (

He seems uncomfortable today, I hate to see him this way.  I went in this morning and could only stay a few minutes because he just looked so miserable.  He had one foot off the bed (he tries to get out all the time--this actually makes me laugh, he's so ornery;) and then his head was falling over and was sweating because he had a fever.  I don't like it one bit...who would, right? I'm sure he doesn't either.
My great Aunt was able to come in from St. Louis last night, she is 87.  My Dad is like a son to her so she is very concerned.  It's very nice to have her here, she is a very compassion caring woman and wants to help, I know Dad would be happy to know she came.

Well enough of the bad news-- how about a funny story?  
Yesterday my Dad's best friend was here (he's been here EVERYDAY:) and he brought my Dad a University of Missouri teddy bear. Dad is an MU fan and Matt is a Kansas fan, I don't know how they get along?:)

Anyway, the teddy bear is mini sized and Matt stuck it in Dad's hand.  Matt says, "He's gonna kill me when he knows I put a teddy bear in his hand!"  It made me laugh pretty Dad's a manly man (to say the least) and Matt was very proud of himself.  Ever since then Dad has had the teddy bear in his sweet:)
Here's a picture I Dad's gonna kill me;)  Sorry was too funny not to document:)
Sweet, sweet MU teddy:)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Great Friends

Look at all this food! Wow!

a very packed waiting room

These aren't the best pictures (off my iphone) but I just wanted to show you the amazing support we have had this week. My parents S.S. class from church decided to meet up here tonight in the waiting room for dinner and a prayer time for Dad.
All week they have provided such support, both with food and encouragement.  Every day there are at least 3-5 people here all day....they just love my Mom and Dad so much.  We are so very blessed.


The theme of the week is waiting, waiting, waiting for the Doctors.  I don't know anything new yet...check back later.  
Dad is pretty peaceful right now.  Not as responsive as yesterday but seems to be fighting for his life.
More later...

Bad News

Well he's not doing good today.  His lung x-ray is the worst it has ever been and they are not sure what the deal is and they might be starting him on dialysis to rest his kidneys because those are failing:(
The doctors are on the floor now so we are waiting....we need those prayers! 
I am actually doing better than I ever thought I would be.  The Lord has given me a peace and giving me such nourishment from His Word...thank you Lord! Thank you friends for praying for me too.
Ps. 119:28
My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your Word.
Ps. 199:81
My soul faints with longing for your salvation, but I have put my HOPE in your Word!
Ps. 139:5
You have hem me in--behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me.
Ps. 139: 16
All the days (of my Dad's life) are written in your book before one of them came to be.

I want my Dad here with us but believe it or not I am at peace with him being where God planned for him....Your will Father not my own.  
He knows the numbers of our days...He's in control.  He's in control!!!
I really do believe those words....  I don't want to be in control.
Please continue to intercede for us, your prayers are so powerful!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Can you believe we have more good news?  WE DO!  We met with the doctor and he gave us a very encouraging report.  They are 90% sure it is Valley Fever which he caught in Tempe, Arizona.  It is a mold that is air born and not very many people catch it but due to his low immunities and heart issues he was more prone to catch it.
Anyways a few hours ago I went in to see Dad and was talking to him a little bit and HE OPENED HIS EYES!  I couldn't believe it!  I screamed!!:)  He has been sedated for a few days now and he hasn't responded to us much at all but this time he did AND he even nodded when I asked him if he knew it was me!  I was thrilled...thank you Lord for this moment!!
We are all very encouraged but we do know he is not out of the woods yet.  It can be a very long recovery time and he is still in the ICU and will be on the ventilator for the next week for sure.
They sat him up for a few hours today and he seemed to like that.
It is nice to have some good news and be closer to a diagnosis!!
BTW there is a treatment for Valley Fever but it can be a very long recovery time.  If you happen to Google it don't believe everything you read,  that's the worst case scenario most likely.  My Dad is strong AND he has the Lord on his side...we're gonna bet this!!!  Please continue to pray we are feeling the prayers!!  Keep them coming!

Baby steps but good steps...

Last night went pretty good.  Greg stayed here with me even though I tried to talk him into going home and getting some sleep. He told me either way one person would be staying, either I could stay with him or I could go home and sleep....he's so good to me:)
I ended up staying in the room with Dad and was shocked how much they pick and poke at him. We would just get comfortable and then the nurses would rush in, flip on the lights and start messing with his settings and stuff.  I would wake up look over at the nurse and ask him if Dad was ok, he would say yes he's doing ok go back to sleep.....I tried.  
At about 5:30am the x-ray team came into the room and thats when I knew I would need to leave the room. I headed into the waiting room where Greg was and I was unable to go back to sleep.  I had a sweet time with the Lord and probably read half the Bible;)  It was so nice to have some time to recharge and hear from the Lord.  I was led to some great verses and I really felt the Lord leading me to some specific prayers for my Dad:
1.  Everyone has been praying for my Dad to live, which of course is a good thing, but something specific I have begun to ask is for my Dad to live and have a good "quality" of life.  I know he would not want to live if he were bedridden or not be able to live and enjoy life. 
2. I am also praying  Ps. 18:1-6 for my Dad.  I know he would pray this for himself if he could so since he can't I will pray it for him.  The Lord hears our cries. He is his shield and the horn of his salvation, his stronghold!  Thank you Lord!
3. Praying for glimmers of hope, some good reports to lift our spirits, to lift my Mom's spirits.  Thankfully right after praying this my Mom got a great report from Dad's nurse.  
Here's what we found out:
1. White Blood Cell count is 11,000 down from 23,000 (normal is 5,000-10,000)
2.  X-Ray results: Can see the diaphragm (this is also good because yesterday they couldn't see it...everything was cloudy, both lungs and diaphragm)
3.  Pericarditis Inflammation or fluid on the heart (this is not a good report --please be praying for this)
4.  Kidney and liver better
5.  Tolerating food drops being dripped in his stomach (he was VERY malnourished and had nothing in his stomach at all!)

We still have not seen his doctors today.  Everyday we meet with the infectious disease doctor and the pulmonary doctor.  Please be praying for these reports because they have not been positive and they can bring us to rock bottom so fast!  
Greg and I are really praying about when we should head home.  All along I was planning on flying home on Friday afternoon in time to get the kids from school but now we might be waiting until Saturday.  We are thinking about two options, we might rent a car and drive home (not my choice) or we are hoping to find some cheap tickets to fly home.  I would much rather fly because then I get to stay with Dad longer and don't have to waste 10 hours driving....pray that 2 cheap tickets magically appear--God can do that I know He can.  I am unsure when I will return but we know my Dad could be in the hospital for maybe 6 weeks or in their words, "He is in here for a long hard fight."  Doesn't sound very fun does it?  
Let's pray for a speedy recovery...a miracle recovery that makes NO sense to anyone, I just love when God gets all the glory! 

It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. Ps. 18:32

Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me "today", for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in YOU all day long.  Remember, O Lord, your great mercy and love, for they are from of old! Ps. 25:4-6
In Him,

Here's a sweet prayer for my Dad I received from my friend Faith Turner.  Faith only told her daughter, who is 5 years old, that my Dad was sick and she then prayed, "God keep your hands gentle around Becky's Dad's chest."  Today was the first time we found out something was wrong with his heart.  Amazing how God speaks to his children!
This brings tears to my eyes, from the mouth of babes huh?  Thank you Isabelle!  Continue to pray those child-like prayers they are so powerful!
Yesterday we also found out that our sweet friends, the Brooks, all got on their knees and prayed for my Dad.  Their daughter, Eden, who is 2 years old said, "Lord, Pees heal Banky's dad."  I love it!  Thank you Eden, Payton, Benjamin, Tony and Becky.  

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Daddy and his girls

Here's the face of the man you are praying for....this is my Dad.  Isn't he handsome?

Dad has a fever tonight about 102 and today he was fighting a 101 fever but they have decided to let him sweat it out.  He is so very hot right now but looks pretty peaceful.  Greg and I are sleeping here tonight in my Dad's room.  Mom has been up here a lot of nights and she needs to get some real sleep and she feels better knowing we are here.  She will probably sleep maybe 5-6 hours but hey thats at least something right?
My brother just got here.  He flew in from New York and hasn't seen Dad yet.  
Please pray for a good night for Dad.  Pray Greg and I don't get woke up all night to all the beeping and alarms.  
Good night,  I'll update more in the morning.

I needed this...

I have been looking for distractions while sitting here at the hospital waiting for the doctor (yes, we are still waiting)....and I found this picture. Thank you Reese I got a good laugh from this.  What a nutty little boy you are...I totally would have wanted to dive into this picture too;)
*FYI this is a picture Reese is "pretending" to dive into (my Mom didn't realize it was a picture so I wanted to clarify:)

Morning Update

This morning we were able to sleep in a few hours.  A sweet couple from my Mom and Dad's Sunday School class drove me all the way out to the airport last night (it's a 45 minute drive with NO snow and we were having a snow storm last night so it took us 1 1/2 to get there!) We got back to the hospital about 1:30 am and we went on up to see my Dad before we headed home to sleep.
This morning we got a few more encouraging reports.  Alot of his levels are coming down a bit, which is a good thing, he is sleeping pretty soundly, he had a good night last night (for the first time) and my Mom stayed at the hospital (I tried to get her to come home but she said, "Becky, would you leave your husband in this state?" Ok, ok I stopped bugging her and went on home to sleep.  
She slept pretty good last night and is hoping to get home soon to take a shower and rest a bit, but we are waiting for the Doctor...again.
 Greg and I will be at the hospital all day hoping Mom feels some peace that someone is here for Dad so she can rest...we'll see?
My sister is at home sick in bed, she wore herself out taking care of Dad and getting no sleep. She is very frustrated, pray she gets better ASAP! Please, PLEASE pray that my Mom stays healthy (and Greg and I) so she can see Dad.  NO ONE is allowed in his room if they are even a tiny bit sick...he can't fight another infection.
It is so wonderful to have my husband here, the amount of peace he provides me just being here is so helpful...let's just say I was struggling say the least:/
Greg might be headed to St. Louis today to go pick up my great Aunt.  My Dad is like a son to her and she is 85 and is dying to be here but can't unless someone picks her up.  It is so sad to talk to her on the phone.  Before you even say anything she is bawling. It's heart breaking. It's been a few heart breaking days...I'm ready for it to stop.

Ok God, would you have mercy on us?
 You know I want Your will for my life above all else, for all ours lives, but while I still can I beg you for his life!  I beg you for some improvement, actually for some giant steps of improvement.  I beg you for wisdom for the doctors because they don't have a clue what to do right now. Provide my Mom with YOUR mighty rushing peace.  Even while my Daddy sleeps let him dream sweet dreams of You and let him feel your presence consuming him.  Lord, thank you for the improvements we have been blessed to see...keep them coming Lord, I wait expectantly for your healing. Thank you for all those who are praying for us, bless them and their families for their faithfulness and love, I am so blessed to have so many friends to support us. I am humbled.  I release my Dad into your hands, we can't help him Lord...the ball is in your court.  I love you.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sleeping Tight

They have my Dad sleeping pretty soundly right now and they just gave him some pain medicine and something to help him sleep through the night.  We are trying to talk my Mom into going home for a few hours to sleep but she won't have it.  Last night she went home to sleep 6 hours and he had his worse night yet:( I don't think it's related but I can't convince her of that.
His vitals have been pretty steady for the last 3 hours.  His heart rate is down to 74 beats a minute which is down from 136 and his blood pressure is 108/69 which is low but it's SO much better than it was SUPER low and they were very concerned. 
I have been able to spend some good time with my Dad so far.  I got some alone time with him a few hours ago and was able to hold his hand and I fell asleep by his was a sweet time with my Daddy.
Please continue to pray the next few days are very important for him to make some progress.
We have been VERY blessed with a TON of visitors.  My parents have a wonderful couples class at church and they have been here all night bringing us food, care packages and some much needed distraction.  I actually saw my Mom smile...that was good to see.  
I plan to report in the morning that my Dad is so much better that they have no explanation but to blame it on the Lord....we are feeling the prayers--keep them coming.
Love you friends,

Some encouraging news...

Just got a report from the Dr. that they started a new blood pressure medicine that was able to bring it up a bit (his blood pressure was VERY low and his heart rate was VERY high) which means they won't (yet) have to start him on his heart medication that could be fatal.  We were really hoping they wouldn't have to start him on Amioloden (sp) which is a terrible drug.  
Greg is on his way from DC (on a business trip)
Kids are staying with Greg's parents in Ft. Worth and I am here in KC sitting waiting for some more good news....I believe my Lord can heal him.  I wait expectantly.  
Thank you for your prayers. 

Please Pray for Becky's Dad

Hi everyone.  This is Becky's friend, Cari.

Becky's Dad has been in the hospital for about a week with pneumonia, and it has now turned into something more life threatening.  They said it could be something viral or a bad allergic reaction to a mold or something plus the pneumonia.  They put him on a ventilator today and are doing a bronchoscopy.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors to figure out what they are dealing with and strength for the family.   As updates become available, I will update the blog.


Friday, February 04, 2011

4 snow days IN A ROW!

Wow it's been a long 4 days.  Good, but long.  The kids and I are going a bit stir crazy.  
I wish Monday when I went to Wal-Mart I would have bought ALOT more food...we are running out:/
The kids have been in heaven though and are now asking me to home school them, I told them to pray hard about that:)  I may never get them back in school at this rate!  Tuesday morning we were woken up about 6am to the sound of our fire alarms going off.  Greg and I tried to get them turned off but ended up having to call the fire department to help us out:(  We were a little concerned that it could be CO2 so the kids and I went outside (it was like 10 degrees out:) and I tried to get the car warm but by the time it warmed up the firemen let us go back inside! ha!
Thankfully, we all went back to sleep (even the dog) and slept in until 9am...yeah! 
Tuesday and Wednesday we didn't get out much even to play because it was just so bitter cold out.  The kids have painted and colored about 40 pictures, we have almost gotten caught up in our One Year Bible but the house is a wreck!!!
 Thursday we were able to get to the library and get some books then we headed to the coffee shop.  I got to enjoy a latte while we all three read our books....bliss!  I had no idea they would do that but it was a success!  (I will definitely be doing this again soon:)
Thursday afternoon the Brooks family came over to play (they live near by), watch a movie, play Wii, have hot chocolate and run around and keep our kiddos entertained;)  It was fun!
I was a little concerned when I found out that the kids were home again today.  I am running out a tricks and the kids just keep bickering:(  All they wanna do is lay around and watch TV...and I'm not gonna let them do that:)

We are getting alot of snow today and we woke up to a broken heater--50 degrees in the house--good times:)  Greg was able to fix it with God's help...I was praying for our heater:)  
Anyways, snow has been alot more fun than ice but snow covering ice is a problem:/  
We plan to venue out tonight to go to some Super Bowl Events...wish us luck;)
Tuesday morning ice.

Abby and Lucy trying to keep warm!

Brooks kids and Abby and Reese coloring and playing Wii

Friday morning snow

deeper than I thought it would be.  I slipped and fell big time...that ice is hidden now which  makes things a little tricky!

Our poor Avalon:)

Reese did not want me to take this picture...he was cool, wet and moody!:/

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Yep, It's that time of year again:)

We just finished baseball season right?  Well thankfully since we got to enjoy baseball through November the Rangers Fan Fest wasn't too far behind!  Good times!
We went out to the Fan Fest last weekend and it felt so wonderful to be surround by all things baseball again...ha! For real we have missed it:)
We met up with the Brooks family (our fellow Rangers/little league baseball friends)  Remember they went with us the the Pennant game when we beat the YANKEES!?  Oh that felt SO Yankees!!! 
Anyways we all had a great time!  The kids got to catch fly balls, run and slide into home plate and see LOTS of Rangers players!  Here's some great pics from our days festivities!  
Come on Spring Training....we can hardly wait!  It's gonna be a great summer of baseball!
FYI if you are just now tuning into my blog....WE LOVE BASEBALL!!!  :)
the famous dots...Reese wanted to be a dot for Halloween:)

Greg, Reese and Mark McLemore who played from 1985-99

Greg and the kids with Claude Osteen
Greg said he was one of the best post-season pitchers ever! 

Payton, Abby and Reese---Rangers Pride!

Home Run!

Benjamin, Abby, Reese and Payton waiting in one of the many long lines!

speed demon:)

This is Eden (Becky and Tony Brooks daughter) She is most certainly the most precious little girl on the planet....I love her very much!  Here she is meeting Caption...a little skeptical:)

The Brooks family with the Rangers Pennant Trophy!  

and this is us:)

New third baseman for the Rangers, Beltre...yes, Reese already has his shirt--he bought it with his own money:)

I LOVE David Murphy! If I saw him in a store somewhere I would be that weird girl that ran up and gave him a hug;)  He's the best!!

silly Reeser

the kids playing by the lake in front of the Ranger's Ballpark!