Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Field Trip to the Zoo

Abby, Gracie and Preston--these were the 3 kids who were assigned to me...pressure! I don't mind losing my kid from time to time;) (just kiddin';) but losing someone else's kid is not a good idea:)

Gracie and Abby

Our group--what a nutty bunch!

they had to pose on the lizard!

LOVE this one! How wide is your wing span??

Today Abby had a field trip to the Zoo and I was able to go too! I rode out with another one of the moms and we met the kids at the front gate. We got there just in time to get our groups and get going...the kids were VERY ready to get going:)
Nathalie (the other mom) and I had 6 kids between us, and man, you would think that would have been pretty easy but 4 of those were boys and wow they were hyper--good times;) Thankfully we had Abby and Gracie and they were prefect angels--haha...gotta love those obedient first born girls--priceless:)
Anyways the weather was perfect (overcast and it didn't get too hot and humid until about time to leave--very nice:)
Abigail was so excited to go and she had a blast. I was so happy to see that her friend Gracie was in our group because Abby was really hoping her teacher would put them together! All day the kids wanted to see the reptiles (aka SNAKES). I could have done without all the snakes I saw today but I kept my composure and my opinions to myself:) ~now that's an accomplishment because I HATE SNAKES....I'm proud, very proud:)
Tomorrow is Abby's last full day of school and yesterday was my last day of packing a lunch--YAY! ~I need a break...packing lunches and thinking of things to put in the lunches that your kids will actually eat and not starve all day is a beating:) Come on moms you know what I'm talking about ;)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Your Hands

My Mom asked me a few weeks back if I knew the song "Your Hands" by Jj Heller. I had heard it before but never played it so I told her that I would learn it for her. Here ya go Mom....hope you like it!
The first one is the "funny one" if you will:) Abby was recording and Reese thought he needed to be part of the song too...enjoy--they think they are so funny;)
Also, in Jj Heller's version of this song she plays the harmonica. I thought I would take a stab at it (in the first video) It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and I plan on buying one of those head gear things to hold the harmonica while I play the guitar:) Love the sound of the harmonica!
The second video is without the kids (they were in bed:) and no harmonica. I also switched up the picking...I think I like the second one better almost sounds like a dulcimer. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's Day

So I have been meaning to post this since Mother's Day and I keep forgetting. Well, I remembered a few minutes ago and thought I would share what Abby wrote me for my Mother's Day gift.

My Mom is Special
My Mom looks pretty when she has a special dress on.
My Mom is the best at soccer and playing baseball.
I like it when my Mom plays with me.
My Mom is special because she is the funniest Mom in the world.
I like it when my Mom makes a cake with me.

Pretty sweet huh? She's the best and I am honored to be her Mom--thank you Abigail! I love you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Strike a Pose!

me and my adorable husband:)....is that gray hair I see in his beard??? So cute!;)

Reese and Abby with the Roberts girls (Amanda, Emma and Gracie)

Too funny....they posed themselves!

Yep, that's my boy---he loves the camera!

Soccer Party!

Abby had her end of the season soccer party at Pump it Up last weekend! She had a great season and scored about 8 goals and assisted many more! Great job Abby!
At the party they jumped their little hearts out, ate pizza, cake and got their trophies! Abby was so cute--she was all smiles when they handed over her trophy--so sweet!
I am so happy she played soccer this year, not only did she prove to herself that she is athletic but also she gained a lot of confidence out on the field! I don't really care if she ever plays soccer again but I do hope that she takes risks and gets out there and tries new things.
Check out these pictures...you can tell she is beaming inside:)

deep in thought:)

the team ready for their trophies!

Abby and her trophy

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reese's Preschool Graduation!

I can't believe it is already time for Reese to go to kindergarten....is that possible? It can't be because that means I have to be getting older too and I still feel 21:) ... ok maybe 25 but still I feel too young to have 2 kids in elementary....very weird!!!
Well Reese was so excited to graduate it was precious! He is so ready to go to school "everyday" as he says--he tells me, "Mommy, you're really gonna miss me aren't you?" *sniff sniff* seriously? Reese you are breaking my heart!:( I kinda pride myself in not being a super "needy" mom BUT this time it might be pretty hard sending our last kiddo off to school! OK well enough talk of that because we still have the whole summer together and I am gonna cherish every minute!

Reese was all smiles the whole graduation and did a great job singing with his class. He actually did the motions and seemed to enjoy himself quite a bit. I don't know, I kinda figured him the "too cool" type of boy that would never get into singing and stuff but he was eating it up...pretty cute:)
I was not able to get any good pictures of Reese getting his "diploma":) because he ran across the stage--my picture was just a blur:/
thanks to my friend Cari I got a good picture--thanks girl!
Enjoy the video and the pictures--he's getting so big! Actually speaking of getting big, in September when he started school he was 50 pounds and he is now 61 pounds---WOW, slow down buddy, he's gonna dwarf all the other kindergartens! Football here we come, well hopefully he plays baseball and he can just be a fast left fielder like Josh Hamilton:)

Cari's picture she got of Reese...thank you Cari!

Grandma Reese, Maw Maw and Poppa got to come to the graduation

Happy, Happy, Joy, JOY:) Sweet boy!

Ready to sing!

my attempt at Reese getting his diploma:/

happy "blurred" boy:)

Reese and his friend Macye--they wore their Dad's white dress shirts--looks bad up close but great on stage-ha!

Reese was done with pictures by this one...:)

Here is Reese doing his ABC song--I forget what it's called but he learned all his sounds and stuff with it---pretty clever song I'd say!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


This is what we do ALL the time--jump, jump, jump!!!! Honestly I have always liked to jump but man I totally forgot how much work it was? Geez, what a workout right? I think I might have to make a new rule....Mommy can only jump for 5 minute intervals then she has to go take a nap;) Yep, that just might work! ha!

Where is Reese?

OK so this makes me laugh so hard....I hope it does the same for you!
Tonight Greg was doing Reese's hair like Alfalfa so I told him to go get the camera--Reese looked hilarious:) Well we got a good picture of the hair but I was also surprised to find a few more shots that Greg took (bonus:) Enjoy....my son is a nut (and Greg isn't much better;)

this is the "hair" picture...the rest are just gravy;)

this is our bathroom cabinet and the bottom part is our hamper

found you Reese!

you could go through the bottom Reese? ok, whatever go the hard way...

yes, he's stuggling a bit and yes, he's naked:/

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Krista!

This weekend I headed to Kansas City for my friend Krista's 30th Birthday surprise! A few months back I got a call from her husband Scott (also my good friend from home) and he asked if I could/would like to come to KC to be part of Krista's big birthday weekend! I, of course, jumped at the chance and got a ticket right away! The weekend was so awesome and Scott out did himself! I got to their house about 4pm on Friday and she was so surprised! We hungout for the evening, had dinner and her college roommate also come into town that evening. We stayed up WAY too late:) and had a blast just being silly--it was so fun-just like old times!!
The next morning was also a surprise for Krista (or maybe she knew a little bit;) a limo came about 10am and me, Krista, Tara, her sister, Karla, Mom and sister-in-law, Hannah all were whisked away for a day of pampering! (I told you Scott out did himself:)
We headed down to the plaza (outdoor shopping area in KC) went shopping for Krista some new clothes (Scott gave each of us $100 to spend on her--crazy huh? He's so great!:) we had lunch and headed to the Spa. Scott treated all of us to a massage and it was incredible...sadly my masseuse had her work cut out for her--I had a TON of knots! Guess I need to get massages more often huh?:)
We then headed back to the house for a surprise birthday party with all her close friends and family! It was such a blast from the past for me and we had such a great time all celebrating the birth of our sweet friend! I am so thrilled I was able to make it up for such an incredible weekend! Thank you again Scott for all you did not only for Krista but for all of us---wow, it was so generous!
I love you Krista and am so thankful we are still great friends after all these years!
Bring on 40 huh? Who knows what Scott will do--hehe!

Krista birthday fruit pizza.....yummy!

Krista and her sweet daughter Sienna

Krista and I getting in the Limo!

Krista and her sister Karla

lunch with all the blondes;) I just noticed I was the only brunette--pretty funny!

Leg Wrestling!

I told you Friday night we were being silly (go figure me being silly;) Anyway after about 15 years of knowing each other I found out a hidden talent Krista has (WOW that's insane Kris never counting years before:)
She has the strongest legs and DOMINATES all who challenge her! Well being the competitive person I am:) I was determined to win at least once! Well after MANY tries I "kinda" won, well I at least turned her body a little bit--ha!
These pictures tell the story!
Krista you are amazing and you will forever
be the leg wrestling champion! Congrats;)

Legs in motion--it's ON!:)

going in for the kill--check out my face---for real she's STRONG and I had to give it my all!

and there you go folks...I moved her a little bit!

Victory!:) I was thrilled!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Love this BOY!

check out those lips--precious!

yep, that's my boy:)
Check Reese out! Who do you think he's related to? Not me right?;) NUTTY boy--he's the best! I love goofy pictures:)

We got a Trampoline!

putting the puzzle together:)

kids couldn't wait to jump...even though we weren't quite done!

almost done....still need to put the net up--we will save that for another day

The other day a friend of ours told us they had a trampoline they were willing to give away if we knew someone to take it off their hands! Guess what? We knew someone---US! How exciting! It's crazy cause Greg and I were trying to decide if we wanted to "invest" in one and then out of nowhere someone offers us one....what a God thing huh?
So anyways we got it early last week but we decided not to put it up until the kids showed us some gratitude! Lately they have been complaining and arguing and there was NO way we were gonna reward them for such behavior! So, after a week of "earning" their keep we finally decided to put it up. Greg and I went to work and surprisinly it wasn't that bad. The only hard part was pulling the springs and since Greg and I are so buff;) we didn't struggle all that much!
The kids have really enjoyed it so far and Greg and I have enjoyed it too! I was telling Greg a few weeks ago that I have really seen a change in the kids in what they like to do. They used to be entertained with board games and playing with their toys and such but as they get older I am seeing that we need to adjust our family activities to fit their interests sometimes. And their interests lately have been trampolines!!!! So I am praying this will be a fun and engaging activity we can all do together and hopefully we will have no broken bones:)
fyi~ remember I am married to Greg Stamps, he of course checked to see if we are covered to have a trampoline on our homeowners insurance....Mr. Prepared:) Thank you honey even though I act annoyed from time to time because I just want to have fun (with no responsibility:) and you want to cover all the bases- I really do appreciate you:) You're my hero!

*also last be not least*
Thank you Morgan family for the trampoline---what an awesome gift! We are very thankful!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Peter Pan

Reese's Pre-school class

Macye and Reese!

Kortney, Macye, Reese and I before the show

This is my friend Natasha who was also on the field trip with us---such a great picture I just had to share!

Thursday I went on a field trip with Reese to see Peter Pan. Now Reese is SO over his Peter Pan phase but for a while there we had a hard time getting him out of his costume (he's pretty intense when it comes to what he likes and dislikes...I have no idea where he gets is??;)
He told me weeks before that he didn't want to sit by me (he wanted it sit by his friends:( but thankfully I was able to make it happen anyway with little trouble! The show was good and he was pretty attentive. He has seen Peter Pan about 4 times so I think it has lost it's excitement or something:) He was able to sit by his lady friend, Macye. She is beyond adorable and they get along perfectly!
Well anyways I got some great pictures and feel so blessed I get to go to everything they do at school---thank you Greg (my sugar Daddy:) I am beyond grateful and love every minute of not working!!!!!! YAY!:)