Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something funny...

Conversation at dinner between Abby and Greg:

Greg: "You gotta work to get paid so you can buy the things you need and save for the future...."
Abby: "....and to pay the President!" (We then all laugh)
Abby: "What?" (she didn't get what was funny:) ...which makes it even funnier!!!

HILARIOUS! Can you tell we are not too happy with what's going on in Washington?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Oklahoma City Marathon 2009

Running against the wind...very painful! 24-42 mile an hour gusting winds...oh joy!:)

Crossing the finish line....very happy!

Me with my parents after the race

Everyone came to see me race--thanks guys!

Me after the race at the OKC Memorial

This past weekend Greg, the kids and I went to OKC for me to run in the OKC half marathon-13.1 miles. My parents came down from Kansas City to watch me run and my dad got some great pictures!
We had to stay the night on Saturday because we had to be up bright and early for me to start the race. Thank goodness my parents were there because the kids slept in their room so they didn't have to get up at 5am! Greg was kind enough to take me to the race and stay with me until it started. There were 19,000 people running in the race (marathon, relay, half and 5K) so it was crazy crowded but that made for some intense energy that got everyone hyped up and ready to race!
I am not gonna lie-- the race was a challenge. The wind was super strong and I had to really focus and pray the whole time because I wanted to stop and drop out a hundred times. I was very happy to see my parents and kids at mile 10 and 11--they gave me some great encouragement at just the perfect time! It was so precious to see the kids watching me run--Reese's face lit up and gave me that last push I needed to make it through! Thanks guys!

At first I was kinda frustrated with my results but after getting some sleep:) and some great advice from friends and family I came to my senses. I am very thrilled to have finished especially in the conditions I had to face this year! This running stuff is teaching me so much about myself and where God wants me to be with Him. Just today I was reminded that it doesn't matter about my time and it's not about me but it's about the Lord. Every step I take I want Him to get the glory! I know He will continue to teach me and be patient with me when I fail but my hearts desire is to see Him get the praise for everything I do!

For now I have no races planned in the near future. I plan to take a step back and see what the Lord wants for me. I don't want to continue racing just to race-- I want to do it if it's what God wants so we'll see where He leads!

My official time was 1:58:41
I was thrilled to find out that I finished in the top 7% overall -I came in 796 out of 5,778 half marathoners ~I am very proud of myself!
I also came in 46th out of 574 in my age division (30-35)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Backpack!

View from the front....

View from the back....:) He told me after I took this picture that even though you can't see he was smiling in this picture...too funny!

Today Reese and I went shopping at ROSS (dress for less) and I must say they're not kidding! I got some great deals! I never go into these stores because I've never have the time to really look through everything and find the good stuff. But today Reese was "in the mood" well you know--he seemed ok about going shopping just as long as he could hide in between all the clothes and play hide and seek with me the whole time--I decided that was a small price to pay to get some new clothes:)
When we were walking out of the store I was "glancing" at the purses and all a sudden Reese started jumping around pointing at something. The next thing I know he's holding a Rangers backpack begging me to buy it for him so he can take it to preschool next year! It was so cute I couldn't say was only $12.99--I tell ya they got great deals!
Anyways after we got the backpack and we were walking out of ROSS Reese says, "Mommy, God was saving this backpack just for me!!!" How precious and wonderful is that? It's amazing to watch as your kids develop a bibical worldview beyond themselves! If he is already seeing that God provides everything (even backpacks) at the age of 4 what will he be like at 30?....hopefully just like his Daddy! ~It's looking good so far!:)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lazy Days!

Greg, Reese, Abby and (me behind the camera) about to go on a bike ride to the park!

We had the best Sunday afternoon yesterday. We went to church, ate at a really good Italian restaurant, took a 2 and 1/2 hour nap, went on a bike ride and played at the park! It was so fun to just have a day together without somewhere to be! Greg and I hate busyness and we do avoid it at all cost BUT sometimes it's unavoidable! So when a lazy day comes around we enjoy it very much!


They love to paint and since they are older now they were very clean...I like that!

They did each others make-up....pretty huh? It took a ton of my make-up remover to get that lipstick off! I was afraid I was gonna have to send Gabbie home with pink lips!!!

cuddled up to watch Bolt!

Saturday night Abby asked her friend Gabbie to spend the night. They were both so excited--actually they were more on the HYPER side of excited! Greg and Reese decided it would be a good night to leave:) so they went to another Rangers game! That is their 3rd game in one week! Amazing!
~ ok so we have a lot of people ask how we can afford to go to the games all the time. Well most of the time we either have free tickets or half price tickets and when we don't we ALWAYS buy the cheap seats!(and sit elsewhere if it's not sold out...which rarely happens) We also bring all our own food and drinks --except those few special times that the kids share nachos with Daddy!:) So because of this we are able to go a lot more than other people and since we know we love to be at the games we save during the year. (the 6 months of the year that baseball is not in season)

Anyways while the boys were away we had a great girls night! Abby had planned out every second of the night so Gabbie was kept busy until bed time! They decorated a Red Sox sign for Reese's t-ball game, played outside, ate pizza, decorated cupcakes, played in Abby's room and watched a little bit of Bolt--they were too busy being silly to watch much!
I got them to bed about 9:45 and hoped they were tired enough to fall asleeep quickly BUT I was mistaken... they finally drifted off about 11pm or so--wow was Abby tired at church on Sunday!
When I asked Abby what was her favorite part of the sleepover she smiled big and said, "EVERYTHING!"
*I love watching Abby act goofy with her friends! Most of the time Abby is described as shy but when she is in her comfort zone she's NUTS! (maybe she does take after me just a little bit;)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Rangers time again!

One happy boy! Baseball season here we come!

We had some good seats!

Eating---this is also an American pastime! (at least for our family:)

Last night we all went to our first Rangers game of the season. We really wanted to make it to opening day but Greg had to work and honestly we probably couldn't get tickets anyway!:)
It was so nice to be back in the stadium and even though we lost (due to the pitching) they still always put on a good show! Reese woke-up yesterday ready to go and it was very hard for him to wait all day! He put on his jersey and talked about eating nachos with Daddy for hours! It was hilarious! We ended up having to get two nachos (that was dinner for some of us:) that's for you Greg!) and a hot dog for sweet Abby! ~this made the kids very happy!
I am very excited the season has begun and I am hopeful that this season will be great (no matter how negative people have been about the Rangers!)....actually we love them so much we are going again on Friday! In case you didn't know I am married to probably one of the biggest Rangers fan in the world! I love to watch Greg (and Reese) during baseball season---he loves this game and it makes me love it too! I have really enjoyed getting to know the sport and I'm proud to say I can name every player and position and can hold my own on a little baseball trivia;)
Growing up I was not a baseball fan so it's been fun for Greg and I to have our "thing" we love together.....we love us some Rangers and will be there when they make it to the World Series!
Watching the game right now 15-4 Rangers......hey you never know this might just be our year!
~We must remain positive and stop the negativity!!!!!!:)

Easter Weekend in KC

~finally got a few pictures loaded--blogger is giving me fits!!!

Trevin (sister's kid) and Reese at the country Club Plaza with a big bunny-they thought he was funny;)

Before the big egg hunt at my sister's house

Abby's loot-26 eggs to be exact!

Reese still on the go--he was searching and searching for an egg with a little slinky in it--he never found one but his sweet sister hooked him up!

My sweet niece with her basket--she sat this year out and let the other kids get all the eggs--she's very polite:)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Eden Isabella

Eden and I at my sister's house

Over Easter weekend Greg, the kids and I made a whirlwind of a trip to Kansas City to meet my brother's new baby girl-Eden Isabella. She (of course) was even more wonderful than we could have imagined! She is so sweet and cuddly and a major wiggle worm-I got to feed her and hold her forever--I was in baby heaven~Greg says he's glad I got my baby fix:) ~thanks Greg!
We left after Greg got off work on Thursday and drove all the way to KC that night. We spent Friday and Saturday and then had to head home on Sunday. I know it seems a bit crazy that we drove all that way for just two days but we weren't gonna be able to make it to KC again until late summer. I just couldn't imagine waiting that long to meet our sweet Eden--now Abby has a fellow girl cousin...FINALLY! (as Abby says:)
We had a great time with family this weekend. We did alot of relaxing, eating, chatting and egg hunting! Abby and Reese were so excited to get to Granny and PaPa's--Reese tells us on the way to KC, "I like Granny and Papa...I love them...they're great!" On the way home Abby says out of the blue, "Oh Mommy I smell like Granny and PaPa's house...I love that!" So precious!
I hate that we live 10 hours away but am so glad we are able to stay close and connected to them dispite the distance! We love you guys!
~I will have to post again to get in all the great pictures we got this weekend--gotta love when PaPa takes pictures! Thanks Dad!

*I have tried to load more pictures but keep getting an error 400 message....what does that mean? Anyone in blogger world know? HELP!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Reese's First Red Sox Game!

Made it to first ready to steal second--look at him in his batting cute!!!
Last year I had to assist him in putting on his gloves but this year he does it all by himself--actually I'm not allowed in the dugout anymore:( He's getting too big!!

Greg is his third base coach so here Reese is running to his Daddy!

Abby supporting the team!

Saturday was Reese's first game on the Red Sox and he had a great game! He hit a double, played center field (like Josh Hamilton who plays for the Rangers-which made Reese very happy) and was "baseball ready" the whole time---over all it was a great game!
Every time I watch him play it just amazes me that he is just 4 years old! For his age he is VERY into the game and keeps very focused and understands the rules! It makes me think he might have a future with baseball....maybe not the major leagues:) but definitely many more seasons-- maybe high school ball!???
Anyways--I love the picture of Abby in her Red Sox shirt and hat--isn't she the best big sister cheering Reeser on?--she's the best and super adorable;)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Red Sox Opening Day!

Reese's team in the parade--they were cheering, "Let's Go Red Sox!" So cute!

Reese and Daddy Coach--Reese was very excited he didn't cry! on to find out more:)

Red Sox on 3!

Go Red Sox!!!!!

Me and my precious baseball boy!

Saturday was opening day for Reese's T-ball league! We had to wake-up bright and early to get Reese there to walk with his team in the parade and boy was he excited! I went to wake him and he was dead asleep and all I said was Reese it's time for you to be in the parade and all a sudden he had a huge smile and said---YAY!!! So precious--he loves baseball!
Now Reese was a bit concerned about the parade because last year he cried through the whole thing. This year he was determined not to cry especially since he is playing up a league with the 5-6 year olds and he's only 4--he was wanting to act very big like the rest of the team;)
Anyways he didn't cry at all and actually he was leading the team in cheers! He was very proud and so were we! There's no crying in baseball!
After the parade they did the whole opening ceremonies thing (national anthem, mayor throwing out first pitch, etc) then had a carnival throughout the day. It was beautiful weather and it was fun to watch Reese with all his baseball buddies--he is just loving his team!
Now we were hesitant to get him on the Red Sox because we were afraid he would then hate the Texas Rangers (Reese is VERY team loyal) but thankfully he is still a (big league) Rangers fan----man is Greg relieved;)

Go (little league) Red Sox!

~also we are all confused why the kids shirts are green but don't worry they DO have red socks--it's good enough for Reese so it's good enough for me! :)

Reese Dancing~

Here is Reese and some of his teammates dancing to music after the parade! I thought this was so hilarious and I hope I was able to catch it all! Reese definitely appreciates a good beat~he's not a bad dancer either....he must have got that from me;)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

April Fools!

Abby loving the jello!

Reese just kept sucking on that straw---he thought it was pretty funny!

So I really wanted to do a little something for April Fools Day for the kids but everything I thought of would have either confused them or brought them to tears! :) (I used to pull a few pranks back in the day!)
Anyways I had such a hard time thinking of something and was ready to give up when finally I heard about putting jello in a clear glass with a straw and then when they tried to drink it they wouldn't be able to get anything up the straw! (ok so it wasn't much but at least I did something right?:)
Well--it turned out perfectly--they didn't even notice it was jello and both were confused! I then yelled April Fools and Abby started laughing and said, 'Oh, man you got me!"
~I think as time goes on I will grow to love April Fools Day again but for now we'll keep it simple!
I didn't even pull a prank on Greg! What is happening to me? I used to be so fun!!!!!;(

~Greg told the kids that when he was a kid his mom came to wake him up for school on April Fools Day and told him it was a snow day and he could sleep in! He said he was so relieved that he rolled over and went back to sleep! (I think he wasn't thinking because snow in April in Texas would be a phenomenon!) Anyways he of course caught on pretty quickly and was a bit bummed going to school that day!:) Good one Debbie!
*Honestly if I would have done that to Abby I think she would have started bawling---she's in an "I don't like school" phase! She does like it, by the way, she just likes me better....what can I say???:) hehe!
I would love to hear if anyone had a good prank pulled on them or vice versa----just leave it in the comments section. I will be taking notes by the way:)