Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Backpack!

View from the front....

View from the back....:) He told me after I took this picture that even though you can't see he was smiling in this picture...too funny!

Today Reese and I went shopping at ROSS (dress for less) and I must say they're not kidding! I got some great deals! I never go into these stores because I've never have the time to really look through everything and find the good stuff. But today Reese was "in the mood" well you know--he seemed ok about going shopping just as long as he could hide in between all the clothes and play hide and seek with me the whole time--I decided that was a small price to pay to get some new clothes:)
When we were walking out of the store I was "glancing" at the purses and all a sudden Reese started jumping around pointing at something. The next thing I know he's holding a Rangers backpack begging me to buy it for him so he can take it to preschool next year! It was so cute I couldn't say was only $12.99--I tell ya they got great deals!
Anyways after we got the backpack and we were walking out of ROSS Reese says, "Mommy, God was saving this backpack just for me!!!" How precious and wonderful is that? It's amazing to watch as your kids develop a bibical worldview beyond themselves! If he is already seeing that God provides everything (even backpacks) at the age of 4 what will he be like at 30?....hopefully just like his Daddy! ~It's looking good so far!:)

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