Monday, April 20, 2009


They love to paint and since they are older now they were very clean...I like that!

They did each others make-up....pretty huh? It took a ton of my make-up remover to get that lipstick off! I was afraid I was gonna have to send Gabbie home with pink lips!!!

cuddled up to watch Bolt!

Saturday night Abby asked her friend Gabbie to spend the night. They were both so excited--actually they were more on the HYPER side of excited! Greg and Reese decided it would be a good night to leave:) so they went to another Rangers game! That is their 3rd game in one week! Amazing!
~ ok so we have a lot of people ask how we can afford to go to the games all the time. Well most of the time we either have free tickets or half price tickets and when we don't we ALWAYS buy the cheap seats!(and sit elsewhere if it's not sold out...which rarely happens) We also bring all our own food and drinks --except those few special times that the kids share nachos with Daddy!:) So because of this we are able to go a lot more than other people and since we know we love to be at the games we save during the year. (the 6 months of the year that baseball is not in season)

Anyways while the boys were away we had a great girls night! Abby had planned out every second of the night so Gabbie was kept busy until bed time! They decorated a Red Sox sign for Reese's t-ball game, played outside, ate pizza, decorated cupcakes, played in Abby's room and watched a little bit of Bolt--they were too busy being silly to watch much!
I got them to bed about 9:45 and hoped they were tired enough to fall asleeep quickly BUT I was mistaken... they finally drifted off about 11pm or so--wow was Abby tired at church on Sunday!
When I asked Abby what was her favorite part of the sleepover she smiled big and said, "EVERYTHING!"
*I love watching Abby act goofy with her friends! Most of the time Abby is described as shy but when she is in her comfort zone she's NUTS! (maybe she does take after me just a little bit;)

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