Monday, December 31, 2007

Cotton Bowl Parade!

Today the kids and I went with Granny and PaPa to the Cotton Bowl Parade and we were all really surprised how many MU and Arkansas fans were there. Reese said his favorite part of the parade was seeing Captain (mascot) from the Rangers -- I wasn't surprised! And Abby said she wanted to ride on the High School Musical float as it passed by---so much for the MU Tigers....sorry Granny and PaPa I am trying to teach them! Hey maybe we'll get one of them to go to MU one day--you never know:)

Merry Christmas again....

My parents came in town yesterday bearing gifts and the kids couldn't believe they got to open gifts again! They got some great stuff and one of the highlights was that they both got a car---wow I never got a car for Christmas! :)
Today when we woke-up all they wanted to go do was go driving....but we had to wait until it got out of the 40's:) ...Mommy's a wimp!
So after all this great fun we had to break it to the kids that Christmas was officially over---they took it well---I think they realize how blessed they are!

How Cute Are They?

I just love these guys---wouldn't you?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Can We Build It??????

Yes....Daddy can:)
So we have a BIG dog which we all love BUT our BIG dog is always hungry and he likes people food.....SO Mr. Hank can't stay in the house anymore when we are gone because he eats the trash, Christmas gifts, toys...etc! So instead of getting rid of Hank (like I wanted to the other day when we came home and saw trash all over the house) Greg decided he would become an outside dog--kinda:) I am too much of a softy to leave him out all the time-- but we will leave him outside when we are gone!
So here are a few pictures of the kids "helping" Greg build the doghouse---hopefully Hank will love it! (he better or he'll be cold:)

Our Perfect Gingerbread House

So the kids have been talking about doing a gingerbread house since last year so they were SO ready when we finally did one on Christmas Eve! I decided this year that we would make our own and not get a kit so I got graham crackers and we used all our left over Halloween candy for the decorations---finally a use for all that silly candy!
As you can see Abby and Reese were not helping much---really all they did was pick out the candy and taste test each type--thanks guys!
Well the end result wasn't exactly what Greg and I had imaged since all our graham crackers were broken, but the kids don't seem to care--we are trying to save the house until my parents get here tomorrow so get here soon Mom and Dad the kids are dying here:)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day!

"Santa, you shouldn't have!"

WOW these are a bit more annoying than we anticipated:) ...good job though kids --really!:)

"For ME???"

Sadly we already returned this Jasmine dress-up outfit today. We got her a scooter
---I guess she isn't "into" dressing up as much--who knew? (she was so sweet about it though
...she's so kindhearted!)

The best remote control car goes faster than my car! ...ok I'm kidding but it's pretty fast!

Well on Christmas the kids never changed out of their pj's if that tells you anything about our day! We had so much fun--we slept in and spent the day playing games, watching movies (Greg brought out Reese's mattress into the living room and we all cuddled:) we also went over to Maw Maw and Poppa's to get our stockings---the kids were kinda confused why Santa left them toys over there- but they didn't ask too many questions so we were in the clear:) The kids loved opening gifts of course, but they really seemed to enjoy watching Greg and I open the gifts they picked was sweet! For the first time I am really starting to see us getting some traditions in place that the kids really love! I think from here on out Christmas will get more and more important to the kids---with them both getting older it seems to get more fun for us too:)
...did I mention I L-O-V-E Christmas???

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Family Pictures 2007

Saturday my friend Stacey took some family pictures of us at a local park. She does such a great job and she even got the kids to stay focused for 48 pictures--well almost:) Now don't worry I didn't make a slide show of all 48 pictures, but I did pick out the best ones! I hope you enjoy!

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Stamps Christmas

Crazy picture but it captures the moment so well:)

Abby's new Christmas dress--beautiful!

Reese couldn't wait to rip into his gifts!

The grandchildren acting out the Christmas story

Greg showing off his new toy!

Tonight we went over to Greg's parents house to open Christmas gifts! We had lots of fun and this year Greg decided he really didn't want to give everyone gift cards so about a month ago we started brainstorming some "different" gift ideas and I think we did pretty good!
Greg picked out a remote control mini helicopter for his dad and it ends up Jerry picked out the same helicopter for Greg--crazy huh? (I always say how much Greg and Jerry remind me of each other but this is a bit ridiculous don't ya think?:) Then a few months ago Anglea ( my sister-in-law) was telling me she wanted for her and Doug to go indoor rock climbing sometime so we decided to get them a gift card there--yes I realize this is a gift card but it still fits in our "different" category! Greg and Doug also used to be really into baseball card trading and he thought it would be fun to get Doug some 1980's baseball card packs. Now I must admit I was a bit skeptical with this gift but it ends up Doug really liked it!
Oh also something really cute that Debbie and Jerry did was put together a movie of each of the grandkids telling the Christmas story. They did pretty good and where they slacked in some details of the story they made up with their singing:) The kids also had been practicing with MawMaw to act out the Christmas story and each of the kids played a part--Abby loved being Mary and Reese got to be a shepherd (he kept whacking the ground with his staff--I guess he was keeping his sheep in line?)
Well we have already started off Christmas with a bang and it isn't even Christmas Eve yet--yippee............I love Christmas!!

...well this is a first---I was so excited about telling you all about giving gifts that I forgot to tell you what I got:) I was so blessed this year (as always). I got a Willow Tree Nativity which I have been wanting forever and I also got money to go shopping for clothes....yeah! (Anglea and I are heading out first thing in the morning to go catch some sales---crazy, yes, but so great all at the same time! I so hope each of you have a wonderful Christmas and that all of you get to enjoy giving as much as we did! Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Nap with Daddy!

How precious!
Today we all got up pretty early and did some work in the yard and everyone has been working really hard ~~looks like it's nap time! ....I think I'll join them:)

I'm a Big Kid Now!

Abigail has her first loose tooth! She is so excited and can't stop playing with it so I bet Santa won't be the only one coming to town this Christmas! She said she wants the Tooth Fairy to bring her a new princess crown---we'll see about that....I think our Tooth Fairy only gives loose change:) (we wouldn't want to compete with Santa now would we?)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Playtime with the Estes Kiddos!

What angels they are...playing together so nicely!

Make-up time!...notice Reese is trying to get in on the action!

The other day our friends the Estes' had an emergency with their baby boy Hayden and needed some help with the girls and we jumped at the chance to help out! Not only do we love these girls, but we are forever indebted to this family for all they have done for us...esp. help with our dog Hank when we go out of town:) Anyways the kids had so much fun--they got to eat lunch together, play dress-up (Reese was a ball player--Daddy made sure of that:) and play in Abby's room. Greg and I were really shocked how much the kids wanted to play ALONE! --see normally we have to entertain every second- I guess times are changing huh? I think it's gonna be weird as the kids get more and more independent -- we have been spending the last 5 years putting a lot of energy into them--what will I do with a few minutes to myself???? .....oh wait I know---laundry:)

Monday, December 17, 2007

You Gotta See This!

Yesterday after church I was putting the kids clothes away and when I come back into the kitchen this is what I heard....they are so adorable! I love to hear our kids sing--they put their whole hearts into it and don't care what they sound like and if they sing the right words! (notice at the end of the video they sing the first verse again:) I hope this video brings a smile to your face...Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Girls Night!

Last night Abby and I had our friends Jill, Bailey and Nadirah come over for a girls night! We made homemade pizza's, Christmas candy and watched High School Musical 2. Abby has been wanting to watch this movie for months now and could hardly wait to get it started! After making all our candy we finally sat down to watch the show and WOW this movie is super corny, but SO good all at the same time:) I mean really- you know you wanted to break out in song and dance in the middle of your high school cafeteria---admit it!! (I know I did :) )
****I recommend this movie for your next girls night*******
NOTE: Your husband will not like this movie and will only make fun of it every time they walk through the living room! (I speak from experience!)

Abby's Gymnastic's Class

Abby had her last day of gymnastics the other day and they let all the parents come in and watch. She did so great and really seemed to love all the stuff she learned. I thought these pictures were so cute -she seems to have a knack for gymnastics!
I asked her the other day if she wanted to take this class again and she said no-- well I'm not sure if she really means that but maybe it's time for tap class anyways! ...we'll see :) --how could a kid not like tap class? --you get to jump around and make a bunch of noise ...every kid's dream!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Still Got It!

Ok so first I have a confession--I am a closet Nintendo Champion.
I thought I was in recovery, but a few weeks ago I had a relapse! Whenever we go to Kansas City Greg and I go over and hangout at Krista and Scott's house ( my best friends from youth group) anyways we always overstay our welcome:) and this time was no exception! Round about midnight Scott breaks out Super Mario Brothers and that was the beginning of the end for me. Krista took this picture of me when I was trying to beat it after 10 years of not playing and to my surprise it all came back to me! (how does someone remember how to "warp" but can't remember what the topic of her senior paper in college was? scary!)
Anyways my favorite part of this story is the reaction of Greg. He was shocked that he knew nothing about my love for Nintendo. He kept saying, " you think you know a person after 10 years!"
I must admit I can play this game all night and can't wait to go back to KC to play again. (the other day I tried to bribe my friend's kid to put this game on his Wii---pathetic) --he said, " no, that's a stupid game" Ouch!

**Well I hope some of you out there can appreciate my ability:) the way I can beat Super Mario Brothers 2 also---top that! hehe!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Silent Night

The other day we asked Abby to sing us Silent Night and it was so adorable I just had to share! Enjoy!

Denver Aquarium

Watch out Reese!!--crazy hungry sting ray jumping out of the tank!---notice Greg's hand pulling Reese back...way to go Greg!

This is my sister---she was all about feeding these guys--she smelled the most like fish when we left....she's the weird one in the family:)

This past Wednesday when we were in Colorado we decided to take a "ski break" and head to Denver for some fun! We decided to go to the aquarium and it's now one of my favorites! We have tons of pictures but I thought this part was really fun--as you can probably see this is a feeding tank for the sting rays. They would come right up to you and completely cover your hand and suck the little fish out from between your fingers--I "heard" it was a really weird feeling--I did not partake in the feeding personally:) because that's super gross but I am so glad my kids could enjoy themselves:) (Everyone smelled like fish when we left--yuck;)

I have so many great pictures from this trip and I plan on getting a slideshow together as soon as my parents send me all their pictures---so I am waiting on you Dad---you don't want to keep the people waiting do you?? -only kidding!
So check back soon!

**15 days till Christmas-do you have your shopping done?**'s OK, neither do I!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Breckenridge Colorado

Reese throwing a snowball at me while I take his picture. You can see the frosty flying missile in the top left of the picture.

Abby and I on the top of the mountian!

Greg and I pulling the kids up the hill to go sledding--they have it so easy!

Super cute Reese playing in the snow!

Pro skier Abigail!--I am a proud mama!

This week we have been skiing in Colorado with my parents. The first day we got here we put the kids in ski school and they really loved it! By the next morning Abby was skiing all by herself and wanted NO help from us. Reese is still a bit young but he has great balance and can fly down the hill like a crazy man--scary! Tuesday Greg and I got to take Abby out on the mountain and we skiied about 3 hours and the only reason we stopped was because my knee was about to kill me (imagine snow plowing backwards down hill for 3 hours--I was going backwards so I could watch Abby and make sure she was not headed for a tree:) Anyways we have had so much fun and I have even gotten to go ski on my own a bit so I could ski some more challenging runs:)

Today we took the kids sledding and wow that was tiring---you go down the hill so fast but it takes soooo long to walk back up! After we sledded for awhile we played at a park while it was snowing--it was so fun! Greg and Abby built a fort while Reese and I got nailed by snowballs!

I love the snow and am so glad the kids are getting to play in it for the week--snow was such a big part of my life growing up and it makes me so happy to see them enjoying all the stuff I loved as a kid--how special:)
--I also posted some videos of the kids skiing so check those out and these 5 pictures do not do this trip justice so be expecting more pictures soon!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Reese Skiing!

Reese in ski school--so cute!

Abby Skiing!

This is a video of Abby skiing with Greg and I on Tuesday--she is doing so great!