Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Trot 2008

Courtney and I right before the race--no one came to cheer us on so we had to take our own picture:(---so sad I to Greg he's the one that sleeps right through my races--he says he supports me by watching the kids....humm I'm not sure I'm convinced:)

What could be better than running 8 miles Thanksgiving morning????
Ok OK--I know there are alot of things I could have been doing- like sleeping--but it's just so much fun to race--don't ya think??? :) --ok don't answer that!

The race weather was PERFECT --it was chilly when we got there but after we warmed up and got a few miles into the race it was like God was providing us air-conditioning---it was awesome! ( I don't even remember feeling hot--now that's rare!!!!)
I finished a few minutes behind Courtney (she is 26 ok- and I'm 30 remember???--give me a break;) I have NEVER claimed to be speedy...just steady:)
I was very happy with my 1:07 finish and left very satisfied and surprisingly not too tired:)
After the race I was VERY ready for a big turkey dinner---and oh did I enjoy it!
***Now here's a good reason to run 8 miles Thanksgiving morning---you get to eat all you want and NO guilt! Sounds like a good plan to me!
Courtney and I had so much fun running together we are already planning to run a few more races in the next month---yay!!!...I love to road race--it's a great way for us "adults" to compete!

Did have some pictures on-line but somethings messed up--if I figure it out I'll post them again....

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Candy Tree

When I was little my Granny Great ( MyMom's grandma) used to put 25 pieces of candy on her Christmas tree for every grandchild. Starting on December 1st we got to pick a piece everyday until Christmas morning. I was only 5 when my Granny died and I remember this tradition vividly and I LOVED it-so I wanted to do this with our kids too...and hey-- it's a great way to use up that Halloween candy too;)
I also told the kids that this would be a great exercise in self-control--we'll see how that goes Christmas morning --will there be any candy left??? :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And we're off....

Reese working hard!

The cooking has begun at our house and the kids are excited! We baked sugar cookies last night and sadly- for all the people we made them for- they are already almost gone....guess we'll have to cook more next time and then HIDE them!:)
Today Reese and I made my Grandpa Larson's pie crust for our pumpkin pie and he had a blast sifting the flour. He really was pretty controlled with it and almost all the flour made it in the bowl! He does come from a long line of male cook's so I think he got the "gene". I grew up watching my dad bake and make homemade pizzas and now the kids get to see their daddy cook too! Greg is all about the "fine foods" and if he wants some he has to make it himself because well--I've tried and uh....let's just say I didn't get the gene!;)
I do although love to bake and am excited to get to help out for Thanksgiving at Grandma Reese's --I am bringing green bean casserole (a must;) a pumpkin pie (of course) and a new recipe I got from my friend Lisa called Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Bars. I haven't actually had them yet but I believe her when she says they are amazing and I love all things pumpkin--so at least I"ll like them!!! So if you are looking for something a little different this year give 'em a try--let me know what you think!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Reese made my day.

Tonight Reese was just playing and out of nowhere he says, "Mommy, you're all the music I need!" He then runs up to me and gives me a big hug and says, "I heard Mickey Mouse say that!"
Too funny! Greg and I died laughing....yes it's funny- yes he heard it from a cartoon mouse who was talking to his cartoon girlfriend---but I don't care it was from the heart and I'll take it:)

Ok so we are a little gung-ho....

All done!

Helping with the tree-every year they get more and more helpful! It's nice!

The mess--ughhh! Thankfully it didn't last long!:)

I know-I know....everyone keeps talking about not "forgetting" Thanksgiving--jumping right to Christmas commercialism...blah blah blah---don't worry we haven't forgotten to be thankful---we are very thankful Christmas is only 32 days away;)
Ok- all kidding aside we have a very good reason that we have already decorated for Christmas....... because we LOVE IT! And why wait till the day after Thanksgiving if you can do it now and enjoy it for 32 days????? -it seems very logical to me!
So we are enjoying it but sadly Reese can't quite grasp when Santa is coming. Whenever he wakes up from either his nap or in the morning he runs into the living room and checks his stocking--I think I am gonna have to do a countdown to Christmas chart with him!
Also since this is my blog and since you (being the reader) willingly choose to read my ramblings I am gonna use this space to brag. Yes I said brag---we are "OFFICIALLY" done Christmas shopping and I am very thrilled about that! No last minute cramming for us! Oh no while you all are frantically running through the malls I will be sipping hot chocolate by the fire laughing at all you chumps:) hehe!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Give Your Life to Jesus!

(sorry it's sideways....hope you have a laptop or else you might get a crick in your neck;) Enjoy!

Tonight during family night Reese really wanted to have music time so he gathering up all the instruments and we sang our hearts out! This video is of a song Reese learned at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and it is so precious. If you can't understand him instead of him saying "do the hokey pokey..." he says "give your life to Jesus and He'll turn your life around!" I love it! (we also need to work on the difference between left and right-but that's for another day:)
Anyways we had a great time together and I think music time is now a permanent addition to our family nights! (let's break out the guitars...hooray!)

-ok so I also have to tell you what Reese told me today. To give a little background during our family time we are doing the 10 Commandments and also in BSF we are studying the life of Moses. Anyways today I was very curious what Reese thought about the lesson and if he recalled anything we were teaching him.
Here's how the conversation went:
Me: Hey- Reese how was BSF? Did you learn about the 10 Commandments?
Me:Well, were you able to answer some questions because of what we have studied
Reese:Yeah but the teacher kept telling me that teachers teach and kids listen.
Me: "uncontrollable laughter" ...oh sweetie were you trying to teach the lesson?
Reese: Yeah and when they asked questions they would never call on me!
Me: Well buddy I guess they knew you knew the answers and they wanted to give the other kids a chance!
Reese:I guess...:)

~too funny! Well I guess I got my answer huh? ..maybe they do listen!

Our Little Chia Pet!

Tonight I was drying Abigail's hair and I was shocked how long it has gotten! Her hair grows like crazy! She says she is growing it to her bottom and says that I shouldn't worry because when she goes to the bathroom she will make sure that it doesn't fall in the toilet! Whew--at least we got that covered:)

Spikey Hair Boy!

Rock-Star Reese!

Reese posing with Baby (Greg's parents dog-we are watching her because they are in Israel)

Ohhhhh is Reese excited today! He finally got the perfect hair-cut---or as he says, "the hair-cut I've always wanted!!"
He is so hilarious--while the lady was cutting his hair he got to watch a movie (so he was distracted) but then when she was done he looked in the mirror and his eyes almost popped out of his head! He thinks he's a seriously--he came right home and got his guitar..he's convinced:)
Anyways we have had a serious problem with his hair in the past. I have tired everything trying to get his hair to spike but nothing worked! His hair is so thick that it will never stay the way he wanted! But today we found the best product ever--it's called Spiker and it is crazy good!:)
So if anyone out there is in the same boat as us--this is your won't be disappointed!
~I kinda feel like I'm doing an infomercial..too funny! if only I could get paid for my advertising...hummm.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Work Day!

"Working Hard for the Money!"

"Look Mommy I'm working hard too!"

The famous leaf vacuum! Put it on your Christmas list--you won't be sorry;)

Taking a break--a much needed break!

Happy Gardeners!

Saturday we declared a yard work day! We slept in (I mean I slept in...thanks honey:) got some donuts and got to work! Greg and I were SO impressed with all the work the kids did! I think they have actually learned some work ethic after all--hooray!! Abby was gung-ho-- she pulled out old flowers, picked up rocks, cut the hedges, cleaned up the brush, vacuumed the leaves and pulled weeds! Reese also did a great job (not quite as focused but he's getting there:)--he was most into pulling out the sweet potato vine but he also liked to vacuum the leaves!
This year Greg splurged and got a leaf vacuum because last year we had a leaf epidemic--no seriously--we really did! Our house sits at the end of a street and everyone shares their leaves with us--and their trash (it blows down into our bushes) -gotta love it!
Anyways we wasted most of our Saturdays last year trying to maintain the craziness that Greg had had enough! Let me just say a lawn vacuum should be a staple in everyone's lawn equipment---it's awesome! (Note from Greg- I did a lot of research on the best leaf vac, and it's the Toro Ultra Blower Vac. Vacuums and mulches-- don't know what I did without it)
Anyways after all the hard work we were able to plant some beautiful flowers and we now (for sure) have the best looking yard on the street!
*Also the kids got to go for a ride in the wheel barrow and that for sure was the highlight of their day--oh the things that entertain kids--I love it!

Field Trip!

Getting on the bus! (us parents followed behind)

Abby and Gabby peeking out the window

learning about all things nocturnal!

They had centers set up where they could do hands on learning---Abby loved this!

Abby checking out the possum--she is way into animals--we call her a little mother nature:)
--she has inherited that from her Maw Maw!:)

Friday Abby went on her first "official" field trip! It was so much fun! Abby got to ride a school bus for the first time and she thought it was pretty cool. She got to sit with her buddy Gabby in the back of the bus and they loved how bumpy it was--she said she couldn't stop laughing!
They took the kids to a local nature center where they learned about nocturnal animals.
One of the best parts was when the lady "woke-up" the possum and the kids got to sit all around him and watch--it was really interesting especially when she put some newspaper in his pen and he began to make a nest right away--it was amazing! I am not sure you can tell but the possum has newspaper tucked away in her tail and she just kept circling looking for a place to nest! Smart little possum I' d say!
Anyways after all the educational part we took the kids to the park and had a picnic. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a blast running around like crazy!
I am so blessed I get to go on all these trips with Abby--and I am so glad I don't have to work so I can share with her on all these special days! She is already asking when she gets to go on another field trip and I told her not till next year but I sure wish everyday was field trip day...she agreed!:)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dinner and a Movie!

So tonight I decided to mix it up a bit with dinner--I found the recipe for Ratatouille and I thought it would be fun to make it and watch the movie too!
Now Ratatouille is not really what you would call "kid friendly" but I am always trying to incorporate veggies into our meals and what better way then to disguise it as "fun" and "cool" because of the movie...right? Well it went over pretty well---the kids LOVED the show (the parts we watched) and well they tolerated the meal because they were distracted by the show:) --that was my plan!
Reese took FOREVER to eat his and every time we "forced" him to eat it he would lay back and moan until he chocked it down....a bit dramatic I'd say! Seriously it is not that bad actually it's really good and good for you-- you should make it your next family night event:)
*You can find the recipe on appetit! (I like Rachel Rays verison)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Slumber Party!

Abby and Hailey in their matching PJ's!

Painting their nails---notice Reese just had to sit between them and watch!

Painting--craft #1

Me trying to get a picture with Abby--I was unsuccessful!

Stacey and I doing the kids craft--it was little too hard but Reese sure liked it!

Watching Sleeping Beauty and eating popcorn!

Good morning!! Yummy breakfast!

On the night of Abby's birthday we let Abby pick one friend to spend the night in her new fish room. She picked her best friend Hailey who she's know since birth! Abby had a full night of excitement planned and I was really wondering if we could pack it all in! Right after everyone left our house the girls got their PJ's and wanted to start painting their nails right away! And after that it was kinda a blur! My friend Stacey came in town for the night so she was a great help keeping things in order! Before the night was over they painted, did a craft making potholders ( Stacey and I did most of the craft:)--they got bored with it), played/watched/fed the fish, watched Sleeping Beauty and finally went to bed at around 11:30!
It was so funny watching Reese all night. He wanted to do everything the girls did. And when it came to the craft he was more attentive than they were!
When morning came around (way too fast;) they watched cartoons and had a big breakfast of blue (Abby's favorite color) chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. Then I just let them play whatever they wanted! Abby had so much fun with this--lately we have been busy on the weekends with T-ball and Abby's a big homebody so this was the best birthday gift for her---time to chill:) They climbed trees, picked berries, played in the sandbox and who knows what else-- but they had a blast!
Everyday since her sleepover she has told me she wants to do the same thing every year for her birthday--except re-do her room because she loves it! Thank goodness for that!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Blog Book!

To all of you fellow bloggers out there I have found out about an awesome site where you can download your blog and make it into a book! It's called and it's kinda expensive but worth EVERY penny! I have been blogging almost 3 years now and I am always scared that I will lose all my entries! Well now I can put it in a book---it's that great!? Well I hope this is helpful to some of you!
*Go to Book Ideas and click on Blog Books.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

New Family Pet!

Getting the "real" fish!

Gift #2---fake fish!

Goldfish---her face cracks me up!

alright mom--let me open these gifts!

Fish party! She just wanted cupcakes this year--hooray for me...definitely easier than last year's castle cake!

For Abby's birthday on Friday she got a fish (to go in her fish room) She had asked Poppa about 4 months ago for one and ever since she was just certain that was what she was gonna get! Well she was right but Maw Maw and Poppa decided since she was SO certain that they would play a few pranks on her for fun!
They brought 3 gifts---one bag had Goldfish in them (the ones you eat) and as you can see she was trying to be happy about that but her face gave away her displeasure:) -she did say thank you though--which made us very proud!
She then opened another gift which was like a lava lamp but it has water and fake fish in it and lights up. Well this time I think she was convinced these were the only fish she was gonna get--she watched Poppa fill it with water and you could just see the confusion in her eyes--it was great! (she really loves this lamp though--at night she keeps it on for a night light!)
Well after all the anguish Poppa FINALLY pulled out the "real" fish tank and oh was she thrilled!
Right away wanted to feed them and put them in her new room! Greg took care of putting all her new gifts into her room before the big reveal and the room looked perfect! (read blog that follows about what Greg and I did for her birthday)
After we had the family over for cake and gifts Abby had her friend Hailey spend the night in her new room. I have tons of pictures of that but I will have to blog about that later--so stay tuned to hear about our slumber party!

*on a sad side note* -Saturday morning we woke-up to one dead fish:( She got 3 small goldfish and one of them was stuck to the side of the filter. We had a little talk with Abby about the lifespan of goldfish and she was ok about it. She told me later- "welp at least I got 2 more!" -what a great attitude--she's my half-full kinda girl:)
Let's hope these fish live to a ripe old age of...... 1 month:) - hey that's the longest my fish ever lived!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Abby!

Friday Abby turned 6 and instead of a big party this year she decided she wanted her room redone with fish stuff. We had the family, her best friend Hailey and her family and Stacey (my best friend) over for the reveal. She was REALLY surprised and this video caught it all! Enjoy and there will be more pictures and party details to come but I just wanted to get this up for my parents to view:)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Crazy Poppa!

Here is Poppa and Reese making their "book". It all started when Abigail spent the night over at their house before school started. Whenever the kids are over they always do some sort of craft and that's when the "book" idea was born. They get a bunch of magazines and cut out any silly or interesting picture they see then they put them all together to make a story. Abby's story is hilarious! It's about going on a vacation and all the silly things that happen along the way. Now when Reese had his turn to spend the night he wanted to do the same thing. As they began to put the pictures together Poppa and Reese decided for him a knock knock book would be a better fit! These pictures just crack me up because they are not staged they actually were laughing that hard! Now to all of us these jokes may seem--well...not funny-- but to Poppa, Maw Maw and Reese they are knee slappers!! Reese loves everyone of them and he has everyone memorized but the one he says all the time is:
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Cookie Who?
Cookie me some dinner please!

Oh he can barely make it through that one without losing it---and he loves to say it EVERYTIME he's hungry---which is ALL THE TIME!;)
Tonight we were cleaning the kids rooms--always fun---and when asked where to put their books they both said, "don't throw it away!" (I wasn't gonna throw it away by the way) ---I just wanted to know where they thought it would be the safest! Abby told me she would hide it so she always knew where it was and Reese put it in his special drawer---they sure love their books!

*Oh, and Maw Maw-- Reese says "Maw Maw's silly;)" -I think you know what he's talking about!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Incredible Pizza

Serious business!

Trapped with Granny!

The kids love to play glow-in-the-dark mini golf

PaPa and Reeser--arn't they handsome?

One happy girl--she got all the princess pez dispensers! She was thrilled! (I have to hide the candy and I am slowly giving her some refills....she would eat it all in one sitting for sure;) -I told her we need to save some for her actual birthday!

Well as I stated before I was very surprised that Reese didn't want to go to Incredible Pizza for his birthday! But when asked by Granny and PaPa where Abby and Reese wanted to go they both said in unison, "INCREDIBLE PIZZA!!!" It was Tuesday which is unlimited game day so if you pay $12 you can play as many games as you want. We ended up staying there almost 4 hours--crazy but we wanted to make sure Granny and PaPa didn't waste their money!
All of us "adults" had fun too---we all figured out which games gave the most tickets and we ended up all together getting about 800 tickets! The kids had so much fun spending time with Granny and PaPa and we are all glad they could come in town for Reese's birthday! Also they brought all their gifts for Abby's birthday since they won't be here for her party! She was very excited to get to open early and has had a great time playing with all of them! Thanks mom and dad we always love when you come to town and can't wait to see you again at Christmas!

Sunday, November 02, 2008


One of the houses in our neighborhood--they went all out--the kids were a little scared!

All the cousins dressed-up!

Heading out to get some candy--notice it's not dark yet...we couldn't hold them off any longer!

Humoring me--thanks kids!

My pumpkin pizza--a bit boring but it was tasty:)

One of the lady's at the nursing home--she's such a joy to visit every week!

We had a great Halloween and the kids were so excited to go trick-or-treating we could barely hold them off till dark! Right after school we got our costumes on and Grandma Reese came over to see the kids and bring them some treats. Then we headed to the nursing home to visit our friends there and show off the kids costumes. It was so fun to see the people's faces--they seemed very touched we came to see them on Halloween. The picture above is of Mrs. Hughes and she is the kids favorite "old" person--she is always happy to see the kids and has a sucker stash--which the kids love!
We then had dinner-our version of pumpkin pizza. I had never done this before and the kids were not as into it as I would have liked and sadly they don't like too much on their pizza so my creativity was quenched--oh what I could have done with some fresh veggies:)
Anyways after they shoved the pizza down their faces we went out to trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. We seriously couldn't have picked a better area to live. There are a ton of people out with their kids and a lot of the neighbors decorate their houses and love on our kids! I love it! We stayed out about an hour and then the kids wanted to go back to the house and handout candy to all the trick-or-treaters. This is by far their favorite part of the night--Abby and Reese hand out the candy and they love seeing all the costumes! I'm not sure how many we had come to the door but let's just say we ran out of candy within 45 minutes and we decided we should just sit outside on the porch and handout the candy that way! (they just kept coming:)
Well now we have enough candy to last us all year---which is a good thing because just the other day I threw away all the old candy from last year! :)