Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Show-off Time!

Friday morning Abby had her last day of swim lessons and Greg, Reese and I got to come watch all the stuff she learned! She learned alot and really got to show-off! I finally figured out what "ice cream" scoop was- it's how you hold your hands ( in the shape of a scoop) when you do the free style swim....she does it really well! I got some great pictures and a few videos too! Enjoy! I can't beleive how much she is swimming on her own already-she's a fish! Way to go Abby!!

Check out Abby swimming in this video....she was the best by far..hehe (every parent says that...but this time it's true:)

Lyndee Jo

Today we went to NRH2O with Jerry's brother's family -Rick, Jody and Lyndee Jo. Lyndee Jo was adopted about 2 years ago from China and we haven't gotten to see her as much as we would like so we were really excited to get to spend the day with them! It was fun to see all the kids play together and I think Lyndee Jo enjoyed having so many kids to play with! We get to spend some more time with them this weekend and we hope to see them as much as we can before they have to leave! --she's such a cutie don't ya think?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kneading Pizza Dough

Before naps today the kids and I made some pizza dough for dinner tonight. They are always a big help and today they helped me knead the bread. Abby was really into it for about 3 minutes then she was asking if she was done yet and Reese just kept licking it. Well I'm glad no one is coming over for dinner tonight...who would want a 2 year olds slober all over their pizza:) ....after all their help I still needed to knead the dough for 15 minutes...if they only knew the work that goes into a homemade pizza!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cheesecake Factory!

The other day we went to go have cheesecake with Stacey's family (my best friend from college) It was so good to see them and I can't believe it has been 5 years-way too long! We had a great time catching up and they are just the sweetest family! The kids just love Stacey and Steven-Abby kept trying to get across the table to sit by her! I am so thrilled that she is finally back-now all we need is for her to get pregnant:) hehe!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dive-in Movie!

Staurday night Greg and I spilt up and he took Reese to the Rangers game and Abby and I went to NRH2O to watch a movie in the wave pool. We had so much fun! Abby really was hoping to stay in the pool the whole movie but her "sissy" mommy was toooooo cold so we ended up sitting on the edge of the pool (which turned out just fine-we could see great) We watched Over the Hedge-I am not sure how much she really watched because she ended up in the water playing with some friends, but I think she really liked the show anyways! We didn't get home till around 10:45 and she was pretty tired, but while we were driving home she says," Mommy, I love to spend time with you....past bedtime..hehe!!" She's so precious-I love our special dates together...I sure hope she remembers these times and treasures them like I do!

Rangers Won...again!

Rangers 10-Astros 3.....they are coming out Angels-you never know we might make it to the playoffs! -I Believe!.....and man, Reese sure believes-he's got enough faith for all of us! He and Greg had a great time at the game Friday. After the game there were fireworks and parachuters and Greg said Reese didn't move a muscle during the whole time-he loved it! They didn't get home till after midnight and I thought Reese would be super tired when he got home, but he was bouncing off the walls....Greg told me later (after we got him to sleep) that he had to give him alot of sugar to keep him up so late:) (I'm sure that's not a parenting technique Super Nanny would recommend huh?)

Swimming, Swimming.....

...and MORE swimming! It has been pretty hot these last few days and we have taken every opprotunity to get wet!! The other day we had a few hours before naps so we headed over to Maw Maw and Poppa's for a dip! The kids were so excited to show them their new tricks they can do in the water. Abby is now pretty much swimming across the pool and Reese loves to go under water with his goggles....he thinks he is swimming like Abby it's adorable! Well I hear there is rain coming our way this week...we'll see-those weather guys tend to be wrong sometimes...I sure hope so--what else will we do with our "little fish":)

Gotta Have it!

We had some friends over the yesterday and while we were talking we realized Reese was no where to be found...well this is where we found him-under the table drinking Bailey's Dr. Pepper....sneaking little snake:) He's catching on though isn't he?....he'll go great lengths to get the good stuff!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Back from India!

My best friend and her husband have been in India for a whole year and she got home this weekend! We all went to the airport to see them and get a hug but then they needed to get home to sleep...but today she came over to spend some time with us for the morning. I have missed her so much and am so excited that she lives so close, now we can see each other all the time...yeah! I love you Stacey!

Hayden's Home!

Thurday night Hayden was able to come home from the hospital! He ready made huge strides very quickly and he shocked everyone coming home so soon! Shane and Misty and their girls are so excited for him to finally be home! I wanted to go see him the night he got home, BUT Greg told me that maybe they might not want everyone coming over the night he got home.....well if you look at it that way I thought I would be nice and wait till Friday morning:) So as soon as I could on Friday the kids and I went over to hold him....he is so precious and is breathing wonderfully! ...I sure love new born babies....hint hint Greg...only kidding honey!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Traumatic Rangers Game!

We went to the Rangers game Tuesday night in hopes of seeing Sammy Sosa hit his 600th career homerun. He didn't pull it off, but we had fun all the same and all the kids wanted to do was eat cotton candy! I just don't get why kids like that stuff...before you know it it melts in your mouth...what a waste of calories! Anyways, the game was super fun, but sadly it ended pretty traumatic....we were walking out of the ballpark and Reese started to fall down some concrete steps. Thank goodness I got a hold of his hand, but I wasn't able to stop him before he slammed his head on the stair. The crazy thing about it was right away his head had a SUPER huge knot on it that was quickly turning black!(it looked just like the cartoons-you know when bugs bunny got hit in the head and right away he had an enormous lump, well Reese seriously looked like joking!) Now, the rest of the story is just amazing! Something I do often is pray for protection over the kids and ask that the Lord would spare them from major accidents and He answered that prayer in an amazing way. First, I just "happened" to be holding a frozen water bottle (I never remember to bring these, but this game it was gonna be really hot so I packed it) I was able to put ice on it right away and then after walking down what seemed like a million steps from the upper deck (I was freaking out just a little:) ) some of our friends from church were at the bottom and were able to help us with Abby and get the paramedics fast! And when we were waiting our friends prayed for Reese and it really meant alot to us because honestly we weren't sure how bad he was hurt! But thankfully Reese is super tough and he just has a really big bump on his it has gotten better, but it is still pretty big and is bruised. So to make a long story longer I am so grateful that God watched out for him in every way and I feel so blessed to get to watch Him at work in our lives!

Can you believe it?

ok...Monday the kids and I went to the zoo with 3 other families and together we had a ton of kids:) We were super proud of this picture...can you believe we got all these kids on this lizard at the same time??? If you have kids you know this is close to IMPOSSIBLE...I promise we didn't even bribe them!

First Day of Swim Lessons!

Abby has started swim lessons and she is really doing great! She started out on level one and by the second day they moved her up. I took this picture of her walking away because I was so sad that they wouldn't let mom's watch...I understand though, but if this makes me sad what will I do when she goes to kindergarten?....oh, let's not even think about that yet! I asked her yesturday what she has been learning and she told me the ice cream scoop???....I used to teach lessons and I don't recall that swim stroke! Next Friday we get to go and watch her and see all the progress she has made....I can't wait!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Today was a good day! The kids woke-up yelling,"Happy Father's Day!" They picked out a baseball mug and a baseball card for Greg and he loved it! (he also picked out an air compressor.. ??? -I told him he should get something else more "gift-like" but he really wanted one) Anyways after church Greg picked mexican food and then we all had a afternoon nap-now that's a good Father's Day I'd say! Tonight, we headed over to Maw Maw and Poppa's house for a cookout and the kids jumped in the pool with all their clothes on-I should just always plan that the kids will get wet over there-when will I learn?
Abigail has been asking since Mother's Day when Sister's Day is- so I've decided soon we will be starting a new traditon, Sister and Brother Day! I can't wait to see what they pick to do-you just never know-wait I know, Chuck E. Cheese:)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hayden is Here!

Our good friends Misty and Shane had their baby boy Thursday afternoon...about 3 1/2 weeks early. I wanted to post about this because I know they could really use some prayer right now! Tonight Hayden was transfered to Cook's Children because he is having some difficulties with premature lungs. It has been a hard few days for everyone, but especially for Misty and Shane. Please be praying for a miracle, for Hayden's lungs to inprove quickly and that he can have the strength to keep fighting. Pray Misty and Shane be provided peace and comfort that only the Lord can provide! I can only imagine how hard this is for Misty and Shane and I just keep trying to think of something I can be doing for them, but I know the best thing we all can be doing for them and Hayden is pray! Thank you!

Fun with Daddy...and mommy:)

Ok since the kids ALWAYS hang out with me during the day the kids go crazy when Greg gets to go with us to NRH2O! ....they kinda tend to ignore me altogether when he is around:) The whole time we were swimming the kids were yelling, "watch me me!" It's so adorable! Well, I wanted to get a picture of Reese going down his first "big" really is a pretty big slide, he's super brave...though his face looks a little scared! The next picture with Greg and Reese they are standing in front of the "water factory" (it's what the kids call it)'s their favorite...they run around this thing like crazy people! The last picture of Abby..well she's just so cute I had to share:)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

T-Ball Party

Last night Abby had her end of the year T-ball party at a place called Let's Jump! It was so fun-even for us adults! As you can see Greg was king of the hill and I always love climbing with the kids....but I get tired ALOT faster! Abby and Reese (little brother got to join in on all the fun) played in these inflatables for an hour and half and then had a pizza party. I never thought we would get them to sleep after all the junk food, but surprisingly they fell fast asleep! I will have to post again to show you all the trophy Abby got-we are so proud:)

She's so Proud!

How cute is she?....she couldn't believe that she was getting a trophy! When she walked up everyone started cheering and I wish you could have seen her they say- it was "priceless"! After we got done playing we still had pizza and cake-wow-every kid thought it was someone's birthday! I told Abby if she gets a party like this each year we need to do t-ball every season! Way to go Abby--the best t-ball player ever:)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Misty's Baby Shower

Sunday, our Sunday School class had a baby shower for our friend Misty. She is due really soon and I ended up having to plan it last mniute, but we had about 15 women come! I was so excited everyone showed up because I really wanted Misty to know how much she is loved! She is also crazy....this is her third and it's a boy! Yeah! We are so excited for them and I can't wait to hold Hayden....I just love babies!

Daddy Day Care!

Yesterday, I had a shower for my friend Misty. She is due with a baby boy in 3 weeks so the Daddy's (Greg and Shane) took the 4 kids out for the day! It all started out a little hard with a crazy lunch and Reese had forgotten his shoes. So- they came back to get his shoes and believe it or not, they got to Mountasia and Abby had then forgotten her shoes! (Greg was...well let's just say, having his patience tested:) The kids then all played miniture golf and some games- and Abby did all of this barefoot-classic!
I wish I was there to see all four kids (all under the age of 4) playing golf.....and I would have LOVED to see how the guys handling it! Let's just say the picutre of Shane sitting on the bench is perrrfect!!!....Greg came home and fell right asleep! Maybe now he can understand more when I say, "I just exhasted!!"

Friday, June 08, 2007

NRH20 with the Vaughan's

The kids love to go to the water park and I am certain they love Riley and Bailey just as much-if not more:) Abby and Reese followed these two around the park like puppies and thought it was so cool that they wanted to play with them! I love the picture of Reese sitting next to Riley-he thinks the world of him and Riley is so sweet to pay so much attention to him. Also when I asked Abby and Bailey to take a picture, Abby grabbed onto her quick and gave a big grin! I am so thrilled Abby and Reese have some great role models to look up to-these kids are caring and even at 9 and 12 really think about other people! (and they make some great babysitters!)

Daddy's gone crazy...

In attempt to get Reese "excited" about getting his haircut Greg decided it would be a good idea to let Reese cut his hair first! Now, I must admit I was in the other room and had no idea of this craziness....but wow Reese was exicted...Greg was right! Reese came running in the living room and told me he had cut Daddy's hair. Well- Abby and I, of course, were curious to see the result.... and he did great and don't worry Greg thought ahead....I think he had a 4 or 5 on there-meaning it wasn't gonna do much! Well, I 'd love to say after all the fun Reese jumped right up on the sink and asked for his turn, he didn't....but he did do soooooo much better this time-he actually kept his head still- man, what will it take next time to motivate him?....shaving my head??...hum...I have always hated doing my hair in the morning:)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Stockyards...and the fountain!

Wow, we had a busy few days with Granny and PaPa but I think we managed to fit everything in. We even got my "Yankee" parents to the Stockyards:) We got there in time to see the cattle drive and when it was over my mom said, "that's it?"...I had to laugh, because the kids think it is just the coolest thing! We ended up going to Joe T. Garcia's twice - the best Mexican food ever! *so maybe my parents aren't such Yankees:) (I'm only kidding Mom and Dad)
Yesterday we took them to the airport-we were sad, but we are planning a 2 week trip in July for my brother's wedding so that should be super fun! Thanks for coming Mom and Dad-hope we didn't wear you guys out:)
*I also added a picture of everyone on the train-it's one of the only ones with my Dad, since he's always the one taking pictures!

Also, I must tell you a funny story about Reese- After we had lunch at Joe T. Garcia's (the second time) I thought it would be fun to take the kids over to the fountains. Well, if you have kids you can probably guess what happened- Reese was reaching in to get a penny and fell in head first-he flipped head over foot-it was hilarious! But, we then had a problem, what in the world was I gonna do with a soaking wet kid? I mean, do you walk right out of there and hope no one notices? Do you strip him down and let him loose naked? Well-I was puzzled, so I sent Abby back to get Daddy-yes, he would save the day-right?
So Abby went running and when she got to the table she says, "Daddy, Reese fell in the fountain and is super wet..and well, that's why we NEED you!" Greg, thought about it and decided he had to see this! Together we decided to get him back to the table, dry him off and carry him out of there and hope no one notices! No luck though, in a few minutes we had people all around our table laughing! And at first, Reese didn't think it was too funny being all wet, but after all the attention he was laughing right along with them! He now tells me that you shouldn't fall in fountains and then he laughs-man, I sure hope he doesn't do it again....( note- always have a change of clothes in the car) .....oh, the joys of having a boy!