Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Day of Kindergarten

First time Abby met Ms Thomson at the beginning of the year

Last picture together--they had a great year!

Abby before the show

First day of kindergarten---she looks so young! What a seems like yesterday:) ~really it does!

Is it already over? Man, things need to slow down!
Today was Abby's last day of kindergarten and it just doesn't seem real! Although I feel like I have been a parent forever:) I am still shocked to think I have a 1st grader! Wow!
Anyways to celebrate the last day the kindergartners performed one last time for us in the cafeteria. Abby did a great job and she was really into all the songs! I am gonna post a video of my favorite one---it was hilarious! I wouldn't describe Abby as outgoing, actually I would say at times she is quite shy (not sure where she got that?) but today she was very active and involved in the songs---I was very proud! Let's just say I was one of those kids that stole the show when I was little....meaning either I did something to draw attention to myself or I pulled my dress over my head---whatever it took to get a laugh;) ~let's just say this is NOT Abby's personality and I'm glad! She's an individual and I love everything about her....of course:)
Well--enjoy the video and hopefully I was able to capture the silliness of the moment!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Me in our new car! I look good don't I? :)

Kids sleeping....Abby looks very uncomfortable doesn't she?

Bye Bye've been good to us!!!!

Today we got a new car-- a 2008 Toyota Highlander! We have been saving forever and I can't believe it! ~and we did it DEBT FREE!!!!!!! Yay!
Greg has been amazing through it all. He has been researching and researching trying to make the most educated, wise decision possible and I am extremely thankful for that! Never do I have to worry about any decision he makes and that's one of the things that makes our marriage so amazing! Thanks Greg I really REALLY appreciate your hard work--you're the best! Someone asked me today why Greg was shopping for "our" car alone and I said, "Because I trust him completely!" ~now that's nice to say:)

We are loving the new car--it's so wonderful and it has been a long time coming let me tell ya! We've both been driving '99 or older Nissans for the last five years and we are so thrilled we have been able to save up--it's beyond words!
The kids are also thrilled! The car has 3 rows and they love to sit way in the back by themselves! We went for our first drive tonight and the kids already fell asleep--by the way they NEVER fall asleep in the car so this car must be mighty special;)

Splash Day!

Reese and Abby before all the messy fun!

Crazy, crazy, crazy kids running everywhere!!!!!

Abby after Reese got a hold of her with a "little" shaving cream:)
I was trying to help her get it out of her eyes but one of the ONLY things in the whole world I am allergic to (besides cats) is SHAVING CREAM! Funny I know;) Because of this I was little to no help...she was able to dunk herself in a pool which worked just fine:)

First thing Reese did was take a huge pile of shaving cream and wipe it all over his face--classic! He's a mess!

Today Reese and I went up to Abby's school for the kindergarten Splash Day! Wow~ It was nuts! They had play stations set up for the kids and my kids favorites were the shaving cream area (where they wipe shaving cream all over their bodies:) and the snack table! I think they sat there eating for about 30 minutes?-it was like they had never eaten before :)
Anyways it was super hot so the kids started wearing down pretty quickly and we didn't make it the whole 2 hours but they had fun while it lasted!
This is Abby's last week of school so we have a busy week ahead. I will be up at school 3 out of the 4 days she has left--gotta love being the room mom;) ~ just kidding--I have had a fun year but plan on letting someone else take the lead next year! ~just sharing the wealth;)

~I asked Abby if she was ready to be in first grade next year and she told me- "No, I'm ready to be in "summer" grade!!! That's my girl---summer is the best! I am thrilled to have her home...I've missed her!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cowboy Chow and Fiddler

Us at Cowboy Chow

Jerry eating something yummy...

Chocolate Chip Cookie--wow!

Every year Greg's dad does our taxes for us (it's nice having a CPA in the family;) and we wanted to thank him so we took he and Debbie out to dinner and to see Fiddler on the Roof.
Greg found this great restaurant called Cowboy Chow down in Deep Ellum (Dallas). I really don't know if my words can do it justice but honestly it was delicious! We had fry bread, fried green tomato lollipops, chicken pot pie, two different kinds of brisket tacos and some yummy shepherd pie thing with brisket--don't worry we all shared;) After all of that we had a hot chocolate chip cookie on a skillet with ice was incredible! You all must go to this restaurant if you are ever in Dallas--actually you should make a trip here just to go eat there (and to see us) ;) Seriously!

Well after we ate all that yummy comfort food we headed over to see Fiddler. It was prefect. We were able to see the original guy from Israel play Tevye--he played it so naturally and the whole musical was fabulous! Sadly I didn't get any pictures at the musical because they never come out very well but believe me we did more than eat! Ha!
Thank you Jerry for all your hard work we appreciate it very much! (and Debbie thank you for loaning him out;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I got myself in trouble!

The other night my dad noticed something Abby had written on her chalkboard in her room. She had written this: "I got mysaf n trubol!" (she is still sounding out her spelling words-she's getting there!) -notice the tally marks at the bottom and the rain cloud:) She has apparently been keeping record! I was happy to see that she said "I" got myself in trouble. In the past she would always say, "You got me in trouble!" I guess she is learning personal responsibility--good for her! I also like that she has been keeping track of her good behavior~ (very bottom smiley face with sunshine and tallies)....too cute!
* I think the cloud and sunshine are a very nice touch don't you?:)

What a compliment!

Last night I was sitting at Reese's Red Sox game and a sweet old lady turned around to me and said, "Is that little boy yours?" (pointing to Reese) I said yes and then she gave me (and Greg) the most wonderful compliment I have ever received in all my years of parenting (all 6 1/2 years;) She says, "I was just telling my son that you can tell that that little boy has been loved all his life!"
I was taken back at first and then it sank in. Wow--what a blessing of a compliment! I just had such a feeling of peace and encouragement come over me. As I was taking it in she turned around and said, "I know this because I was a teacher for 30 years and a MaMa for more!" I told her she was more than qualified to make such a judgment;)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Line Drive!

This weekend my parents came to visit from Kansas City! They got here late (very late) Friday night. They came to see Reese's T-ball game and to be here for his "Jesus in my heart party"on Sunday night! Sadly the game was rained out on Saturday so they'll hopefully be able to stay through till Tuesday so they can see his Monday night game. -we are keeping our fingers crossed--I think he has already had 4 rain outs this season!!!
Well anyways Saturday morning the kids were so excited to wake-up and see Granny and PaPa! We pretty much stayed around the house and played most of the day because of the rain. Reese wanted Granny to play baseball in the living room with him so he had her pitch to him. Little to her surprise the first pitch ended up whacking her between the eyes!!! It was hilarious! She had a red mark on her forehead for quite awhile! ~luckily it was just a wiffle ball so the damage isn't extensive!:) What a way to welcome our guests huh? You're a trooper Mom!

My Mom, the red mark and the wiffle ball!

Getting Pampered!

My mom treated me and Abby to a pedicure and manicure yesterday and it was so wonderful! Yes I know we are spoiled and Abby has already been ruined at age 6--now there's no going back! Just kidding- actually it was a special treat and we NEVER go and do that kind of stuff and are so grateful to get to do it! Thanks Mom!
It was fun watching Abigail get pampered. She thought it hurt a few times but mostly she and I laughed through the whole thing---we are super ticklish! She really enjoyed the massage chair she was sitting in and picked blue finger nail polish! It actually turned out to be a pretty cute color...I was trying to get her to do some shade of pick but to no avail---she loves blue!
Anyways it was so fun and I just love when my parents come to town--and NO it's not because my mom pampers me! I actually really enjoy there company! Love you Mom and Dad!:)

Granny and Abby peeking through the nail dryer

Abby loving life!

Abby and Granny during their pedicure

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Pictures

We took some new pictures on Mother's Day and they turned out really cute! It's still pretty hard to get everyone smiling at the same time but we managing to get a few pretty good ones:)
Reese was not in the mood but Abby was searching out places to pose--she cracks me up!
I am really hoping to get some professional pictures done soon! (let's just hope they are in the mood on that day!:)

I love this picture because this pretty much sums Reese up---he's always smiling and having fun!

Abby posed the cousins this way--notice she looks like the princess--it's pretty accurate actually! She's the only girl cousin on Greg's side!

Cute one of Greg and Abby

One of my favorites of Abby!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Red Sox Cheerleaders!

The girls came close enough for me to take a picture...thanks girls!

Reese in action...can you see the ball flying off the tee? Pretty awesome shot huh?

Abby invited her friend Gabbie from school to come cheer with her at Reese's Red Sox game! They were so excited and even painted a sign. They were too embarrassed to stand close enough for anyone on the team hear them but it was the thought that counts right? -Reese sure didn't care he was just proud they were there:)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Greg and I in our matching Fivefingers---believe me we tried to find me another color but they didn't have my size:) Oh well---I don't think another color would have changed how weird these things look huh?

For Greg's birthday I got him some Fivefingers and he was nice enough to get me a pair too!
We have both heard a lot about these shoes--you can do anything you want in them-- any water sport, hiking, rick climbing, yoga, and running. Well anyways tonight I decided I would give running a try. I was kinda nervous because I really didn't want to get injured or get stuck on the side of the road looking stupid holding these silly shoes:) Well anyways the run went really well and I loved running in them! They give the same effects of barefoot running, but with a thin rubber sole to keep your feet from getting jacked up. The run went really smooth and I was very careful with every step:) I didn't seem to get tired as fast which was weird and all that hurt were my calf's (which were super tight--I think running in them I am using some different muscles) Anyways I think I am really gonna like running in these shoes. I am hoping one day to get trained up for a triathlon and man would these shoes be perfect. I would never have to change my shoes because I can wear these in all three events! Pretty cool!
Well if anyone is feeling brave I would say check these shoes out. I know I am gonna really enjoy the change and new challenge--change is good and trying new things out is always a fun adventure!
Go for it!:)

Here is a cool website that talks about barefoot running--it's pretty interesting!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Watch Out!!!!!

This past weekend we went to the Rangers game (surprise surprise:) and we invited one of our youth kids from when Greg was a youth minster to come along with us. Although she's not a "kid" anymore actually she is a big girl now:) out of college and working at a church in Plano. Anyways her name is Michelle and we had a great time chatting and watching the game all together!
Well around the end of the fourth inning I decided Michelle and I needed a picture of the two of us so we stood up with our backs to the field. Just as Greg was taking the picture Ian Kinsler was at bat and before we knew it a foul ball was heading right for the back of our heads!!! It was so crazy and we both freaked out a bit---the ball seriously missed us by about a foot!
Well Greg ended up getting the ball and all was well but you can bet we were counting our blessings that night!:) Thank you Lord no one got hurt!!!!

Michelle and me right before the foul ball came flying our way....notice how far apart our heads are--Greg told us to move our heads apart so we could see Ian Kinsler.....little did we know that he'd foul off the next pitch and only miss us by a foot! Wow!

During the game I look over and Reese is sitting just like Greg (on purpose:) Reese tries so hard to be just like Greg in everything he does--I love it!

Abby holding the foul ball-she's being goofy as you can see!

Michelle, Abby and me after all the drama!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"He's the Boss of My Life!"

Can you tell???? :) ~ It's his first picture as a Christian!!!!!!
He told me, "Mommy, I'm like a butterfly or a bullfrog....I've been born again just like them!"
I Love it! Children are so amazing....they just believe so simply...I wish we could all be like that!

"Christian" Reese being goofy..... no the goofiness doesn't go away even when you become a Christian!;)

Well yesterday was the big day! Before nap Reese really wanted to pray to ask Jesus to be Lord of his life. I talked with him a little bit and then I just felt a giant peace that it was time.
We prayed together and he prayed loud and bold--it was precious....sure wish I could have recorded it! One of my favorite things he said during his prayer was, "Lord I want you to be the boss of my life!" I think that sums it up don't you?:)
He was very excited all day and called everyone he could think of to tell them the big news!
When Abby gave her life to Christ we had a "Jesus in my heart party" and Reese can't wait to have his!
I can't even tell you how excited Greg and I are about both Abby and Reese becoming Christians. We have been praying for them since BEFORE they were born and it's the most important decision they will ever make! We feel very blessed that we got to lead them in that prayer and be part of their spiritual growth!
How amazing for them to have a testimony that they were raised in a home that taught about Christ and for as long as they can remember they have been a child of God! What else could you ask for!? Praise God for that!
Now we're all 4 ready--I can't wait to see what God has in store for our family!!!!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Swine Flu Precautions!

Here's Greg taking precautions at work ....he doesn't want to get the swine flu!:) The thing is though HE WORKS FROM HOME! Ha! Ha! Greg....I think he was actually making fun of me! For a few days there I was a little concerned about Abby getting it at school. I am ok now though--I choose to trust the Lord with it! If we get,it we get it---we'll take it a day at a time! I am shocked though how crazy everyone is being about it--everywhere I go there is antibacterial gel and people instructing me to wash my hands! Craziness!

Happy 31st Birthday Greg!

Abby painted Greg this picture for his office--she worked two days on it!

Reese bought Greg a Nolan Ryan figurine of when he got hit in the face by a line drive and kept on pitching--Nolan Ryan is the MAN!:) Reese kept giving Greg "hints" about his gift. He told Greg that it had blood on it and it was something baseball....I think by process of elimination Greg probably figured that one out huh?

This weekend we celebrated Greg's 31st Birthday! Finally after 6 weeks of teasing me he is finally my age (yes I am older:) We had the greatest day together. We went to this amazing restaurant called Blue Mesa. It was so yummy! They had sweet potato chips with salsa--I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sweet potatoes so I was in heaven:) ~Greg also loved it:)
I also made Patsy Cake-his favorite dessert and he (and the kids and I;) ate it in about 2 days--hehe! (calories don't count on your birthday right?...wait since it wasn't my birthday do they count for me??? ;)
Anyways we continued his Birthday celebration on Friday by going to the Rangers game--a prefect end to a perfect Birthday huh?
Happy Birthday Greg!

~oh I also got Greg something for his birthday:) I got him a new Rangers cap and I actually found one that fits just right...I was so proud! I also got him some new shoes that are so crazy. They are called Five Fingers by Vibram. Check them out--you can use them for anything-hiking, rafting, running, yoga etc. He also got me a pair for his birthday. I didn't ask I promise- it was his idea:) He's the best isn't he?:)

Friday, May 01, 2009

"I believe what He did!"

At dinner the other night Reese told us something very important about him and Jesus.

Here's how the conversation went:

Reese- Hey, today during nap I asked Jesus in my heart!
Mommy- Really? Reese that's great....what does that mean?
Reese- It means I believe what He did!
Mommy- Great! (I went on to ask him a few more questions about salvation and then I asked...."Reese, what is sin?"
Reese- Sin is lying....
Mommy-Do you sin Reese?
Abby-OH YEAH he sins he hits me all the time!
Mommy- Thank you Abby let's let Reese answer! (I was cracking up "inside:)
Reese-....yes I sin (he said this through gritted teeth at Abby:)

Greg and I are very excited that Reese is showing interest in salvation but are still not sure about where he is in that process. I was very impressive though with three things:
1- He brought it up himself--Reese normally has to be prompted to talk about spiritual things and led in praying to God. This time we were just out to eat and out of the blue he brought it up....that's progress:)
2- He also said, "I believe what He did!" What a great simple way to put it (it sounds very "BSF" to me:) so I am very happy that he is thinking about what he learns from his Bible Study classes.
3-Lately we have also seen a change in heart with Reese. He seems more aware of his sin and very sensitive to things of the Lord.

So we are very excited to see what unfolds over the next few months. Greg and I are praying that we don't get in the way of what the Lord is doing in his heart. I also don't want to over analyze the situation. I think many times parents just assume kids can't understand at such a young age but I believe the Lord can call whenever He pleases! I have been praying all his life that the Reese would come to know the Lord at a very early age so for me not to believe it when God does it would be lack of faith on my part!
Please be praying with us for Reese's heart to be open and soft to the Holy Spirit! Thanks!