Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting Pampered!

My mom treated me and Abby to a pedicure and manicure yesterday and it was so wonderful! Yes I know we are spoiled and Abby has already been ruined at age 6--now there's no going back! Just kidding- actually it was a special treat and we NEVER go and do that kind of stuff and are so grateful to get to do it! Thanks Mom!
It was fun watching Abigail get pampered. She thought it hurt a few times but mostly she and I laughed through the whole thing---we are super ticklish! She really enjoyed the massage chair she was sitting in and picked blue finger nail polish! It actually turned out to be a pretty cute color...I was trying to get her to do some shade of pick but to no avail---she loves blue!
Anyways it was so fun and I just love when my parents come to town--and NO it's not because my mom pampers me! I actually really enjoy there company! Love you Mom and Dad!:)

Granny and Abby peeking through the nail dryer

Abby loving life!

Abby and Granny during their pedicure

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