Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy EARLY Birthday Daddy!

Friday night we took Greg to the Rangers game for an early birthday celebration! (His real birthday is Monday the 30th)  Before the game we ate at the Diamond Club (Restaurant at the stadium)  Greg ate very little all week so he could be ready to eat as much as possible:)  He was in heaven!

this is what happens every time the kids take our takes forever to get a good one!

And there it is:)  

Reese getting his cast singed by Brandon Synder (Rangers Utility player) Pretty cool!
So now he has a Rangers player and the Governor of Texas...that's a pretty cool cast I'd say! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rick Perry!

Look who met Rick Perry (Governor of Texas)!  Tuesday night we went to a rally for our friend Kelly Hancock who is running for State Senate and the Governor just happened to be there:)  
Reese was pretty excited about getting his cast signed! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Machine Gun?

This is what Greg and Reese do while Abby and I are away...odd, yet hilarious:)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Abby's Talent Show!

Friday night Abby was in the talent show at school!  Check it out....she did awesome!  So proud of you Abby!
Here's the words to the poem by Shel Silverstein just in case you can't understand them...

The Crocodile's Toothache

    The Crocodile Went to the dentist And sat down in the chair, And the dentist said, "Now tell me, sir, Why does it hurt and where?" And the Crocodile said, "I'll tell you the truth, I have a terrible ache in my tooth," And he opened his jaws so wide, so wide, The the dentist, he climbed right inside, And the dentist laughed, "Oh isn't this fun?" As he pulled the teeth out, one by one. And the Crocodile cried, "You're hurting me so! Please put down your pliers and let me go." But the dentist laughed with a Ho Ho Ho, And he said, "I still have twelve to go- Oops, that's the wrong one, I confess, But what's one crocodile's tooth more or less?" Then suddenly, the jaws went SNAP, And the dentist was gone, right off the map, And where he went one could only guess... To North or South or East or West... He left no forwarding address. But what's one dentist, more or less?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fun with Granny and Papa!

My parents just left today after visiting with us for an entire week! 
We had great fun and we were thrilled to have them.  
We did have a small "hiccup" in our week and don't worry I have NO pictures to document it!
To keep a LONG story short, we (minus the kiddos thankfully) all got food poisoning!
Oh geez it was HORRIBLE!  We spent about 3 days all trying to getting over it which was a bummer because we basically just sat around all day (or in many cases we were running to the bathroom:/ *sorry too much info) ha!
Well after all that fun we did have a few good days with no throwing up:)
Thank you Lord!
Thanks for coming Mom and Dad we always LOVE to have you here!
Zoo!  Reese was really wishing Aunt Christi was there so she could see the flamingos:)

Daddy Taxi never ends:)  

Zoo fun with Granny and Papa!  Sorry Mom I didn't realize you had closed your eyes until now:/  

The kids used to climb on this little statue when they were toddlers and now they look huge next to it!  Crazy!

Abby's favorite is feeding the birds!  At our zoo they have this huge bird cage thing where you can pay a buck and get a feeding stick  and feed all the birds...she loves it!

Reese likes it too:)  The birds don't mind either!

Me and my love, and a bunch of birds.  I still don't like that movie after all these years!

Granny and Papa both went up to the kids school and had lunch with them.  The had lunch with Abby the day I was super sick with food poisoning so I didn't get a picture:/  Sorry Abby!

Love this picture of us!  Love those parents of mine.
Update on my Dad:
He is doing SO good!  Everyday he gets stronger and each time I see him he has a ton more energy and strength. It has been one year since his first release from the hospital.  They are currently  trying to get him off the steroids and hopefully by the end of the summer he will be all done with them!  He just hates how puffy the drugs make him:/ I told him I would take a "puffy" version of him ALIVE any day!
I just can't get over the miracle the Lord has done in his life and am SO thankful for everyday I can get with him and Mom!

Staining the bat Papa made Reese. 

Cookie class 101!
Making cookies for Easter dinner

Ok so Mom came to Texas this time as a cookie diva!  She had taken a class in how to decorate cookies and it was brilliant!  I  am so thrilled she taught me all her will save me SO much time!  If you wanna know the tips you will have to come over to my house and I'll teach you:)

Me working on my creations.  We were WAY into icing these cookies it took hours but it was fun!

Abby in heaven!  She decorated a lot but she also ate a TON of icing in the process!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthday Dinner at Reata AGAIN:)

My parents came into town and took Greg and I out to dinner for our birthday's...we picked the Reata again:)  We got to sit out on the rooftop patio and it was a beautiful 72 degrees...bliss:)
Mom and Dad 

My beautiful husband and daughter!

Me and Reeser (notice the cowboy shooting my head:/)

Monday, April 09, 2012

Look what my Dad made!

My Mom and Dad are here this week and they came bearing gifts, of course;)  
My Dad made Reese a wooden baseball bat!  
A BAT!  
  This time last year my Dad was just coming out a 7 week coma in ICU and was fighting for his life for months and now he makes a bat?  Amazing!
I am SO proud of Him and so VERY grateful for the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ!  
Dad I love you SO very much and thank God everyday for sparing your life!

Reese super happy to have his OWN bat just like the pros!
batting lefty since his "righty" is broken;)
No big deal! haha!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter Parties!

Thursday the kids had their Easter parties at school.  If I'm honest (which I try to always be:)  I'm not a big fan of other people's kids, most of the time, BUT I always volunteer for the kids parties because I love any extra time I get to see them during the day.  
The kids and I both had fun! Abby was bummed that she was too old (according to the 3rd grade teachers) to have a egg hunt:(  but she got over it because she will have one at her Grandparents house tomorrow:)
I didn't get as many pictures of Abby party because she acts horrified when I take pictures so I was nice, this time:)  Ha!

Reese and his goofy best friends:)

Me and my sweet boy!

egg hunt

checking out their loot!

Abby eating and playing some games--she was VERY embarrassed I took this picture--oops!

Me and my sweet girl!  She is going to be talker than me any day now:)

Reese got a picture of Abby after school--thanks Reese:)

Monday, April 02, 2012

"My Favorite Friend!" ~Abby

Saturday we had brunch with Floyd and Michelle.  They are the best.  We love them and so do our kids.  Abby and Reese often fight about who loves them more.  

This cracks me up.
*My kids have good taste.
  Michelle used to be in our youth group WAY back when Greg and I were first married.  Crazy.  
Now Michelle is all grown up and her and Floyd are youth minsters.  So proud of them both.  
*Yet that makes me feel old.  :/

There is nothing sweeter than watching someone grow strong in the Lord right before your very eyes. 
 What a blessing to still know and enjoy Michelle and now we get to love Floyd too....bonus:)
We love you guys dearly.  
Always in our prayers and hearts.

Where is Lucy?

So we have dog.  Did you know that?  Well, we do and she's precious.  Her name is Lucy and she's a funny kid.
We also have someone living with us.  Did you know that?  Well, we do and her name is Chelsea and she's my cousin.  She's a funny kid too.  Well, not a kid but she's funny.


She lives in our dining room.  Yep, that's right in our dining room.  We didn't have an extra bedroom but we were able to make the table small and she put her bed in there.  She doesn't sleep on the table. I suggested it but she declined.  The room is nice and cozy and we like her there.  She's nice:)

Well Lucy likes her too.  ALOT.  Well, I'm not sure if it's Chelsea she likes or just her bed.  Lucy can always be found during the day on her bed.  I laugh every time because I think Chelsea would like for Lucy to find a new nap spot but she's nice about it anyway.  That makes Lucy happy.