Monday, April 02, 2012

"My Favorite Friend!" ~Abby

Saturday we had brunch with Floyd and Michelle.  They are the best.  We love them and so do our kids.  Abby and Reese often fight about who loves them more.  

This cracks me up.
*My kids have good taste.
  Michelle used to be in our youth group WAY back when Greg and I were first married.  Crazy.  
Now Michelle is all grown up and her and Floyd are youth minsters.  So proud of them both.  
*Yet that makes me feel old.  :/

There is nothing sweeter than watching someone grow strong in the Lord right before your very eyes. 
 What a blessing to still know and enjoy Michelle and now we get to love Floyd too....bonus:)
We love you guys dearly.  
Always in our prayers and hearts.

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