Sunday, April 30, 2006


I told all of you that I would get better at this as time went on. Well I am writing to tell you that we fixed the video link(we have posted it again below) and now you can view it with no problem and also you can now comment on the entries WITHOUT having to register. I hope that helps out so it is as easy as possible for you all to use our blog! Thanks for coming to our site!

This is Abby, Reese, Charlie and Landry (cousins) dancing the other night. They love to dance and we have kinda made this song our family theme song....whenever it comes on you MUST dance...and get happy!! I hope you all enjoy!
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Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today Greg is 28! Now I would make fun of him because he is soooo old but I am 6 weeks older than him and that would mean I was old too so I tend to stay away from the old men jokes! But we did have a great day we took him to Austin Grill which is a mexican food restaurant from Austin, Texas right here in DC so Greg is a huge fan of the place. I wish I would have taken the camera because Reese was a sight eating his rice and beans...he ate 3 plates of them and asked for some of Abby's....I believe I am gonna have to cook more food for our big eater in the future for sure!
Yesturday we also had a great adventure and we just went to Old Navy. Now how you ask do you have an adventure at such a place. Well I am glad you asked! Now remember we live in DC and there are some perks to this place. As we walked up to the store we saw about 5 black cars and about 15 secret service. Now we wondered if good old George was getting a few things for Laura but we were wrong instead we found the President of Uraguay. He was in the kids section shopping for I guess his grandbabies. It was crazy he just walked past us about 4 times and these men were surrounding him and carrying all the clothes. So now we know they like Old Navy in Uraguay!

Fun at the Stamps house!

Abby wanted to help make Greg's Birthday cake, but really I think she wanted to eat whatever I made!

Olive fingers!!

Everyday I tell Abby a story before nap about going to chocolate river and an ice cream mountain. So here she has built a mountain out of pillows to make her own ice cream mountain (mint chip)! She told me it was very cold though and she needed her coat and boots (no pants:) and a spoon to eat the mountain. She is very creative and loves to play pretend with Reese.
While playing with Reese on the mountain she said to Greg and I, "Reese is helping me...he's my friend- you know the one with the short hair over there." As if we didn't know who Reese was but it was so sweet to hear her refer to him as her friend. They are normally very tender with each other and it has been a blessing to she them bond over the past year.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Kiddos dancing to a little Johnny Cash!

This is Abby, Reese, Charlie and Landry (cousins) dancing the other night. They love to dance and we have kinda made this song our family theme song....whenever it comes on you MUST dance...and get happy!! I hope you all enjoy!
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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mainly Music

Well today was Mainly Music which if you do not know already it's a singing/dancing class we go to at church and I lead the music for the kids every other week. It is alot of fun and the kids love it! This week they loved the Jack and the Box song...which is really fun and the kids get to jump around which is always a hit!
Also I wanted to note how much Abby and I are looking alike...oh come on don't you see it??? .... And yes I know I know Reese is a Greg mini-me!

Abby Babysitting!!??

We got to watch our nephews (Charlie and Landry)
this Tuesday and Abby is the best little babysitter! She loves to
just sit and show him toys and play peekaboo with him.
It is so sweet!
Above she is giving him a puppet show and he watched very
interested even at 8 months which tells me she's pretty good:)
Reese loved to put toys all around him too.....but Reese
wasn't to sure which ones he would choke on so
he needed a bit more supervision:)

Monday, April 24, 2006

A ride in the park!

Well it rained all stinking weekend! So we didn't get to go outside basically all weekend until all of a sudden the rain stopped so we loaded the bikes up and headed to ride along the Potomac River. Don't the kids look so cute and cozy in their little buggy???
Well it ended up not being a cozy little ride for me! As you can see my bike is sitting next to them and that's about all it was good for! My bike just locked up about 1/2 mile down the trail. So I had to start walking my bike back to the car and I was bumped I wasn't gonna get to ride with them. Well the walk back was horrible......and pulling the bike was like pulling a huge dead cow and it was a major workout. I couldn't believe how tired I was when I finally got back to the car! So hopefully my bike will get fixed soon and I'll be back in business!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Green Eggs and Ham!

Abby wanted me to show you all her and Reese had green eggs and ham the other night. I am sure that a ton of moms have done this over the years, but they thought it was so fun and Abby said they tasted like food coloring! (I am not sure if that is good or bad:)

Silly Kids!

This picture of Abby really really cracks me up...Abby wanted to get dressed up like a "reindeer" again and daddy dressed her in this! She is so precious and is about as funny as really it is scary to see all the stuff she does like today she says to Granny on the phone that "she was freaking out!" I must admit that we say that all the time! Also in this picture notice Reese in the back ground he is looking so cute...he loves to play with Abby and minutes after this picture he was dressed up just like her!

I also wanted to show you all this cute picture of Reese playing ball. He thinks it is so fun to hit the ball off the Tee. I must say it has shocked Greg and I to see how interested Reese is in playing ball....Abby really didn't show much interest until lately, but we are really excited to see his interest...I can't wait till little league days!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Airplane Park!

I wanted to put a few more pictures of us playing at the airplane park right outside DC. the airplanes fly right over your head into Reagan National and the kids love it! We just bring a ball and run around for awhile! The picture of Abby is right by the Potomac River and she wanted to pose for ya'll so I really needed to post this one!:) The last of Reese is a classic....he is a nut case...he loves to put on whatever hat is around and thinks turning on the TV is such a blast! So I hope you all enjoy!

Abby loves the Dentist!

Abby went to the dentist yesturday and you would think I was taking her to Disney World...she was so excited and kept talking about the sunglasses she gets to wear! Abby kept telling Reese that he will really love to get his teeth brushed by the Dentist when he gets big! She is very good about these the other day we got her hair cut and she sat totally still and talked with the lady the whole time. The lady said she never gave a hair-cut to a 3 year old that sat so still! Way to go are a Superstar!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend!

Happy Easter! We had a great weekend! On Saturday we had lunch and an Easter egg hunt with Greg's brother and his family. We were able to have some ham which I know the guys were happy about that (Reese sure liked it too:) The kids were really into the hunt....Reese caught on quickly but as you can see Abby cleaned house...we had to slow her down so that everyone got some! (she has been practicing for about two months hiding eggs all over the house)!
Some of the eggs were real ones that the kids dyed and those eggs were not so popular during the hunt I think Reese even caught on that those had no candy. They are smart little cookies!
This Easter has also been very exciting watching Abby and her curiosity about Jesus and how to get to Heaven. We are thrilled to share with her all she wants to know and I have loved to see how she is already showing such a desire for the Lord! We were at the store yesturday and the cashier asked Abby if the Easter Bunny came to her house and Abby said,"No, but Jesus is alive." I thought it was so sweet and so awesome that she already sees what Easter is really about.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I did it!

I must say I am proud of myself....I finally got some pictures uploaded...yeah! well as you can see Abby and I are in the first picture after I did her hair the other day then Abby is coloring her Easter eggs and Reese is eating the cupcakes we made the other day ...normally this is how it is...Abby plays...Reese eats!

Abby the artist!

well I would love for each of you to be looking at some funny pictures of the kids but this crazy site won't upload my pictures...I seriously hate computers....Greg says I need to claim down but I just seem to always mess them up...oh man does that date me or what?....I am sooo old that I didn't have computers when I was a kid...hehe! anyways yesturday we met Greg at the park in DC right by his work and had lunch and played during his lunch hour. the kids and I love the's getting really nice up here and man are we glad!
Ok about Abby being an artist...well yesturday we were on the way to church and the traffic was crazy (of course) and I hadn't looked back at the kids for a while and then I hear Abby say," look mommy I put whiskers on Reese." I turned around and to my horror Abby had colored all over guys I am not was all over his face, arms, legs, insides his ears, between his fingers and I'm sure I missed a few other spots. I knew I had to not laugh....and I didn't well at least without Abby knowing it...I turned around and for about 5 minutes I could not turn around to look at them I was laughing so hard I couldn't let her see....I guess what really kept me laughing was that Reese just sat expression nothing....he just let her do it....he is so laid back it's hilarious....I wish I could say I got a picture but we were late for church and as we ran in I was trying to wipe him up...sadly she used a marker that doesn't come he went into class with whiskers! Poor guy!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

We love weekends with DADDY!

On Saturday night something very funny happened...Abby asked Greg to dress up like a reindeer and by reindeer she means put on a crazy oufit and dance like a man man... so Greg tells me to put on Johnny Cash, "Get Rhythm" which is the kids favorite song and he runs out of the bedroom dressed like a "reindeer":).....Reese and Abby loved Greg wasn't too happy about the picture I took but I had to share it with you all....he is the greatest dad and does the funniest things with them all the time! So I hope you all enjoy his outfit...I know we did!
Well this week we start all the fun easter crafts and we will begin to read all about Jesus and his last week before He died. Abby has been very interested lately about hearing about Him and how He died for her. I am excited about her enthusiasm and pray she soon understands all about His love for her.
I also added two pictures of the kids. Abby wanted to dress up like Daddy and in the other one Daddy did Reese's hair...we love these pictures!

Beyond the Bunny Festival

Well this weekend has been fun! We went to the Beyond the Bunny festival and the kids had fun...sadly they missed the Easter egg hunt, but they took it ok and settled for the moonwalk...which seems like a good trade to me! Poor Reese was sooooo scared of the Easter bunny (which I guess he was kinda creepy)and he wouldn't come within 10 feet of him and Abby wanted to be his personal assistant but she settled for a hand shake!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Oh the funny things kids do!

well I have been trying to put more pictures on here for you guys but I have not been very I said before I will get better!
Reese here is dancing at mainly music and looking so big! I wish you all could get to see first hand all the personality this little guy's unbelievable. He likes to pretend he is falling over and say, "Woahhhh!" He likes to make you believe he is really about to fall..then he laughs because he fooled you! He's a trip....

Here Abby decided she wanted me to put her hair in a ton of you all this is a huge thing for Abby.....she really didn't like me to put anything in her hair for a long time...but recently she has gotten girly about it...which I must admit is a thrill for me:)
So anyway she loved it and thought she was just beautiful...which of course whe was:)
She also tonight got her hair-cut and she sat so still and loved every minute of it....she looked up at me while the lady cute her hair and said,"Mommy you need a hair-cut bad." I guess it's coming up on the days that my daughter keeps me looking in I didn't think it would come this soon....I think Greg and I are in for it....this girl stuff is going to be whip! :)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Easter Egg Hunts have already begun!

The kids and I went this morning to Mainly's basically a little music class...and it was all about Easter. The kids were cracking me up ...Abby has always enjoyed the class but never have I seen her dance the way she does with Reese now that he is moving so much. Reese dances whenever he hears music even in a restaurant or something. They also had a easter egg hunt and of course Abby loved that...we have been hiding eggs around the house for about 2 months now!....(so she can practice and get candy...which is her idea by the way:)
I know a few of you have commented that you would also like to hear about Greg and I too ....well we are good it seems we are pretty much just making it through parenting two toddlers and trying to mantain our relationship the best we can. We recently had a date night and went to eat and walked around Old Town Alexandria...our good friends Matt and Jen were so sweet to watch the kids....but don't you worry Lauren and Mark they really miss you being their sitters too!!
Tonight we headed out after dinner for a bike ride with the kids...they love to ride in the little buggy thing behind seems there will be many more rides to come...they really had a blast and Greg and I love to ride so that's truly a bonus for us!
This weekend we are going to something called Beyond the Bunny...basically a Fall Festival thing but for the kids will love that for sure!

*I will add more pictures tomorrow...there are alot so get ready! :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'll get better at this I promise!

well I must say I am proud of myself....I never really get into this computer stuff but I feel that it will be a good way to keep all you guys updated! I am sure you all know that Abby and Reese are both so big now but I'll tell you how old they are anyway...Abby 3.5 and Reese 17 months. We can't beleive how much they are changing!
Well to start this blogging stuff I will tell you about our day...we went to see Greg and have lunch with him...we meet at a local coffee house and the kids love it! (especially the whip cream off the tops of our drinks!) I must say it is so great to go see Greg throughout the day because sometimes it seems like forever until he gets home and the kids love to play with him! It is gonna be hard to really say much everyday because the kids nap for about half of it it seems but I'll really try to give you details....I guess you'll have to be patient with me as I get better with time with each of these entries!
In the picture Abby is giving Reese a big the morning they love to sit on the couch and's so adorable that I seem to take a picture everytime...but how can you resist the times they are loving each other to get it on camera? I must say Abby and Reese mesh pretty well but of course they have their times and it's hard not to laugh...they fight so silly...but sooo serious for them!:) Maybe I should get them fighting on camera?...maybe a good laugh could be had by all!!
Well tomorrow we are hoping for park weather....keep your fingers crossed!