Sunday, April 30, 2006

Fun at the Stamps house!

Abby wanted to help make Greg's Birthday cake, but really I think she wanted to eat whatever I made!

Olive fingers!!

Everyday I tell Abby a story before nap about going to chocolate river and an ice cream mountain. So here she has built a mountain out of pillows to make her own ice cream mountain (mint chip)! She told me it was very cold though and she needed her coat and boots (no pants:) and a spoon to eat the mountain. She is very creative and loves to play pretend with Reese.
While playing with Reese on the mountain she said to Greg and I, "Reese is helping me...he's my friend- you know the one with the short hair over there." As if we didn't know who Reese was but it was so sweet to hear her refer to him as her friend. They are normally very tender with each other and it has been a blessing to she them bond over the past year.

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