Sunday, April 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today Greg is 28! Now I would make fun of him because he is soooo old but I am 6 weeks older than him and that would mean I was old too so I tend to stay away from the old men jokes! But we did have a great day we took him to Austin Grill which is a mexican food restaurant from Austin, Texas right here in DC so Greg is a huge fan of the place. I wish I would have taken the camera because Reese was a sight eating his rice and beans...he ate 3 plates of them and asked for some of Abby's....I believe I am gonna have to cook more food for our big eater in the future for sure!
Yesturday we also had a great adventure and we just went to Old Navy. Now how you ask do you have an adventure at such a place. Well I am glad you asked! Now remember we live in DC and there are some perks to this place. As we walked up to the store we saw about 5 black cars and about 15 secret service. Now we wondered if good old George was getting a few things for Laura but we were wrong instead we found the President of Uraguay. He was in the kids section shopping for I guess his grandbabies. It was crazy he just walked past us about 4 times and these men were surrounding him and carrying all the clothes. So now we know they like Old Navy in Uraguay!

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